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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 31


Chapter 31: Old Beast Versus Cheapskate

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Sheyan nodded slightly, slicing off a huge chunk of roast meat from the stick, sprinkling spices on it and started chewing. After eating, he dusted off his hands and joined the tipsy pirates beside him in merry-making. Interlocking hands as they danced about and sung wantonly explicit songs. He looked as if he did not bother about what he heard before. After waiting for a long time, that pirate seized the opportunity when Sheyan sat down to rest as he couldn't help saying:

’’Although this may seem pretty presumptuous, but Mr Yan, aren't there two major characters waiting for you?’’

Sheyan turned his head, laughing out as he said:

’’What is your name?’’


’’Mr Saloon, if they were really sincere in wishing to talk to me, then they would take the initiative to find me, and not leisurely ordering me around like a servant. The only person who has the authority to do that in the entire Caribbean sea is the stingy yet great captain Ammand! When I swore loyalty to him, I already gave this privilege to him.’’

Sheyan sincerely spoke without hesitation. That pirate had no rebuttal, as he stared on Sheyan's back in a daze. Suddenly a deep yet stable voice emitted.

’’Crew head, next time when you discuss about me in front of others, remember to discard the word stingy in front of great in the future.’’

This was Ammands'! Sheyan did not expected to encounter him here, stunned, he turned around. Ammand and even Scarface Harry were actually standing there, throwing a heavy object over. Sheyan caught it with one hand, instantly realizing that it was money pouch that wasn't light at all. ’’Shing...shing..’’ it rattled with a shake. Opening it up, golden rays shone forth, it contained flawlessly pure pound sterlings, at least a hundred coins. Regrettably, these coins were marked out as only usable as currency in this world. If not, trading it in the nightmare realm could reap at least thousands of utility points.

’’Enjoy a little more.’’ Ammand looked to be pleased with Sheyan's former answer. His spine was as straight as before, as he strolled towards the Bell and Mug. Sheyan felt a tightness in his heart, very obviously the pirate's stolen goods had already been disposed off. Also, they had probably settled their internal distribution, if not why would Ammand casually toss out so many gold coins at random? This undoubtedly meant that the merchants from Tortuga port were preparing to return after purchasing these stolen goods, foreshadowing the eventual discovery of the gorgeously se*y Madam Lord Fokke's disappearance.

He was confident that he carried out this matter with such carefulness that not one drop of water can leak out. Furthermore, there wasn't any form of forensics or later technological investigation methods. Still he felt a vague apprehension. Truthfully speaking, if the worst possible outcome happened, and there was some sort of mythical method in Tortuga port to uncover the truth. Then the news of him murdering Madam Lord Fokke would cause a huge uproar. However, the secret affair of Jack Sparrow and her would also be exposed!

Who knew which person would Lord Fokke placed his hatred on. Sheyan knew how people would be thinking. He reckoned that the repulsive adulterer was more abominable than killing his wife in hatred. But both were outcomes of life and death, mistakes were not allowed! Yet Sheyan could not turn back now, if one did not take risks in this realm, how would one receive generous reapings?

While Sheyan was pondering nervously in his mind, there was a sudden movement beside him. A tall and sturdy figure towered over him and then sat down. Sheyan turned to look and saw a middle age man with white hair, his face had mixed blood look between an indian and a white person. His nose stuck out like an eagle's beak, his warm gaze on the contrary contained a treacherous aura. This middle age man held onto a wine pouch that had a dual headed eagle embroidery. Laughing as he looked at Sheyan, he raised his pouch and drank a mouthful.

Sheyan was already fairly familiar with this sort of scenario, he returned a smile and then raised his own wine pouch to drink a mouthful in return. The middle aged man's eyes brightened up, trying to probe more as he asked.

’’Sheyan from the east? A brave man who battled the decaying undead alone and slayed it?’’

Sheyan's heart raced, he realized the identity of this middle age man with white hair. Laughing he raised his own wine pouch again.

’’Pleasure to meet you Mr Bill.’’

The vice officer of the Flying Dutchman, Old Bill, let out a roaring laughter.

’’At first I still doubted that you managed to slay such a horrific creature, but now I see that the rumours are true.’’

Sheyan replied honestly.

’’I must explain something that many chose to leave out: That decaying undead had a severe injury to his head previously, besides its owner wasn't around. If not, the dead person now would be me.’’

Old Bill nodded.

’’This answers my second question. Very well, child, your honesty has won my respect. Boldly speaking, I am very interested in any sort of dubious objects dropped by this gruesome creature. If coincidentally you obtained something, then believe me that your reward will be generous.’’

Sheyan giggled, he was obviously not a small child that could be coaxed by these mere words. He raised his left hand, on the middle finger there was an extremely malicious looking bone ring. This object was obviously counted as one of the ’’dubious object' that Old Bill had mentioned. Therefore, Sheyan used it as a touchstone (Testing if something is genuine), probing how much he meant by relatively generous reward.’’

Old Bill grabbed Sheyan's left hand, raising his brows as he closely examined it. After a while he clicked his tongue and said.

’’This should be made with the bones from the decaying undead, although it doesn't look much, but i will still offer you 3 pounds sterling. How about it? This price definitely have you a surprise right!’’

After listening to his valuation, Sheyan instantly labelled him with the word ’’beast’’. He also understood his earlier warmth was just a facade, regarding these essential items, the charm attribute was important in beginning negotiations. Sadly, Sheyan's charm was a mere 8 points, and there was no way this vice officer would reach a level of generosity.

With regards to this light blue grade bone ring accessory which could raise the two important usable attributes in strength and physique, if it was the nightmare realm, it could be at least sold for a thousand utility points. Yet this Old Bill claimed to be generous but only offered 3 pound sterling, furthermore this coins could not be brought out of this world! The difference between the two were like two worlds apart, Old Bill's personality was also clear to see, there was not much to elaborate.

Since he realized in front was a vehement iron chicken (Stingy person), Sheyan's enthusiasm waned, without smiling one bit, he tossed out the coin purse that Scarface Harry had gave him.

’’The respected Mr Bill, if you have a similar kind of ring, I'll buy it with 4 pounds. How many do you have, I will buy it all! What do you think?’’

Old Bill turned embarrassed, his expression turned awkward following Sheyan's statement. However, his skin was naturally dark and thus could not see the red blushes. Sheyan had already discovered his character, and was too lazy to beat around the bush, he immediately retrieved the mission object 'Still beating heart' out. This mysterious and gruesome object caused the surrounding observing pirates to gasp in shock. Old Bill's pupils contracted, swallowing his saliva loudly. Sheyan bluntly put forth:

’’You are a experienced and knowledgeable man, the salt you ate is more than the rice I've seen (chinese idiom meaning my knowledge/experience is nothing compared to you), but of course I know how precious this object is..... Enough of all the bullshit, if you cannot produce something I want, then I believe there will be someone else that wants this.’’

Saying till here, Sheyan's eyes twinkled as he continued:

’’I forgot to mention, just now Walker from Queen Anne's Revenge sent a message over saying that the great captain Blackbeard wishes to chat with me.’’

Old Bill's expression sunk.

’’What exactly are you looking for?’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders and replied.

’’That depends on what you have to offer.’’

Old Bill stared at Sheyan, coldly saying.

’’Young man, aren't you afraid of eating what you cannot digest?’’

This sort of threatening tone made Sheyan a little unhappy, the disdain apparent with the curling of his lips, he then stood up and exclaimed:

’’Very well, looks like I'll pay a visit to the revered captain Blackbeard.’’

Looking at Sheyan not responding to a hard approach, and he even stood up and walked towards the Queen Anne's Revenge, Old Bill became a little anxious. Flustered, he jumped up and replied impulsively:

’’You fool! Blackbeard will surely swallow you up and not even spare your bones!’’

Yet Sheyan casually shrugged his shoulders:

’’Then he would have to face the explosive wrath of the Son of the Black sea, Ammand. I am a pretty qualified crew head, finding someone else to replace me is not an easy thing.’’

Faced against this Sheyan, Old Bill could only sigh. Standing up he called out:

’’Okay alright, you win. Let's go over to one side to discuss.’’

Sheyan casually replied:

’’No problem, but I must warn you, a person's patience has its limits. You previously already succeeded in using 3 pound sterlings to challenge my weak tolerance and intelligence, I hope it will not happen again. If not, trust me, you can say goodbye to this heart forever.’’

Old Bill's face twitched, as though a portion of his face was carved out. Sheyan already understood his character, besides this vice officer was now clear with the character of this damned Seaman Yan from the east. The most difficult and demanding kind. Old Bill sighed, placing his hand inside his bosom, his hand emerged with a something that looked like an ancient flat tiny box, which stored a wine cup.


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