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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Dissension

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Within the pitch-black hold of the boat, an aroma spiralled from the lone burning candle.

The thick walls adds-up to the great soundproofing. This was probably because the original owner placed several thick pieces of flannel between the wooden partitions. Even the raging waves sounded gentle to the ears.

Scarface Harry lied down in the captain's cabin, although the candle extinguished unknowingly, he had no intentions of lighting it again. To someone who was constantly tortured by this massive headache, this peaceful darkness offered him a little comfort. His temples were pulsing with tremendous pain, if he used his thumb to press on it, the pain would be lessen. However, by doing this, this arm muscles will ache in violent protest.

’’If it was ten years ago, how would I have looked so pathetic! Luckily, we are about to return to the Bell and Mug soon.’’

Scarface harry caressed the silver sword in his hands, even in the darkness this sword was brimming with brilliance of silver glow! This was the personal weapon Ammand had loaned him previously.

At this moment, the door suddenly swung open! A black figure entered along with the fresh sea breeze as he hastily rushed in, bringing with him a thick panting. His panting was not due to exhaustion but carried an indescribable panic and urgency.

’’Mister, Mr Harry! A mutiny has occurred on the boat, they've killed Carter! They wanted me to change your bandage to a poisonous one. The entire boat has turned against us, the only thing in their mind now is to kill you and split the plentiful treasure.’’

Scarface Harry's eyes instantly opened widely. Although his body was brimming with pain, at this moment, all the killing intent had returned to this massively strong viking. He jumped up nimbly and asked with a pressured voice.

’’How many of them, Charlie?’’

The person sneaking in was actually Sheyan's slave, Charlie. His voice was shaking as he replied.

’’S.....Six of them. The poisonous bandage will only activate after a minute. When that time comes they will immediately charge in!’’

Scarface Harry bit his lips hardly, his expression flashing with ferocity. His voice was squeezed out between his gritting teeth.

’’Very good, very good!’’

Unsure whether he was saying Charlie did a good job, or directed to the traitorous Sheyan and company. Scarface Harry impatiently paced around in the hold, flaring his nose his asked.

’’Have you drank? Have you?’’

At this point, there was no questioning that alcohol would numb the incredible pain, and arouse the adrenaline. In order to brace his courage and sell out his master and the other pirates, Charlie definitely had drank some alcohol. He listened to Scarface Harry's questioning and aggressively nodded his head.

’’Yes yes yes, before I came I drank a little. There is still a full pouch here.’’

Scarface harry reached out his hand and pulled out the wine pouch at Charlie's waist. Raising his head and using one hand to support, a stream of deep yellow alcohol liquid shot into this mouth. His throat squirmed, and within seconds the entire wine pouch was drained clean. His eyes were intensified with a sorrowful bloodshot. Under the stimulation of the alcohol, Scarface Harry exhaled a huge breath. He looked extremely comfortable, but after a few seconds his serene expression changed into a sinister one. He roared out like a surrounded beast that had stepped into a trap, right in the face he grabbed onto Charlie, frenziedly shouting out:

’’You dared to betray me, poisoning the rum!’’

The averaged sized Charlie being grabbed on my this massive viking Harry, was like a fowl trembling uncontrollably and waiting to be slaughtered. Charlie's face had a complicated expression, mournful crying out.

’’I didn't, I didn't!! They really said to use the poisonous bandage!’’

’’PaPaPa.’’ Sounds of clapping echoed in from outside the room. A group of guys streamed down from the stairs in one line. Leading the way was the fully equipped Sheyan, behind him was a group of vile and ruthless looking pirates. They look like a bunch of greedy and crafty looking wolves. Sheyan glanced at Charlie, his face formed a mysterious slight smile.

’’Well done, my servant.’’

Charlie was momentarily stunned, and Scarface Harry eyes felt like they were cracking. He was having a dizzy spell, and he felt that there was not one part in his body that wasn't pain. He exerted strength and suddenly roared out and snapped the neck of Charlie! Then he flung him aside, as he landed against the wall with a crash. Sliding to the floor like a couch, there was no longer any movements. Only two tears of blood were gradually rolling down from the dead Charlie's eyes, no one knew if it was tears or blood!

Sheyan received a notification, ’’Your servant, pirate Charlie, has died,’’ from the nightmare imprint. However, he never placed this close to his heart. In his scheming, Charlie was like joke that had no strength nor loyalty. Currently, managing to bring out the best outcome from this joke was enough, regarding his in head, he was totally not a bothered within his plans. Sheyan and the pirates glanced at Charlie's corpse and started laughing out loud in unison. Their laughter further agitated the already going insane Scarface Harry. An extremely negative sensation was gradually surging within his heart, he roared out:

’’F**king morons, what are you laughing at?’’

Sheyan stared at him with a sympathetic look, softly saying:

’’Congratulations on killing the only loyal person you have on this boat.’’

After hearing his phrase, his bloodshot eyes bulged out, as he stammered a few step backs, shouting:

’’Impossible! Impossible, he obviously poisoned me with the rum!’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, laughing out with contempt.

’’Actually, Charlie's loyalty was obviously written all over his face. We merely set up a little trick in letting him believe that a harmless bandage carried poison, but actually in his wine and food, we had already secretly poisoned it. This logic is so simple if he really intended to harm you, why did he wait for you to finish drinking and not escape?’’

’’If he really intended to harm you, why did he wait for you to finish drinking and not escape?’’

’’If he really intended to harm you, why did he wait for you to finish drinking and not escape?’’

’’If he really intended to harm you, why did he wait for you to finish drinking and not escape?’’

Sheyan's last sentence was like a sharp dagger, mercilessly stabbing repeatedly against Scarface Harry's heart. He couldn't help but turn his head and glance. Seeing the blood tears flowing from Charlie's face who had suffered such an unjustifiable death;he felt an absolute resentment bursting through his heart. There was nowhere to flow, it was as though it was about to force his entire body to erupt! He frenziedly howled. Only one notion remained in his mind, that was to slay them all! Kill everything that was living in front of him. Even if it cost his own life, even if it cost him the entire world!

Sheyan's pupils contracted, the unknown variable had once again surfaced in his plans! The nightmare imprint warned him in a flash.

’’Scarface Harry's agitation has exceeded his mental limits! Ancient viking blood aroused!’’

’’Scarface Harry has sunk into a fanatical state! He will not feel any pain, or external negative effects. He will completely rely on his primitive instincts to engage in battle, damage receive from enemies increased by 200, damage inflicted to enemies increased by 250!’’

Scarface Harry howled out like a wild beast, his fist headed directly for Sheyan's head! This punch was filled with strength and weight, leaving one a feeling of a heavy 50 ton pickup truck colliding straight on. When Sheyan just entered this world, he won over Scarface Harry in an arm wrestling match. Hence, in his heart, he was confident and stretched out both fists to block. However upon impact, he could feel an immeasurable strength from the opposition, oppressing him with such a force that even breathing was difficult. Sheyan was blown away as his legs left the floor and he crashed out of the door as the broken wood fragments scattered around. The sound was so tremendous that even the rest sprawled to the floor. When he stood up, blood was already leaking out of the corner of his mouth.

’’Damned....’’ Sheyan in this moment understood the reason why his strength was easily suppressed. First should be his title, and second his equipment!

Currently they were battling on sea, Sheyan's title ’’Pirate ringleader’’ could enable his personal strength + 2 and physique +2. Therefore regarding this chief officer Harry, he definitely possessed a stronger title, giving him more added bonuses. Previously he was just sparring casually with arm wrestling back in the bar. Such a normal and leisure activity, even with many outsiders around, he would never utilize his full equipment. This reason was akin to the no.1 killer in the present world, never walking around with huge assassination tools.

Although upon exchanging blows, Sheyan held absolute disadvantage and was even beaten to such a sorry state, Sheyan had already made preparations earlier on. Scarface Harry was like a raging lion stepping out of the door in pursue of his prey but he suddenly felt a blaze in front of him. Someone was throwing several torches at him. He furiously swiped away the torches, but a massive strength suddenly collided against him with great ferocity. His entire body stumbled backwards, and he suddenly felt a weird ice-cold yet scorching feeling from his chest to his back. Following that, a searing pain that enveloped his entire body like a spinning web.

At this point, the stunned Harry lowered his head, and saw a deep object lodged into his chest. It seemed to be the tail of an arrow, but it was vibrating greatly as the arrowhead emerged from the back with flesh and blood attached to it. The night sky reflected a certain sorrowful look onto the crimson arrowhead.

This arrow was already set up on the boat, it was released with a crossbow used in naval battles! Such a crossbow could even penetrate the thick and heavy ship boards, it was obviously able to inflict damage onto Scarface Harry. Sheyan and the rest had already aimed the crossbow towards the doorway of the ship's hold. It was to leave Scarface Harry with a fierce memory!


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