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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 23


Chapter 23: Black coloured mission!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Seizing this hard earned break, Sheyan immediately used the hamburger he got previously, his HP very rapidly replenished to above 80 points. Suddenly, a splashing sound was heard through the hole in the cabin, a rotting green liquid covered palm extended out to cover the gap, as it climbed back up the broken wall!

This merchant ship was an open ocean ship, the wood material used was first grade which was specially reinforced. Although this was the case, from outside the wall a crunching sound could be heard as the decaying undead emerged from the water, smashing its hands into the wall of the ship and ascended it with brute force. He then reentered the ship with a large amount of seawater flowing off it. Unleashing a miserable and crazed shriek, ’’dong dong dong’’ it dragged its broken right leg and charged towards Sheyan.

After washing with seawater, the stench on this decaying undead had lessened a lot, furthermore its body undergone certain changes. The injured burnt portion of its head looked like a melted candle. While charging, its momentum caused the rotting green liquid covering its entire body to spurt out, looking extremely heinous, and brimming with immense threat.

Despite charging at a fast speed, the decaying undead did an apparent pre-charge action which allowed Sheyan to simply pinpoint its destination and evaded easily. After knocking consecutively for a few times, smashing fruitlessly around in this unlucky merchant ship, completely decimating the wooden walls in the cabin.

When the decaying undead once again bent forward to charge, Sheyan fished out something he had already prepared from his waist. That was a string lasso that was commonly seen on a pirate ship. This noose was extremely durable and tough, the twin ends of the rope were tied together like a stone, giving of a shape that looked like a dumbbell. During a close combat battle, it was used to fling towards the enemy ship in order to latch onto anything sticking out in the enemy ship. Thus the pirates could use it as a passageway to get to the enemy ship.

Sheyan gently bent his waist, whirling this lasso in loops, he then threw it with strength. The lasso rapidly uncoiled in midair, in a flash it flew over and latched onto the bulky thighs of the decaying undead! The lasso spiralled then tightened, binding completely the thighs of the decaying undead! The decaying undead issued a vicious roar, as rope tightening sound could be heard from the binding lasso. This unfortunate beast could no longer take one step further, as its stupidly heavy body once again collapsed to the ground with a loud thud!

Presently this decaying undead was without its fearsome hatchet, in addition to his immobile right leg causing a great dip in speed, hence Sheyan was able to act in this manner. If it had the gigantic hatchet, its attack range and explosive power would be insanely boosted. If Sheyan had unleashed the lasso then, the first possibility was that the lasso could be easily parried away by the gigantic axe head. The second worse possibility was that the lasso would be easily sliced by the hatchet!

The decaying undead struggled frantically on the floorboard, without intelligence it did not know how to undo or loosen the lasso. He only aggressively struggled which only resulted in the lasso tightening further. Sheyan gently gazed at it, he then turned around and headed out to the deck. Very swiftly he returned carrying a barrel. The liquid within the barrel gave off a piercing odour, rippling with viscosity, it was kerosene that would be used to set ablaze enemy ships.

Sheyan placed the barrel to approximately 4 metres away from the decaying undead, proceeding to kick it over, as the viscous kerosene flowed towards it. The viscous kerosene started mixing against this crippled decaying undead, its oily nature caused the undead's struggle to be further in vain. Sheyan then grabbed a flaming torch from a nearby pirate that came to help him, calmly he proclaimed:


He then spun round to ascend the flight of stairs leading to the deck, at the same time closing the cabin door. Before closing the door, that flaming torch was tossed over, rotating a few rounds in mid air and finally resting in front of the decaying undead's face.

A raging inferno surged upwards, swallowing everything in a matter of seconds.

Sheyan walked out drenched in blood, behind him smoke was billowing out. One pirate hurriedly rushed over opening his mouth to speak but when Sheyan glanced at him, he became intimidated by the fiery flare. After a while he finally muttered out softly.

’’Crew... crew head, the captain and chief officer are inviting you over.

Sheyan slightly shaken, but calmly replied:

’’Chief officer?’’

This pirate could no longer conceal his joy and said:

’’Yes, Chief officer harry has regained consciousness, he doesn't look very bad. Navigator Xiaer has examined him, he should be fine after resting for a few days.’’

Sheyan gently nodded his head, softly replying.

’’The goods on the merchant ship are almost done shifting, I will go over once I settle this trifling matter.’’

To Ammand, Scarface Harry turning out fine was like a cardiac stimulant. As long as this loyal and formidable viking remained, then Ammand would once again occupy superiority over his crew. He no longer needed to worry about Robben solidifying his vice officer position. The valiant Scarface Harry was a formidable chief officer, the mediocre Robben will definitely be marginalized by him easily thereby lowering his influence. Besides Sheyan had no plans (he could not) to remain on the Bell and Mug forever, his earlier spectacle was only to gain more benefits, that's all.

The fire beneath gradually extinguished, Sheyan once again opened the door to enter. The cabin floor was thoroughly burnt, as the seawater gushed in through the holes, rapidly filling up the entire cabin. The decaying undead had been utterly set ablaze and only a heap of black ash remained, which very quickly dissolved into the seawater. Sheyan bent his waist, scooping up a glowing light blue key, he then received the nightmare imprint's notification:

You have killed the decaying undead ’’Chewed ear’’ (Medium degree injury)

Your reputation amongst the pirates is raised by 500 points

Your reputation is now amicable: 1777/3000

Sheyan observed the notification, his heart plagued with several regrets. Because this decaying undead had already suffered medium degree injuries before he eliminated it. That is why the dropped key reward was only light blue. Based on his previous report, the realm encouraged contestants teaming up to engage in battles. Therefore from this reasoning, if Sheyan had formed a party with him as the authority, then killing a perfect state decaying undead wasn't impossible. Receiving a deep blue key rather than a light blue key, which may even produce weapons that were similar to that terrifying gigantic hatchet. But more or less the victory rewards would be split out between 7-8 people.

More importantly, 7-8 people can already be considered a medium sized party. Under the previous scenario, Sheyan leading a small party of 2-3 people would have certain difficulties, how was he going to achieve the commanding privileges of a medium sized party. Therefore by temporarily going solo, his rewards would definitely be much richer!

Pondering, Sheyan formed a cold smile with his lips. He then summoned forth the chest and unlocked it, a series of notifications followed.

You have received an item: A beating heart.

A eating heart (Mission item) :

Item rarity: Black

This heart had indications of rotting, but it was still steadily beating! This was unfathomable miracle, whether it was the Flying Dutchman's vice officer old Bill, or Queen Anne's revenge captain Blackbeard, they all had interest in this object. Please decide for yourself who you want to exchange it with.

You received a dark blue ability scroll: Voodoo cult basic witchcraft lvl 3.

Voodoo cult basic witchcraft lvl3: learning this skill will require basic prayer lvl 4, basic meditation lvl 4, intelligence above 25 points.

Learning effects: Raise your voodoo cult basic witchcraft effectiveness by 10 (Inclusive of might and duration)

Learning effects: Enable you to further learn high grade voodoo cult witchcraft abilities.

Completion of the respective mission will enable you to grasp the dark curse ability: Consume sorcery material to cast a curse on an enemy within 5 metres, causing the enemy's spirit and physical body to suffer torment. Within 10 seconds, total of (20 + spirit value) x 4 damage. Ability may be further influenced by personal spirit points.

Pointer: If you place the curse on a target away from his scope of vision, you will not enter the battle state, and will not result in notifications from your nightmare imprint.

You received a light blue equipment: Rotten bone ring

Rotten bone ring

Equipment rarity: Light blue

Equipment effects: strength +1, physique +1

Equipment requirements: Strength 8 points, physique 10 points

Equipment position: Finger

Material: bone

Weight: 4 g

Description: This ring was made by using bits of rotting finger bones pieced together, it also emits a nauseatic odour. May God bless you will not be pestered by the grieving spirits.

Equipment battle score: 7

This light blue ring actually produced out a dark blue characteristic scroll/ one black type mission object, this unexpected surprise no doubt caused Sheyan to be delighted. Furthermore, that rotten bone ring was somewhat an item that Sheyan had anticipated, similar in the strength nature of the decaying undead beast. Most of the time the loot or equipment would be related to the master. He suddenly recalled previously killing the patrol guard 'Dice' Coutts and receiving an unexamined brass ring. He had no clue what were the equipment's attributes.


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