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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 29


Chapter 29: Vile Heart of a Young Married Woman

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Faced with the pains of separation, the couple of this thrilling secret affair hugged each other in reluctance, kissing and gently caressing each other. Before they split, Jack Sparrow suddenly took out a necklace from his pants and hung it across Sally's neck.

’’Beloved Sally, this was from my grandmother, it is one of my most valuable gift. I hope it can represent me being with you.’’

The woman was touched, from her finger she took out a pearl ring and offered it.

’’Me too, Jack. I will live on thinking of you.’’

The couple kissed again and then separated. Jack finally saw the panicky Joshamee as though he was about to cry, using a hurtful tone saying.

’’If nobody had disturbed us Sally, I'm willing to accompany you all the way till death.’’

Afterwards the future captain of the Black Pearl then left with Joshamee.

Sally seemed like she still wanted to enjoy the cooling sea breeze and the white beach, lazily leaning against the sand and rested. Suddenly her previous wanton self surfaced again as she fondled her body's curves. After a while she stroked her long hair as she whispered to herself.

’’Out of the numerous amount of guys, Jack is still the most charming. That damned Catika recently keeps pestering me, if he still doesn't know his own place, then it's time to send him to the seabed and keep Jovan company!’’

Faraway at the top of the coconut tree, a chill went up Sheyan's spine after hearing it. He deeply inhales, using his ability: Insight on her. A series of details then appeared in his eyes.

Sally Hepburn

Lord Carterly Fokke's wife

Height: 5 foot 1 inch

Weight: 47 kg

Strength: 4 points

Agility: 4 points

Physique: 5 points

Perceptive sensing: 12 points

Charm: 22 points

Intelligence: 5 points

Spirit 10 points

Basic meditation lvl 3

C grade special ability: divine

'divine': This is a mysterious move originating from the gypsies, able to use playing cards or crystal ball to make related judgements on all sorts of situations. The divine conclusion will produce a relevant pointer. Spirit and intelligence attributes will influence the divine's effect in terms of detailedness and accuracy. Have to emphasize again, for most people, they will find it difficult to find the truth from those disorderly and cryptic sentences. Unless you invest great amounts of energy and money, or you possess an extraordinarily keen logical mind with great sense of deduction.

B grade special ability: Appraise lvl 4

Appraise: An extraordinary and outstanding battle ability. Able to evaluate precious items that have not been identified yet and explore its attributes thoroughly. After learning this ability, there is a 33% of success rate.

’’Lord Caterly Fokke's wife!’’ Sheyan's head rapidly spun upon seeing those few words. Of course, the people who were hailed as Mrs Fokke were plentiful. There were Madam Uli, Madam Zhang etc. However this missus had an additional lord in front, this should be the owner of Tortuga port - Lord Fokke's wife!

A pirates essentials comprised of strong alcohol, women, golden louises (French currency) and the british pound sterlings. Those heavy and cumbersome commodities that were transported through sea were considered insignificant. Therefore, this resting port of Tortuga was a suitable stolen goods dumping ground. To Tortuga port, accepting stolen products was not a glamorous thing, thus they had to pull the wool over people's eyes (chinese idiom meaning fooling others) and run out to sea to trade with the pirates. This logic was akin to a prostitute not working in her own hometown/ house. From the particulars of the Lord's madam, this woman came to this island polluted by pirates for only one reason, that was to use her appraisal ability to negotiate and bargain, helping the Fokke family to earn more profits!

This Lord Caterly Fokke's madam managing to successfully entice Jack Sparrow to a lovers' rendezvous meant that she had already completed her official duty. Seizing the opportunity when the main personnel of Tortuga port was still discussing with the pirates to sneak out. Madam Fokke would obviously not participate in the pirate's squabbles and losing her reputable and demure image. These victory loots were plundered from the big Spanish merchant, Fernandez, its value was bountiful, therefore, it was highly probable that the trade discussion would turn into a spat. Hence, this youthful and pretty Lord Fokke's wife can enjoy the tenderness of a lover, and afford additional time to rest leisurely while appreciating the amazing night scenery of this island.

Sheyan's eyes produced a unexplainable radiance, as tough ignited by black flames, ascending with passion and filled with a strange wickedness. He once again surveyed his surroundings, and proceeded to leap down from the coconut tree, taking wide strides to the wife of Lord Caterly Fokke.

Lord Caterly Fokke's wife was an extremely composed woman, although she felt a little frantic from this sudden happening, she displayed a confidently brave calmness.

’’You are blocking me mister! I'm afraid a pirate should still show basic respect to a woman.’’

Sheyan softly replied.

’’If a woman of such noble status can casually betray her husband's trust, then she doesn't deserve any respect!’’

Her expression turned pale, her tone became stricter as she bit her lower lips and sternly chided.

’’So what! You damned scumbag pirate, nobody will believe you. You had better get lost out of my sight, if not I will surely nail you the cross in Tortuga port's courtyard, and let the sea breeze blow you dry!’’

Sheyan's eyes suddenly glimmered with ruthlessness, he suddenly threw a heavy fist at the chest of this lady of nobility! Such a powerful punch caused her tremendous pain and a nauseating feeling! That beautiful and haughty face cringed in pain, as her body lost control and collapsed to the ground, pressing onto the deep cleavage causing it to be more distinct. Sheyan then coldly tugged onto her hair! His actions carried such strength that even the hair roots stuck out.

’’Such a se*y and beautiful body shivering and wailing in my hand.... This feeling is pretty good.’’ Sheyan's expression wasn't clear in the darkness, only his impressive body was distinct, exhibiting an evil aura. Giving one an impression of those European murals of demon's silhouettes, massive, fiendish, mysterious and below them was a blazing altar displaying nude blond women!

Besides this Madam Lord Fokke's self-esteem and reserved nature had been utterly destroyed from that one punch, like a delicate crispy porcelaine, appearing gorgeous but was actually brittle. She could only use a miserable soft tone to plead.

’’I.... beg you, what do you want? Gold? Status? I can give it to you!’’

Sheyan's eyes flickered with brilliance, remembering the woman's earlier conversation with herself, he coldly issued.

’’Jovan requested me to send his respects.’’

Madam Lord Fokke's body shivered, suddenly shouting out loud in hysteria.

’’You are that friend of Jovan? Right? I didn't wish to kill him! But he kept on pestering me, i already told him that our earlier date was a one off mistake! But he ultimately did not listen, that is why I poisoned him. I was forced to do so!’’

Sheyan remained emotionless and continued.

’’Then Catika? Jack Sparrow? Slut! Don't tell they were all a one off mistake! I think all these lies in your hunger for the new, and being sick of the old!’’

Madam Lord Fokke remained speechless, her se*y lips pouted, her expression was extremely awkward. Sheyan loosen his grip, as she lifelessly slumped to the ground. He then fished out the not yet evaluated brass ring he acquired from ’’Dice’’ coutts, tossing it in front of her saying.

’’Evaluate this item for me.’’

Naturally, appraising this item did not take much time and effort from this woman, he very quickly obtained the real attributes for this ring.

Cursed brass ring

Equipment rarity: White

Equipment effect: Spirit + 3

Equipment effect: Physique - 4

(TN: i think it should be minus 4)

Equipment position: finger

Material: Brass

Weight: 3 g

Description;This ring was originally crafted by the famous Jeweller Calixier, although its materials are average, its craftsmanship is first-class. However its previous owner suffered a vicious death, and was cursed by a demon.

Equipment battle score: 3

The respected Madam Lord Fokke, sluggishly leaned against the coconut tree, sobbing softly. Sheyan once again gripped her hair and pulled her face near to his. That beautiful and frightened face was pulled with an inch to Sheyan, her whole body naturally pressed onto Sheyan. Sheyan could smell the faint perfume from her, and the astonishing elasticity of her well developed physical body. This caused Sheyan to feel a burning passion rising from his lower abdomen. His mouth was dry, opening up his mouth, his gaze had a certain thirst as he remained silent, but his adam's apple squirmed as he swallowed his saliva.


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