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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Edward's fifth series golden pound sterling

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

’’Dice’’ Coutts pretended not to hear as he sneered and inched forward. The contestant's eyes were filled with despair, waving his dagger wildly in resistance, he finally manage to land a strike on his enemy's arm. This however fuelled the guard's vicious nature, kicking and punching, he showered down on him with vicious blows. Quite obviously this contestant did not have much in the way of close combat abilities, although he tried his best to block and evade, he was still beaten to a pulp.His face was bruised with blood seeping out from his features, and he was wailing miserably .

When ’’Dice’’ Coutts finally felt impatient, he brandished his marine blade out again from his waist, mercilessly slashing it down. With a tearing sound, a huge wound opened up on the contestant's hand, as fresh blood flowed down soaking up his shirt.

The contestant did not cry out at all, immediately the second blade bolted down once again, the contestant then attempted to roll away. Crying out in agony this time, his back had been heavily slashed down, raising his head he cried out in desperation:

’’Let's die together!’’

Extending both hands after he cried out, at this critical moment, another figure crashed through the walls of the hut and into the hut itself. The figure pounced onto ’’Dice’’ Coutts, throwing him to the floor as they started wrestling each other. Following that, the entire wooden hut suddenly collapsed, leaving a wake of dust and rubble, forcefully pressuring them beneath

The person that charged in was Sheyan, he selected to make an entrance at such a critical time was already calculated beforehand. He was stronger in all of the basic skills, and commenced battle in an environment that was beneficial to him. (After taking down, the marine blade was tossed away) However to Sheyan's astonishment, ’’Dice’’ Coutts's close combat capabilities were relatively fierce, furthermore his high HP of 250 points caused his attackers to feel a sense of helplessness. Fortunately this guy was battling alone, if he had allies with him, then the patrol guard's special passive ability: Teamwork would be activated. If that was the case, even Sheyan would be unable to escape!

Currently, his left hand equipment the cobalt steel exoskeleton was finally in play. He could drop the enemy's defence and injure him, the weapon also brought about a stable 18-19 points of damage, and lowered greatly the chances of fluctuation. Yet ’’Dice’’ Coutts fists were covered in Sheyan's blood, bruising Sheyan's body. However, because of the ’’Endurance’’ Innate ability, its threat level was reduced to an acceptable one.

Seeing that he could not overcome his enemy, ’’Dice’’ Coutts let loose a frenzied cry, swinging his right hand mightily, using his convulsing middle finger to press onto Sheyan's left eye! He could feel the dampness of the eyeball, believing that his enemy would try to dodge in this sort of circumstances and then he would have a chance to escape. However Sheyan's face remained grim like a granite, as if his opponent was going to press down on another person's eye ball instead! Raising his left first, a blinding metallic radiance flashed above as he used his might to drill it down!

A heavy thump echoed, Sheyan gently raised his left fist from the enemy's mutilated throat as he instinctively used his right hand to massage his red and swollen left eye. Sheyan looked pretty bad, bruises covered his face in patches, as fresh blood flowed out from the corner of his lips. Respectively, his HP had been reduced by 70 points. This was primarily because ’’Dice’’ Coutts, when his HP had dropped to below 20 points, suddenly went berserk and counter-attacked. Because Sheyan wanted to prevent him from fleeing, he could only take head on blows that could have been easily evaded.

In truth, Scarface Harry's words were pretty accurate, to the current Sheyan, his lack of proper attacking method was always one of his bigger flaws. If he wasn't brilliant in scheming and continuously paved an advantageous route for himself constantly, he wouldn't have been able to gotten off so cheaply numerous times in this world.

After killing off this Tortuga patrol guard, Sheyan felt that his pirate world reputation increased by 50 points. Utilizing the key loot that the guard dropped, Sheyan unlocked the respective chest. The chest had a special pirate era flair, oaken wood texture, on its surface were several cutting marks from swords, and it had an obsolete copper lock.

Sheyan sluggishly opened the chest, and inside at the corner there was only an old linen purse, and beneath the purse was a brass ring. The purse looked extremely shriveled up. Sheyan picked it up to observe, even the sweet sound of coins rattling was not heard. This moment Sheyan suddenly recalled this patrol guard's name: ’’Dice’’ Coutts.

’’Damned brat, did he lose all his wealth and thus went out to work.’’

Sheyan loosen the purse strings with great apprehension, turning the purse upside down, simultaneously he could feel a few metallic objects hitting each other as it dropped out while producing a clanging sound. Sheyan suddenly felt a slight delight, because beneath the 5-6 pennies and 3 shillings was a golden coin. This gold coin twinkled with radiance, it looked brand new and certainly not like an ordinary object. This golden coin had several complicated characters weaved onto it, and on the other side was a horse rider raising his sword in an awe-inspiring pose. Sheyan then received a notification:

’’You have acquired one Edward's fifth series golden pound sterling.’’

’’Edward's fifth series golden pound: Precious object, valuable currency, it has collection value. Certain storyline characters would love it, forged using 22k of gold, it's worth is 10 times that of an ordinary pound sterling. You can use this as normal currency, and it can be brought out of this world, to be exchanged in the nightmare realm for 400 utility points.’’

Following that Sheyan picked up that brass ring, he realized at the back was written (unidentified). He was quite amazed, because before this he had never encountered a ring type accessory that needed to have it identified. He immediately kept the ring, glancing at his surroundings, he sneered and continued to give chase.

Sheyan's target was undoubtedly the contestant he rescued. That guy had no sense of gratitude and already took off, however his physique wasn't very good, his regenerative strength wasn't strong, after this leg had been slashed by Coutts, he could only limp away and did not make it very far.

Sheyan rushed up with a gloomy face, that contestant was probably still flustered. Furthermore he had to constantly look out for patrol guards in addition to his leg injury, he was already staggering about when Sheyan caught up to him. He realized that he could no longer escape and thus sat down onto the floor, as he forced out a smile on his face saying:

’’Hey friend, it's good you're fine. This cripple would be useless staying over there, therefore I left first.’’

Sheyan coldly observed him and replied:

’’Is this how you treat your savior?’’

This contestant's face turned pale and stuttered with his words:

’’You can't blame me! Even Caldas, such a strong person, died when these guards ganged up and beat him, how would I know that you were that strong. You actually managed to make the guard retreat and finished him off!’’

Sheyan replied coldly:

How strong was that Caldas?’’

That guy gave a muffled response:

’’How is he not strong? He is a person who started off together with Boss Nick, rumour has it he already experienced close to 6 movie worlds. He is a beast whose strength exceeded 23 points! However when we were found out, he could not even last for 1 minutes against these port patrol guards, he did not even have a chance to escape!’’

Sheyan's heart skipped, laughing he replied:

’’How many guards were they faced with’’

This contestant was stunned then he replied:

’’It was one group!! That time Caldas was in charge to guard after the castle's back door was breached. Escaping out is a narrow and steep windy road, beside it was the cliff! Although there were many patrol guards chasing us, only one person could pass through that road at a time. Never new that Caldas would be defeated so quickly, we would not cut such a sorry state after the explosion!’’

Sheyan mockingly laughed out and said:

’’So you're saying he, although he was faced with a single guard, behind the guard was a multitude of others?’’

’’That's right.’’ That contestant replied.

Sheyan continued:

’’These guards have a passive ability, every time there is an ally near them, then their individual attributes will increase by 10, the highest they can reach is a 100! Furthermore this is a mere ii class patrol guard. If Caldas had faced with those higher class patrol guards, their passive ability bonuses would definitely be more insane! Furthermore, some of these guards may possess long range combat abilities. From what i can tell, Caldas lasting that long is already quite valiant.

The contestant was dumbstruck, he hesitated and then said:

’’Then.. just now that patrol guard...’’

Sheyan softly spoke:

’’He was only a Class II patrol guard, furthermore he was alone, to settle him did not require much effort.’’

Presently, this contestant was looking at Sheyan with a peculiar expression, without a doubt, he had already looked on Sheyan with feelings such as ’’valiant’’ ’’Cold on the outside but warm on the inside’’ ’’Well informed.’’ Pausing for a while he reached out his hand:

’’I apologized for what happened before, my name is Chris, may I know your name?’’

Sheyan laughed and replied:

’’You can call me Seamen Yan. Since there's nothing else, I'll take my leave.’’

’’You're... leaving?’’ Chris was feeling dull as he scrambled to find the words he needed. When Sheyan walked away for quite a distance, he suddenly struggled forward and shouted: ’’Wait! Wait! Don't leave me behind!’’


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