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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: Apparition!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

’’So that's the case.’’ Sheyan roughly figured out the tragedy that Chris's party experienced. If not for Sheyan's outstanding perceptive sensing and his quick thinking, he would have been caught up in that vicious cycle of believing that invincible spirit. After waiting for the damned debuff lowering effects to wear off, Sheyan leaked out a cold grin, holding onto the bottleneck of the bottle. He decided to use an efficient and swift approach to open up this conspiracy filled, supernaturally tough bottle.

’’Piank!’’ This durable glass bottle was smashed hard onto the opposite wall. Although the algae and moss that lodged onto the external of the glass provided some sort of cushioning, yet Sheyan utilized his entire bodily strength! Under the high pressure of 12 points of strength, this rum bottle exploded into fragments scattering everywhere. During the moment where it shattered, a strange serene radiance glowed from inside, that radiance swelled up like a mist, rapidly spiralling into the air, it then metamorphosed into a blurry light blue transparent apparition. Its face consisted of high cheekbones, protruding lightbulb like eyes which enhanced its already terrifying appearance. (Its model was akin to the ghost army in the Lord of the Rings)

Sheyan instantly activated his 'insight' ability. Although a red stopping point appeared, due to Sheyan having already used the ability an entire 9 times, and because of his perilous economic situation, he had not paid up and it was no doubt showed him a red deficit letter . This ability had been extremely advantageous for him, even though he was a contestant that had no anticipations/ foresights towards the future storyline, through this ability he was still able to obtain huge reliable amounts of information.

Following the activation of insight, the gentle rays enshrouded onto this apparition, causing it to make a threatening gesture. Sheyan instantaneously obtained first-hand information.

'Contract Apparition' (Loyal servant spirit, only a portion of its protective instincts remained)

Species: Dead spirit category

Life span: 24 hours (Remaining of 23 hours 57 minutes)

Height: 4 inches

Weight: nil

Strength: 8 points

Agility: 7 points

Physique: 5 points

Perceptive sensing: 11 points

Charm: 0 points

Intelligence: ? points

Spirit: ? points

Remaining life points: 50 points

Dead spirit category characteristic: Immune to fear, illness, deformation, pains, bleeding effects.

Dead spirit category characteristic: divine type ability will deal twofolds damage, fire type will deal 1.5 folds damage.

Passive skill: Blur. 50% chance of an enemy's attack rendered ineffective. Suppressed by divine type abilities, unable to prevent damage from any divine type.

Skill: ?

Skill: ?

Sheyan looked at the question marks in this report, he understood that his own intelligence and spirit could not match up greatly. Therefore, certain accurate information was unable to be displayed. Looking at the 'Blur' skill of that apparition, a portion of comprehension grew in his heart, looks like after the minerals mixed in with the wax were released, the highest negative buff that a person inhaling it would be ’’50% chance of rendering attacks ineffective’’. Based on that negative buff, in addition to its 'Blur' skill, it was no wonder that Chris's party could not cause any harm to it.

There was an underlying message, it was either the divine type ability was relatively rare, or it was considered a relatively high level ability. If not, Chris's party would have at least one contestant who could use that skill type category.

Observing this apparition whistling and spiralling in the room, Sheyan pinched with his left hand, that cobalt steel exoskeleton materialised on his arm. Although the apparition seemed pretty terrifying, Sheyan had previously faced off with such a horrifying creature, the decaying undead. That was considered a warm-up and he currently felt no hint of pressure. However, he could imagine that within Chris's party, those that inhaled that mysteriously vile poisonous fog, coupled with them having no preparation/expectation before hand, when encountering such a creature they thought to only exists in rumours, they would definitely have been frightened stiff!

Sheyan had no long range battle capabilities, naturally he arched his body down, aiming towards that apparition and charged at it viciously. Floating in mid air, the apparition suddenly shuddered hazily, it then raised its misty fuzzy arms directly at Sheyan. Simultaneously, a gigantic formless vortex formed at the front of its arm. The vortex was not absorbing air or water, but the surrounding heat! Sheyan couldn't help quivering and shivered violently, he felt a cold chilling part of his heart, concurrently receiving a notification.

’’You have been cursed by the contract apparition.’’

’’You will lose 100 HP within 5 minutes.’’

Everything was similar to what Chris estimated, the only difference was that the unlucky victim had a mere 50 HP at that time, and did not even last for 3 minutes. Instead, Sheyan felt vigorous and lively even after 3 minutes. After releasing its curse, that apparition had consumed quite a bit of energy, and remained floating on its original spot. Sheyan did not show any courtesy as he pounded across with his ferocious fist!

After his fist came into contact with the surface of the apparition, he felt the skin on his left hand suddenly immerse in frost as though he plunged his hand into ice water. A layer of ripple rippled across the surface of the apparition, causing Sheyan's attack to completely be negated as though hitting an empty space.

Passive skill: Blur success!

Yet Sheyan did not anticipate the mysterious skill of this apparition, after his fist failed to contact with anything, his whole body tumbled forward as his fist heavily smashed onto the opposite wall. The tough wooden board cracked under such ferocity, producing crackling sounds as wood pieces and dust puffed out.

The bartender below shouted out in frustration.

’’Oi oi oi! The mister above, I remember you telling me you wanted to rest and not destroy the room. If you are unable to calm yourself, then I will be delighted to clear your head a little. Presently, I have to regrettably have to increase your bill for repair fees.’’

Sheyan answered by tossing a bag of coins down.

He immediately turned around, staring at that apparition in front of him, he once again raised his fist.

The candle flames brightly reflected against the cobalt steel exoskeleton, flashing out a cold glimmer!

That apparition spat out a mouth of white vapor, it rapidly flew towards Sheyan. After it swept past the nearby table, the floating dull mist suddenly lifted up a knife on the table, as it sliced forward like lightning. Sheyan's fist once again failed to connect, because he had no time to react, that knife sliced open a long wound across his face. Blood trickled down the wound like a small red serpent, giving off a miserable look.

Instead, Sheyan, his heart was relaxed as though he just released a heavy load. Because this apparition needed to borrow that weapon to conduct its attack, therefore, it meant that it did not have further stronger killing abilities. Furthermore Sheyan had his innate ability ’’Endurance’’, such injury was nothing to him. Thus, Sheyan's only worry was if this apparition would suddenly release another of its ' curse'! No matter how high his life points were, he would still be unable to withstand another blow.

Sheyan once again bent forward, leaning his centre of gravity forward as he once again charged forward aggressively. In that moment, Sheyan had already braced his entire body, like a long bow that was extended fully. He was extremely clear in his heart, he had consecutively missed two entire strikes! Following the probability of 50%, the chances of a consecutive three strikes to hit was a lowly 80%! Sheyan inhaled deeply, his eyes ignited with a blazing fury!

The pair of eyes were not blazing with hatred, nor anger, from top to bottom it was pure insanity! They were like a devout extreme religious believer, nothing could replace the faith in his heart!

This time, the shimmering white cobalt steel exoskeleton whizzed in mid air, splitting apart the air with its pressing strength as it heavily crashed against the body of the apparition. This time Sheyan felt something different from the previous two rounds, he was completely unable to restrain himself. He felt that his fist had immersed into the interior of an extremely viscous substance, inside was boiling with a dense eeriness! Instead the latent insanity within the fist exploded out like a one-off destructive torrent!

Under the immense agony, this apparition suddenly faced upwards, its mouth extending out issuing out a extremely sorrowful and piercing shrill. It seemed as though something was exploding forth with unparalleled maliciousness within it. This shrill was so abrupt, it was like sound echoed around the entire room before entering the brain and the rest of the body. Such an internal attack caused Sheyan who was bearing the intensity of it to be overwhelmed in dizziness, he was on the verge of collapse. This apparition seized the opportunity to fly out of the door, however as it flew, it left spots of facula from its back, resembling a comet that was gradually dissipating, obviously that strike from Sheyan was not light.

After roughly 3, 4 seconds, Sheyan then regained control of his body. His battle with the apparition had not exceeded a minute, therefore the damage caused by the curse had not even reach 30 points. However, after receiving such an unprecedented sorrowful shrill, his life points dropped by 70 points. He had urgently accessed his battle statistics from the nightmare imprint, in the end he was gravely shocked!


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