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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 54


Chapter 54:Break, break, break, explode!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

An abrupt severe attack, a complicated feeling swept across Scarface Harry's entire body. This feeling included pain, deceived, rage, insanity, ruthlessness......

His eyes turned scarlet! It seemed like the blood within him had all gone to his head. This sort of impetuous unrestraint killing intent had wiped out all rationality he had in him! With a fuming roar, he actually used his hand to pull out the arrow from his chest. He was completely oblivious to the huge chunk of meat that was pulled out along with it as he completely threw it aside.

At the same time, Watt who was standing at the edge of the boat suddenly paused, both his hands clawing at the air aimlessly, his eyes popping out. Looking closely, there was actually a semi broken arrow stuck deeply into his throat. It had not penetrated fully, but the skin at the back of his neck had a slight protrusion! Looking carefully, the tail of the arrow had already snapped off, it was actually the arrow that was pulled out from the heavily injured Scarface Harry. Watt swept the entire field with his dying eyes, his throat producing a choking sound as he heavily slumped against the edge, rolling over. A small splash rippled the pitch-black ocean, and finally vanished.

Everyone present did not believe that in such a situation, Scarface Harry was still able to counterattack. In one move, he actually slayed the core Pirate Watt! Looking at this bald viking with his twin scarlet red eyes, an entire body drenched in blood and the insane reckless charging, he was like a fierce lion that refused to respond to death's call no matter how injured he was! This final resolution of might alone was able to cause the remaining pirates to shudder in fear. But at this moment, Sheyan heavily took a deep breath, spreading out his arms outrageously and charged forward!

’’Dong!’’ the hull of the boat inclined to the left by at least 30 degrees, the surface of the sea bubbled up a violent ripple. Scarface harry crazily raised both fist and heavily pounded down, but was actually ingeniously dodged by Sheyan. The suffering victim was the thick side of the boat, as a big hole emerged with wooden planks piercing out in all directions. Sheyan lifted his left fist, under the dim illumination of the flames, a shiny metallic glow flickered! He seized this opportunity, lowering his body and dealt a punch towards the bottom of Harry's ribs. A distinct depression formed at that area, a few bones had probably shattered. But this huge brute ignored it and, with one smack of his hand, he flung Sheyan 5-6 metres away.

Sheyan's eyes blazed with a fiery rage, rolling to the side and picking himself back up. Half kneeling, blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. His facial muscles were twitching from the pain, turning around to stare at the remaining pirates, he callously howled at them.

’’We've done till here, you guys still refuse to act? Don't tell me you want to die here?’’

After yelling he charged forward again with great determination! Sheyan's refusal to resign to fate and charging on, instantly aroused the untamed brutality of the remaining pirate's hearts. They also howled and charged forward! As Sheyan charged in, Scarface Harry threw out consecutive heavy punches but Sheyan successfully dodged by lowering his body. He bent his left elbow and mightily swung it against the side of Harry's right knee. Scarface Harry released a shrilling and raging roar, as he surrendered to gravity and knelt to the floor with an earth-shattering impact.

After hearing a loud thump, Harry's massive body swayed. His right knee had been crushed by the side, as his entire body lost balance and fell to the floor. This was when the other pirates saw their opportunity, they fanatically surged forward like a pack of famished wolves devouring a weakened lion. Scarface Harry knew that the situation was dire, he frantically waved his fist but his fist would occasionally miss a beat. As the ship's board was rapidly disintegrating, Sheyan evaded two punches but did not manage to escape the third punch. Under the feverish howling of Scarface Harry, he was smashed heavily in the chest. Dark spots appeared in his eyes as a fountain of blood spurted out like an arrow, it was like his organs were also being vomited out.

Every punch contained an immense strength, Sheyan received one blow straight up and was blown 5-6 metres away, rolling a few times before trying to force himself up. With his wobbly hands he tried to push himself back up but again collapsed to the ground and once again spat out a mouthful of blood! Before he begun this battle, Sheyan was already not in his optimal condition. This was the aftermath of previous escaping events, hence, after one thunderous punch from Harry, his life points dropped into the danger zone of below 10%. If he continued moving, then he would undoubtedly die faster.

Fortunately those pirates did not waste Sheyan's efforts as they succeeded in charging forward and struck a few blows. In such a chaotic battle, no amount of tactics were needed, it was basically who was able to strike harder, fiercer and endure more! Fresh blood sprayed out onto every corner, the sounds of metallic blade colliding against the human bone were clear, in addition to the raging curses and yellings! Although the remaining pirates were individually injured beforehand, they were all battle veterans and were not inferior in any aspect when fighting for their lives!

Suddenly, the sky erupted with a terribly mournful howl. Covered in dust and blood, Scarface Harry suddenly leapt forward, shaking off the few pirates that were over him. He punched against the thick main mast beside him. The innocent main mast gave out a cracking wail as it snapped at the part the fist landed. Scarface Harry lifted up the thick and long broken mast, sweeping it around him horizontally as it smashed against the few pirates.

The pirates were blown away like a bunch of bowling pins, even their cries had not yet been issued as they spasmed and died. The majority of their bones had shattered as they landed into the sea with a splash!

After this one attack, Scarface Harry's chest and back was drenched in a reddish black patch. One of his eyes was stabbed blind! But the feeling he gave to one was that of an indomitable ruthless beast - not retreating one step! Fighting over fleeing! Only death without life!

In a split second, the merciless Scarface Harry swung the broken mast, blowing away a pirate at the side that was trying to sneakily take shot with his musket. This pirate groaned out miserably, as his stout and strong 100 kg body was blown away like it was a feather! Just like a golf ball he flew out and crashed against the tough edge of the boat. His entire body hung there with a split belly and intestines spilling out, rocking against the sorrowful breeze. The surrounding pirates were dumbfounded, they even forgot how to cry and their minds were a blank of white.

Scarface Harry suddenly twisted round, his lone eye blurred by the blood stared at a pirate standing 3 metres away with a sabre. This pirate held on to it with his violently trembling hands, the blade repeatedly clashed with the scabbard releasing a crisp clanking sound. Looking at the demonic looking brute staring at him, he cried out and tossed the sabre away trying to escape. However, Harry's bleeding one eye viciously flickered, his even tendencies at full fledged as he threw his fist forward like a javelin, striking hard at the back of the pirate. The pirate flew forwards by 5 metre, as a piercing shrill and rubbing sound ensued. His blood and flesh splattered around his perimeter and splinters of bloodied armour scattered around, forming a tragic pathway!

A deadly silence filled the atmosphere.

Only Scarface Harry's heavy panting was distinct. The silver radiated from his periphery, beneath him was a puddle of blood, some belonging to his enemy and some his.

Naturally, the winner of such an intense conflict, was this male who was forced into this desperation!

Strictly speaking, Scarface Harry had a serious head injury, he could only display 70% of his strength, and that was his first shackle. Within the desperate struggle in Tortuga castle, he consecutively used two muscle explosion to blast open the treasury. His power had already reach his limits, and that was his second shackle.

Furthermore, after the sneak attack at the Tortuga caste entrance, to defend himself, he forced himself to once again use the muscle explosion even though he was injured himself. This caused his muscles to tear all over his body, and was undoubtedly his third shackle!

After Sheyan lit that candle within the ship's hold, it was actually mixed with the venomous wax similar to the message in the bottle. After igniting, when a person breathes the smoke in he will unknowingly drop his attack chance by 50%. If not with Sheyan's low agility, how was he able to successfully dodge Scarface Harry's heavy and explosive punches? That was the fourth shackle binding Scarface Harry's body!

The fifth shackle was of course the poisonous rum that was delivered by pirate Charlie. Although the wine was not very effective against Scarface Harry who had an outrageous physique of 30 points, it still obstructed his regenerative abilities.

The sixth shackle was the terrifying crossbow set up to aim at the hold's door. Without questions, this one strike had inflicted heavy damage to this lion like viking!

And yet, when the battle was coming to an end, the one who was having the last laugh was actually this madman Scarface Harry! He was like a wild ox that refused to stop charging, even after suffering heavy wounds, he was only contented to die while fighting! Sheyan carefully calculated 6 phases of shackles were completely negated by this lunatic!

But at this very moment, Scarface Harry felt something was wrong. Because he observed in the eyes of the remaining 3 pirates, even though it contained an extreme dread, there was somewhat a flicker of hope amidst this hopeless situation. Where did their hope come from? Scarface Harry suddenly felt a cold rush against this neck, unable to resist, he immediately glance backwards, through his fuzzy and bloodied vision, he saw a shadow gently getting up like a spectre amidst the chaotic mess of broken planks. His movements were agile and vigorous, as if he was completely uninjured. His black figure seemed to be in perfect condition, and he was undoubtedly Scarface Harry's biggest fear.

Seaman Yan from the mysterious east!

Scarface Harry gazed at Sheyan as if witnessing a ghost. There was an unexplainable aura coming out of Sheyan. This sort of aura gave of a fragrance like that of a blooming orchid, and had traces of blood smell within it. The two smells perfectly blended together, giving a heart troubled but spirit relax feeling. Sheyan did not merely place these 6 shackles to trap Harry but also to secure himself some sort of insurance. That 'not yet purified black blood orchid element' that he received from Cazider in the previous world, finally had a stage in his critical moment to demonstrate its usefulness!

’’Strike me down, and you win.’’ Sheyan calmly issued. His entire body faded out into the darkness like a mountain range enveloped by dark clouds. This feeling left one with a wide uncertainty, how high was the mountain or how deep is the ocean.

Scarface Harry's glare was as piercing as before, his faint silver glow was already common. He couldn't help but gaze back at the direction of the port. From here he could faintly make up the sails of the Bell and Mug. But when he opened his mouth, fresh blood gushed out drowning out his tone. However, what he wanted to express was as clear as a swinging hatchet.

’’Even if you won, Ammand would never let you off. The Bell and Mug will still sail gloriously within the Caribbean sea! Even in my death, I will drag you to hell with me!’’

At this point, the unyielding fighting spirit surged within Scarface Harry like he was about to execute a heroic victory, and pounced forward! This was a confidence that if he was not utterly wrecked, he would never fall!

This was a man who refused to shy away from his destiny!

Sheyan's eyes flashed with reverence and regret. Gently breathing he raised his fist and said.

’’ running out. I'm very sorry Mr Harry, I'm going to destroy something you guard so dearly to your heart.’’

Not even a few seconds after he finished speaking, a sudden pillar of flame soared out unfathomably from the Bell and Mug. Followed by an explosion! An insanely violent explosion! At this moment, both Sheyan and Scarface Harry's face reflected with a bright reddish orange, and a striking heat apart from the blood. When the explosion started, he gave of a gradual feeling of a flower blossoming, and one could even hear clearly the mast of the Bell and Mug slowly collapsing in the blazing inferno, the gigantic wooden planks of the ship's deck slowly integrating into fragments. But after a few seconds, everything advanced into a blur. Finally it transformed into an earth-shattering explosion that engulfed the entire area including the sea around it!

This, was Sheyan's ultimate trump card!


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