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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 51


Chapter 51:Bloody Mechanism

Translated by:Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Although the treasury door was extremely hard, so much that even ghosts would give up passing through it, Scarface Harry drank a glass of devil's medicine, that was heard of in the legends. Using the simplest but crude method of forcing the treasury door open, was the reason that Sheyan formerly felt the entire castle vibrating.

As they are nearing the main doorway of the castle and could even see the rays of blaze coming from the outside. The pirates excitedly roared. Instead, Sheyan sensed an unexplainable danger, a sensation that was like drowning in the Arctic ocean. At this moment, at the corner of his eyes, Sheyan noticed the nearby castle wall. There were numerous decorative engravings, but the newer word character like decorative engravings were more plentiful. Sheyan used his hand to feel against the engraving, he felt a warmth that did not tally with the chill he had in mind.

It was a warmth that was close to body temperature.

’’Don't tell me the guard's aim for releasing blood is........’’

A fierce and dangerous feeling surged in his heart, his eyes flickered as he glanced at Scarface Harry at the rear end. This bulky brute had beads of sparkling perspiration glowing countlessly in his bald head, he had not engage in any intense activity for the past half an hour, why was he sweating so much? Sheyan's lips formed into a cold sneer, he abruptly halted his footsteps and shouted out:

’’Listen to me! If you guys still wish to enjoy your rum, sunshine, beaches and women, then we cannot advance anymore.’’

The group of pirates looked at him in a stupor.

One of Harry's subordinates, Pirate Sigma, replied with a sarcastic tone:

’’What you mean is you want us to turn around, and lawfully return the treasure chest to the respected Little Lord Fokke?’’

Sheyan anxiously replied:

’’There is a huge danger ahead, believe me, I can sense it. The safest way to leave this castle shouldn't be by the stairs but by the air. Although the castle's second floor is high, but i think the most serious consequences of jumping down would only be a little injury to the legs.’’

Sigma had already become Harry's messenger, he immediately argued back:

’’Then should we leave the Little Lord Fokke's chest over here?’’

Sheyan sincerely implored:

’’Everyone can put in effort to carry some on hand, then we will toss the chest out of the window.’’

’’Your suggestion will only shrink our loots by more than half!’’ Sigma laughed coldly as he took out a porcelain from the nearby chest. ’’Look at this delicate china porcelain! Its as smooth as an infant's skin, rubbing it is like groping at a sixteen year old virgin's...... It is worth at least 50000 pounds sterling to any British nobility. But falling from a half a foot high would already cause it to shatter in a million pieces, it is not worth!’’

At this point, Scarface Harry coughed gently. It was not because his throat had phlegm but because he wanted the attention to be directed to him.

’’We will advance matter if it's angels or demons obstructing us, we will equally trample over them!’’

’’Very good, in order to establish superiority he overruled me.’’

Sheyan sighed in his heart, but still remained firm in appearance. He helplessly raised his hands as though he wanted to say something, but the impatient pirates brushed past him in succession. Even his servant Charlie excitedly rushed ahead, but fortunately after running for 10 metres out he remembered his master Sheyan and returned to find him. Currently, Sheyan felt helpless and lonely, he was like a lone upright reef on the seabed. But people normally forget, the tide would quickly subside, but a reef would stand firm for a millennium!

The pirates gape at the glimmer coming from outside the castle gate, frenzy and hope filled their eyes. Already trapped in this darkness enshrouded castle for too long, they could not wait to bask in the familiar and warm sea breeze. Although they were exhausted, they quickened their steps and nobody glanced back to look at Sheyan. Nobody expected that they have already fell into a huge pitfall.

Sheyan shook his head gently as he reclined a few steps back. His perceptive sensing had forewarned him. In actual fact, from a young age Sheyan possessed a strong analytical intuition and meticulous thinking. If not, he wouldn't have been able to climb to the position of vice captain at the young age of 17 years old.

However, this great scheming ability was not flawless. Its greatest flaw was that it needed adequate thinking period and essential information! In the present world, Uncle Dasi's sudden case was an emergency, how much buffer time did it gave to Sheyan?

Given Sheyan's capability at that time, was there a possibility of devising a plan to finish off Huashan Fei? Yes! However he would need 1 year to prepare and arrange everything! Putting it bluntly, under those circumstances, even the smartest housewife cannot cook without rice (Chinese idiom - you won't get anyway without equipment).

After entering the Terminator world, Sheyan who had just entered the space suffered from all sorts of assault. This was because he was still unfamiliar to the world, he had to familiarize himself with the rules and regulations and even grasp his personal strength and abilities. He was human and not God, if he could still scheme under such circumstances, then his only consequence would be to implicate himself.

Until arriving at this world could Sheyan exhibit fully this outstanding ability bred from his character. Primarily, he had adequate time, upon arriving he was also relatively familiar with the Caribbean Sea world. Furthermore he managed to obtain essential information from different places, and these information were not confined to this world. He obtained it through the shadow of this world as well as his 'insight' ability. It can be said that his ability could only be demonstrated through preparation of different factors. But looking back now, his devised schemes still contained some loopholes, luckily lady luck had continually shined on him. That was why his plans had not been ruined, and continued to develop.

It was when the pirates approached the main gate that the air suddenly sounded with a minute for queer sound. This sound was like the murmur of a dried river, or the nibbling of fragments from a mulberry tree. Within the darkness, something had unfolded. Scarface Harry's brows jumped, he immediately halted his steps. But the giant stone floor of the entrance had already started to reverse abruptly, it became like a towering wall in front of everyone!

Two persons were impaled on the massive spikes of the stone board.. These two faces were extremely familiar with the pirates! They were the previously dispatched navigator Xiaer and Blind Matt who were used to suppress Sheyan. But right now these two had their entire body nailed onto this immense black colored stone board, their fate unknown. But their skin was ghastly pale, it looked like all their blood had been drained out.

Most of them gasped in astonishment, some cried out loudly while others wanted to save them, and yet some recalled Sheyan's words and backed off. The originally organized group fell into a mess. The pirates were all confused and shocked. ’’Beng!’’ another sound floated into the air! That sound seemed to be groanings from the downtown area, if one wasn't careful in listening and discerning, one would not discover its existence. But once it was discovered, it was already almost within reach!

That was the sharp sound of an arrow piercing through the air!

Based on Sheyan's judgement, that arrow shot from outside was travelling above a speed of 100 metres/second, it was like a bolt falling down from the 60th floor. Or a rock that was tossed in front of a speeding at 200km car. Such destructive speed was exceptionally astonishing, even an ordinary thumb size thick board would be unable to block against it within 100 metres. What more these exhausted pirates?

Those penetrating sounds recklessly resonated, moving at such high speeds and rotating in midair were these arrows. Its tip carried a cyan phosphorescent. Looking at the long standard body, these iron arrows were fletched using wood. It was made with a ratio of 3 iron to 1 nickel, a standard England manufactured weapon. All around the castle walls were several small indistinct holes which were hard to notice during the daytime. Those arrows were all shot from there, leaving deep holes that looked like carved out eyeballs as it stared viciously.

The pirates standing in the hallway were like wheat being harvested, falling down in successions. In such a matter of life and death, nobody dared to conceal their strength. Naturally the people surrounding Scarface Harry were stronger by a length.

Especially Pirate Sigma who previously argued with Sheyan, he demonstrated an astonishing strength. At the first sign of attack he already instantly drew out his blade, a light blue glow covering the blade, slicing around with thundering power he chopped three incoming arrows into half. Following that he used his empty left hand to fish out this musket, and repelled two arrows heading for Scarface Harry.

However his outstanding performance attracted the attention of their hidden enemies!

As the light blue smoke had not dissipated from the musket, the decorative engravings on the wall suddenly flashed out. At this point, Sheyan sensed an even bigger danger, the hair on his body immediately stood up. He immediately took cover behind a sheltering object. Simultaneously, from a hole on the stone wall, a incomparably blinding ray suddenly exploded out!


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