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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 24


Chapter 24: Number 1 on the battlefield!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Sheyan was feeling rather perplexed from receiving that 'beating heart' black rarity mission object, because it presented two mission options. Both options pointed to very important personnel on two legendary ships, the vice officer Old Bill or Captain Blackbeard. Once he exchanged this mission object with one, then the other option would be terminated. Going from a logical standpoint, although the Flying Dutchman's vice officer Old Bill had an important position, it could not be compared with the mighty and generous captain of Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard. Therefore, his mission reward should be respectively better.

Yet, Sheyan recalled a plotline in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, from that part he could clearly see that this brute Blackbeard is a selfish and unfeeling bastard who would even use his daughter's life as a bargaining chip! If one only concentrated on his current generosity, then this would only produce an opposite result. Who knows, if the negotiating terms became unfavourable, he may even attempt to forcefully steal this mission object. Even the main lead, Jack Sparrow, had once been toyed by him through a voodoo doll, what more would he do to a merely new crew head?

The sea breeze billowed, from afar the black smoke continued to clear up causing the azure blue seawater to become more clear. The distant sunset painted the sky with a deep blood red, like an ember from a stove . Beneath it, a huge merchant ship was gradually submerging into the deep ocean as though signalling the conclusion of this naval battle. Sheyan took in a deep breath, and returned to the Bell and Mug. He did a simple wrapping of his wounds, feeling his physique slowly regaining, he then firmly walked into the captain's quarters.

Currently a group was gathering inside the captain's quarters. Captain Ammand, the core navigator Xiaer, temporary Robben was also cowering at a corner, chief officer Scarface Harry with a white bandage covering his head. He remained his usual loud and cheery self, as though bandages could never conceal his open-mindedness. However, Sheyan observed from Scarface Harry's slight frown that he was probably enduring the pain silently, unsure if he was seeing things, Scarface Harry's body radiated a faint silver glow and then it dispersed. All these people in addition to crew head Sheyan, formed up the policy makers of the Bell and Mug.

Ammand first used a malicious stare to survey these circle of people, then softly spoke:

’’Before we start, I want to appoint two people, Blind Matt!’’

Following Ammand's speech, a covering cloth suddenly tore open and a person with extremely small eyes, like a crevice, that made him look blind walked out. This person had a flax colored messy hair covering his entire forehead. He was wearing an earthern yellow sleeveless jacket, and had a 'Damascus' curved knife on his waist. Occasionally leaking out a silky shimmer from certain angle, leaving one with a feeling of rebellion.

’’From now on you will be the Bell and Mug's vice crew head.’’

Blind Matt humbly raised his head as though he wanted to use his glare to pierce at Sheyan, but Sheyan only looked down at his own toes, as though there was a pile of treasure on the floor. He looked like he had completely no interest in that appointment.

’’Robben!’’ Ammand, as the name shouted out between his teeth, the tone carried an additional chill, as Robben reflexly shivered up unconsciously inclining towards Sheyan. Ammand then slowly announced.

’’You have done quite an alright job as the vice officer, carry on doing so. Remember you must always consult Harry, or else once you make an error, nobody can save you!’’

’’As for Seaman Yan, I'm disappointed in you! You betrayed my confidence in you!’’ Ammand fumingly announced.

’’What are you doing! Getting rid of a mere decaying undead yet you lost 3 elite fighters! 'Seawolf' Shelly, Hermit Crab Zier and Lemuer were fighters who followed me for years. Why did all of them suffer such cruelness and none of them survived, explain yourself!’’

Sheyan bowed humbly, neither servile nor overbearing as he softly replied:

’’Everyone, if I had not recalled wrongly, this ’’mere’’ decaying undead previously massacred an entire 17 elite fighters! The former even consists of my predecessor, the fearsome warrior, Cuaron. I'm very honored to have attained your trust, but I can only speak honestly. To finish off this damned vile creature and yet not lose anyone is simply an impossible way of thinking to me. It is outside of my range of capabilities. Especially when I also had to ensure that the valuable goods on the merchant ship could be shifted out.’’

Sheyan exhibited such a humble attitude, but the meaning of his words were like a cutting blade, and even subtly pointing out that Ammand was setting him up in the first place. Currently, Ammand was extremely on guard against Sheyan, yet he couldn't not acknowledge that this Seaman Yan from the east was a rare talent, his heart harbored thoughts of buying him in. Therefore, after challenging Sheyan with his words, although he knew that something was fishy about the 3 person's death, he could only fold his hands against his chest and remain silent. Scarface Harry seeing the atmosphere, changed the subject to something relevant.

’’Although we may have gained the upperhand, sinking an enemy ship and 2 huge merchant ships, but those damned spanish folks sent in more reinforcements, therefore, we can only give up on chasing. This huge naval war will soon conclude, the pirates would then gather for a meeting and share the victory loot. Within the pirates, we are the first that carried our overboard close combat, although our casualties are numerous, we will also gain massive credit. This would be an advantage as it will further propel the reputation of our Bell and Mug!

Until here, Scarface Harry burst out in a crazy fit of laughter, feelings mixed with a certain regret as he missed out most of this battle and got a little frustrated. However, if he was around, Sheyan would not have the chance to exhibit his commanding talents, and the Bell and Mug may even have suffered a defeat.

’’I have discussed with the captain, based on the spoils of this battle, our ship should hold four-tenths of it. This means that in the pirate meeting, even the 3 legendary pirate ships should show us face! We need to discuss a business solution which would allow the name of the 'Son of the Black sea' to resonate throughout the Caribbean sea!’’

After the audience heard this plan, they were inspired. If the reputable name of Ammand as the captain of the Bell and Mug became more popular, then the status of its crew would equally be raised. This was like in the present world, an employee's value would be higher if their company was included in the top 100 companies of the world. Although Sheyan was not inferior to anyone in terms of craftiness, he still was not familiar with the many regulations and customs of the pirates of the caribbean. If he recklessly spoke out he may become a laughing stock, thus, he bluntly shut his mouth as he stood by the side. Yet the impression he gave others was of one that knew when to retreat and when to act.

As the group was buzzing with discussions, a consecutive sound of 7 cannons firing boomed from farway. This sound was extremely organized, it was like a rhythmic beat of a bass drum, as the successive and similar cannon sounds exploded out. Very swiftly, the Bell and Mug replied with the same 7 shots of cannon, echoing through the vast and beautiful Caribbean sea. The captain and other crew then heaved a sigh of relief, Sheyan concurrently received notifications from his nightmare imprint. ’’Contestant no. 1018 participated in a historic storyline battle: Destruction of Paragon fleet (Preface) concluded.’’

’’Ships participated in battle: British Royal Navy (2 British ships, 13 pirate ships), Spanish Paragon fleet (7 Spanish Paragon fleet ships, 3 merchant ships), 3 of the Spanish ships came in as reinforcements.’’

’’Total of 8 parties, 39 contestants participated in this battle.’’

’’Opening battle statistics.’’

’’Calculating statistics....’’

’’You directly killed 3 Spanish Paragon fleet soldiers, and indirectly killed 84 Spanish Paragon fleet soldiers.’’

’’You caused 38 direct points of damage to the decaying undead ’’Chewed Ear’’, 698 points of indirect damage.’’ (Using your own abilities as well as the equipments/ weapons on your body will only be counted as direct points of damage). If the fire that incinerated the decaying undead was brought about by Sheyan's ability, then this would constitute as direct damage.

’’Your battle contribution score: 1139 points.’’

’’You individual battle contribution ranking: Number 1.’’

’’Your overall battle contributions ranking: Number 6.’’


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