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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 25


Chapter 25: I-shape Metal Dissolution Liquid Mixture

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Presently, Sheyan was a one man party, the other people all had multiple people party. Therefore, even Sheyan had placed first in terms of contribution score, his overall contribution score could not compare to the combined score of other parties. Furthermore, this historic storyline battle: Destruction of Paragon fleet (Preface), was started by contestants like Sheyan, it would similarly attract other high level contestants to participate.

Only these high level contestants had to, likewise face high level storyline characters, for example, Jack, Blackbeard etc. They had the same battlefield as the likes of low level contestants like Sheyan, but the nightmare realm would not arrange any form of interactions between the two groups. Once this historic battle had ended, these high level contestants would be transported out of this world, and could no longer stay in this world.

However, these high level contestants would never imagine that a beast like Sheyan would appear. His personal power wasn't considered valiant, but was skillfully adept in managing atop a ship, additionally he was extremely good at seizing opportunities. When the Spanish Paragon fleet soldiers had scaled the boat, Sheyan successfully restored hope in the pirates and proceeded to rally them together. It was like the entire Bell and Mug was under his command! This sort of performance contribution could not be matched by anyone else!

The nightmare realm had finally reached its last segment, beginning its rewards phase:

Your individual battle contributions ranking: Number 1.

Your reward: i-shape metal dissolution liquid mixture

'i-shape metal dissolution liquid mixture'.

Item rarity: Black

Item usage effects: Smearing it would strengthen your equipment/weapon, 100% chance of raising to lvl4, 50% chance of raising to lvl 5, 10% chance of raising to lvl 7.

(TN: no idea why there's no lvl 6)

Item usage requirements: This item will only be effective on silver grade storyline items or equipments.

Item characteristic: Item is binded to your spirit, cannot be traded with other contestants. Using this item will cause the target equipment/weapon to be binded to your spirit.

Description: This is an uncommon substance extracted from a comet, it can greatly enhance a material's elasticity and durability. It is a valuable item even within the entire nightmare realm.

Your overall battle contribution ranking: Number 6.

You acquired 500 utility points.

From this series of notifications, acquiring 500 utility points helped Sheyan out of his desperate situation. It evened out the debt accumulated from the frequent usage of his insight ability. That black grade item: i-shape metal dissolution liquid mixture was out of his expectations. One thing could be confirmed was that this item's value was certainly high, but because of the spirit binding condition it could not be traded. Also, it could only be used on an equipment/weapon that was a silver grade storyline object!

Based on this, it wasn't that Sheyan did not have a method of obtaining a silver grade storyline object or even a high grade weapon/equipment. Citing a simple example, killing of this future pirate lord of the seven seas, Ammand, there was a 90% probability that he would drop a black grade or even stronger weapon/equipment. However, having a method was one thing, having the ability to carry it out was another thing.

(TN the last sentence is some china story reference which I don't really understand but it doesn't really have much importance.

Sheyan had great knowledge of his own strengths, presently, his limit was only being able to accomplish a light blue level mission. If that was the case, he had to plot well in advance, when the time is right he would then exploit these 3 great factors. Attaining first place in terms of individual battle contributions, this was something that could not be easily replicated. If Sheyan always acted in a manner of competing for the standard of getting the number 1 position every time, this would surely cause a fast and terrible death such that even his bones would not remain! Thus, he could only shake his head and sigh, placing this reward into his personal interspatial space.

At this time, the conclusion cannon signals had finally stopped, the British navy would obviously not participate in sharing the loot. The glory of defeating the spanish fleet would also be snatched by them, the Queen's reward would be their greatest profits. Besides the side of the pirates had also paid a huge price, amongst the participating 13 pirate ships, every ship had casualties, 3 suffered heavy casualties and even 4 were sunk! After sending their signals, the pirates head for the west. There was a small island that was pretty good location, that island was called Herb Island. There was fresh water on the island, and due to a lack of shelter to form a natural harbor (Bay serving as a harbor), ships were unable to station there for long, however nobody had objections on staying for a short while.

After going out, Sheyan resumed his crew head responsibilities, he totally overruled anything ordered by Blind Matt, who was specially placed by Ammand to watch over him. Ignoring his ashen expression he used his own ways of allocating manpower. His prestige was already higher than the unknown Blind Matt, the way he utilized others was also simpler, obviously the subordinate pirates would listen to him. Finally, finding time to rest, he saw Chris as he walked over full of tears. He looked like an unlucky loser who had been thrown out of the casino, dismayed he say in front of Sheyan and started mumbling.

Actually, after following Sheyan up this ship, Chris had likewise participated in this region's historic storyline battle. To Sheyan's amazement, even hiding within the cabin had its benefits! He had no clue what role this guy played in this battle, but he similarly attained bountiful rewards. He acquired two of something that Sheyan had previously acquired, the ancient gold pound sterling. This valuable item could be used to exchange for utility points, and even certain storyline characters loved this crucial object. A person with high charm would be able to maximize its advantages.

However, all these were in vain because of the cheapskate Chris. After receiving these two gold pound sterlings, momentarily he had no understanding of its worth, he then showed it to the nearby pirates to inquire. Yet he never considered the fact that these pirates were like wolves and tigers, if not for Sheyan's reputation to be cruel, restraining them, he would long ago be treated like trash and be beaten up profusely.

After seeing the 2 valuable items on Chris's hand, there were many greedy people attracted and they set up a gambling plot. Chris, this fella actually had an intelligence lower than a storyline character and was easily duped. Thus, he was cheated completely, losing those two gold pound sterlings cleanly. Not only that, he further accumulated some debts.These pirates teased and chased him away. If not for giving face to Sheyan, they would have drastically thrown Chris out into the sea.

Orally, Chris argued to the pirates that he was the cousin of their new crew head Sheyan, and he even saved his life once. But he knew in his heart that his relationship with Sheyan was purely a business agreement. From Chris's perspective, he had not yet accomplished his side of the deal in 'recommending Sheyan to enter their party', but he already enjoyed the privileges and protection of this pirate ship. Therefore, approaching Sheyan to complain, was only a personal grievance and he harboured no hopes of Sheyan consoling him.

Who knew that after hearing Chris's plea, Sheyan eyes flickered, and his expression rapidly sunk. That sort of look gave a hard to explain feeling of palpitation to Chris.

’’Bring me there.’’ Sheyan suddenly stood up and softly said. His face shadow seem to appear fuzzy, as though his expression was mysterious and hard to fathom. Chris suddenly felt suffocated, stammering with his words.

’’To..... to where?’’

Sheyan turned around, using an intent and penetrating glare towards him, Chris unconsciously stumbled a few steps back.

’’After your long-winded talk, isn't it to ask me to stand up for you?’’

An unexplainable pleasant excitement then welled up in Chris's heart, hastily replying.

’’They are over there.....’’

The cabin door of the Bell and Mug was constructed with Swedish Cedarwood, apart from its durability, it had properties in resisting pest from causing it to rot or damaging it. On this pirate ship the door is used to guard against theft, it had another huge purpose in isolating enemies during hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, its degree of thickness was several times better than houses on dry-land.

’’Peng!’’ The west carpenter cabin door was smashed by just a kick. Huge wooden planks nailed together following the sound immediately broke apart into bits, as it scattered out in a 2-3 metres radius. ’’Piank!’’ A sound came from the sturdy tabletop, as the mess of shattered rum bottles and roasted chicken bits sprayed out in all directions! The noise from the laughing pirates was abruptly cut off.

One of the flaming torches from the hold of the ship casted two long shadows that were approaching towards the entrance. One shadowy figure looked narrow and frantic, the other shadow was strict, tough and filled with a grim independent feel. Sheyan marched into the cabin, surveying his surroundings. Although he was a newly appointed crew head, including the Spanish troops, he had at least directly taken a total of 7-8 lives. This sort of viciousness had left a deep impression in the pirates, thus the pressure he released towards these few pirates was unexplainable.


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