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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 21


Chapter 21: Sheyan's ploy

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Ammand's plan could be said to be quite bright, but he didn't know that Sheyan had been working on a ship since he was 14 years old. Based on knowledge and experience, to scheme and conspire against each other in this sort of dog eat dog situation, compared to those wily old foxes, Ammand was still years away. Although ahead was that horrifying decaying undead, Sheyan turn his head and casually chatted with Robben.

’’There's a story that is passed down through generations from my hometown, you wanna listen?’’

Robben wasn't stupid, he knew that without Sheyan's backing, he would never had climbed up to the rank of vice officer. Thus he knew that what he had to do now was to tightly clutch onto this huge foothold. Sheyan suddenly mentioning a story in such a critical time was beyond reasonable limits, unconstrained by circumstances. Instead the old fox Robbern eagerly replied.

’’I am very interested.’’

Sheyan whispered:

’’Roughly 300 years ago, my hometown was governed by a huge empire. The king was old and plagued by a terminal illness, but he had 3 sons. The first prince was mediocre but he had the right of inheritance, the 3rd prince was greedy, narrow-minded and despiseful while only the second prince was capable and virtuous. His prestige was great in the country but he did not have the favour of the old king. Under such a situation, the first and third prince conspired against the second prince.’’

’’When that happened,the 2nd prince outrageously raised an army, swiftly killing off his brothers without listening, you guess what was the reaction of the old king?’’

The stunned Robben replied:

’’The old king did not like the second prince, furthermore he committed such atrocities like murdering his brothers.Wouldn't the old king be furious and sentence the second prince to death?’’

Sheyan coldly replied:

’’No! In the end the old king chose to give up his position to the second prince.’’

Robben was amazed, Sheyan then continued:

’’The reason why the old king chose the second prince was because he got rid of all the stumbling blocks who could replace him. If the old king didn't want his empire to decline, his only choice was to pretend nothing had happen and transfer the rights to the second prince!’’

After saying this, Sheyan shut his mouth and looked intently into Robben's eyes. A hint of maliciousness formed in Robben's eyes, he suddenly understood why Sheyan chose such an unsuitable time to tell a story. Also he was not willing to give up the power that he had attained, for that he was willing to pay any price! He immediately shouted at his own trusted aide beside him.

’’Go and call 'Sea Wolf' Shelly, 'Hermit crab' Zier, and Lemuer here!’’

This was Sheyan's superior thinking, he currently wasn't informed of the insider happenings amongst the pirates, but Robben was his snitch. This old fox had ventured in the seas for decades, he even knew clearly Ammand's background, what more the people on this pirate ship? Ammand wasn't willing to use him because he was extremely mediocre, but after being repressed for decades, Robben would not view himself as ordinary. His heart was overwhelmed with grievance, and thus would do his utmost in protecting his position of power!

Although calling these 3 people seemed like there was no relation, once Ammand stripped him of his temporary vice officer position, that position would naturally be replaced by one of the 3! If those 3 fell into any mishap, then Ammand would be left with no one to use, never forget that the ship still had the ambitious Xiaer on board! If he forcefully dismissed Robben, then his popularity amongst the pirate would be slowly nibbled away by these pirates. Then Robben's position would really solidify and his temporary status would be revoked giving him a permanent one.

Presently, Scarface Harry was battling death, the new vice officer Robben temporarily took on his responsibilities, if not he would not be able to summon these 3 persons. However these 3 persons stood crooked from side to side, obviously not very happy. Especially 'Sea Wolf' Shelly, he stood crookedly and leaned against the wall, with a cold laughter and sarcastic tone he said.

’’Temporary vice officer, what do you want from us?’’

He purposely emphasised on the word 'temporary'.

Robben was naturally a narrow minded person, after listening to the 3 pirate's sharp and unkind tone, his prior hesitant feelings was immediately thrown into the caribbean sea. Laughing sharply he replied.

’’Nothing much, just a lack of manpower here. Only that damned decaying undead on the merchant ship requires your help to get rid of.’’

The 3 guys felt a chill over them, taking a step back they held on to the hilt of their sabres. The 'Sea Wolf' Shelly and Zier had a close relationship, they glanced at each other then in unison pulled out their blades and charged against Robben. Previously following Ammand's onslaught, they knew the potency of his decaying undead, furthermore their condition now was like an arrow at the end of its flight. If they face off with that heinous creature, the chances of surviving is uncertain, they rather revolt!

Robben predicted such a scenario and earlier on placed a trap, the normally amicable pirates around them eyed covetously at them. Behind them also had the gunmen group that Sheyan had constructed at the last minute, therefore these low rank pirates had nowhere to run! After a series of gunshots and slashings, the two of them covered in wounds immediately died an unjust death, collapsing to the ground.

Only Lemuer was willing to cooperate, standing in his place he laughed and looked at Robben.

’’Robben, give me a way out? I just need a small boat, the Black Pearl's old Jack still owes me a favour, I was thinking of going over already.’’

Robben previously owed Lemuer a favour, their relationship wasn't at all rigid, killing him off wasn't a necessity, thus he gave Lemuer a small boat. Personally witnessing him get on board and started rowing to the Black Pearl. When Robben returned, he had noticed that Sheyan had already gone missing. Sheyan had ordered them not to follow as he carried the two blood dripping corpses into a deep cabin within the ship.

Currently, Sheyan had already met that horrendous decaying undead. Utilizing his insight ability, he instantly received a huge amount of details:

’’Chewed ear’’ (Medium degree injury)

Species: Voodoo cult decaying undead

Lifespan: 7 days (Remaining 3 days 08 hours)

Height: 7 foot 2 inches, Weight: 203kg

Strength: 13 points

Agility: 4 points

Physique: 3 points

Perceptive sensing: 3 points

Charm: 0 points

Intelligence: 3 points

Spirit: 2 points

Remainder HP: 736 points

Basic close combat lvl 4

Basic close combat advance skill: Employing Heavy weapons lvl 3

Undead creature characteristic: Immune to fear, effects of ailments, deformation, pain and bleeding.

Undead creature characteristics: divine type abilities will deal twofold damages to it, fire type attacks will deal 1.5 times damage.

Decaying undead characteristic: Devil's strength, when dealing a close combat strike, 70% chance of causing a lower strength opponent to be blown away, 50% chance against opponents of the same strength and 10% chance against opponents of higher strength.

Decaying undead characteristic: Flesh heap, Decaying undead is a creature made up of body parts of different corpses, any deficiency of any part will not affect the overall combat capability.

Decaying undead characteristics: Tenacity lvl 4, Additional 1200 HP, when sustaining a physical attacking from this creature, there is a 10% of receiving additional 100 points of damage.

Decaying undead characteristic: Weak willpower, this sort of creature with no intelligence capability is easily enslaved - If your black magic is stronger than the host sorceror.

Presently, the decaying undead had lost part its head, the innards of his head was leaking out. It did not have a human skull or brain, only a rotting black substance. Due to being engulfed by the flames previously, the leather clothes it was wearing was utterly burn out, leaking out a sinister appearance. Its body had distinct stitches tracing, the stitching thread could be seen to be made up of the hair of dead women and human skin. The metal spikes extended out of its body were drenched in blood red, like the blood had previously dried up on it.

Sheyan paused 20 metres away from this heinous creature, because it had begun to notice him as well. Looking here, its fat black nostrils kept flaring, very obvious this heavily injured creature was trying to smell out its prey. Sheyan laughed coldly, grabbing onto a dagger he was biting on, retreating a few steps back and sliced his own palm.

'Seawolf' and Zier these two unlucky brats after dying not too long ago, their blood naturally flowed out forming a thick pool of blood on the ground. Sheyan then dragged their corpses slowly round the sides. Naturally this would leave a clear trace of blood, following this thick aroma of blood in the air, that horrifying decaying undead acted accordingly to Sheyan;s plan. Dragging that humongous hatchet as he slowly followed the trace of blood.

Ammand secretly laid a snare for Sheyan but instead surmounted to nothing as it was easily solved by Sheyan. The primary problem was that the decaying undead was blocking the ship's cargo, causing the pirates to be unable to move those valuable and heavy goods. Ammand got rashly caught up in the wrong notion that ’’It is necessary to kill the decaying undead before being able to clear the passageway for the goods.’’ Yet he did not calculate that Sheyan would be able to lure this crazy and uncontrollable freak away! This was the best of both worlds. One, Robben could successfully lead the pirates in completing the transporting work, and secondly Sheyan had enough time to try and eliminate this heinous creature.


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