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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 48


Even in the uncivilized and dark medieval times, this sort of cruel judgement could only be executed by master sorcerers, and were labeled as 'heresy'! Observing that malevolent and grimace expression of Steven, Sheyan could only sigh and offer a small condolences:

’’No matter what, we've already avenged him. Right you should be Charlie, how are the rest doing?’’

Pirate Charlie hesitated as he looked at Sheyan, he suddenly knelt and exclaimed:

’’In my greatest despair I've sworn an oath, no matter who saved me, he will win my loyalty till my dying breath! Seaman Yan from the mysterious east, from now on you are my master!’’

Sheyan was taken aback, but he very quickly received notifications from his nightmare imprint.

’’You managed to rescue storyline character Charlie from the grips of death. Because of his oath, Pirate Charlie has become your servant.’’

’’During your paused duration of the nightmare realm and world, a servant will continuously consume your utility points as wages, it will not take into account of your return to the present world. The higher the rank of the servant, the more utility points he/she will consume.’’

’’Your servant is a battle type, upon death his loyalty degree will drop by 10 points. He may drop by 1-2 ranks according to the situation, but can be resurrected with an amount of utility points. The amount of utility points is based on the rank of the servant, and have a directly link to the equipments he is wearing.’’

’’If a servant's loyalty degree drops to a defecting level when he dies, then he will be unable to revive.’’

’’Your current charm is 8 points, once your servant's loyalty degree drops below 80 points he will exhibited slacking behavior. Once it drops beneath 70 points, there is a possibility of defect.’’

’’Note: Acquiring a servant is extremely rare, please cherish this opportunity.’’

’’Do you wish to accept this named servant? Yes/No?’’

Sheyan hesitated slightly, but still selected yes. The main deciding factor was because of that sentence ’’Acquiring a servant is extremely rare, please cherish this opportunity’’. After selecting to accept, Pirate Charlie moved to stand behind him looking docile and obedient. Following that the nightmare imprint exhibited a series of notifications.

’’Warning: Your servant's loyalty degree is 55 points, it is within the danger zone.’’

’’Warning: Your servant's loyalty degree is 55 points, it is within the danger zone.’’

’’Please raise your loyalty degree to above 70 points within the 24 hours protection phase, if not there is a possibility of your servant defecting after 24 hours.’’

Looking at this warning, Sheyan heaved a sigh of relief. The things pirates adored were money, women, alcohol etc. Once this mission ends, raising his loyalty degree was not a challenge. However, Sheyan was still unclear about the capabilities of this Pirate Charlie, therefore, he started to probe at this person's introductory information.

Pirate Charlie (Battle type servant): This is a common type character seen within the Pirates of the Caribbean world. His current ranking is 4, experience 1351/5000. After ranking up, his all around attributes will increase. He can also acquire potential points to upgrade his personal skills/abilities.

Current loyalty degree: 55 points. (Remaining protection time of 23 hours 49 seconds)

Basic attributes:

Strength: 8 points

Agility: 11 points

Physique: 8 points

Perceptive sensing: 4 points

Charm: 10 points

Intelligence: 5 points

Spirit: 5 points

Basic close combat lvl 1, basic endurance lvl 1.

Basic advance ability: Light firearms proficiency. This skill allows the user to be adept in using light gunpowder weapons.

Special ability: Pirate lvl 1 (Passive). Movement and attack speed increased by 15 aboard a ship, all attributes increased by 2.

Special ability: Weather-beaten lvl 1. Ability gives a bonus 150 HP to character.

Special ability: Expert Sailor (Active). Using this ability consumes 33 lifepoints of Pirate Charlie, resulting in increase in operating speed of ship's devices by 15. Duration lasts 10 minutes.

Equipment: Pirate crew shirt (Strength + 1)

Equipment: Pirate crew long pants (Charm + 1)

Weapon: Seaman blade (attacking power 5 - 9). This is a common blade within the pirates of the Caribbean world. It can be used in battle, or used in hacking at sails, multi-application.

Weapon: Manual musket (attack power 8 - 20. Accumulated power) This primitive firearm can occasionally display an unimaginable strength. 'Accumulated power': When not in battle state, the probability of explosive power of its next attack will increase with time, every minute will raise probability of explosive power by 1%. Maximum accumulation is 50%, and after firing the accumulated probability will disappear.

Looking at the information of this pirate Charlie, Sheyan felt that this Pirate Charlie was a contrast to mediocre. He was comparatively superior within the sea, and he held great interest in the 'Accumulated power' aspect of that musket. Although that ability can only be used once in a battle, but to the Sheyan who was currently lacking in a trick of explosive powers, it was extremely enticing.

After plundering the 3 black guards he killed, he did not discover anything of much value. Their swords included, are only grey objects like sabres etc, together, they could only be sold for about 400 utility points. This sort of stingy loots probably had a linked to their 'injured' status before Sheyan attacked. Sheyan hurriedly wrapped the wounds on his body, as his lifepoints gradually regenerated. He then turned around and inquired of pirate Charlie.

’’Do you know where Scarface Harry and the rest headed off to?’’

Charlie was formerly Scarface Harry's follower, he was even a close confidante. After Sheyan inquired, he held some hesitations, and remained silent. A raged welled up inside Sheyan, as he suddenly scolded out:

’’You better remember your status! Since you've agreed to be my servant, then you should prioritize the interests of your master!’’

Charlie jolted, immediately describing out:

’’That time, I was following boss Harry on the same path, suddenly I discovered a room brimming with golden flickers, within it was a case filled fully with golden coins. Gold coins were scattered around the floor, resulting in everyone charging forward to snatch.....then the entire floor of the room sunk! Throwing everyone into confusion, some brothers were even stabbed by the booby trap below. Then that group of bastards raided us in the darkness, everyone was thrown into a panic as they frenziedly swung their fists at their friends. Finally we managed to escape into a dark corridor. Steven and I searched around and finally discovered a place filled with corpses then.... We got captured.’’

Sheyan listened carefully, but he realized there was a certain evasiveness in Charlie's expression. He instantly knew that this servant had purposely withheld certain information. Sheyan's primary charm was extremely low, in addition to that he was not compatible with Charlie, and only became his servant because of his oath. His loyalty degree wasn't high. Furthermore, previously he was Scarface Harry's trusted confidante, it was natural that he would be holding something back. Just when Sheyan was about to force the truth out of him, he received warnings from the nightmare imprint.

’’Warning: Your battle servant, Pirate Charlie, loyalty degree has dropped by 5 points.’’

’’Warning: Your battle servant, Pirate Charlie, loyalty degree has dropped by 5 points.’’

’’Please hurry up and raise your loyalty degree with your battle servant. If not once the loyalty degree has slipped to half of the initial value, then even if you have the protection phase, he will still defect.’’

Pirate Charlie's starting loyalty degree was merely 55 points. Half that would mean only 28 points. Sheyan's eyes flickered, relaxing his expression as he laughed gently.

’’Poor Charlie, You are probably still affected by those bastard's cruel methods right? Why be so tensed up? The reason for finding Scarface Harry, is only to join up with him and the rest, right? Within this cursed castle, it is essential to have the same goals! Don't tell me you still want to fall into the hands of these bastards?’’

Undoubtedly, Sheyan's last line stirred up great effects. After the trauma of such a abominable torture tactic, his entire body shuddered as he urgently spoke:

’’Alright, master, let's hurry and go.’’

Sheyan surveyed his environment, his gaze once again landed on Pirate Charlie. It was obvious Pirate Charlie had avoided an extremely crucial question, that was the contents of the 3 black guards were persistently interrogating him about. However, he did not dare to probe further into this because it may result in the further declining of their loyalty degree. Therefore, to Sheyan, this guy still had an important value. Currently he still needed this Charlie by his side, once all these ended, Sheyan's lips curled into a cold smile. Sheyan had started living alone at the age of fourteen, he held not much emphasis for such a frail and indecisive servant like Pirate Charlie.

’’Oh right, tell me more about the location of the place filled with corpses.’’

Sheyan suddenly questioned.

Regarding information excluding Scarface Harry, Charlie described endlessly. Actually, three other divisions had infiltrated into the castle, but their scale was not as large as the Bell and Mug. Some were even acquaintances of Charlie, but they all met their end here. Their dead bodies were even collated and piled up by the black guards, and their arteries were even sliced to release blood, he had no clue what the bodies were being used for. Sheyan listened and reflected. He knew that amongst black magic there were several spells and witchcrafts that required immense amounts of blood. Yet, he did not want to think further, as he advanced silently.


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