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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 41


Chapter 41:Fury

Translated by:Chua

Edited by:I

Although Jack Sparrow was pretty bummed out by failing to recruit Sheyan, he still noticed Sheyan's deep desire through his hesitation. He then laughed as he diverged the discussion to women. This topic was obviously his forte, after Sheyan feigned several lines 'coincidentally' mentioning that he had a secret fetish for sophisticated women and even other people's wife, the future captain Jack's eyes glowed as if he found a kindred spirit. Thus they became more complementing in their chatting.

Through this style of conversation, Sheyan realized that Jack Sparrow was not considered a playboy, saying from a deeper perspective, he should be a emotional and passionately devoted person. If he had to use an example, that would be Duan Yu's dad in the film, Tian Long Ba Bu (Chinese show martial art show). This sort of person loved many women, but their feelings for each individual were real, therefore, they constantly felt harsh emotional pains as much as their tireless enjoyment. Furthermore, Jack Sparrow was not yet an unrestrained and frivolous man, from his speech one was able to vaguely pick up the great ambition of being a pirate lord.

Just when their conversation was in full swing, the short and honest Mr Joshamee trotted up the stairs. He flashed a glance at Sheyan and proceeded to speak a few words into Jack's ears. Presently, Jack Sparrow was intensely arguing about the most outstanding and mesmerizing female part, where it was the butt or chest. Once he heard Joshamee's words he could only shrug his shoulders, and regrettably sigh.

’’I have to admit Joshamee brought me a bad news. Something cropped up on the Black Pearl, I have to rush back, I'm afraid we have to save this merry conversation for another time.’’

Sheyan smiled and toasted:

’’Accidents always lingers around us, no matter the case it would not be as bad as the time I racked my brains out to hook up with a girl in Malacca while she was on her inconvenient days of the month.’’

Jack Sparrow spaced out a moment, followed by an uncontrolled loud laughter. Raising his pirate hat a little before giving a humble bow, he then left the bar. Such an elegant demeanor even captivated a male like Sheyan, its mesmerizing powers towards women was unimaginable.

Looking at Jack's departing figure, Sheyan could tolerate no longer, once again activating his 'insight' ability. Even though he was already in jeopardy economically wise, faced with this character that can be said to be the number 1 legend in the Caribbean sea, he could not resist this notion. Especially when the opposite party's status had already changed from 'stranger' to 'friendly'. The ability 'insight' should be able to search for deeper information right?

After activating his insight ability, Sheyan waited for quite some time before receiving notifications from the nightmare imprint.

Jack Sparrow

Legendary pirate ship, Black Pearl, Chief Officer

Height ?

Weight ?

Strength ? points

Agility ? points

Physique ? points

Perceptive sensing ? points

Charm 50 points (this value has reached the upper boundary of this world)

Intelligence ? points

Spirit ? points

Basic skill: unknown

Advanced skill: unknown

Combat ability: unknown

Rank 7 special passive ability: Authentic luck.

Summary: unknown

Although this was a long list, in reality there were only two credible points: the first being Jack Sparrow's exceptionally high charm of 50 points. Based on the pointer at the back, his charm may have been capped by the highest limit of the nightmare world, or it could have been higher. The second was that this main lead had a rank 7 special passive ability: Authentic luck!

After digesting this information and rapidly reflecting and analysing it, he finally established certain inference:

A: Under the boundaries of the world, there was a possibility that someone's (Inclusive of storyline characters or contestants) individual attributes could reach a maximum of 50 points. Unable to break through this limitation.

B: To a contestant, breaking through 50 points might be a dividing line.

C: Various abilities of contestants and storyline characters can be categorised into different ranks. Rank 1 should be the lowest, and his personal ability that he had.... Was probably too common, there was no chance of ranking it, or probably there was some other profound principles?

D: As the name implies, 'authentic luck' this ability should be an extremely rare and mighty ability. The main lead was able to constantly turn peril into safety, misfortunes into blessings he spared no delay in relying on it for a comeback in a moment of life or death. This skill had a position of rank 7, therefore one can attempt to estimate that the highest top-notch skill would be tough to exceed 9 ranks.

E: After personally inspecting Jack Sparrow and encountering so many unknown variables, it meant that his powers vastly outweighed his. Believe that if not for Sheyan's prior conversation raising his friendship value, those two attributes would be similarly unknown. Therefore, not within a very very very long period of time, captain Jack Sparrow was definitely not a wise enemy to make.

At this moment the bartender came again and poured a glass of alcohol for Sheyan, thick foamy bubbles rolled within the golden colored alcohol, it looked like a hallucination of a thousand minute boiling world, mesmerizing people. Away from here directly 4km underground, Peigan's crucible liquid finally started boiling.

Looking at the boiling liquid in the crucible, Peigan then retrieved a brown glass bottle from his case. He handled the glass bottle in such a cautious manner for fear of infecting it, following that Peigan sprinkled fine powder into the pot, which caused the liquid to immediately combust, transforming into a violet black flame. In a flash the flames consumed the entire pot, engulfing its surrounding as it formed into a violet black bonfire.

This violet black flames disappeared as fast as it came, even the solid ground surface started to melt, leaving a deep hole half metre deep and 2 metres wide. What was strange was that from the center of the hole a chilling to the bone air shot out, surrounding the nearby atmosphere forming a round indistinct white mist! This could not be felt on the skin, but the chill leaked into the bone marrow, it was an extremely strange and mysterious abnormality.

Peigan exerted strength attempting to lift the female corpse on the ice bed into the hole, but he was harshly pushed aside by Little Lord Fokke. He personally carried his precious wife's corpse, and placed it steadily into the hole. Peigan fished out a dark green bottle, very carefully sprinkling a little onto the body, at the same time he chanted several profound words. Consecutively, the surface of the body started to emit a faint glow.

Looking at the intensity of the glow, Peigan raised his brows as he gritted his teeth and sprinkled more powder. However, the glow remained the same. This powder was purchased using a high price, it was the dried blood of a nine-headed beast, one small bottle was worth half of his fortune! Therefore, he felt heartache, furthermore what Peigan was doing currently was not fully alchemy, it was the spirit black magic that he had grasped, regrettably it looked to have little effects.

Peigan glanced at the endless gold pouch that Little Lord Fokke was holding, he painfully bit his lips, pouring the entire bottle of powder out. Concurrently, the glow flourished, as a faint vapour float up from the female corpse, gathering in mid air and not dissipating, metamorphosing into an apparition like existence. This spirit looked exhausted, the glow on her body was stable as though it could be blown and scattered at any time.

’’Sally! Beloved Sally!!’’ Little Lord Fokke charged to the front of the spirit and knelt, frenziedly calling out like an injured beast. Instead Peigan immediately obstructed his barbaric behaviour, furiously scolding out.

’’Respected Lord sir! I have not attain control of spirit, this is only a fraction of her memory before she died. Because the decomposed rate of the body was already advanced, this fragments of memories are pretty disorganized and scattered. If you continue being rash, then all my efforts would have been for nothing!’’

Little Lord Fokke dejectedly shifted to the side, while Peigan retrieved a wooden basin filled with fresh water. He then started chanting a spell along with a set of complicated hand gestures, the white vapour in the air gradually floated towards the wooden basin. Also, the water inside started to form several disorderly and messy images, it was the memories of the dead Madam Lord Fokke. In order to exact revenge, Little Lord Fokke absorbed himself into the images, he was determined not to miss out on any detail.

Very quickly, Little Lord Fokke's expression changed from a pale white to a reddish fury and finally into ashen! It must be acknowledged that Peigan's black magic was quite proficient, the images formed started to turn supremely clear, as clear as the 1080p resolution of the Pirate of the Caribbean movie in theatres.

’’Catika! Jovan! Jack Sparrow!’’

After viewing the entire memory log, Little Lord Fokke stood up as he seemed to be at a loss, waves of cold air was blowing out from his body. The feeling it gave to others could only be described as:


His voice was struggling to break forth within his empty chest, giving one a feeling that the entire world has turned grey. In his heart, two targets were added onto his slaughter list, that was the living Catika and Jack Sparrow!


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