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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 38


Chapter 38:Bait and Fishermen

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

’’Welcome to the laboratory of the grand alchemist Mr Peigan, every equipment enhancement effect can only exist on one item, incapable of coexisting with other alchemy effect of additional enchantment(Magic) effect. You have the privilege to obtain the following alchemist services:

’’Enhancing 11 equipment damage. Payment of 100 pound sterlings or 1000 utility points’’

’’Defense enhancement of absorbing additional 1 damage ability. (Payment of 100 pound sterlings or 1000 utility points.’’

’’Enhancing 20 points of movement speed for your footwear. Payment of 500 pound sterlings or 5000 utility points’’ (This services is not applicable, because you do not have any foot equipment) (further explanations: Sheyan's current highest movement speed based on his agility is roughly 220 points)

’’Enhance firearm class equipments an additional round chamber. Payment of 1000 pound sterlings or 10000 utility points) (This service is not applicable because you are not wielding any firearms class equipment) (This enhancement nature to submachine gun class firearms is worthless, however in this world of manual muskets, it is definitely an essential upgrade)

’’Presently you can only acquire services up to here.’’

Sheyan's jaw dropped in astonishment from looking at the list of notifications, after receiving the loot bonus from captain Ammand, he had a mindset that it was already a huge amount of money. Instead, this pound sterlings that could not be brought out of this world, and could not be used to exchange for utility points, but looks like it other critical uses in certain areas. Sheyan fished out his already starting to shrivel up coin purse, there was still the sound of coins clinking against each other, but Sheyan already started regretting his flamboyant ways when he was loaded.

After paying two hundred pounds, Sheyan enhanced his cobalt steel exoskeleton by 11 damage, that FBI special windbreaker by 1 ability to absorb damage. However he was only left with roughly 2 pound sterlings on hand, returning to the poverty state he had entered with into this world. Alchemist Peigan after receiving payment, his attitude towards Sheyan became more courteous, reluctantly answering Sheyan's inquiries.

’’What? You asked me how to initiate higher level services? Oh, Lord, why did I hear such a stupid question. Kid, alchemy is a very very very wealth consuming divine task. Therefore, high level services would be at the expense of even costlier materials, investing alarming expenditure therefore, requesting for high level services would first require proof of having adequate financial capabilities. Once you attained a degree of reliability through your payments, then you will received my acknowledgement.’’

’’Alright alright.’’ After Sheyan left, his mind was wrecking with thoughts of earning money. However, he reckon the only way to earn cash was to gamble at a bar. Only those pirates were relatively shrewd, even though Sheyan could rely on his high perceptive sensing to win much and lose little, and sneakily devised traps disguised as losses on purpose, but the pirates all carried a personal limitation. That was once they lost 2 - 3 pounds they would stop playing. Hence, after labouring for an entire afternoon, he only earned 10 pounds, this sort of speed was in no way adequate to satisfy the appetite of the greedy Mr Peigan.

During the evening, Sheyan returned to his personal cabin and prepared to rest. He had a training session with Blind Matt early the next morning, if he maintained his optimum status, then he had a better chance of raising a level for his basic footwork skill. However, at this moment Chris drifted into the cabin, seeing his fake smile and clasped hands, Sheyan instinctively held his coin purse tightly and spoke out.

’’What do you want?’’

Sheyan cheerily replied.

’’Heard you receive a huge loot bonus? I'm referring to the pound sterlings of this world.’’

Sheyan softly brushed off.

’’I didn't.’’

Chris was like a chicken whose neck was choked, he suddenly burst out in exasperation.

’’How can that be? Xiaer clearly mentioned that Ammand divided several hundred pounds to you.’’

’’Then that's my problem right?’’ Sheyan replied bluntly.

Chris unfolded his hands, helplessly saying.

’’Oi, don't be like that brother, I won't leech of you. How about i use utility points to buy your pound sterlings? 500 utility points for 500 pounds!’’

If Sheyan had not gone to the alchemist today, he may have really done the deal. However, now that he understood that the valuation from this Chris brat was extremely unreasonable, enduring his anger he replied softly:

’’What do you want so much money for?’’

Chris was obviously well-prepared, saliva splashing around as he spoke:

’’Hey, buddy, I'm currently engage in a mission, this mission requires a huge amount of pound sterlings to satisfy that greedy storyline character, afterwards it will unlock an alchemist's laboratory. We will be able to enhance all sorts of mysterious attributes for our equipments, it is all ours! Don't hesitate, hand over your cash.’’

Sheyan coldly replied:

’’Your so called alchemist is called Peigan right?’’

Chris was stunned for 3 seconds then he exclaimed.

’’Oh shit! How did you know?’’

Sheyan retrieved a heavy coin purse, within it the coins produced a mesmerizing clinking rhythm. Chris's eyes leaked out a blazing hope.

’’Listen, the things I know far outweighs yours. You truthfully tell me what do you want to do with that 500 pound sterlings, then I will hand over this coin purse to you.’’

’’You promise? Do you dare to use the nightmare imprint to initiate a contract?’’

’’No problem.’’

’’Alright, you win. That greedy old crook has reached an astounding degree in being able to squeeze out money, if you are able to pay double the alchemist's price, then you will be able to acquire an alchemy scroll of a certain enhancement service which can be brought out of the nightmare realm! Certain excellent quality, best selling alchemy scroll can even be sold for relatively high profits, give the coin purse to me!’’

Sheyan nodded his head, tossing over the heavy coin purse. He then chased Chris out of the cabin and locked the door, finally he was able to lie on his wooden bed, folding his hands behind his head. Very quickly he heard a mournful cry from the outside, that voice came from Chris. His cry was due to realizing that the jam-packed coin purse was filled with pennies (Britain currency, fraction unit measurement. 1 pound sterling was worth 240 pennies, 1 shilling is worth 12 pennies, 1 pound sterling is worth 20 shillings)

Brimming with anticipation Chris opened up the bursting coin purse, the immense dip in expectations leading to disappointment was unimaginable. That coin purse belonged to a crafty gambler who used it to disguise as a wealthy man, of course he ended up being beaten to a pulp by pirates and thrown out to the streets. His only bit of wealth was collected by Sheyan as a betting compensation. After obtaining this information, Sheyan instantly understood why that damned Old Bill would inflate the value of the cross by so much. The facts were that if someone was able to bring that cross coupled with his adequate charm and money, then he would at least earned 100% of the profits back!

Chris naturally did not have the guts to return and argue with Sheyan. Following logic, during his dealings with Sheyan the way he was cheated was not in any way inferior to what he previously did, Sheyan doing this only regained his dignity slightly. Yet, Sheyan did not shut his eyes to sleep, a piercing smile leaked out from his lips as though he had been waiting for this a long time. Not long later, a short knocking sound transmitted from the outside. Sheyan's eyes flickered as he asked.

’’Who's that?’’

’’It's me, Mr crew head.’’ The person speaking was obviously vice officer Robben.

This man had hurriedly ran here and said.

’’I have no choice but to report to you, your cousin is going around borrowing cash with your name. On one hand he repeatedly announces your close relationship with him, on the other hand, he uses a very high interest way to borrow money. If he does not return the money as well as the interests before the deadline, then i'm afraid he will face a huge problem, and may even implicate you.’’

Obviously, this was the cunning Chris's retaliation. Previously, Sheyan proclaimed their close relationship to fulfill his agreement, therefore, now Chris was publicizing this news, leveraging on Sheyan's reputation to borrow money! After thinking for a moment, Sheyan immediately swung open his cabin door to find Chris. However, he underestimate Chris's contingency planning. Once he stepped out onto the deck, Chris was already on a sampan, reaching the shore in a few metres. In his hands was an extremely overloaded with noisy coin purse, more importantly, its interior consist fully of pound sterlings!

Looking at Shayn standing on deck, Chris laughed out in delight, loudly shouting:

’’Beloved cousin, don't worry, my loan deadline is 7 days later.’’

Very obviously, after 7 days the two contestants would have already returned to the present world. But, who was to say Chris would not return here in the future? Even if he returned it may not be with Sheyan. But from here on, Chris would no longer need to go near the Bell and Mug. As for Sheyan, he would not easily give up the crew head position that required so much effort to obtain! Therefore, this meant that the debt Chris owed would be counted on Sheyan, if Sheyan defaulted on this debt, his reputation would surely plunge frantically. Sheyan naturally realized this point, losing himself he bellowed furiously:

’’F** you don't think of returning to the ship, just wait for the Tortuga patrol guards to capture and kill you!’’

Chris regrettably shrugged his shoulders, giggling as he said:

’’I'll return after settling my affairs, don't be angry my beloved cousin. Mr Xiaer and me get along pretty well, even if you don't allow me up the ship, he would still receive me.’’

Sheyan could only watch helplessly as the sampan blended into the darkness. His expression looked helpless and furious, but only going nearer could one notice a slight cold grin forming on his lips. It was as though he was a hunter watching his prey falling into a pitfall!


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