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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Words like Daggers

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and ELkassar

Sheyan frowned as he swept these pirates with his cold and disdainful gaze. Although he did not say a thing, his contemptuous look revealed his inner mockery. Until the shoutings and the curses died down, Sheyan then raised his voice calmly.

’’Respected ladies and gentlemen, what do you take this place for? London's Oxford street? A random bar? Or a merchant ship that has been captured by you?’’

His quick-fired questions in succession caused the pirate's enthusiasm and rage to suddenly choke back into their throats.

’’This is Tortuga castle! The reason we can charge in with blades and torches raised to fill our wrinkled pockets, is because we seized an amazing opportunity that only happens once in 70 years!! If we did what you pictured, a hundred persons grouping up and slowly creeping around this damned castle.....yes, I admit, this perfect plan will guarantee the safety of everyone. But tell me, how long do you intend to take to search the whole building? One day? Two days? Or one week? This cursed castle has rooms as huge as houses!’’

Up till here Sheyan then slackened his voice, using a resolute and sarcastic tone he continued:

’’Two hours, yes, two hours. But this duration includes us going from our old mate (referring to the Bell and Mug) to here and back again. That is our limit for raiding Tortuga castle! Once we overshoot this duration, then I'm sure, at the castle's entrance obstructing us would definitely be the Demonic rider himself, the respected Lord Fokke. If not him, then perhaps the chief officer of the Black Pearl Jack Sparrow and his scheming. He may let us leave, but he would definitely required to lay down our weapons and every valuable loot we obtained. Is there anyone who still wishes to question my method? Anyone! F**king step up now!’’

Sheyan's eyes were blazing with an unexplainable fury, as he said to this point. His thundering voice echoed throughout the empty corridors of the castle. These overbearing pirates all started looking at each other in dismay, since they had no words of rebuttal, they avoided eye contact with Sheyan's eyes. At this critical moment, Sheyan struck out with his already prepared mental dagger.

’’Morons, wake up! You think coming here is as easy as going to a random British bank, firing some warning shots, and slapping the asses of the female workers to get money? Every golden coin here carries the blood and the mournful wails of departed spirits! If this was a heaven that easily gave out treasures, then why didn't Ammand himself lead you guys? You, me and everyone clearly understands, if we could bring such hefty treasures back, even if there was one of us left the Great Son of the Black Sea would still rejoice. But if we return empty handed, even if all our hair remained intact, then all of us would definitely be made to walk the plank! Is there anyone who thinks I'm wrong? Step forward! Step forward ah!!’’

’’Enough! Shut your damned mouth!’’ Scarface Harry boomed out with his furious voice. Sheyan's face was resentful. But that bald head had glaring bloodshot eyes, his facial muscles trembled uncontrollably, it was obvious his rage had hit the limit. If not for that damned searing pain in his head, Scarface Harry would definitely counter argue against Sheyan's sharp words. Instead the only thing he could do was to shut the mouth of this eastern yellow-skinned monkey!

Sheyan's last few sentences had already pierced into the hearts of everyone. A dangerous mentality was starting to spread amongst this small group. Some of Sheyan's words were indeed overboard, but his speech was undoubtedly 70-80% correct. His words unknowingly brought in a feverish instigation to the hearts of the pirates. This had nothing to do with charm, but because Sheyan was good at capturing the dark side of people's hearts. Furthermore, the pirates were not short of dark sides in their hearts.

A deathly silence ensued, but the formerly raging animosity the pirates had against Sheyan had already subsided by 50-60%. Of course the anger had not fully vanished, but Sheyan had successfully transferred some of it to Ammand. The atmosphere was awkwardly silent, finally Sheyan clapped his hands and tried to rally the pirates.

’’Everyone! It looks like you have succeeded in ransacking the treasury of this demonic place. Now what is important is that we can shift these objects to a safer place in one piece. Raise your knees, let us swiftly leave this damnable place!’’

Very naturally, Sheyan robbed the hurting Scarface Harry of his script. His bossy orders were obeyed by the silent pirates. Scarface Harry raised his brows, he could smell a strange dangerous feeling from Sheyan. If Sheyan could be said to be a talented and self-effacing knife when he first came aboard, then the Sheyan now was like a raging fire mountain, spitting suffocating smog out and blazing magma!

’’Wait till we return and I'll settle you.’’ Scarface Harry remained emotionless, he thought to himself harbouring a strong killing intent. No matter what, now was not a good time to deal with Sheyan. Putting personal feelings aside, the critical duty was to deliver these generous treasures back into Ammand's hands!

At this moment he glanced at his trusted confidante, Charlie. This already missing brat in his memories was now standing by his side laughing and chatting away. Scarface Harry felt a warmth in his heart, he could feel harmony between these filthy greedy pirates beside him already cracking apart. Furthermore, at this point most of his trusted aides were either dead or heavily injured. In this unstable environment, there was nothing better than suddenly having a trusted friend beside him.

This good news lessened Scarface Harry's searing headache, he immediately pulled pirate Charlie to him and spanked his ass. Using a rough and familiar laughter he teased.


’’Damned scum, looks like even hell doesn't want you!’’

Pirate Charlie giggled, casually jousting about with Scarface Harry as usual. Beside Scarface Harry, he always acted pretty silly. However, Harry's next words stumbled him.

’’Right, they mentioned you had been captured by those black rats and taken to some hidden room. How did you expose their asses and escape?’’

By asking this, Scarface Harry was firstly trying to brag about this man's courage and determination. Secondly, he was trying to borrow his success to raise the gloomy morale that was suppressed by Sheyan's few words. Regrettably, he neglected the point that Pirate Charlie had appeared only a few seconds before Sheyan, they came from the same channel!

’’I'm sorry, sir.’’ Pirate Charlie started stammering. ’’Its..... Its.......’’

Scarface Harry's emotions became a little jittery, he did not notice his subordinate's peculiar behaviour, slapping his head and scolded.

’’I have reminded you thousands of time, speak louder when you talk to me!’’

’’Yes sir!’’ Pirate Charlie immediately straightened his voice. ’’Steven and I after being captured by those scums, our poor Sten had his intestines forcefully dragged out by several metres, in the end he cried up and died. Before I was about to suffer the same cruel fate, Crew head.....’’

After uttering crew head, these 2 words, Pirate Charlie witnessed Sheyan coincidentally glancing behind. He immediately remembered his new status and altered his words.

’’It was master who rescued me from that nightmare.’’

The word master attracted the ears of everyone present. Some were astonished, some were amazed and yet some were....furious! Following that, Pirate Charlier recounted his earlier incidents with a stammering and fast voice. Finally he shrugged his shoulders and spoke with a helpless voice.

’’I'm very lucky to still be alive in the face of such despair, therefore I will honour my oath. Sacrificing my freedom to serve my saviour. This is probably my destiny, who knows.’’

At this moment, the other pirates started to gaze upon Sheyan with an unusual look. Every one would also wish to have someone selflessly not caring about his own life to rescue them from the verge of death. Yet, Sheyan had done it, and the person he saved was even Scarface Harry's trusted confidante. This unknowingly gave this pirates a broader and public-spirited sensation. To Scarface Harry, his initial excitement had dropped to an all time low. This sort of feeling of punching the air and having it recoil back to harm him made him want to vomit blood.

They continued advancing with Sheyan at the helm. Presently, he had already understood the earlier happenings. After segregating into six groups, these pirates were like a greedy pack of mice as they quickly dispersed to every corner of the castle. Because of all sorts of booby traps and witchcraft they suffered heavy casualties. At this moment, Scarface Harry stood up, this robust viking that was ferocious as a bear demonstrated explosive and terrifying strength. He led a group of trusted comrades to save two groups of desperate pirates. Afterwards, he purposely released a blackguard during battle and traced his footsteps until they found the castle treasury.


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