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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: Witch's howl

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

’’Your strike dealt 32 points of damage to the contract apparition.’’

’’The contract apparition is left with 30 HP.’’

’’The contract apparition gradually crumbled from the pain, releasing a 'Witch's Howl (Fake)', causing 90 points of damage to all surrounding enemies within a 4 meter radius. Additional 5 seconds of intimidation and dizziness effect.’’

’’After reduction from your resistive physique capabilities, your actual damage sustained is (90 - 21 = 69) points

’’You have entered a state of intimidation and dizziness.’’

’’You have recovered from the state of intimidation and dizziness.’’

’’The curse user has separated over a hundred metre from you, your curse from the contract apparition is dispelled.’’

’’It was actually a Witch's Howl?’’ Sheyan was no stranger to this renowned skill, his heart quivered. Looking at things now, only a fake Witch's Howl was able to cause such a fearsome area of effect ability. After experiencing it firsthand, Sheyan discovered, based on logic and comparison to science of the present world, the Witch's Howl momentarily sound explosion should include a range of infrasonic wave attack.

Previously when he was a seaman, Sheyan would often listen to horrifying tales. For example, in 1990 there was a large ship from Panama named 'Marco Polo' which, while enroute from New Zealand to the UK, suddenly lost signal within a storm. Three days later it was discovered that the entire crew was massacred, it was an unfathomable mystery. In 2003, At a cave entrance in Hungary, 3 tourists abruptly collapsed in unison, and stopped breathing....after investigations, the main culprit of these strange happenings was infrasonic waves.

A person's ear can only capture a frequency of 20Hz to 80Hz, anything below 20Hz (Hertz) are called infrasonic waves. Higher than 80Hz are called ultrasonic. The vibration frequency of infrasonic waves is closely similar to the brain rhythm. Easily causing resonance which would intensely provoke the brain, in less severe cases it would only cause fear. For violent, crazy and unstable severe cases, it may cause the victim to suddenly faint or lose bodily control and even lead to death.

Once the infrasonic waves resonates with the rhythm of a person's internal organs, and the person remains in a high frequency infrasonic waves environment, their five viscera and six bowels (Internal organs) would break out in a violent resonance. In an instant, the arteries would rupture causing death. The earlier massacre of the ship was the product of infrasonic waves travelling along the sea level within the storm. Under normal circumstances, a person would hear a whistling sound tearing away his soul, and his internal organs will tremble. Even when a tiger is hunting, its ferocious roar would contain infrasonic waves.

’’Well done, you escaped quickly.’’ Sheyan deeply inhaled, and proceeded to wipe away the blood leaking from his nostrils. He glanced towards the floor, within the shattered glass bottle, there was a roll of mouldy parchment. A string was tied at the middle, it looked like it was made centuries ago. It was covered with a white frost which was probably the reason it could be preserved for so long. That apparition that was sealed inside the bottle should also have been used as a refrigeration tool.

Sheyan picked up the parchment, his lips curling into a smile. So thats the case, the reason that unfortunate brat in Chris's party failed the mission was not because he opened the bottle, but because he did not pass the test from the apparition!

This mission advancement diverted into several pathways, obviously one was to lead a contestant into Tortuga castle. The other path, was what Sheyan chose, that was this mouldy parchment!

The icy cold parchment was rolled open, placing it on the table, a layer of thick frosty stench soared out, causing one to sneeze. The parchment contained a decorative design, obviously the previous owner had a lofty status, it was probably a noble of high status. Locked into Sheyan's eyes were the following words:

’’He humiliated me, hindering me thousands of times, mocking at my loss, jeering at my gains, despising my nationality, obstructing my dealings, ridiculing my friends, assisting my enemies;why? Because I'm a Jew....’’

A huge portion of words in the middle were smudged and unclear, only the last phrase of sentence remained distinct.

’’I swear on my soul and blood, collaborating together from tomorrow, even our offsprings will live in peace for many generations. Anyone violating this would have their blood vessels boil, breathing ceased, their flesh will decay under the scorching sun, and the breath of the earth will shackle their footsteps.’’

Inscription signed off two names: Bernard Fokke &Cooper Jones.’’

Sheyan closely examined the writings on the parchment, in a flash absorbing everything into his brain. Simultaneously, he obtained 500 utility points and 300 pirate reputation points. After several minutes, this parchment paper was like an ice cube placed in the sun, gradually dissolving on the table. After its last trace vanished, this mission concluded. Obviously, upon choosing this pathway, the mission would come to an end. Actually, the most important rewards from this mission was that piece of parchment, more precisely, it was the contents on the parchment!

Sheyan by selecting this mission pathway, it carried a difficulty higher than the option Chris's party chose. Following the logic of high difficulty reaps greater rewards, it meant that the contents of this parchment within the nightmare realm, would surely exceed the 20 pound sterlings, Palesius's friendship, and the probability of other small missions.

Sheyan sat in his room, deep in thoughts. After a while, he then picked up a broom and meticulously swept and disposed of the glass bottle fragments. He then blew out the candle and rested.

The next morning, Sheyan returned to the Bell and Mug, fulfilling his responsibilities as the crew head first before standing at the bow of the ship. He noticed that although the might of the hurricane had halved, but the waves were still as turbulent as before.

According to Sheyan's estimation, the waves soared to about 5 metres high, from afar, it looked like layers of black mountains rushing forward, brimming with unparalleled strength. Under such situations, even a huge ship in the present world would not dare to sail out, what more were the pirate ships of the Caribbean world.

Looking at this, Sheyan confirmed that there would still be 2-3 days before the discovery of Madam Lord Fokke. He leisurely visited Chris, and reminded him that the patrolling had slacken within the port, it was the best opportunity to return to his party. Instead, Chris vehemently refused this suggestion. Sheyan quickly realized, he did not know when this brat colluded with Xiaer, after paying a certain price, he even managed to learn and upgrade his basic abilities through Xiaer.

Under the threatening frame of this crew head, Chris unwillingly leaked out information he obtained. This was linked to his charm, and after paying a certain price, he attempted to learn a basic ability from a storyline character that was stronger than him. Amongst that he also tapped on a hidden nature of 'compatibility'.

This compatibility level could only be viewed by a contestant who had an adequate amount of charm, plainly, it meant if both parties could hit it off. For example, a fiendish and queer tempered person could have a close confidante, and a handsome and capable person would equally make arch rivals.

Contestants with high charm would always prepare enslavery abilities, they would normally receive a skill to observe the complementary level. Those characters/creatures with high compatibility level with themselves, the enslaving would be as natural as flowing water, utilizing half the effort to achieve the maximum results. For characters/creatures with low compatibility, they would rather die than submit against an enslavery skill.

Obviously, Chris and Xiaer had a high hidden compatibility with each other, therefore Xiaer would put in effort to teach him, but Sheyan did not believe that Chris had not been taken advantage of. Looking at this brat's pale expression just like that of a drug addict, he knew that Chris had paid a relatively painful price.

After obtaining this news from Chris, Sheyan attempted to try it out with his affiliated pirates, however, he did not dare to use the pricy 'insight' ability. Calculating till now, he should have roughly owed the nightmare realm a total of 900 utility points, and right now he only had 1340 utility points on hand. Thus, Sheyan could only inquire about the pirates individually, indirectly probing them to see if there was any probability.

Regrettably, Sheyan's charm wasn't high, in addition he was still in an early phase of learning, therefore, the chances of meeting one was small. Someone like Chris whose charm was much greater than Sheyans, he had known of this information for 3 whole worlds already. The amounts of storyline characters he had encountered and interacted exceeded a hundred. Still he only met one Xiaer who had high compatibility, and even had to pay a huge price.Such was the minute probability. If not for Sheyan being fairly infamous amongst the pirates, the pirates would definitely not care much about him, and work half-heartedly.

Fortunately, Sheyan's effort finally paid off in his assistant that Ammand allocated, Blind Matt. This person actually agreed to imparting certain footwork and evading techniques during a battle, but his prerequisites were that Sheyan needed to announce his training in the next morning. His aim was very simple, he wanted to borrow Sheyan's incapabilities to showcase his personal might, raising his prestige and solidifying his position on the ship.


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