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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Each harbouring ulterior motives

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Without a doubt, Ammand this name shook Chris to his core. Even if he tried to cover up, he could not conceal the envy and greed on his face, raising his head and turning around, he tried to probe further:

’’The Bell and Mug, we have already scouted before. It is merely comparable to a portion of those 3 huge pirate ships... I heard that after becoming the crew member of a large pirate ship, then you would enjoy certain benefits?

Sheyan straightforwardly said:

’’Yes, you will receive a side mission, its end direction is the 3 legendary pirate ships.’’

Chris swallowed his saliva:

’’Then your intention is to bring me aboard the Bell and Mug?’’

Sheyan nodded his head saying:

’’Thats right, presently undercurrents are rushing within the entire Tortuga port, even if the guards have such audacity, they wouldn't dare to request to board the ship, in fear of starting a riot from those greedy pirates. Therefore boarding the ship can ensure your safety, once the investigations have concluded then you can successfully escape.’’

Chris suddenly suspiciously said:

’’A pirate's suspicious nature is very strong, furthermore you just joined. Why would they allow you to bring a stranger on board?

Sheyan softly replied:

’’Therefore you and I must have an intimate relationship.... Conceal your damned perverted gaze! I have no interest towards a guy's ass. You can be my relative, or even my savior - we must make those scrum pirates believe that you are an important aspect of my life.’’

Chris heaved a sigh of relief as he satisfiedly said:

’’I reckon your idea is great, however it is not enough. If you can add those two suggestions together then this would be perfect. Cousin as well as a savior would increase the persuasive powers. Beloved Yan, then it is settled.’’

As they two chatted, Sheyan supported Chris towards the nearby the pier, hiding him at the nearby woods next to the shore. Following that, he struck out a signal towards the Bell and Mug within the port to send a small boat to fetch him. (In this era, the water nearby the port would normally be filled with sludge, and huge pirate ships need deep water to stay afloat. Therefore they were unable to approach close to the shore, in some cases the sludge was extremely serious and thus the ships distancing from the shore by even 1 hundred metres is something commonly seen. Therefore to travel to and from the shore would require a sampan/mini boat to bring people around)

In an instance, Sheyan was standing in front of Ammand inside the Captain's quarters. Ammand was currently holding and examining a yellowish stained map, his slim and prominent body remained extremely upright, looking like a bayonet on top of a rifle.

’’What's the matter?’’

Ammand's gaze swung onto Sheyan's body and then back towards that map.

Sheyan, neither servile nor overbearing, as he replied:

’’Very grateful for your honor's audience, however I am unable to live up to such abounding love. I currently met a tricky problem, in order to not implicate the rest of the crew of the Bell and Mug, I have no choice but to say farewell here.’’

Ammand continued facing his back towards Sheyan, however his pupils contracted:

’’You are already my crew member, therefore you must first explain fully what you plan to do and not face it alone!’’

Sheyan's eyes flickered with a concealed craftiness, following up with a heavy voice:

’’A few hours before that explosion in Tortuga's castle, I believe you have heard of it Captain ?’’

Ammand tightened his fist and then loosened it, yet with a soft tone he replied:

’’This matter is known to everyone.’’

Sheyan very sincerely continued:

’’My unfortunate cousin, Chris, was caught up in this ugly mess. Even worse, he is one of the participants in that scheme. When I discovered him on the west hills of this port, a patrol guard was in the midst of ripping his head off, therefore I stepped in and saved his life, killing off the guard in the process. The same as what he did for me two years ago in Southeast Asia, Manila.’’

Ammand pondered for a moment, and finally replied with a serious tone:

’’Then after leaving the Bell and Mug, what are your plans?’’

Sheyan with a perplexed face shook his head:

’’Presently I do not know, maybe hiding and laying low for awhile then find a boat and sail out.’’

’’Fool! Stupid!’’ Ammand suddenly raised his voice and turn around: ’’Do you not know how big is this Tortuga port island? It is not even a third of the Dyke county, even a small child can walk from the east to the west in 2 days!’’

’’Furthermore the Fokke family has resided here for a whole century, how long can you and your cousin hide? 2 days, 3? Until then even if you deny flatly, this will implicate till our heads. Do not forget that Scarface Harry brought you away with a witness of over 10 people! Seaman Yan from the East!’’

Sheyan's face leaked out a hesitated look, expressing his words with silence. Ammand continued with a tone as cold as metal:

’’Implicate? Pui! When you do something without thinking, that is called implicating. I warn you again, although you have become a crew member of the Bell and Mug, you must still think before you act! That is the basic starting point! Where is your cousin? Quickly organize someone to receive him onto the ship.’’

’’Captain!’’ Sheyan used a tone of extremely gratitude yet guilt to call out.

Ammand exhaled greatly, loftily waving his hand:

’’Go now, the Fokke family is currently in a hard pressed state, they do not have the balls to cause a ruckus on our Bell and Mug.’’

Sheyan nodded, politely bowing before he retreating out. Yet Ammand's eyes exhibited out a look of excitement from Sheyan's piece of information, this was definitely a huge cause of celebration! To the declining Tortuga port, this brazant assailant was a wanted fugitive. However to the ambitious pirate captain Ammand, this assailant served to be a valuable reward!’’

Although this brat caused such a ruckus, his strength should be pretty ordinary. However he managed to infiltrate into the Fokke residence, he probably managed to obtain a great deal of information within the Fokke residence. To obtain such observations and evaluations of this affluent yet weakening house, it was definitely rare to come by!

From a deeper perspective, no matter how reputable Ammand was, he could only be hailed as a great pirate captain, he was still miles of being held in the same light as those 3 legendary ship captains. The Fokke family' decline is there for all to see, however because of that undead great horse, none of the pirates would dare to make a move.

If such a huge scale event like pillaging the Tortuga port happened, then it would definitely be a joint coalition of a few groups of pirates. Under normal circumstances, Ammand's position in the coalition would only be that of a subordinate/ weaker position. However, he had obtained such a bargaining chip in the 'person who had assaulted the castle and survived'. Therefore very naturally his position would change to that of a leading or more dominant role.

Sheyan accurately grasped this point, therefore he used a retreating and grave stance coupled with his strong code of brotherhood to move Ammand to act in this manner! This kind of effects would produce a more fruitful result than blatantly pleading with him.

As Sheyan was getting ready to board the mini wooden boat to fetch Chris, Scarface Harry hastily brought 3 other pirates equipped with weapons over here. Ther said that the captain ordered them to escort Sheyan in case he met with any problems on the way. Sheyan on hindsight acted with gratitude, however in his heart he bitterly laughed at Ammand's lack of composure. He feared that the boiled duck would fly off (Chinese idiom it means the excessive fear that an already cornered person would escape), and thus acted accordingly.

The anxious Chris waited what seemed like an eternity to him, fidgeting like an ant on a hotpot. Once he saw Sheyan along with 4 other vicious pirates overflowing with killing powers, he felt secured as he shed out tears of relief.

Once he safely boarded the Bell and Mug, he gradually started to loosen out immediately feeling the searing pain from his injuries kicking in. Unable to tolerate he started groaning. Chris's physique was quite low, therefore his regenerative powers weren't strong, furthermore his cut wound on the leg was not light. Also, while escaping with all his might, he had lost a lot of blood. Xiaer, the ship's doctor held this appointment in concurrent to his navigator position went to look at Chris. He then simply cleaned the wounds with strong alcohol, bandaging them up and then allowing him to rest.

Presently in Ammand's heart he had a strong urge to grab onto Chris's neck, shouting into his face getting him to leak out all the information he knew. However disturbing a sick patient in this era was not polite behaviour. Of course,this was primarily because Ammand had already started to treat Chris as an object in his hands, thus allowing Chris a period of blissful rest. When Chris was secretly celebrating his huge aversion of crisis, Sheyan suddenly pushed open the cabin door, coldly saying out:

’’My part of the deal is done, what about yours?’’


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