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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 52


Chapter 52: Desperation

Translated by:Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

The ray emerged without sound nor warning, but following it in the air sounded out a shrilling, whistling as an oval object sped with great trajectory. Its target was obviously Pirate Sigma, and even the dust was blasted into holes in the air. Sigma tried to deflect it with his blade but to no avail as a huge hole formed on his throat by that ray.

Through the empty hole where the merciless throat splitting ray came from, Sheyan managed to catch a glimpse of the scenery behind it before another batch of arrow was loaded in.

Since it already taken a life, this throat splitting projectile was not satisfied but even surged with greater intent. Away from Sigma's fuming but lifeless eyes and while the blood was still gushing out of his throat, it penetrated the chest of the pirate behind Sigma with great velocity. The impact lifted that guy up as he crashed against the stone wall behind him. The bloodied corpses slowly slided down, leaving a sorrowful splash of ocher on this old castle wall.

Probably due to the searing headache, Scarface Harry's reaction was relatively delayed. Furthermore his tall and sturdy body had a greater surface for the arrows to land on. However, these arrows were fatal to the other pirates, but to Scarface harry, he had a maximum HP of 1300 points. He was a monster with at least 15 points of defence, even when the arrows pierced him, it was only able to inflict serious damage but not fatal ones. His entire body was covered with 5-6 arrows, the arrows penetrated about a foot into his body, as the feathered tails of the arrow projected a sickening and sorrowful sight.

Suddenly Scarface Harry snapped out of his dream, gasping he lifted his head. The blood gushing out of Sigma's throat had just nice splashed onto the face of this bald headed brute.

Warm blood......

Bone-chilling blood!

Why is there so much blood, that damned headache is not letting me go......

Why is this face so familiar?

Wait, damn it, there is a huge hole in Sigma's throat?

Another old mate fell in front of him, yet another old mate fell in front of him!

In this moment, Scarface Harry's eyes flushed with a sinister red. His bulging muscles suddenly burst through his linen clothing, ripping it into shreds. Even a length of the arrows that were lodged in his body was forcefully pressed out. Sheyan who was witnessing this in the safety of his cover could feel the hair of his arms standing. In a flash, he felt that Scarface Harry seemed to have transformed into a massive black hole, sucking in all the air that was around him!

Sheyan's pupils contracted, he could already sensed something: Half an hour ago he had missed such an exciting fight, but now the main actor Mr Harry will perform the sequel and satisfy his entertainment craving! Although his would definitely come at a huge price!

Scarface Harry inhaled deeply. This action caused the green serpent like veins on his neck and head to bulged up, his bloodshot eyes even protruded out by nearly 2 cm! Following his breathing motion, firstly the mouth then the throat frighteningly swelled up. It was like a basketball was forcefully shoved down his mouth! This sort of horrifying sight led Sheyan to unconsciously think of a toad like creature. The swelled area rapidly deflated in Scarface Harry's body, as it travelled to his right hand causing it to expand abnormally.

Scarface Harry then massively raised this right first and smashed against the floor in front of him!

Concurrently, the arrows lodged within him were forced out as it scattered to the floor with blood and flesh still stuck to it.

Only the faint silverish glow remained on his body.

At the moment when the fist came in contact with the floor, his massive right arm could be clearly seen to return back to its original state. On the floor in front of him, was a strange protrusion of earth, as it rapidly surged towards the distant shadows! It looked like that was the air that Harry had taken in deeply, swirling in his body for a while before unleashing with such monstrosity into the ground!

'Muscle explosion!'

The entire castle once again shook violently. It could be clearly felt that its foundations were even trembling. Consecutively, watery blood spurted out from the right arrow holes of the right wall, splashing on the floor as if teasing them. Within it, bits of flesh could be differentiated out. Obviously, the few enemies hidden in the secret room had been pressured to death by the massive fist.

At the same time, Scarface Harry's entire body emitted a strange sound. It sounded like a soaked blanket being twisted so hard that it thoroughly ripped apart. He then collapsed face first with a boom, as though a mountain was crumbling. The fallen Scarface Harry was still convulsing on the floor, lumps of purple surfaced on his body. If Sheyan was an experienced physician, he would easily make the following diagnosis:

Sickness: Severe muscle laceration of the entire body.

Reason: Fatigue leading to reduction in muscle elasticity.

Even though Scarface Harry demonstrated again his immense strength and eliminated the enemies hidden in the secret room, the pirates had already suffered a catastrophe. Earlier, there were only a bit more than 20 survivors, but after the barrage of savage shootings, their total strength was halved once again. The remainder were all heavily wounded, what was worth mentioning was that Pirate Charlie had also charged forward to assist Scarface Harry but he fortunately received an arrow to his arm only. It was probably because his strength was too average and nobody took special notice of him.

Faced with such a situation, the only perfectly fine Sheyan did not jump out and jeered at them saying that they should have listened to his advice. He humbly crawled out of his safety zone, and started to treat the injured people. Also he arranged the appearance of those the fallen ones.

Undoubtedly, after completing these task, although he did not say anything, he managed to receive the allegiance of 7-8 of the surviving pirates, this was probably linked to Harry's silence as well. Although the gap between them and the castle gates was only a mere tens of metre away, but everyone gazed upon the entrance with fear. That was until Sheyan initiatively carried a chest and walked towards the entrance.

’’It should be safe now.’’ Sheyan used a resolute tone. ’’Earlier on those scums that was killed should be the last line of defence for the castle. If they can still produce a few more, then none of you should be alive by now.’’

Under Sheyan's lead, the rest of the pirates carried the remaining five chest filled with treasures and fled from the place. Scarface Harry was supported by two people, wobbling as they left Tortuga castle. Although he looked at Sheyan with a complicated look, he ultimately sighed and followed him. After they left for about 10 minutes, another group of pirates fanatically charged into the castle to plunder it. If Sheyan and company were delayed, there would definitely be a bitter conflict between the two parties.

At this time, the events at the sea was also a mess, the blazing battle flames illuminated the night sky. Because of the affluent nature in Tortuga port, it instigated a civil war between the plundering pirates. Maybe some pirates had their loots stolen, or maybe they could not decide how to split their stuffs as it stirred up a huge internal chaos between them. Panting and at the brink of exhaustion, the pirate group painstakingly arrived at their rendezvous point. To their despair they discovered that the middle of port was engulfed in a huge blaze. They realized that their barge (small boats) had been used by some out of controlled pirates as instruments to vent their frustrations. And regarding the three pirates that were left behind as messengers as well as to protect the boats, not one of them was left alive.

Heaven never bars one's way (chinese idiom - never give up hope). Relying on their familiarity of this place, the group of pirates went to a nearby area in the port to search, and to their surprise, they found a small size sailboat anchored over there. On board were 10 over old and sickly looking pirates, they looked to be waiting for their fellow comrades. The pirates were on the Bell and Mug were all specially selected elite hooligans, although they were all injured, but they had already regained some of their senses. Under the leadership of their core member Sheyan, they thoroughly decimated the pirates on the sailboat, and successfully seized control of this 15 metre long lone sailboat.

Although Sheyan and company were temporarily safe, however, there was an imminent problem. The current surviving pirates were adequate to operate this sailboat, but they were not enough to protect themselves in battle. Once they meet an enemy ship on sea, then they would be like sitting ducks waiting to die. Looking upon the the pot porridge (complete mess) at sea, although they knew that the Bel and Mug was currently 10 over miles to the west, nobody dared to suggest sailing there in a straight line.

Some suggested sending people ahead to notify Ammand to receive them, but once they asked for volunteers everyone remained mouth-tight. Everyone knew the consequences of running across this chaotic Tortuga port while being injured.

After a series of discussions, Sheyan suggested taking a roundabout route along the north side of the island. The consequence of this was that their returning journey would be extended to over half an hour, but their safety would be guaranteed at least 80%. After the calamity at the castle entrance, very few sounded out in objection against Sheyan's suggestion as they swiftly came to a consensus.


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