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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 11


Chapter 11: Reason

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Presently other port patrol guards have not given their attention to the hill, however once Coutts was late in returning, they would immediately send people to investigate. Therefore Chris was clear, based on his estimation of Tortuga port's power, no matter if he prepared beforehand to receive his aggressors, or continue hiding, they would turn the place upside down to find him. Furthermore his condition was disadvantageous, even if he wasn't hurt there was a high probability of him being captured. It wasn't easy for him to meet such a crude yet righteous guy, how could he just let him go?

Sheyan heard him shouting and turned around asking:

’’What else do you want?’’

Chris with tears in his eyes replied:

Respected Yan, look at my condition, how could I possibly escape?If you're leaving me here to wait for my death, you shouldn't have rescued me previously.’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders saying:

’’From your words, you probably have a team right? Can't your comrades save you?’’

Shaking his head, Chris argued:

’’They probably already set sail, Boss Nick's boat can submerge under water and not be discovered. Hais... if it was the previous day they would probably rescue me, however I can't even do much with my current state, they will surely abandon me.’’

Sheyan curled his lips and said:

’’I've already saved you once haven't I? More importantly, saving you was not my primary motive, if I hadn't confirmed that I could take down that guard, I would not have acted. Currently the entire Tortuga port is on a huge manhunt, If I help you then wouldn't it be equivalent to stepping myself in the foot? Please give me a reason to do so.’’

Sheyan's speech was extremely reasonable, if he immediately agreed then Chris would probably have certain suspicions. This guy bluntly replied:

’’You're probably alone right? I can recommend you to join our group!’’

Sheyan felt his indistinct and fuzzy skepticism within his heart spring up, as though one more would cause it to pierce through, he purposely acted indifferent saying:

’’Join your group? If your group was so reliable, then why would you be begging me for help?’’

Chris's face turned red, however he sincerely replied:

’’Mr Yan, you must understand, the strength of a team cannot be compared to a single person. In such a dangerous and strange place like the nightmare world, a person's strength is considered very minute. Only a group is able to give one a better chance at survival. Regarding this one time, it was an accident, if Waka did not stupidly trigger a hidden mission and increase the difficulty, then I believe we would currently be in the present world's Dubai on a nice yacht enjoying wine along with high grade caviar.’’

Sheyan merely sneered and said:

’’The more people, the thinner the profits. Furthermore the nightmare realm is an extremely stingy place, without exposure to huge risks, then there wouldn't be generous rewards. So many people sharing one piece of cake, how much can one person eat? My previous world experience allowed me to receive two pieces of equipment, what about your Mr Chris? Furthermore, I don't believe that such a group will split their loots evenly! The better the loot, most probably it will go into the pockets of your Boss Nick.’’

Chris instantly replied:

’’Yes I admit what you say is true, however, if because of this you neglect the importance of a group's strength, then you are not looking at the bigger picture! Before joining the team, My world conclusion and mission success rate or any side mission's score would always be below 50! The free attribute points I received would always be 1 point, potential and utility points rewards were also pathetic. However after joining the group, although the amount of loots after dividing it were relatively lesser, however the scenario exploration rate and mission success score greatly increased! With bigger manpower, accomplishing the mission would also be much easier, the additional utility points rewards would also raise by a few folds. If I am able to return alive this time, I would be able to receive a total of 2000 or more utility points! You tell me, is joining a group worth it?’’

After listening to Chris, within Sheyan's mind was like a thunderbolt striking him, his shroud of skepticism and confusion was wiped clear! After completing the Terminator world, he always harbored this regret: His personal mission completion score had only been 53! Furthermore to eliminate those two frightening T-750 Terminator had caused Sheyan to utilize his fullest strength. If it was another person, he wouldn't have done it better! This sort of performance had only earned him a 53 completion score.... It was barely a passing score! What kind of performance would then be worthy of a 100 score? The time he deliberated for so long but could not come up with an explanation. However looking in perspective now, there was only one word.


’’This damned realm encourages forming teams, encourages contestant's to unite!’’

’’If that time I had teamed up with that dead Cazider.’’

’’If I had teamed up with the beardy when i just entered a nightmare world... forming a partnership with him...’’

Sheyan's mind was buzzing with two such notions, then he very easily confirmed his decision: Then he could have accomplished much more! But.. but! All the risks I took would definitely increase, trusting my back with those two bastards? Then the rewards I painstakingly fought for would have to be split evenly with them?... In your dreams!

A doubt flashed in his heart: If potential points and utility points were directly related and determined by the mission completion rate and score, then rewarding basic free attribute points were determined by what?’’

Chris, upon seeing Sheyan's pondering state, thought that he had managed to persuade him, immediately continued encouragingly:

’’Yes, a new member who wants to join would have to pay up 50% of their utility points and 50% of their potential points whenever a mission ends. But, the risks you will face will be greatly reduced, it will definitely not be greater than going solo. Furthermore, if you prove to possess great strength your scope of authority and privileges will likewise increase. For example I no longer have to pay up any utility points, furthermore my contributions to this infiltration into the castle mission was huge, therefore if i'm able to return alive, I can participate in the bonus dividends can acquire the lowest rank member's utility points. Yan, your close combat powers are tremendous, you can fill the gap left by Caldas' death! Believe me, come on!’’

Sheyan hesitated a while, lowering his head he said:

’’How would I know what you are saying is true?’’

Chris hastily replied:

’’How could it be false! Don't tell me you believe a person is able to cause such an explosion in the castle? That place hides a great deal of secrets, and even contains treasures!’’

Sheyan stared intently at Chris.


Chris nodded, sincerely saying:

’’How about this, if you are willing to save me, apart from recommending you to enter our 3k party, I will also show you a high value report, this report will allow you to receive a B level difficult hidden mission!’’

Sheyan refused to nod his head.

Chris gritted his teeth, fishing out a glistening yellow bullet out:

’’You win! I'll add on this!’’

Sheyan simultaneously received the item's details:

Exquisite 7.62mm bullet (Condition: Extremely good)

Origin: United States of America, Ohio, Springfield Ammunitions factory

Equipment rarity: Light blue

After loading into firearm: Enable your next far range attack to increase by 30 points.

Usage (requires flammable material nearby): Deducts 10 HP from user, removing blood on the user's body, dizziness effect.

Description: I wish that our country will love us like how we love it.

Equipment battle score: 5

Sheyan gazed at Chris a short while, reaching his hand out he said:


A this moment, the port's patrol guards had concluded their manhunt, and they did not finish empty handed as they caught someone and returned in triumph. They roughly discovered that Coutts was missing and had started to make preparations for people to ascend the hill to search. Sheyan from far he could see the unfortunate brat who got caught.

’’What if he tells on you guys?’’

Chris was shocked and replied:

’’Don't tell me you do not know the punishment for leaking out relevant information on the nightmare realm to world's characters? It is the same as using your abilities from the nightmare realm in the present world, the punishments are severe. Believe me, you would never want to be at the receiving end of such punishments. Oh, shit they have started advancing towards here. Yan! Never forget our agreement!’’

Sheyan softly replied:

’’Of course I won't, let's move. Let's detour around the hillside, once we return to the harbor's pier first then we'll see.’’

Chris was astounded as he exclaimed:

’’Heavens, what are you thinking?’’

Sheyan asked:

’’Don't tell me you didn't get the main mission of finding a job by this afternoon?’’

Chris shrugged his shoulders:

’’Of course, however regrettably we tried our best but only could persuade Captain Hook, a nameless person without reputation to receive us. However his damned ship can only take 10 guys! He still demanded boarding fees, therefore Captain Hook's corpse should currently be washed out a few hundred miles out into sea.’’

Sheyan nodded his head and said:

’’My other identity is the crew member of the Bell and Mug, because I got rid of the ship's crew head, the respected Captain Ammand announced that I replace his position.’’

Chris eyes were wide with amazement, finding it hard to swallow his saliva

’’Ammand? That Ammand?’’

Sheyan calmly replied:

’’Yes that Ammand, one of the future seven Pirate Lords, Pirate Lord of the Black sea, that Ammand.’’


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