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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 42


Chapter 42:Confusion

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I

Evidently, as long as Catika and Jack Sparrow lived for another day, then the green hat on Little Lord Fokke would never fade away. To him, his prior deep emotions were like a huge laughing stock, such an insult could only be cleanse with the blood of his enemies!

Of course, to Sheyan this doesn't mean that Little Lord Fokke would spare him or even be treated with this notion of ’’Brother, thanks for getting rid of the slut for me.’’ He was similarly included into the blacklist of Little Lord Fokke. As the proverb goes, Revenge against my father's killer, hatred for stealing my wife. Sheyan had gloriously occupied one of the two greatest hatreds. Except from a hatred perspective, these two handsome and cunning: guard Catika, and the graceful Jack Sparrow occupied the the top spot. Before finishing those two, if Sheyan did not offer himself foolishly to Lord Fokke, then this green hat mister would not take initiative to find trouble for him.

Peigan had also witnessed and understood the memories of Madam Fokke, therefore, he could comprehend what the noble Lord Fokke was feeling. Although he had not obtained that coveted 'endless gold pouch', he remained silently beside him. Instead, Little Lord Fokke turned his head over, staring at him with an emotionless pair of eyes, softly saying.

’’Take it, this is your reward.’’

After saying he tossed the 'endless gold pouch' over. Peigan elatedly reached out his hand to receive it. Who knew that at the moment when he was about to receive the pouch, Little Lord Fokke suddenly drew out his mythical icy blue sword across his waist, stabbing in with a deadly viciousness! This old man Peigan's pupils contracted, a clump black glow appeared in his left hand. ’’Pom!’’ It flew towards the opposite little Fokke.

Little Lord Fokke did not dodge or run, allowing that frightening corrosive ball of magic to strike his right chest. His flesh and clothes immediately crackled out with light yellow fumes, yet his sword had already emotionless penetrated that precious 'endless gold pouch', and pierced into the right hand of the old man Peigan. A layer of frosty ice formed instantly on his right hand and rapidly fissured!

Old man Peigan cried out in agony, not sure if his pain was because his right arm had been crippled or because the 'endless gold pouch' was ruined. At this moment, an owl-like shrill sounded out from Peigan's case, it suddenly turned red and hot, followed by an explosion releasing a dense smoke. Old Peigan seized the opportunity and used his remaining left hand to cover his mouth and nose and flee. Just when he reached the entrance of the prison, he felt a slight shudder on the ground. Following that blue smoke spiralled up into the air, a huge horse raised its hoof and charged forward, driving its head heavily onto old Peigan. It was the huge demonic horse Momore!

Upon impact, old Peigan was knocked back by 5-6 metres! He landed on a solid flight of stairs, rolling onto hardly on the protruding concrete, looking like he broke at least 7-8 of his bones. His frozen right arm had already been shattered into oblivion like ice to his shoulders, leaving a wound at the end which had a distorted purplish colour as though his bones, flesh and blood vessels coagulated together. Blood leaking from his mouth had already dyed his chest red.

He only held concurrent post as an alchemist and black magician, his physique was far from a warrior's composition.

At this point, Little Lord Fokke's figure emerged from within the floating dust, his hair had already turned white. Glancing at the huge corroded injury atop his chest, old Peigan's dying expression flashed with sudden realization.

’’Ke, ke, ke ke (coughing), you actually gave it up.....’’

Little Lord Fokke's eyes were icy cold, he was completely devoid of emotions.

’’Regrettably I have to end your life here, but the Fokke Family has always been

True to their words, the 'endless gold pouch' will be buried together with you.’’

After listening to his, old Peigan's eyes flashed with a comforting light, and it swiftly faded out, dead. Little lord Fokke mounted his demon horse, Momore. His white long hair swayed against the wind, depositing mottled hoarfrost everywhere. His voice sounded like windless as though his chest had been knocked for a thousand times, covering the entire castle in an unparalleled manner.

’’Catika~~ where are you?’’


Looking at the lazy patrol guards strolling about on the streets, Sheyan felt flabbergasted. Following logic, Lady Lord Fokke's body had already been escorted into the castle for nearly 6 hours, this period of time was enough to bring about an action. Yet, Tortuga castle was as peaceful as any other day, following the reasonable thinking of this world, it should be because they couldn't deduce the culprit. However, after Madam Lord Fokke's death, there should at least be procedures like wearing black armbands or firing the cannon in salute and grief.

’’Unless.....’’ a sudden notion jolted like electricity in his heart. The extended period of silence signified that something frightful was about to break out, this delayed reaction should represent to deductions. One was that the entire Tortuga castle completely treated this event lightly, but the other deduction was that the castle's owner was buried deep in his grief. In addition he was unable to find the culprit and sunk into complete despair. This model of thinking meant that the eventual consequences would be insanity and may even start a wide scale destruction.

If that's the case, Sheyan immediately thought that staying here would not be a wise decision. If things developed exactly like he guessed, then Tortuga castle was now a ticking time bomb! The closer he was, the more he would be affected. If he wanted to completely hide from the storm, then following his initial plan to make haste to the inner district of the island is definitely the best decision. However, this chaotic situation would imply more opportunities to fish in troubled water(chinese idiom to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain)! If Sheyan wanted to fish out great credits in a fire, then immediately returning to the Bell and Mug would be the best choice!

The sky gradually darkened, the bustling Tortuga port became brightly lit as usual, the aroma of rum and roasted meat filled the atmosphere. Sheyan stood at the bow of the Bell and Mug as he gazed into the distance, in his heart was an unclear and perplexed feeling. He could sense an impending massive crisis within this port, but when was this crisis going to happen, he was unable to predict. This sort of waiting suspense was really a torture, besides Sheyan had no choice but to wait, he had to wait!

A line of fire lit up the darkness! It looked like the upwards gush of blood when a person's neck got slashed. Following, the glow of fire spread out like a turbulent announcement, the rate of dispersion was like a flood leaving one speechless. In a flash it engulfed all the houses, it was obvious that the culprit had already made meticulous plans and arrangement.

The blaze charged towards the heaven, producing an oppressive sound from far. It was like the horizon had two gigantic hands, clapping with great force.

There was an unexplainable pressure in the air, rising up slowly like a river tide.

That majestic brilliance looked as though it wanted to swallow up the heavens and the earth!

The raging blaze reflected onto the initially permeated by darkness sails and also against the slender and majestically gorgeous gigantic hull. Above it was a chaotic battle scene.

The battling parties were actually the Tortuga patrol guards and the pirates!

The Black Pearl was under attack!

Sheyan's eyes suddenly blazed up with a fiery passion, he deeply inhaled trying to suppress his billowing emotions. Presently, most of the pirates were aware of this situation, swarming onto the deck like ants, as they frantically pointed towards the distant Black Pearl.

Under the leaping blaze, one could make up that the Black Pearl pirates were resisting with great resilience, but because of this abrupt conflict, their casualties were heavy as they retreated little by little. At this crucial moment, a white haired rider rode in on a huge uncompelling horse, as it gently stepped onto a footboard and ascended the Black Pearl. Looking at his appearance, he seemed to be exuding a rather relaxed aura, as though he was just here to admire the scenery. But unknowingly, upon looking at this figure, everyone's heart beat with a plaintive wail.

An ominous neighing.

’’Where is Jack Sparrow?’’ That white haired rider boomed with a steady tone. His voice carried a thick nasal sound, like his nose was clogged from a flu. Although he was far from the Bell and Mug by close to two kilometres, but for some unknown reason, the people here could also hear his voice! Yet the pirates on the Black Pearl held no joking intent, immediately releasing a glaring signal into the sky from the ship's bow, exploding with a sorrowful glow in the sky.

’’It's the guarding signal flare!’’A veteran old pirate cried out. ’’The Black Pearl requests aid!’’

The guarding signal flare is a contract object by the British for arms and merchant ships. If any party that previously signed a guarding contract, they could use it to request for aid in an emergency. In view that the British Queen at the time had issued lots of license for personal plunder to many merchant ships, many armed merchant ships had pirates moonlighting. At a later period, even though the british ships had internal strifes on sea, once they encounter a dilemma they could request for aid. Therefore, these guarding signal flares were also passed on to navy fleets and pirate ships.


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