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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Cunning Framing

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

At this moment, Madam Lord Fokke's eyes shined with a malicious brilliance, bending her right knee, aiming at Sheyan's crotch and smashed upwards! This woman understood completely a man's weak point, if a stimulated male received a blow there, surely they would hold onto their balls and squat motionlessly as their face flushed with redness. They would need at least several minutes of recovery before regaining mobility, a physically weak male could even die from this!

’’Thump!’’ The woman knee collided as Sheyan's face turned ashen. Beads of perspiration formed on his forehead but he continued to hold on tightly to her hand, and retaliated with one tight slap! This was obviously the immense advantage of Sheyan's innate ability, fundamentally protecting his lower half pretty well.

Sheyan placed his full strength in that one slap. Madam Lord Fokke's face appeared a swelling trace of a few fingers, she could feel half of her face turning numb, and a buzzing sound in her left ear. There was a tiny itch as well as she widened her mouth to cry out but discovered that her two white tooth had fallen out and was mixed with blood.

Sheyan then loosen his grip on her hand, but now Madam Lord Fokke no longer had the energy to escape. She could only sluggishly cover her left face, as tears trickled down her cheeks. Sheyan then circled round her back, pulling on her fluffy blond hair, bending his body forward using a dubious low tone to speak.

’’This time you sneaked out to satisfy your affair, that is why you wouldn't have told anyone your whereabouts, and this place you selected is definitely remote! So don't expect anyone to come and save you in a short time, there won't be any passersby. So, even if you died, your corpse will only be discovered later into the night. More crucially....I will place the 'broken' necklace given from Jack Sparrow in your hands. Furthermore, Jack Sparrow still possess your valuable pearl ring, therefore everyone will think that he murdered you after raping you. Nobody would even notice my existence!’’

’’You, you're a lunatic! What do you really want, please don't kill me, I can agree to any requests!’’ Madam Lord Fokke cried out loudly! Although she was cruel and scheming, she was still a woman, the prospect of death had already locked her in fear, even breathing became difficult!

Sheyan's right hand had already viciously resided on her long and fair neck, coldly saying.

’’Presently the pirates have been begun noticing the cracks in the Tortuga's port mighty appearance. Yet they managed to acquire adequate rewards from the Spanish people, thus their greed had been temporarily satisfied, they will not start an uprising anytime soon. This does not coincide with my interests, thus your death will be a well-timed fuse - the son of the Black Pearl's captain raping and murdering the wife of Tortuga port's owner. The honourable Little Lord Fokke, although he is a person who shies from conflicts, will personally declare war!’’

’’Therefore, please...... die!’’ his tone was firm, as Sheyan exerted strength in his hand, twisting the head of this se*y and noble beauty an entire 180 degrees! Her back was originally facing Sheyan, but after a gruesome series of her neck bone snapping off, she faced hideously Sheyan. Her cry was still choked in her throat! Sheyan clearly observed, the pair of captivating eyes staring into him was filled with an unexplainable horror.

Sheyan loosen his hand. The body of Madam Lord Fokke slumped to the ground lifelessly. Concurrently an awful stench surged into his nose, he raised his brows as he discovered a yellow, murky, filthy and sticky liquid gently flowing out from the buttocks of this se*ually arousing gorgeous woman. Obviously she had lost control of her bladder at the face of death. Sheyan hurriedly arranged the body, setting up this crime scene, as he was about to turn around and leave he received notifications from his nightmare imprint.

’’You killed an important storyline character (B - category): Lord Caterly Fokke's wife.

’’Your actions will influence the storyline of this world.’’

’’You received 1 achievement (Meritorious deed) point.’’

’’Your reputation is increased by 300 points, do you wish to make this public. Yes/ No’’

’’If you select yes, then every individual in this world who knows of this will cause an increase in 10 reputation points.’’

Sheyan was momentarily stunned, he suddenly realized by selecting ’’yes’’, the rewarding reputation will soar by leaps and bounds! He could imagine that every pirate or person in Tortuga port would be interested and enthusiastically discuss this matter. In this island alone, the pirates exceeded over a thousand people! Adding on the merchants and citizens of Tortuga port, at least there would be three thousand people! This would cause an entire thirty thousand increase in reputation.....

What is the worth of 30000 reputation? Sheyan could imagine that his position amongst the pirates would be equal to the likes of Ammand, he would immediately become a core character in this young generation of the Caribbean pirates! He could even easily recruit a great deal of followers from random bars, and even acquire deep-seater reports about this word! He may even gain privileges in purchasing all sorts of equipments/items from every port in the world!

However huge benefits meant huge risks, once this matter was made public, this would revoke Sheyan's ability to walk safely in the streets of Tortuga. Furthermore, on his enemy list, would have an incomparably valiant main lead, Jack Sparrow. This would cause one of the three legendary pirate ships, the Black Pearl, to become hostile to him! Based on Sheyan's current situation, the chances of dying was at least above 99 percent!

Sheyan gently sighed, shutting his eyes he selected ’’No’’, receiving 300 points in reputation and concluding this matter. In actual fact, if not for this chance encounter whereby he witnessed the secret affair of MadamLord Fokke, then the difficulty of killing of this woman would be great. Approximately the same as charging into Cyberdyne computer company in the Terminator world! Because this woman normally resided deep within Tortuga castle, beside her were large amounts of bodyguards. Killing her openly would be the same as assaulting Tortuga castle.

Probably because this woman's intangible benefits were immeasurably great, the grade of her key loot wasn't high. It only produced a necklace called Sally's dream which was a white grade item that has no attributes. Its worth was 200 utility points. Without hesitation, Sheyan sold it off to the nightmare imprint. Holding onto this dead person's item was a headache, once someone discovered it, he could easily blackmail Sheyan.

Although Sally's dream seemed like a white grade item, it was infact an extremely crucial mission object. It was related to Chris's party mission, if Sheyan knew of this, demanding ten thousand utility points will only cause them to grit their teeth and comply. Regrettably Sheyan was not informed of this news, even if he knew, he may have still chosen to sell it off. This was because the ability ’’divine’’ existed in this world, who can confirm that there will not be a second user of this ability in Tortuga castle? Even if there wasn't a divine user, there was still the prevalent black witchcrafts. Once a divine or witchcraft user interacts with a dead person's object as a medium, they could probably acquire hints or clues which may lead them to the dead person's necklace which was with Sheyan. Hence, to avert sleepless worries, Sheyan would still tolerate the pain of selling of this item to eliminate evidence.

Sheyan very carefully set up the scene, he then hurriedly stripped off his clothes and retreated to the sea. After swimming along the shoreline for a while, he once again ascended to the shore. This eliminated chances of hunting dogs picking up his scent. After returning to the bonfire, most of the pirates after partying were pretty tipsy, why would they notice someone walking past them? Only after sitting for a short while beside the bonfire, the nearby Bell and Mug pirate then raised his wine pouches as he drunkenly spoke out.

’’Crew~~Crew head, where did you run off to? After hearing you slayed the decaying undead, several guys are looking for you.’’

Sheyan's heart stirred.

’’Which guys?’’

That pirate drank a mouthful from his wine pouch, as he was about to speak, he suddenly sprawled out onto the ground, letting out a gentle snore. He had passed out from the alcohol.

At this moment, a pirate stranger beside him looked at him with a respected expression, and then he spoke out courteously.

’’Greetings Mr Yan, one of the Flying Dutchman's crew member, Pulaker, said that their vice officer Old Bill was very interested in your heroism. He wished to chat with you personally. Afterwards, Walker from Queen Anne's Revenge brought over a message, saying that his captain, Blackbeard, invites you for a discussion.’’


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