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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 14


Chapter 14: Milestone achieved!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Sheyan elegantly smiled as he listened to the old man introduce the objects in this store. However he treated this old crook's words as garbage, letting the go in from the left and out from the right. Following that he hurriedly shouted out to the streets:

’’David! Over here, lend 2 pound sterlings to me!’’

’’Wait!’’ Mole Waller suddenly called out, with a sunken face he said: ’’Alright, I want to buy this golden coin, state your price.’’

Sheyan instantly replied:

’’12 pounds sterling, because I want to purchase your holy tree branch, you can pass me 10 pounds.’’

Sheyan knew that he had been made a fool by Chris, this brat only told him the mission sequence and omitted that he needed to purchase something from Mole Waller in order to reach a friendly and amicable stage. Of course a person with high charm will be able to instantly trigger the mission. Hence this stinking worm Chris's goal was very simple, he wanted to let Sheyan hit a chokepoint in this mission and then return to find him, and at the same time suck out some benefits. In the nightmare realm, it was always personal gains first, under most circumstances, a person's actions would be driven by the benefits involved.

Sheyan knew he had to negotiate with Mole Waller and not blatantly gifting him with the gold coin because his personal charm wasn't high. This old man was obviously a greedy and dishonest shark. These shark's nature were to not engage in business that was unprofitable, therefore if had merely gifted that gold coin, he would most likely still be unable to reach the mission's criteria. Then he would ultimately still reach a chokepoint, and needed to return to beg Chris for help.

Hearing the words ’’10 pound sterlings,’’ This old man pounced up like a mad dog, shouting out with saliva flying: ’’No way! Maximum is 6 pounds!’’

He probably understood that his outburst had no effects, so Mole Waller exhibited a hooligan-like behavior and refused to return the golden coin. Sheyan had tried using both the carrot and stick methods but still had no results, because that side mission starting point resided in this crook's head. Therefore he unwillingly completed the deal. This moment, he once again tried mentioning the lady Tatasha, and this old man finally opened his mouth:

’’Tatasha.... This girl actually remembers me.’’

Sheyan's ear became fully erect, however... following on there was nothing! This old crook started to talk a whole load of rubbish.

’’Hais, I've not talked so much to someone in a long while. I'm so thirsty, not sure if the opposite Iron Hoop bar has restocked on its golden rum.’’

Sheyan resisted his rage, once he went to the opposite bar and inquire then it would be done. However, it was one tiny bucket for one pound sterling (Roughly the size of a draught beer). Without a choice, he could only spend his money to please this old man. After sampling this fragrant rum, Mole Waller was satisfied and eventually divulged everything.

This old man was actually fallen nobility from India, when he was young he interacted with someone he should not have, he then became a seaman. He then followed the then East India Trading company's ship to Europe. In his frustrated and destitute state, he met a group of gypsy troops. Forced by poverty, he turned to robbery and was discovered by a gypsy, he then miscalculated and killed the guy.

The gypsy was of nomadic ethnicity, like the nomads of the grasslands he had no fixed residence. Grassland nomads would pursue water and grass fields, however his was sailing on a schooner and he repeatedly sailed from one city to another. Therefore their status was low, and the law held them in disregard. Under such circumstances, the murderous Mole Waller fled. Ever since then, he would get nightmares every day, and his nightmares were of him killing that gypsy.’’

This persisted for a month,and Mole Waller who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown once again returned to the group of gypsies. He then found out someone had placed a curse on him, and that was his victim's fiance - Lady Tatasha. Because Tatasha's wedding was an arranged one, she did not harbor much hatred towards Waller, placing a curse of only 3 years and then letting him free.

After a mouth of golden rum, Waller sighed and spoke:

’’Go on, what is her message?’’

Sheyan stared into Mole Waller's eyes, saying out this hidden mission's key phrase:

’’The living nurtures the dead, and loneliness kills the warmth, nine wild ducks fly over a fierce tiger.’’

After listening to these strange words, Waller's wrinkles became more profound. Pausing he then shook his head, walking into the room, he retrieved a sparkling and transparent fragment, passing it to Sheyan. Sheyan instantly received a notification:

’’You have acquired a mission object: A gypsy's prophecy crystal ball fragment. Using it: It will give light on your future path, allowing you to step onto life's correct crossroads.’’

Once the mission had advanced to this stage, it had no relation to the old man Waller anymore. Sheyan heaved a sigh of relief, walking to the shore, he placed the crystal ball fragment into the sea. The crystal ball fragment melted into a fragmented brilliance, then it started fusing together. As the rays gradually combined, the phosphorescence formed into a sentence, then it vanished.

’’When the midnight bell sounds, whimpers of the departed spirits would be restored into truth, history's dust would be wiped away, the truth will finally be revealed.’’

Sheyan stood up, breathing with satisfaction. Once the mission had advanced to here, it was left with the last step: Once Midnight reaches. Although Chris was a devious brat, he merely played a few tiny schemes, because he knew that if he went overboard and the two fell out, he being the weaker one would greatly lose out.

Sheyan was prepared to make another trip to the port to gather information. Furthermore, he was currently carrying quite a load of cash, and thus wanted to drink a few mugs of rum to increase his completion of the drunkard milestone. However to his pleasant surprise, his drunkard milestone had previously reached a completion rate of 72/100! The milestone had mysteriously increased by 50 points! Thoroughly thinking, he immediately recalled that he had accompanied Mole Waller and drank a few mouths of golden rum. Unless one mouth of golden rum is worth 10 mugs of normal rum?

With this notion, Sheyan made haste to that Iron Hoop bar, requesting for another two buckets of golden rum! However he was cruelly informed that there was no more stock, any amount of cash would be useless. Without a choice, he returned to find Mole Waller, but who knew from far he could see that old man was already drunk, snoring loudly on sales counter. The two small wooden buckets were scattered to one side, the only word that could describe its contents was 'Droplets'. He could only leave in disappointment.

Looking at this milestone lacking in 28 mugs, Sheyan calculated, that was about 6 - 7 beer bottles in volume. To him, this wasn't a difficult mission, he then sat down and started drinking. People who went to the bar mostly came to pastime, even those with good alcohol tolerance would leisurely drink. The crowd in the bar were dumbstruck by Sheyan's behavior of repeatedly downing mugs of rum. He completely treated rum like water!

Sheyan was currently alone, in one breath he drank the entire 28 mugs. Feeling a little fuzzy, he received a series of notifications:

’’You have achieved your first milestone as a contestant.’’

’’Your achievement point is 1.’’ (To increase your achievement points, you must accomplish 10 milestones)

’’You have received a title: Drunkard.’’

’’Drunkard: once you drink an alcoholic beverage, your HP will decrease by 3, damage rate will increase by 4, duration of 60 minutes.’’

(TN: numbers should be referring to %)

’’At one time there can only be one title in effect, do you want to equip this title (drunkard)?’’

’’Initializing advanced milestone: Intoxicated man’’

’’Intoxicated man completion requirements: Drink every variant of rum, variants as follows.’’

’’Mulata: Manufactured by Santa Fe, Villa Clara Province, Rum company.’’

’’Ronrico : Puerto Rico manufactured rum.’’

’’Lambs potato rum: British Navy rum

’’Cockspum: Federation of the West Indies Distilleries manufacturing company.’’

’’Lemon Hart rum: Granulated sugar and rum commercial trading Harto company.’’

Sheyan was relatively satisfied with this 'Drunkard' milestone. Because to a person who engages in close combat, he did not need to have the precision skills of a long range one which would miss greatly even if a small aiming mistake was made. The decrease of HP by 3% is not serious, however that additional 4% bonus damage was extremely enticing. Even if he had to use 3% of his HP in exchange for 2% damage bonus he would gladly do so.

More importantly, one cannot forget about Sheyan's current status in the present world. He had to face both threats from the government as well as the underground society! Even if he received unimaginably strong equipments, he would not be able to bring them into the present world, which had no help to his condition. However a title was like a personal attribute, it was considered an abstract item and thus will not be restricted. If that's the case, it would be able to provide some sort of support to his present world self.

Currently in Sheyan's mind, he was forming up an extremely digressed train of thought... those historic drunken fist masters, could they have been contestants who were similar to him in achieving this drunken milestone?! That is why without wine they would unable to activate the title, thus their powers would naturally greatly decrease.


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