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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 55


Chapter 55: A letter to home (upper)

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Let us backtrack to 10 minutes ago.

Location: The Bell and Mug

Although this pirate ship was known as an elite, its internal defence was incomparably hollow. But, it had an outstandingly prestigious Ammand assuming command, it was extremely secure. The 'stay back' force of pirates were numerously aged and sickly working as one mind, their expressions had not one hint of panic or worry. The ship was not illuminated, nobody making excessive noise, in perfect order and even had alcohol and bandages prepared for a wave of wounds.

Noteworthily, the long legs Robben who was raised by Sheyan singlehandedly was surprisingly part of the stay back force.

On the surface, the command for Robben to stayback was an accidental decision by Ammand. His aim was to ensure a middle-ranking member to remain and manage his personal orders. But everyone knew vividly, Ammand was worried about the crew head Sheyan, that is why he decided to separate him and Robben. This was in case the both of them were far away from his watchful vision, decided to be tempted by the sudden appearance of an immense amount of wealth.

However, Robben this old fox did not show any abnormality towards Ammand's arrangement. To this brat, who had suffered arduous training for years in the Caribbean sea, a short phrase could describe him;’’Whoever has milk, is his mother’’. Who could give benefit to him, will be the one who gains his loyalty.

The faraway blazing inferno illuminated the night sky along with sorrowful wails and mournful cries. Robben fished out a delicate golden pocket watch in his pocket. (Note: Pocket watches only appeared in the 17th century, you guys can treat this as a soul equipment) Observing it, he nodded his head. Afterward, he enviably gazed at the shore of Tortuga port, and strolled into lower floor cabin. In front of Sheyan's cabin, two puffed and round pirates stood guard. They were leaning against the pillar as they dug at their nose, scratched their toes and counted houseflies, obviously overcome with boredom. Robben glanced at them and coughed, lifting his face and loudly exclaiming:

’’What the heck are you guys doing! The grand captain Ammand has ordered you to obediently guard Mr Chris, but you two fools are actually slacking off?’’

These two pirates immediately straightened up as though being poked by a dagger. Looking at Robben's irritable poker face, they could only fished out a few shillings offering the old Robben to be magnanimous. Initially, Robben naturally objected forcefully, that was until most of the cash the pirates had fell into his hand. He then snorted, waved his hands at them to get lost and then pushed open and entered the cabin. The two pirates then cursed and sweared in their bellies, swearing profanities against the females of Robben's family in their minds.

As the door creaked open, the fat Chris suddenly jumped up in astonishment. His face was pale as though he was a criminal that got caught red handed. He faked a smile at Robben, and nervously questioned:

’’Mr Robben, don't tell me that they have triumphantly returned?’’

Robben sensed that this fat Chris had a strange expression, but he figured he was only worried out of concern. Thus he humbly bowed saying:

’’Respected Mr Chris, crew head had entrusted to me something before he left. That was if he haven't return within half an hour, then I should pass this letter to you. Please note the time, I have fulfilled my promise and present this letter punctually to you.’’

Chris obviously hadn't expect this, he asked in astonishment:


Robben nodded his head and replied solemnly:

’’Don't worry, when receiving this letter I swore an oath using my ancestor's grave that I would not peep and accurately hand it over to you. Therefore, the contents of this letter are only known by crew head, there is no other person.’’

In this world there were all sorts of supernatural events and witchcraft existing, oaths were not as unchecked and unbounding as the present world. It was a relatively grave action. And the reason why Robben had even done such a grave thing as to swear upon his ancestor's grave was mainly because Sheyan had already offered him 10 pound sterlings as remuneration.

Chris received this letter with great suspicions. He immediately teared open the letter to read it. With his first look, beads of cold perspiration formed profusely on his forehead. Because the first line of this letter, astoundingly wrote, ’’Beloved demolition expert, Mr Chris’’ this 5 words!

Beloved demolition expert, Mr Chris:

Please forgive me for addressing you like this only at this period. Actually when we first met, I already had a clear inference of your status and personal strength.

Firstly, you are a person lacking in threatening force in both close or far range combat, but yet you are able to play a crucial part in your party's explosion of Tortuga castle. This means that you hold a critical tactical position in their plans! From the perspective of the initial difficulty in our realm, not many in a party without battle capabilities can claim to be 'important'. Comparing the special characteristics within the nightmare realm to say. A person with matchless investigation/direction capabilities due to high perceptive sensing, a person with extensive range of connections due to his high charm, people with strong enhancing/ buffing abilities due to their high intelligence or high spirit, there is only left with the core position of a demolition expert.

Within these categories, your perceptive sensing is definitely not high, if it was you would've chosen a better escape route and not fallen into the dire straits from your pursuers. Your charm is even lower, so much that you have sunk to a level of using my reputation to borrow money from the pirates. Thus, you are left with the last two categories.

However, the reaction from your remaining party members betrayed you. If you were such an essential member that could bring great benefits or enhance your party's strength, they would certainly utilize every method to find you. They would never be so oblivious to your condition like right now.

After eliminating all possibilities, the only one that is left, even if it so unfathomable, it is definitely the correct answer. However based on the aforementioned intelligence, I still have no confidence in placing this noble title of a demolition expert on you. Yet, I noticed a small thing. That was during the battle of the Paragon fleet, your contribution level was actually not low and you managed to receive an award of two ancient gold pound.

Following this lead I further investigated, I discovered that your contribution was achieved by cooperation with the cannon gunmen at the hold of the ship! That cannon gunman was extremely honest with his crew head. Once the respected Mr Chris stored up the gunpowder by the side, the cannons mysteriously flew further and possessed a greater power! From this, respected Mr Chris, my deduction had been complemented by this last piece of evidence.

Once I placed this title of a demolition expert on your head, it naturally can explain why you were so determined not to return to your party. The reason you could compromise and stay on this ship was because of your special fighting style. Once you return to your party you will most likely be reduced to a marginal role of servitude. You might as well stay on this easily accessible pirate ship, and borrow my name as protection and do my things here.

For example, borrowing lot of cash from the pirates and placing it on me. And perhaps...... using the adequate time on this boat to make huge amounts of spirit type explosives, and bury them around this ship.

Oh! My beloved cousin Chris, please do not be emotional lest you knock your head against this low ceiling ship hold. Since I dare to make such a conclusion, I naturally have adequate proof.

What differs me from you is that my perceptive sensing has reached an entire 14 points. Under my meticulous attention, I can still barely confirm objects that threatens my life to a certain extent. After my careful investigations, I finally discovered a small explosive pasted beneath the stool. I can not acknowledge that this sort of spirit manufactured explosives are extremely covert, and can be said to be a piece of art. What is unimaginable is that a chewing gum sized object possesses such astonishing powers that can torment others. Of course, following my observation, the duration you need to manufacture one is relatively long. It should be roughly one in every 24 hours.


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