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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 22


Chapter 22: Scheming Battle

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

After luring the decaying undead to a cabin at the back of the ship, Sheyan then tossed away the drained corpses. Firmly holding his ground, he gave an icy chill stare towards this huge creature. That beast picked up one of the corpses, holding it by the head and leg, it raised the corpse up above its head. Then like drying a wet towel, it forcefully twisted the corpse, widening up its mouth to receive the dripping blood. The sound of bones crushing and flesh twisting was chilling to the bones and was bloody terrifying to behold.

These two corpses, had already been drained dry by Sheyan, the blood had long ago stopped flowing. After squeezing two bodies, the decaying undead still wasn't satisfied by the blood quantity, flinging away the body it roared out in frenzy. Spinning round, it faced Sheyan!

Sheyan was wielding an enormous shield he found by chance, coldly staring back at it.

The decaying undead took a step forward, raising the gigantic hatchet and started rotating, its action were like that of a shot put athlete! In this narrow cabin, a violent whizzing wind sound filled the air, this sort of feeling was like a sail released at maximum from a huge wind. Following that, that gigantic hatchet burst forward!

Sheyan went into a half squat stance, thrusting the bottom of the shield into the ground and pressing his shoulder heavily against it! Although this shield was inconveniently heavy, it was used to guard against the spear attacks of calvaries. Its thickness was close to 30 centimeters. When the gigantic hatchet smashed against the shield, a booming loud pound followed by metal rattling sound could be heard. The sound echoed throughout the ship, filtering through the walls as it grew softer. The pirates who were moving goods 20 plus meters away turned pale and suffocating from the sound, as a buzzing sound remained in their ears. It was like they were punched in the chest and retreated 7-8 steps back!

Sheyan at the core of it was worse off, blood leaked out from the corner of his lips as he stumbled backwards by a few steps. A numb buzzing sound reverberated in his ears causing a sharp matchless pain! However his HP merely dropped by 30 points. He had already equipped the hidden title ’’Pirate ringleader’’, and after this his strength and physique had increased by 2 each, his strength had reached 13 points, equal to this gruesome beast!

Of course, after causing such discomfort to Sheyan, the recoil from throwing that gigantic hatchet was equally tremendous. If that decaying undead was a living being, both his hands would have been shredded and covered in blood, instead it was a painless immune abomination. Its only reaction was raging even more! Roaring out loudly it started to spin round, stepping forward grabbing that gigantic hatchet as he cut down again! This time's attack carried as much ferocity as the previous! Sheyan once again holding dearly onto his shield could clearly see a black dense liquid flowing out from the webbing of his filthy hands.

Right as the hatchet and shield was about to collide, Sheyan's eyes blazed with a fanatical rage. He instantly loosened both hands, and leapt to the ground!

’’Clank!!..... Chunk!’’ A loud crashing sound followed by another chopping sound. Against such immense force, this semi-cracked shield was blasted around the cabin as it crashed randomly against the walls. Behind Sheyan, the wooden wall was chopped thoroughly by the gigantic hatchet! The broken splinters shot out everywhere as some pieces even flew 10 metres out into the sea. From afar, it was like this merchant ship had suffered another violent bombardment. On the ship's hull half a metre above the water, clearly seen was a two metre long and wide split. A gust of fresh sea breeze blew into the previously dark and gloomy cabin, even the stench coming out from the decaying undead was blown away.

With a groan, Sheyan used his strength to pluck out a metal shard broken off from the shield from his thigh, as blood gushed out. The battlefield was filled with accidental variables, once the shield cracked open, a broken shard pierced deeply into Sheyan's thigh. This one accident resulted in a high 40 points of damage to Sheyan, and caused an additional 30 seconds loss of blood effect duration. Upon catching the scent of fresh blood, the decaying undead went wild, using both hands to support the gigantic hatchet, it raised it up like a golf club and crazily chopped down!

Faced with imminent peril, Sheyan drew out his sabre in the nick of time to block! The sabre immediately bent upon impact forming a 'U' shape, concurrently, Sheyan's left hand emitted a metalling brilliance as his vicious looking cobalt steel exoskeleton appeared.Even though he managed to fend off this insane blow, the cobalt steel exoskeleton was not a defensive equipment by nature, thus Sheyan still suffered heavy damages.

Flying back a total of 5-6 metres from the impact, he spat out a mouthful of blood in midair and he quickly wiped away the blood. However when Sheyan regained his footing, he again vomited a mouthful of blood, blood was even dripping out of his ears and nose. The blow flowed down like a mini red serpent, as the nightmare imprint emotionlessly notified:

’’You suffered a vertical slash from the decaying undead, receiving a total of 97 - 25 points of damage. Your total damage received is 72 points!’’

’’You are currently in a state of excessive blood loss, draining 5 HP every 5 seconds, total duration of 30 seconds. Duration left: 13 seconds.’’

’’Your HP is left with (45/180 points)!’’ (After battling with the spanish troops previously, although he had rested a little, when facing this decaying undead he was unable to restore his maximum potential)

’’Your HP is in a critical status, please rapidly replenish your physique or flee the danger zone.’’

Sheyan eyes flickered with a perilous glow. Still his expression remained fully confident. If the decaying undead had intelligence and rationality, then this would be a complete disaster. Instead the sorcerer had already lost control of it, it was just a wild beast that followed its dense body rather than its head!

Once again the decaying undead braced its shoulders, tensing its muscles strongly. The strength it utilized was so great that the stitches joining its body were distinctly stretched, as the pores of the stitches turned oval. A greenish black liquid flowed out. It gradually started spinning, in the next second it would once again step forward and swing out its gigantic hatchet. At this crucial moment, Sheyan darted forward like a leopard, charging forward in great speed for a few steps. Summoning strength from his entire body, with a flying kick he heavily stomping against the right condyles (Knee cap) that the decaying undead was heavily relying on.

That black axe head swung 2 inches above Sheyan's face, bringing in a wild raging wind as it cut against Sheyan's hair. Sheyan then felt from beneath the area that his legs were stepping on a distinct popping sound, as though something had broke and became misaligned. Afterwards a humongous figure flew backwards away from Sheyan, staggering a few steps and suddenly its immense leg could not support the weight! ’’Thump!’’ It crashed into the previously chopped open hole, breaking it further as it fell into the sea!

3 moves! Although Sheyan only exchanged 3 moves with this humongous beast, Sheyan had exhausted his brain and painstakingly crystallized his scheme! Sheyan's first move of resistance was just to test out the killing power of the beast, calculating it it was enough to perfectly execute the second part! Further agitating this beast, his second aim was to lure this beast into smashing up a hole at the side of the cabin. Furthermore, he willingly forced himself into a corner to set up a misinterpretation of that beast that ’’this prey has nowhere else to escape.’’ Therefore when executing its third move it was already convinced of its imminent victory, utilizing its full power to fiercely attack. In the end it could only pathetically fall into the sea empty handedly.

Actually, the reason why Sheyan was willing to take such a risk was because he knew that this beast had a mere 4 points in agility and 3 points in perceptive sensing. Furthermore his personal agility had reached 8 points, twice the agility of this beast. Needless to say was his high perceptive sensing. If not, if the beast was faster, than Sheyan would definitely have had a tragic conclusion!

Of course , more importantly was that the master sorcerer that was controlling the decaying undead had already fled. If not these crafty sorcerers with many tricks up their sleeves in control of this decaying undead, even Ammand would be afraid to a certain degree. After losing its master, this brainless decaying undead combat abilities had plunged by at least 50%!

The decaying undead was obviously not so easily eliminated.

Sheyan's objective of his layout was aimed with the gigantic hatchet in mind. This tireless and immune to pain freak coupled with such a terrifying gigantic weapon, its battle power could not be simply measure in numbers but in multiplication of a few folds! Once this gigantic hatchet was eradicated, this horrifying undead creature was like a tiger without its fangs, a archer without its bow, the threat was no longer that huge.

Sheyan had already calculated perfectly in his plot, the decaying undead's body was made up of different body parts stitched together into a corrupted pile. Even if it couldn't swim it would not drown to death as a decomposing corpse is lighter than water. In the present world, he learned that a dead corpse once thrown into the water after a period of time will eventually float up. However, if he added this gigantic heavy axe, then the body would naturally submerge.

Thus this was left with two conclusions:

One is the decaying undead was willing to submerge and refuse to let go of the hatchet, then it would no longer pose a threat.

Next is that the decaying undead released the hatchet, floating on the water and once again climbed on board for revenge. This was the consequence that Sheyan favoured. Once that beast had lost its precious weapon, and its right leg was broken beyond hope, although it couldn't feel pain, its movement would still be greatly impaired!


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