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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 13


Chapter 13: Importance of Charm

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Faced with Sheyan's interrogation, Chris bluntly used his nightmare imprint and transmitted details of the hidden mission to Sheyan. Sheyan nodded his head, pushing open the door to leave, however when he took two steps out, he turned back around.

’’Oh right.’’ Sheyan stared at Chris. ’’You are currently injured, your personal strength is also not very strong, those pirates are capable of killing, extortion... anything. They are not any good people. When I'm on board they wouldn't dare to touch you, if I have to run an errand at the port, you wouldn't be able to show your face in Tortuga port and can only stay on the ship. Therefore, from here onwards you need to fend for yourself.’’

Chris suddenly bolted up like a cat who just got his tail stepped on, exclaiming:

’’Heavens! You can't do this!’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, calmly replying:

’’Chris, I am not going back on our agreement. Speaking truthfully, you have not been fully honest with me either, therefore I do not feel the need to act in a manner that close friends comrades will.’’

Chris gave out a dry laugher saying:

’’Yan, how could you be like this?’’

Sheyan softly spoke:

’’Then why haven't you toldl me the reason you attacked Tortuga castle? The detailed process and the rewards for attacking...’’

Chris face turned bitter, stammering he replied:

’’You haven't mentioned this before, I still thought you weren't interested. My role in attacking the castle is actually very passive, the entire thing was arranged by Boss Nick. We were just like ordinary workers, just doing our individual parts and completing it was enough....’’

Chris was the perfect example of a person who acted simple and honest but was actually incomparably shrewd. In situations which cost him dearly, he was extremely decisive. In situations that were relatively normal he was like a wily old fox, not willing to divulge anything. After much beating around the bush, Sheyan only gotten the information that they charged into Tortuga castle to retrieve an important object. But this was better than nothing.

’’Alright.’’ Sheyan stared at Chris saying, ’’I have the infamous reputation of killing people on this ship, if anyone tries to find trouble, just announce to them you are related to me. If there is anything, I will mostly likely see to it. Even if they are daring, they would still think twice.’’

Chris had already thought of this beforehand, however he needed to have Sheyan's approval first. If he talked big to scare others, and when Sheyan returned but acted indifferent, then he believed those brats that he scared away would definitely come back stronger with a vengeance! Presently he obtained Sheyan's approval, thus he felt relaxed.

After settling Chris, Sheyan once again set sail out to Tortuga port. Without a doubt, that brat Chris had already been scared shitless, therefore his judgement had been greatly impaired. Furthermore, he had never experienced firsthand the kind of power that could even attempt to pillage Tortuga port, hence once Ammand started his interrogation, Chris would definitely leak out his individual report which was of utmost importance to these pirates.

However this didn't matter. Sheyan was willing to save him and bring him abroad, he naturally had plans on his own. His primary top priority was to first let Chris divulge out the hidden mission contents, then he can determine if this would clash with his earlier devised schemes.

Presently, Tortuga port was back to its bustling state, however the numerous pirates in the streets all looked unexplainably secretive. Furthermore, the Port's patrolling guards and helpers had been doubled, but the business traders had started to slash their prices and dump their goods. This sort of behavior looked like they planned to leave this place earlier. Sheyan followed Chris's estimated directions, he walked to a store on the west side of the port. Raising his head, he couldn't help feeling a peculiar sensation, this was actually the ’’Chicken and Dog’’ Store that he visited when he first entered this world.

Approaching the old man with a white bandana over his head, sweeping around with his feather duster, Sheyan projected out his deep voice:

’’Mr Mole Waller, Lady Tatasha from India has entrusted me with a message for you.’’

After listening to that, the old man did not have any reactions as he continued dusting around. Suddenly a small ceramic wine cup dropped from the shelf, shattering into 5-6 pieces. He coughed a few times, using his right hand to pick up the pieces, and then spoke out slowly:

’’Hais... old already, good for nothing.’’

’’!!......¥¥amp;...... F***!’’ Sheyan became depressed. ’’Why is it like that? Chris clearly told me that once i mentioned Lady Tatasha, this old man would sigh, and recount his past events! But why is it like that now?’’

’’Don't tell me that slut tricked me? However this was clearly transmitted by the nightmare imprint, he wouldn't be able to play any tricks. But what is going on right now?’’

Sheyan tried to strike a conversation with the old man, however the old man once again sat on his chair, and dazed out into the distant ocean without saying a single word. Sheyan was depressed and impatient, he wanted to punch this old man in the face. However he suddenly recalled the scenario when he first met this old man, after buying a few betel nuts then he managed to get information out of him. Following that, this old man had tried his best to recommend a tattered rope knot he said to ’’possess strange magic, protective talisman’’. However Sheyan just took off. Currently within the shop, that so called rope knot that was hanging on the wall had vanished!

After going through this memory, Sheyan immediately investigated the items in the store. He realized that the items that were sold since yesterday was quite a hand full. Furthermore those items were similar to the kind of trash objects would ’’Possess strange magic, protective talisman’’. His heart skipped a beat, pointing to a branch that was hanging on the wall he inquired:

’’How... how much for that?’’

Hearing a business opportunity, the old man lazily looked over, fuming he opened his mouth to scold:

’’Don't talk rubbish, what object? That is branch that dropped from the holy tree on the second sage of Mount Olympus! If not for the recent divine warning of ill omen, I wouldn't sell to others just to raise funds.’’

Sheyan did not dare to provoke him, nodding his head furiously and said:

’’Yes yes yes, then how much is this Mount Olympus holy tree branch?’’

Mole Waller angrily replied:

’’2 pounds, not buying then get lost!’’

Sheyan's face twitched, he realized the incompetency due to his lack of charm, lowering his voice he replied:

’’I do not have much on hand, can you make it a little cheaper?’’

The old man shook his head and said:

’’What? This beggar doesn't have enough money, then are you standing here wasting my time? You have 5 seconds to get out of my face, anyway this holy tree branch has a buyer waiting to collect it later on. You are not the only interested buyer.’’

At the start, in order to complete that drunkard milestone, Sheyan had spent all the money he had. Apart from that, the only cash left for him was that few shillings that the class II patrol guard Coutts and dropped, and that Edward fifth series golden pound. However the latter was a valuable object that could be brought out of this world, and could be changed for 400 utility points. Unless it was an emergency, Sheyan would definitely not use it. In front of him this old man was extremely strange, furthermore he had no means of finding cash in such a short time. Sheyan's heart stirred, he then produced the Edward fifth series golden pound sterling and said:

’’Okay! 2 pounds it is then, I will use this valuable collectable as collateral, I will return with money.’’

Actually Sheyan was probing, although this was supposed to be a grocery store, but half the house was filled with mysterious and strange objects. It looked like he was a valuable item collector. This sort of person according to logic would definitely show great interests in valuable collectables.

Expectedly, once Sheyan fished out that shimmering golden Edward fifth series gold pound, although this crafty old man did not move or say a word, his eyeballs uncontrollably focused on it. Following that he bit the coin, and blew on it, consecutively putting it near his ear to listen, finally he took out a pocket watch magnifying glass to examine it. He then reluctantly spoke:

’’How about this, you do not have to return to get your money. I have always been fair in my dealings, one golden pound sterling is roughly worth 5 pounds. I will give you a change of 3 pound sterlings.’’

After speaking he consecutively took out 3 pound sterlings, he looked as if he was about to toss it over! He did not care if Sheyan was willing, once he caught it, that would mean a done deal! Fortunately, Sheyan had starting working out at sea at the age of 14, he had already ran into countless con artists. Hence before the old man could toss out that 3 pound sterlings, both his hands were already stuffed into this pockets, causing the 3 ordinary pound sterlings to drop onto the floor. Laughing he said:

’’Such a coincidence! God has heard my plea, sending to me a familiar person, I will immediately find him to borrow that 2 pound sterlings, Mr Mole Waller please return the golden pound sterling to me.’’

This golden pound sterling landing into Moke Waller's hands was like a bone that had been bitten by a famished dog for two days. How could he easily let go? Immediately his tone became warm saying:

’’Actually this shop has other mystical treasures. Look, this mystical tail bone had been blessed before by a mysterious gypsy, if can change your fortune for the better. That? Ah that is the Atlantis Sea snail shell from the legends, it can emit a shout that can even sway the oceans....’’


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