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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 27


Chapter 27:Pirate Congregation

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Amongst the greedy and uncouth pirates, very few would understand Ammand's heart. This did not include Sheyan and Chris these 2 contestants. Chris had a faint inkling in his heart that if Sheyan wanted to display that he had no ambitions to Ammand, then there were better ways to do so, why would he be standing up for him? However, he no longer pondered further, Sheyan had already pulled him over, in the dimly lighted cabin he softly asked.

’’What did you play with them?’’

Under the violent and aggressive stares of the pirates, some even had furious stares while some looked to harbour malicious designs, Chris's heart was terrified. He could only stammer.

’’Its, Its Blackjack.’’

There is nothing much to elaborate on the rules of Blackjack. You can play anything, the limit is 21 points. Exceeding 21 points would mean burst, only calculating the amount you burst. Rat Shande was crafty and sly, when shuffling he could use his own unique and distinct technique, easily causing Chris to pick 20 points while he would finish him off with 21 points. However, Sheyan had worked for a long time, he was clearly understood these tactics, he could even see through Hong Kong gambling games. Before gambling he suggested that he would be the one to shuffle the cards.

This sort of irregular request, Rat Shande and the rest obviously objected fiercely, however after strong arguments with Sheyan, they could only take a step back and allow Scarface Harry to be the dealer! With this, nobody could blame anyone, at this moment Rat Shande and gang knew that they had been caught in Sheyan's passive aggressive trap. Once Scarface Harry shuffled, both parties could only gambles based on their individual skills, yet Sheyan's perceptive sensing held an immovable advantage. Without any suspense he easily won back those two antique gold pound sterlings. Rat Shande and gang looked at each other, but they knew that today's matter had already been concluded at that. If they had any further ill intentions, then they would simply suffer the same fate of that one-eye's broken finger.

Nightfall, a distant cannon urgently fired off. Far away in the sky, several flashes of blazing fire. The pirates were finally gathering at Herb Island to distribute their loot. After Ammand strictly delegated guarding appointments to his pirates, he retired into his own cabin. This was the first that he could finally stand on equal footing with the other 3 legendary pirate ships, if he wasn't feeling nervous, he would still be adjusting to this slightly. Sheyan brought Chris to stroll around the deck, after observing the waves surging back and forth, he finally coldly said.

’’Are you curious why I would stand up for you?’’

This was Chris's primary concern. However, his personal safety relied solely on Sheyan and would never personally voice out his concern. Sheyan was also not expecting an answer, he merely continued.

’’Because they do not dare to deal with me, therefore, they can only attempt to win you over to investigate me.’’

Chris's heart stirred, he was about to speak up but Sheyan continued.

’’Have you seen the scene of an alpha wolf being replaced in a wolfpack? Once a young high wolf wants to replace an old alpha wolf, it would try every possible means to provoke the old wolf. At the start they would not face off, but the young wolf will only try to pillage the old wolf's food, and even mate with the female wolves of the alpha wolf etc. Once the reaction of the alpha male becomes weaker, then the entire wolfpack will assault him!’’

’’That is why.’’ Sheyan summarized,’’Don't think too highly of yourself, I am just helping myself. If you slander my reputation amongst the pirates, the first one I will chop down is you.’’

Chris hastily nodded and laughed.

’’How could that happen? Oh right.... My golden pound sterling....?’’

Sheyan looked stunned and replied.

’’Didn't you lose your gold pound sterling to Rat Shande and gang?’’

Chris' expression froze, his smile looked uglier than crying itself.



But Sheyan had already turned around and begun walking down the deck....Chris' facial muscles convulsed. After awhile he then shut his eyes and exhaled, consoling himself he said.

’’At least I did not benefit that group of trash!’’

Although the loss of those two valuable gold pound sterling were worse than physical pain, he at least found out the reason why Sheyan was willing to stand up for him. It was definitely the enticement of those two antique gold pound sterling! This completely resolved the earlier suspicions of Chris. Yet, Chris suddenly thought of something, if Sheyan really stood up for him because of those two gold pound sterling, then why would be bother explaining so much to him just now? Anyway in Sheyan's eyes, Chris was just an insignificant contestant!

If it was said that the day time showcased the awe-inspiring turbulence of the Caribbean sea, then nightfall was a contrasting serenity, gentle waves rubbed against the hull of ships, as though the entire sea was a soft comfortable bed. Several pirate ships had anchored near Herb Island, brightly lit torches illuminated the way. The middle region of the island was lit up with 7-8 huge bonfires. Silhouettes of human figures could be seen dancing about, partying and drinking rum.

This was the life of a pirate. Going with the flow, life and death on the seas. Excluding all fear or sorrows, what was left was frantic partying and getting drunk on rum! The Bell and Mug swiftly glided through the sea waves as it approached Herb Island, a group was already waiting on shore to welcome them. Ammand was clothed in new from head to toe, fully contented with himself he stood on the springboard that was nearer to the shore. Behind him stood Scarface Harry, navigator Xiaer and several others. Sheyan instead humbly mixed in with the pirates at the back, as though he had no intentions to show off. With regards to this 'Seaman Yan from the east', the pirates were filled with reverence and fear. Ammand was pleased with Sheyan's humble showing, faintly nodding his head as he took big strides towards the welcoming party on shore. Naturally he was going off to participate in the congregation of pirates higher authorities.

Once Ammand left, the other pirates dispersed like ants on a frying pot. It was impossible to have expectations that they would obediently wait for orders like the military. They scattered towards the 7-8 bonfires along the island. There was free rum, roasted meat, dice/playing cards and tobacco. This was the rewards paid by the different pirate captains, and were the irreplaceable crucial aspects of a pirate's life.

Sheyan gazed upon the empty deck, turning his head to Chris he said.

’’Do you want to take a walk on the island?’’

Chris was excited but painfully shook his head, because his bitter encounter on the Bell and Mug was still fresh in his mind. He had no powers to protect himself, and who knew he may even be assassinated silently under the night sky.

Sheyan casually waved his hands saying, ’’Up to you.’’ He then jumped off the springboard and stepped onto the beach.

Herb Island's scenery was extraordinary, not the least bit inferior to those later generations first-rate tourism beaches. It even had infatuating spotlessly white sand. Sheyan had no intentions of appreciating the beautiful scenery, he walked towards several huge bonfires. Sheyan's aim was very simple, that was the mission object on hand gathered from the decaying undead, Chewed Ear. The drop loot, ’’still beating heart.’’

Although there were two mission options regarding this mission object, after careful deliberation, Sheyan chose the Flying Dutchman's vice officer Old Bill ahead of Blackbeard. To Sheyan, if he missed on on today's mass gathering, then it would be hard to encounter this Old Bill.

While he was still about 200 metres away from the center bonfire, the clear chaotic banters and celebrations of pirates could be heard. These merciless and savage pirates were no different from a ground of drunkards. Sheyan noticed several familiar faces, they were the pirates of the Bell and Mug, he then went to sit amongst them. Cutting of a fat and juicy chunk of meat from the roasting stick, he then casually snatched several rum bottles from the sluggish pirates to drink. Sighing after that as though he was still unsatisfied.

Sitting beside Sheyan was a pirate that previously stayed and guarded the Bell and Mug during the attack. He personally witnessed the glory of Sheyan guarding the ship, and the impressive feat of taking on that decaying undead. Therefore, he had full admiration for him, seeing Sheyan looking unsatisfied, he immediately moved his ass to pour a huge pouch of rum for him.

Presently, the wine pouches were made with animal hide, and further enhanced with juice from a ’’Jidi grass’’ to prevent leakages. A filled pouch could contain about 1 - 1.5 lt. The way to drink from it was also unique, after removing the pouch cover, use both hands to raise the pouch in front of your face, straightening your arms and use your hands to squeeze it lightly. The rum would then squirt out like a water gun, after drinking enough, lower both hands and then the rum would stop flowing. If the user's arms were not straighten fully, the rum would not accurately shoot out, often drenching the face as well as the clothes. Prior to this Sheyan had drank about half a pouch of rum, however he once again cleared out cleanly his new pouch of rum. This garnered the surprising gasps of the nearby pirates, whispering into each other's ear to inquire who was this raw faced person.


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