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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Chance Romantic Encounter

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Facing the sudden inquiries of the pirates, the Bell and Mug pirates felt prideful as they naturally started bragging out loud with saliva splashing everywhere. Saying ’’this is our ship's new crew head, originating from the mysterious east, Seaman Yan. Vicious yet powerful, not only did he lead a bunch of sickly and aging pirates to chase away a few hundreds of Spanish pigs, he even challenged the voodoo cult's decaying undead alone and slayed it. He was extremely impressive.’’

The valiantness of the Spanish troops was witnessed by several pirates before, besides most of them had even killed several Spanish troops, thus, they felt that Sheyan's leading and managing wasn't that impressive. But what amazed them was the challenging the voodoo cult decaying undead alone, such bravery and might left their mouths and eyes wide in awe. There was a story about the three kingdoms - the Cao army had defeated Liu Bei so overwhelmingly that even his sons and wives were in danger, and Zhao Yun his general bravely rescued them. Everyone remembered that battle for Zhao Yun's heroism instead of the Cao army's impressive victory. This was exactly like that story. Everyone loved hearing of a single hero's achievements, but nobody would put much attention on a team's success.

Furthermore, Sheyan's opponent was a decaying undead! A horrifying gruesome beast made by the Voodoo cult! In the hearts of these pirates, the voodoo cult was the number one mysterious and fearsome unknown. More crucially, the spanish merchant Fernandez controlled not one but a whole 3 decaying undead! Apart from the 'Chewed Ear' Sheyan eliminated, there was still 'Chewed Finger' and 'Corrupted Nose' these other two decaying undead. These twin horrors had caused the pirates to suffer a great deal, naturally leaving a deep impression in their hearts.

The veteran pirates further noticed the Bell and Mug pirates using the same phrase without coordinating, ’’Solo challenge and slaying’’ and not ’’Solo challenge and defeat’’. This meant that they were not only bragging but speaking the truth. Because the word ’’defeat’’ could mean that the enemy could have escaped leaving nothing behind. However, the word ’’slaying’’ meant that there would be a corpse to proof of this battle. This meant that no matter how much overstatements the rumours from the Bell and Mug added, the remaining truth all tallied up.

Shortly, pirates brought their own wine pouches to give a toast to Sheyan. These pirates all came in respect as some of that had lost their friends or family to the decaying undead during the day's assault. According to the rumours from the Voodoo cult, a person's soul would be cursed and forever be in suffering if they died at the hands of a decaying undead. Only a brave warrior who has slayed a decaying undead can free them, thus they personally invited Sheyan to give blessings to their deceased friends.

This 'Seaman Yan from the east' was extremely forthright, drinking and chatting loudly totally not aligned with his rumours of being cruel. In actual fact, Sheyan had realized drinking with these pirates could raise his reputation score. The range of increase from each pirate could reach from 10 - 30 points. Even raising by 10 points was pretty good, regrettably the raising rate was also linked to the charm level, if not, Sheyan could have possibly raised a thousand points from this drinking session. Although that was the case, he raised a total of 300 points in reputation breaking through to 524/3000 points.

Apart from that, Sheyan received a surprise reward, that was from the wine pouches of those pirates, it contained various types of rum. Coincidentally some contained the kinds related to his milestone: Intoxicated man, the required Lambs potato rum and the Cockspum rum. He successfully upgrade the milestone: 'drunkard' to the milestone 'intoxicated man', its attributes respectively increased. Consecutively the nightmare imprint transmitted notifications.

’’You completed a advancement in milestone to intoxicated man.’’

’’You receive a title: Intoxicated man.’’

’’Intoxicated man: Once you drink an alcoholic drink, your HP will decrease by 2%, damage rate will increase by 6%, duration of 60 minutes.’’

’’At one time there can only be one title in effect, do you want to equip the title: Intoxicated man?’’

’’Initializing advanced milestone: Alcohol master.’’

’’Accomplishing requirements: Drinking the following kinds of alcohol.’’

1.France ’’Sharke Cognac brandy’’

2.Britain ’’Chivas - Royal Salute Whisky’’

3.Russia ’’Bereginka Vodka’’

4.France ’’Crystal Champagne’’

5.Spain Barca ’’Cava sparkling wine’’

6.China ’’Maotai 1950 pulp liquor’’

Pointer: This milestone can be accomplished in any world.

Sheyan was speechless looking at the names of these six alcohol, based on his general knowledge, he vaguely remember Maotai liquor from advertisements, but the term 1950 pulp liquor was completely fuzzy. The other brands of alcohol, he had not even heard of them before. However, Sheyan could confirm one point, he would definitely have to spend a lot of money to purchase these various alcohols. More critically, even if had the money he may not be able to acquire it. He could only bitterly shake his head, tossing aside this list of requirements.

Presently, the alcohol brewing technology was lagging greatly, the rum hadn't gone through distillation and thus its purity wasn't high. Yet Sheyan drank at least 1.5 lt of rum, he could feel his bladder bursting and needed to pee. Currently the sky was pitch-black, Sheyan wobbled around the shore in search of a remote place to release his pee. After answering nature's call he sighed in relief. He was now thirsty from the alcohol and thought of drinking fresh coconut juice, he then went out to search, walking nearly a whole kilometer before finding a cluster of coconut trees along the beach. Although a coconut tree was difficult to climb, Sheyan had 8 points in agility and succeeded in scaling this challenging tree. As he prepared to throw down the coconut, he suddenly heard constrained moans of breath from a distance.

Although Sheyan wasn't married, he was not a junior. Obviously the sounds he heard were soft moans produced from a woman not because she was in pain, directly putting she was crying out in ecstasy. This woman's moan was flirtatiously charming to the core, listening to it was like several formless threads wandering into a person's heart, attracting and binding the person. After hearing it, Sheyan naturally felt his internal heat building up.

Naturally, he reacted like an ordinary man, glancing down from the elevated angle of the coconut tree, he discovered a couple making love on the beach. The female had fluffy blond hair, her two wheat colored slender legs hanging on the male's waist. The groaning sound from her nose sounded mournful. Unable to resist the urge to focus his gaze on between the two longs, concurrently his mind couldn't help but think of the long flirtatious legs of the female lead in ’’Transformers 3’’. In the end he decided that this leg was the winner.

The two obviously reached a climatic period as Sheyan very quickly saw the male tremble violently for a while before the two finally calmed down. The female then washed her generous bare body in the sea, brushing her long hair but because of the darkness he could not see the definite details. Still he managed to view her alluring silhouette. The male casually wore his shirt and pulled his pants up confidently and easily, his actions were neat and tidy, giving one an impression of a lazy cheetah.

At this time, the male suddenly spun around, looking in his direction as he used a low warning tone to shout.


His tone was gloomy and full of magnetism, Sheyan shivered in his heart, taking a guarding stance. Instead the male did not look further but hurriedly wore his clothes.

’’Mr Sparrow, I'm very sorry to disturb you at this time, but your father has orders. If he doesn't see you in 10 minutes time, then poor Joshamee will be hanged on the mast for the next 3 days.’’

At this point, Sheyan felt a little suffocation, within the entire Caribbean sea world, there was only one person whose name was called Mr Sparrow! Below him, the male lazily replied.

’’Don't worry Joshamee, my father is an amiable and lenient old man, he's only scaring you.’’

Joshamee's voice was filled with fear.

’’Mr Sparrow I agree with your observation but I still have to say that the deadline he gave me is reaching. Please hurry up and return with me. The captain's meeting is about to end. Even though Mr captain is kidding, but i know there's some seriousness in his joke.

’’Shut up Joshamee, at least let me kiss goodbye to my beloved Sally. Just thinking that her husband can enjoy such an honor every day, I'm turning mad with jealousy.’’

Mr Sparrow's words undoubtedly made this woman, Sally, extremely delighted, her voice was slightly hoarse but carried an enticing personality.

’’Oh Jack, don't bother about me, hurry up and return. There must be certain important matters your father has to consult with you.’’

Sheyan's squinted his eyes, his lips forming a curved smile.

’’Never expected to encounter you under such a scenario, my main lead - Mr Jack Sparrow.’’


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