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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 20


Chapter 20:Ammand's Ploy

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Erwin hadn't expected that Sheyan would make such a bold move at this critical time, but his character was dauntless, with a cry he raised his right arm to receive this strike! Simultaneously, pulling out his blade to retaliate at Sheyan. Similarly Sheyan did not attempt to dodge, lifting his left hand to seize Erwin's incoming blade. Blood flowed out within his palms, yet Sheyan treated it like nothing as he swiftly slashed out again!

Erwin groaned out in pain, clutching his shoulder as he retreated. Sheyan did not give him any breathing space, stepping in and heavily kicking at his abdomen. This one kick contained such strength that it blew this unlucky guy overboard. Screaming miserably in mid air as he submerged into the sea with a slash.

Sheyan then turned around, as though nothing had happened, he flinged the hand that was bleeding. The few guys witnessing what happened to this Venomous Erwin was dumbstruck. Sheyan immediately called out:

’’What was his position of this ship again?’’

Before he acted as though he was still as a virgin, but when moving he was as agile as an escaping rabbit. This left a deep impression on people, and under his cutting and intent gaze, unable to bear this anymore, a skinny pirate retreated half a step and uttered:

’’Its.... vice officer.’’

Sheyan once again asked:

’’What is your name?’’

That startled skinny pirate instantly replied:

’’I'm Robben, they call me Long Legs Robben.’’

’’Now you are vice officer. If you do not wish to turn into the Caribbean sea shark's dinner in the next few minutes, then hurry up and bring them to reinforce the left deck. Hurry!’’ Sheyan called out in a severe tone, his eyes shining with killing intent!

Robben has likely received a dizzy spell due to the sudden promotion from the heavens, tossing out his original notion of wanting to avenge Erwin. Reacting to Sheyan's sudden command, he instantly drew his sabre and cried out, charging to the left side of the deck and forcing back the spanish soldiers who had already breached in. Ammand was spectating everything, he naturally understood that this brat Erwin had seized the chance to steal credit, yet he did not predict that Sheyan would exhibit such ruthlessness. Without a word, instantly killing off this obstacle!

Erwin being able to hold the vice officer position, naturally was one of Ammand's earlier confidant. Already heavily injured, he received a slash and got kicked into the sea. Seeing this, Ammand felt his heart twitch with pain. However, Sheyan had pulled strongly against a crazy tide, his merits were as clear as daylight. Any ill feelings were useless, and he even had to reward and coax Sheyan.

Primarily, he had to display his impartiality in rewarding and punishing, secondly was because in this one battle, Ammand's elite forces had suffered heavy losses. Crew head Cuaron had died, Scarface Harry had fainted from the heavy blow to his head, vice officer Erwin was thrown into the sea. If he had to add the few other elite pirates who gave their lives blocking that decaying undead, Ammand had lost at least 60 percent of his powerful faction in this battle.

Under such a situation if Ammand did not manage his rewards and punishments well, agitating the masses, then his crew would certainly become divided. Besides Sheyan's fame had soared within the hearts of these pirates in this battle, if he wanted to get rid of him, Sheyan may in fact collude with Xiaer to stab him in the back!

As the battle progressed, the british navy gradually gained the advantage. Besides, their forces had a full legendary squad in those 4 warships, each legendary abilities not losing to one another. Although the Spanish Paragon fleet had an unyielding strength and immense firepower, coupled with their strict discipline, they still succumbed slowly to the to their enemies. They started to pull back in defense. The merchant Fernandez sensing something was amiss, begin his abandoning ship tactics. Summoning a huge portion of his elite mercenaries to guard himself and his largest merchant ship, he tossed out the heavy goods and tried to make do with the lighter but more valuable items.

Under such circumstances, Guatas still blocking Ammand had no intentions of fighting on. Besides, Ammand was not in the mood to fight as well, both on the same page they took a step backwards at the same time, considered to have reach a mutual understanding. Once Ammand returned to his ship, Sheyan discreetly kneeled down, using both hands to offer up the sabre he had stolen as he raised his voice in celebration:

’’The great son of the Black sea, we welcome you back!’’

Ammand's gaze flickered, he then saw that the remaining lucky survivors of the Bell and Mug were currently gazing towards here. Especially that Robben with a sickening blazing look in his eyes. Because once Sheyan had received the acknowledgement of the captain, the position of vice officer bestowed by Sheyan would be half secured! Ammand judging this scene, he knew the general trend and what the masses yearned for. Huffing out a deep breath, he drew his silver sword upon his waist, pressing the sword on Sheyan's shoulder. Using a solemn tone, he raised his voice:

’’Well done! Seaman Yan from the East! From today onwards, you are the new crew head of the Bell and Mug!’’

Sheyan's eyes flickered brightly, yet he remained silent. Yet, most of the pirates previously guarding the Bell and Mug cheered out loud. This was clear in their hearts, without Sheyan they would have already been defeated by the Spanish soldiers earlier on. That conclusion had two consequences, one was to die by the blade or tossed into the sea and drown. Following that, Ammand could only pinch his nose and acknowledge this Robben to be acting vice officer. Simultaneously, Sheyan received notifications from the nightmare imprint:

’’You received from the Captain of the Bell and Mug: Boss rank storyline character Ammand's appointment.’’

’’You have been appointed as crew head of the Bell and Mug’’

’’You have earned 1200 points of popularity amongst the pirates. From a cold 24/1000 points, raised to an amicable 224/3000.’’

(TN: once the counter is met, its rating would be upgraded and the counter would restart from zero. Exceeding points would carry over. E.g. cold 24/1000 after reaching 1000, it would upgrade to the next rating to amicable 224/3000)

’’You have acquired a hidden achievement: Pirate ringleader.’’

’’You have acquired a hidden title: Pirate ringleader.’’ (Equipping bonuses: Once you stay on the ship, strength +2, physique +2, in a radius of 30 metres, your ally acting capabilities will raise by 10%)

’’You have acquired a hidden achievement, your meritorious deed level is 1.’’ (Every hidden achievement would raise your meritorious deed level)

Presently, Ammand was exhausted and his thoughts were numerous and disorderly. So many changes had happened all of a sudden within a short span of time. As expected of a commanding officer, he observed as his new crew head Sheyan faithfully assuming his new role and following his order to clean up the remaining enemies. In addition, to complete the job of looting the merchant ship. Most of the remainder pirates knew that Sheyan was ruthless, even cutting down and feeding to the sharks Erwin who had braved numerous life and death occasions with Ammand for 10 years. Thus, they obediently followed his instructions.

At this moment, Chris who had previously retired to the cabin surfaced, his face filled with smiles as he wanted to congratulate Sheyan. However, he saw an urgent Robben running in hastily with his sabre in his hand, urgently speaking:

’’Crewhead! That demon from hell is blocking the cargo!’’

Sheyan felt his heart stirred and replied:

’’What demon?’’

Robben urgently said:

’’It's that damnable spanish decaying undead. Half of that thing's head has been burnt off, but once anyone goes near it, it will go crazy and start attacking! Nobody is able to get close!’’

Pressing his hand on the hilt of his dagger he softly spoke:

’’I'll take a look.’’

In the earlier battle, Sheyan had already fought bravely at the blood-soaked frontline. Yet with his new position as crew head, although there were certain perks, in reality his rewards were extremely limited. He only received 3 greyish keys, opening their respective tattered chests, it mostly contained a torn purse, inside were only 2-3 shillings and one was actually empty. His total earnings did not even reach one pound sterling. Presently, that crazy decaying undead no doubt would have a huge probability of dropping high grade items. How would it not let Sheyan look forward in anticipation?

Under Robben's lead, Sheyan very quickly arrived at the second level of the merchant ship. After a series of intense battle, the entire ship was in ruins. Furthermore a huge hole was knocked in the right side at the start by the Bell and Mug. It was currently leaking water, and was starting to incline slowly, seem like it would capsize in half an hour. Naturally Ammand had accounted for this point, once Sheyan was unable to settle this mighty decaying undead in a short time, then it would delay the process of transporting the plundered goods.

What was the primary motive for a pirate to risk his head out at sea? Excluding Jack Sparrow, whose mind was only filled with risks and romance, over 90% of them were here for the generous profits. Once the new crew head Sheyan had messed up this issue, then this captain Ammand would be able to rightly and properly deduct from the divided booty and blame it on Sheyan's blunder that he did not plunder enough treasures. The pirates would then direct their resentment towards Sheyan.

To Ammand, this was ultimately a win-win situation for him. He could personally misappropriate a huge portion of the loot, and successfully hurting Sheyan's reputation. Once this sort of cases repeatedly happened, Ammand can then strip off the position of crew head from Shean and give to another. Then the crowd's expectation would return and wouldn't find a fault in his new appointing.


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