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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Soul Equpiment

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

This was a wine cup made of metal. Its surface had already turned mouldy through centuries, it had an engraving of King David from the bible. It was layered with a hairy fur cover, giving it a primitively bleak smell, and a look of simple elegance. Sheyan had seen this sort of wine cup in the present world before, normally it was used by the russians to contain their spirited vodka. They reckoned that in the icy cold weather, beside the satisfying shore, on the balcony beneath the enshrouding twilight of the setting sun, enjoying a cup of refined by age alcohol was a sort of blissfulness. Even though it could be an ordinary kind of alcohol, pouring it into the small wine cup gave it an enhanced and flavourful taste. Maybe, this sort of flavour contained life's boredom, pleasure, refined and warmth factor. It also added a grand feeling of unyielding chill.

’’Oh?’’ After his hand came into contact with this silverish white wine cup, he realized the texture felt like metal but its back was slightly bumpy. Flipping it over to see, he saw a red imprint of the five visible planets*. Above the printing were the words from the 'Soviet Union, Stalingrad victory commemoration phrase'. His heart brimmed with suspicions, this was obviously the Caribbean world, why would there be a World War 2: Battle of Stalingrad engraving? Following that, the nightmare imprint transmitted a series of notifications.

(*Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn)

’’You are currently examining a soul equipment: Endless Vodka.’’

’’When a contestant dies in the nightmare world, there is a probability (roughly 10%) that the equipment/ items would be obtained by the characters in that world. These equipments/items that the storyline characters obtained would retain the thoughts of the dead contestant before their death. After a period of time, it will transform into soul equipment.’’

’’Special points of a soul equipment: Under normal circumstances, it will still be unable to function after obtaining the soul equipment. The user will receive a mission, that mission can normally be completed in the present world. It is the dying wish of the item's owner.’’

’’Soul equipments can be brought out of the nightmare realm, and be used in the present world.’’

’’Since a soul equipment has became a vessel of memory, its form will remain constant and will not be transformed by any external factors.’’

After viewing this description, his heart had been considerably stirred emotionally, blankly staring into space. Because this soul equipment had the same meaning as his name, bearing the weight of the dying wish of a deceased. At this moment, the strong willed Sheyan, faced with such an object felt a faint feeling of melancholy. A mournful notion unknowingly sprung into his mind:

That was, ’’When I die, which equipment would I leave behind?’’

Sheyan's momentarily despondent self was caught by Old Bill, this guy felt a surge of delight, but remained silent. The longer Sheyan observed, the more the importance of this object. This meant that Old Bill would easily seek for the largest profits. Scanning further with the nightmare imprint, the attributes of this soul equipment surfaced.

Endless Vodka (not activated)

Origin: Soviet Union, Stalingrad second hardware manufacturing factory

Equipment rarity: Deep blue

Equipment effects: Excite (active), upon activation it will increase your individual running/walking speed by 25%, duration lasts for 24 hours.

Pointer: Once you suffer any damage, the effect will cease. 5 minutes cool down duration.

Pointer: Effects will not overlap with other additional movement speed effects. (Excluding the movement speed effects from basic footwork)

Equipment requirement: Nil

Equipment position: Bag (carrying it will allow its activation)

Material: Stainless steel and silver mix

Weight: 34 g

Item category additional effects: After drinking a mouthful of vodka from it, one can regain 20 HP instantly. HP regeneration speed will temporarily increase by 20%.

Pointer: Individually drinking less than 100 ml of vodka will not cause the bonus effects to happen.

Pointer: Drinking the vodka would consume 3 seconds of time. Once being attacked in that time, the endless vodka would combust and cause the regeneration effects to cease and deduct an additional 40 HP of the user.

Item category additional effects: At intervals of 24 hours, the vodka will automatically replenish itself fully.

Description: Don't view this object as small, the vodka can allow you to drink 3 mouthfuls.

Equipment battle score:15

Upon using this soul equipment, you will receive a mission. You must accomplish this mission before obtaining the benefits of this equipment.

Sheyan had to admit, this piece of soul equipment was the strongest object he has witnessed up till now. No doubt, it complimented his personal title 'Intoxicated man' greatly, it was also the first ever equipment that an ability that could instantly replenish his HP. Sheyan further noticed that this soul equipment could be brought back to the present world. Besides, in the present world, there was a high chance that Sheyan had to face the evil and vicious underlings of Huashan Fei. Therefore, without questions, this object carried tremendous implications to him.

Sheyan tossed the 'endless vodka' in his hand a few times, then he glanced at Old Bill. Somewhat astonished he spoke.

’’What else?’’

Old Bill was like a rabbit that got shot, raising his voice saying.

’’What what else?’’

Sheyan looked shock and replied:

’’You couldn't have possibly had the childish thought that this broken wine cup could be exchanged for the heart of the decaying undead?’’

Old Bill's facial muscles twitched, he clenched his fist, throwing a frightening glare and replied:

’’Don't go overboard.’’

Sheyan replied:

’’Maybe I should listen to Blackbeard's offer.’’

Old Bill snorted and said:

’’Alright , alright, alright, then go! I'll wait right here for your sorry ass to be thrown overboard!’’

Sheyan refused to speak further, tossing back the 'endless vodka' back to him as he marched towards the Queen Anne's Revenge. However, his heart felt somewhat nervous, because the way he lost himself when looked at the soul equipment was observed clearly by Old Bill. If he did not bring down his threatening demeanor, then he may very well be taken for a run. Hence, Sheyan's actions was like gambling with Old Bill's patience, it was obvious in such a scenario, the first person that speaks will place the other in the driver's seat.

One step, two step, 10 steps, 20 steps! Sheyan's wrinkles surfaced, in his heart he feared that he had misjudged the worth of that heart to Old Bill. Was he unable to force out this guy's trump card? At the moment where he could not bear and wanted to turn around, Old Bill suddenly chased up. Panting he said:

’’Alright, you win.’’

Saying he pulled Sheyan to a corner, apart from the 'endless vodka', he fished out a mini cross. This cross looked plain and simple, it's musty feel was like it had been used for years. Sheyan was secretly feeling happy, yet he acted impatient as he furrowed his eyebrows.

’’What is this?’’

Old Bill looked with a solemn expression.

’’Within Tortuga port, there is an alchemist master who lives in seclusion. He can enhance your weapons to be sharper, your armour to be harder. From what I know, your captain Ammand's silver sword was refined by him. However, it is extremely hard to obtain the services of this alchemist master, only a person whom he invites can enter into his residence.’’

’’Woah.’’ Sheyan exclaimed as he continued.

’’Is this cross his proof of invitation?’’

Old Bill nodded and replied.

’’That's right.’’

Sheyan pondered for a moment, suddenly saying:

’’Bringing this object would gain his reception? Isn't this a chance to remold it? Going by another way, I still need to pay up to remold this right?’’

Old Bill was temporarily speechless, but he remained forceful.

’’Do you know how hard it was to obtain this opportunity? To obtain this I paid a huge price. It can be said to be born from huge risks and dangers of life and death!’’

Sheyan became angry saying:

’’Hold on, Hold on, your words seem quite believable. Fine, hand over the wine cup and the cross, adding on another 100 pound sterling, then this precious decaying undead's heart will be yours.’’

’’Scum! Your entire worth is not even 100 pound sterlings!’’

’’Aiya aiya, an old man can turn nasty very quickly... no it's getting a stroke. Since that's the case, then add on 99 pound sterling then.’’

’’This damned swindler you are the worst in the entire Caribbean sea! Do you believe that I would foolishly accede to such an unreasonable deal? I tell you, the value of that cross is not what you think it is, if you do not add on others, I will definitely not exchange these two objects with you.’’

Sheyan looked at the raging Old Bill, his face was filled with redness as though even his acne was about to explode. He knew that he had forced him overboard.

After a war of words, Sheyan finally produced his 'exquisite 7.62mm bullet', the 'still beating heart', the 'yet to be evaluated, cursed brass ring' and one 'ancient gold pound' as his price. In exchange for that soul equipment 'endless vodka' and that cross which was an invitation item. Because Sheyan had tugged at Old Bill's boundaries, the impression Old Bill had of him dipped immeasurably. Walking away once they completed the deal, not even willing to offer a single word.

After receiving this soul equipment 'endless vodka', Sheyan tried to activate its mission. However he was informed that he could only activate it when he returned to the present world. Sheyan sighed, looks like the owner's dying wish should be fairly simple, most of the time it should be to take care of his relatives in the present world. His greatest worry was that this person had died by the hands of Blackbeard or Davy Jones, these main leads, and his final wish was that someone help to exert revenge....oh my god. Sheyan was a person that understood his personal strengths, he would then abandon this mission without hesitation and immediately sell it off in the nightmare realm.


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