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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 47


Chapter 47: Sickening Torture

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and ELkassar

The tone of this guard was flat and the interval between each words were consistent. It was extremely precise, and held no trace of emotions. Thus, each word carried an intense confidence, giving the listening party a feeling of trust. This pirate captive trembled violently, and the clattering sound of his teeth could even be heard. He suddenly frenziedly shout out:

’’Please just kill me with one blow!’’

The black guard coldly replied:


At this moment, Sheyan's calf tensed up, exploding out with great power. His body seemed to slightly lean back and all of a sudden exploded forth with unbelievable speed. He extended out his limbs parallel to the ground, booming forward to the nearest black guard with his fist. Because his fist carried such speed, it created a faint but audible sound inside this enclosed cell.

The black guard's reacted swiftly. After hearing movement, he immediately tilted his body and pressed his right hand against his waist, conveniently using the scabbard to block Sheyan's fist. This movement could be said to carry both defensive and attacking nature. Once he blocked Sheyan's fist with the scabbard, he would instantly draw out his blade and swing at Sheyan's head.

Instead, Sheyan lips curled into a cold grin. At the instance where his fist connected with the scabbard, a terrifying metallic brilliance glowed on his left arm! Following that, the malevolent looking cobalt steel exoskeleton emerged, covering his fist, forming into a metal fist. It wildly smashed onto the scabbard, causing a gloomy distorting sound on it, and was instantly blown away. This one fist carried the full force that Sheyan was slowly building up, an unstoppable force pounded against the waist of the black guard.

Even though this blackguard was equipped with superior chain armour, this sort of defence was only great against slashing, stabbing or any form of sharp weapon. It provided very little defence against attacks like punches, banging or any pressuring blunt weapon. Receiving such a blow directly from Sheyan, it obviously dealt tremendous damage! The formidable might of the 'intoxicated man' title was demonstrated evidently through a horrifying depression at the guard's waist. Naturally, the skeletal joints had also been shattered. A mix of blood and bits of organs shot out from his mouth, forcing down a gurgling sounds. The spurting blood dyed everything nearby, red!

Such a well-built, clad in excellent black chain armour, guard was actually blown away by Sheyan's punch. Flying in midair as he crashed against the person beside him, knocking him down. The chain armour scraped against the ground, producing a scratching sound, carving up a bitter mutilated scar against the limestone floor. What was weird and appalling was that he did not produce not even a slight groan, as though that awful strike was directed at someone else.

At this moment, the rightmost black guard darted forward in a flash. Using both hands to push off from the table in front, he somersaulted gracefully in midair, towering over and flying towards Sheyan in an awe-inspiring move. Within the dusty saturated air, there was a flash of cold radiance,same as the glowing white fangs of a ruthless wild beast! This guard was using a sword similar to Ammand's;it was nimble, swift and ruthless.

Currently, Sheyan had already exhausted his old force, and had not yet generated any new force. His eyes blazing with a fiery glow as he could only twist his hand around and pinch the incoming blade!

The sharp blade swiftly slashed against his palm, yet, the driving force did not lessen as the ferocious thrust produced a grinding finger bone sound. Still, it forcefully pushed through and stabbed into his lower rib!

’’You received an enemy's stab! Damage of 86 points. After activation of innate ability, total HP reduced by only 43 points!’’

Concurrently, Sheyan bent his knee, furiously smashing it against the crotch of the black guard who presented himself in front of him. His knee carried such force that even his pain from his own injury was fully unleashed in this one strike. Bypassing the cloth of his pants, Sheyan could feel two oval shaped ball like object splitting open with a loud ’’thump!’’ These mysterious black guards were also human, they should similarly feel pain, or panic and confusion (although lessened). Upon seeing this close proximity guard's expression twitching, a thread of elation swept through his heart. Suddenly, inhaling and exerting force, he raised his left fist, as the cobalt steel exoskeleton materialized into two steel fingers. Drenched in warm blood, he pierced deeply into his opponent's throat, hooking then pulling.

Fresh blood outrageously spurted out. This black guard's reddish throat was ripped out crazily! His eyes stuck out with rage, clutching onto his throat as he forced out a ’’Ke Ke’’ sound. Blood gushed out from the finger sized rift, his entire body stumbling backwards as he leaned against the wall and convulsed. Eventually, he unwillingly collapsed and rolled onto the floor in spasm.

At this point, the formerly knocked down blackguard finally steadied himself up from the ground. He slowly brandished the blade on his waist. Furthermore, the heavily injured by Sheyan's fist black guard also struggled to get up, standing side by side with his comrade. The both of them understood that their opponent was not so simple. Sheyan's hand injury looked relatively garish, and the wound beneath his rib was whirling mess of scarlet flesh. It was like a tiny mouth spilling out blood, soaking his clothes thoroughly.

Faced with a 1 vs 2 situation, Sheyan slightly tilted his body with both arms extending out. Although his broken bone could be seen vaguely from his rib injury, his threatening eyes were relentless. It gave an impression of a strangely reserved leopard, dangerously stationary as it gave one a feeling of palpitation and ruthlessness.

This brief visual confrontation lasted only for a few seconds. Suddenly, Sheyan pulled back his right leg, and releasing it on the ground like a relentless thunderbolt. He kicked the heavily wounded and unconscious black guard into the air, as the blood sprayed across the other side. The two black guards were already prepared as they retreated a step back, wary of a sudden attack by Sheyan from this distraction. Instead, Sheyan only gave out a haughty laugh, as he darted to his right. Raising his equipped with the exoskeleton left hand, he smashed down on a nearby iron chain.

Obviously, the iron chain of this era could not compare with the tough and durable ones in the future. Sparks flew as a sharp and clear ring sounded from the chain, it then broke into two. The chains dropped to the floor like two dead snakes. The pirate in captive immediately frantically struggled. Initially being gripped by fear and terror, he suddenly saw a ray of hope. This came in the form of broken iron chain, this was such a pleasant turn of events.

As he struggled without thinking of the consequences, he quickly regained his freedom. Picking up the blade, he cried out in agony as he charged towards the heavily injured black guard. Also, Sheyan aptly kept up with the pace, confronting the other black guard. Most of his attributes held overwhelming pressure over this injured black guard, in a duel he could handle it skillfully with relative ease. However, this blackguard looked extremely serene in the face of such attacks, it was like he completely abandoned his brain mechanisms of fear, depression and frustrations. He seemed to have an aura of never committing mistakes, which caused others to be like a mouse trying to pull a turtle but had nowhere to get a hand grip (Chinese idiom - no clue where to start).

Sheyan still harbored great ambitions, how could he be content to drag time over here? He ferociously swung his body round using his right shoulder to received the enemy's blade, as his blood gushed out causing him to lose 50 HP. Yet, Sheyan seized the opportunity when the black guard swung to raise his left fist, and ruthlessly smashed down! The black guard's pupils contracted, he could only toss away the blade in his hand as he used both hands to block his face in resistance. However, his inferiority in strength attribute cost him dearly. As Sheyan's hand pounded down, the black guard groaned as he staggered backwards with blood leaking at the side of his mouth.

Seizing this chance, Sheyan defiantly stepped forward, once again pounding with his fists. That cobalt steel exoskeleton glistened with bits of glow, as blood on it drizzled around like rain. This black guard could not retreat in time, he could only use his elbow in an attempt to resist.

This time the blackguard's hurried resistance surmounted to nothing as his elbowed was easily brushed away. ’’Thump!’’ This murderous cobalt steel weapon once again struck his throat, causing him to be blown into the air with both legs off the ground. He fell to his death, rolling a few times on the ground, eyeballs and tongue sticking out and a trickle of filthy blood down his lips.

In another short 10 seconds, the remaining heavily injured black guard was easily slayed by Sheyan and the freed pirate. After the battle ended, that pirate bend over at the bloodied stone platform as he weeped with grief.

’’Steven! I've avenged you, please rest in peace!

At this time, Sheyan was finally able to see clearly the punishment executed by the 3 black guards. Although his mentality was tough, in this moment he still felt nauseous.

That dead pirate, Steven, had all 4 limbs binded to the stone platform. His abdomen clothes had been ripped apart, his belly button was carved apart by something sharp. Following that, his connecting blood sausage like intestines were ripped out and tied to a spinning wheel torture equipment above the stone platform. Once the wheel was spun, the victim's intestines would be forcefully uncoiled and dragged out, the pain was simply unimaginable!


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