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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 44


Chapter 44:Good Brother

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Tortuga port was buzzing with violence, there was still a concern for the small force that was dispatched out, sending out any reinforcement team would be Ammand's only reassuring choice. However, this ship still had an X factor, Sheyan! This was the greatest reason for Ammand's hesitation! To Ammand, Sheyan is extremely talented but someone that had not completely won over his trust. Unsure why, Ammand always had a queer feeling in his heart. Sheyan was like a double-edge sword, using it well would bring great destruction to his opponents, but if he managed it wrongly, then it would turn around and stab him!

The question posed to Ammand now was: Personally, he needed to stay on the Bell and Mug to maintain command of the ship, a ship without a captain is like a coat without its fur. If something crops up on the ship, it was like placing his own fate into someone else's hands. Currently his chief officer Harry was still injured, the only capable underling he had was Sheyan. However if he used Sheyan, and Sheyan turned disloyal at the sight of riches..... Blind Matt's prestige is lower than his, and Xiaer's combative ability is not stronger, this will land him in an extreme situation of dead loss, like a chicken flying into its coop only to find its eggs broken!

’’Let me go! Captain, let me bring others to assist our brothers!’’

Sheyan resolutely and decisively pleaded.

Seeing Ammand's emotionless expression, he continued sincerely pleading.

’’Please believe in me, even if I lose this life, I will definitely bring my brothers back safely! But if..... If any mishaps were to happen, please take good care of my cousin!’’

Sheyan's reasoning was obvious: Ammand still had a 'hostage' aboard! Even if he didn't trust Sheyan, there was still his cousin to factor in. But even after that he still rejected, then he would seem extremely obnoxious to the others for having such unreasonable suspicions.

If Chris was still here, he would have frantically run up and cried out to Ammand. Holding onto Ammand's leg to beg him to do a DNA test, and persistently reject any form of relationship with Sheyan.

At the front of the Bell and Mug was like a relatively classified authorities meeting, don't talk about participating, Chris would be immediately stopped by the cold blades of the pirates if he even went near!

After Sheyan finished speaking, the veins on Ammand's forehead were pulsing like dragons. This 'cousin' of Sheyan was extremely renowned, his close relationship with Sheyan had been widely publicized by that big mouth of his. Even the rats and cockroaches on board could recite their entire relationship.

However, to this willy old fox Ammand, even though this news was widely publicized personally, he held a degree of disbelief. This was until someone reported that Chris used Sheyan's name to borrow a lump of money, while Sheyan did not make a big fuss but was willing to lose a family fortune's worth to be his guarantor. Only then did Ammand believed that there was something special about their relationship, something important that could easily prevail within the human heart. Loyalty was definitely placed ahead of money!

Several people who normally brag about righteousness and helping the needy for justice, but they would turn timid in the face of death. They were willing to share the riches but not willing to go through thick and thin with you. Some people were willing to risk their lives for you at a critical time, but still be unable to resist the temptation of money. They loved money more than their lives. Ammand had seen far too many people turned shameless when stuck between the choice of loyalty or money. Therefore, he secretly believed in the brotherhood between Sheyan and Chris who had gone through the test of money.

Yet believing was one thing, and trusting was another. Ammand placed arms behind his back as he paced back and forth, his eyes radiating with glow of a risky gambler. His body was enveloped in a shade.

The truth was, ever since the uprising within the port started, Ammand's heart harboured a grave premonition of a critical crisis. Therefore, being forced to a point where he had no choice but to dispatch Sheyan, Ammand's expression was heavy and persisted in his silence.

At this moment, a creaking sound travelled from the hold of the ship. A huge and sturdy figure appeared, his shiny head was wrapped with a white bandage, it was Ammand's most trusted chief officer, Scarface Harry. Even though his expression looked quite dispirited, an overbearing aura of vitality could be felt from his body.

’’I'll go with Seaman Yan! We can look after each other.’’

If Ammand's most trusted confidante, Scarface Harry, was willing to accompany Sheyan, then he would naturally be free of worries and hesitate no longer. But Ammand looked at the white bandage wrapped on Harry's head, the veins in his eyes intensified densely, he could not help hesitating as he said:

’’But your wound......’’

Scarface Harry seemed to look fine in front of any onlooker, but the fact was something that only he and Ammand knew. Actually, his wound hadn't recovered one bit. After receiving the damage to his head, his state was like a roller coaster, but inclined to a worsening trend. Away from the sight of others, Harry would frequently vomit and his headaches felt like someone was using a knife and scraping the innards of his brain. Comparing to the modern time diagnosis methods, it should be the severe cerebral concussions resulting in terrible repercussions.

Scarface Harry could see through Ammand's dilemma. The silver glow flickered on his body, trying very hard to concentrate as he offered a smile saying.

’’This time's operation was obviously led by our crew head, I only impulsively spoke out due to my plentiful years of survival instincts.’’

Scarface Harry's words were extremely humble, but actually it was giving Ammand a reason to send him.

’’Don't worry, I'm only there to observe the boy. He will be the one at work. If there is any suspicious movement, I can easily command others to eliminate him.’’

Ammand turned around to look at the rummaging flames within Tortuga port. He could more or less confirm that Xiaer had met with trouble, or else Blind Matt would have already sent someone back to report. He glanced at Scarface Harry, nodding as he made his decision.

’’Alright! With you two working together, I need not worry.’’

After speaking, Ammand drew out that glowing silver sword of his, tossing over the sword accurately towards Scarface Harry.

’’Catch! I am absolutely safe aboard, I have no need for it. But it will be a huge aid in a critical time.’’

Harry caught it single handedly as he bowed his head. The reason why Ammand transferred his sword was not to guard against Sheyan, but he was scared that Xiaer who was competing against Harry for prestige would make any moves on him. As a pirate captain of extremely high prestige, his personal sword would be extremely useful in a critical time. Especially in an extreme case to pressure into submission any pirates who had conspired and staged a mutiny. This may seem excessive to say, but it was akin to a nameless foot soldier being able to enter any area in the military camp, and even proclaim death to a high authority figures with an imperial edict.

Sheyan was spectating such a well crafted emotional performance by the side, his expression became a little grim unknowingly. Scarface Harry following him was obviously outside of his calculation. Speaking truthfully, this guy's outstanding 30 points in physique undoubtedly caused Sheyan to be fearful. Because 30 points in physique did not merely mean a vast life points, it also translated to an impregnable defence!

Besides, Scarface Harry had a known ability called big heart, which would award him an additional 1000 HP. In addition, the faint silverish light on his body was clear, seeming to result from strong equipment. Even worse, if Scarface had other unknown titles to his name, he would definitely raise in strength. If Sheyan wanted to take advantage of this crisis in this battle, he needed to have a blitzkrieg strategy (One that would bring about a swift victory). But after adding this new variable, his plans had became more complicated.

His only consolation was that Scarface Harry's head was injured, and this injury did not look light.

The rescuing pirates were swiftly selected and dispatched. Based on the previous lesson, Ammand already held great confidence in Sheyan's managing and rallying capabilities. With this the entire Bell and Mug was united as a whole force. Only 20 men stayed with Ammand, these guys were mostly the sick and aged. Their only reason for staying was in order to quickly sail the Bell and Mug out in case.

Looking at the pirate group disembarking in a single file, with Scarface Harry and Sheyan leading the pack, Ammand's eyes flickered with chill. He gestured to the remaining vice officer Robben, whispering.

’’Choose 4 men to watch over Chris. Once that bastard makes any suspicious move, immediately capture him and report to me. I want him alive, if he manages to escape, then you guys can forget about living.’’

Robben nodded his head repeatedly in fear and trepidation under Ammand's glare. Ammand continued.

’’Remember, you are the vice officer of the Bell and Mug. Never forget your position.’’

Upon hearing that, Robben lowered himself even more, eventually kneeling to represent his loyalty. Ammand was obviously satisfied with the effects of his words, waving his hands at him to leave. Presently even though the manpower was inadequate on board, these few were Ammand's old goats, there was no cause for doubts towards their devotion. After Xiaer and company came on board, Ammand's control of the entire ship was roughly 70%, but currently it could be said to be 100%! Under such circumstances, Ammand personally believed that even if Sheyan stayed he could not stir up a ruckus, what more that weakling Chris?


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