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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 2 - Chapter 34


Chapter 34 Party's superior advantage

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Gale shrugged his shoulders.

’’Sorry Felix, Qiao Gun will never show up.’’

The golden spectacled Flex giggled.

’’Screw off, the last time you said that, a minute later Qiao Gun and his guys chased you away.’’

Gale waved his hands.

’’Nono, nobody is able to live after betraying the metals professor.’’

After this sentence was issued, the lively hall suddenly turned silent. No one in the Symbiosis sect dared to joke about the Metals professor. Felix sincerely asked with a heavy expression.

’’What about Cast, Matt and the rest?’’

Gale bluntly explained.

’’Inside the mountain troll's belly. Exactly from what you can see, the current close combatants are left with me and this newly added official member. Seaman, who singlehandedly lured the troll out and was chased by it for one kilometre!’’

At this moment, the massive doors swung open and a huge male with wavy hair walked in. He grew a small beard and his left eye was embedded with a black gemstone, exuberating a pressing boldness in him.

Upon his arrival, everyone else adopted a strict expression. This man surveyed the environment and then extended his hand to Sheyan. Using a robotic tone he offered.

’’I'm Fanu, I heard about you from the Metals professor. Welcome to the team, Seaman!’’

This Fanu was the second ranked member of the Symbiosis sect. After extending his formalities to Sheyan, he then turned to face the audience.

’’Wayne, No.13, Deke. You three will join the close combat team, Gale will take charge of the team.’’

The faces of the three guys instantly twitched after Fanu called them out, but they could only nod in low spirits. Sheyan noticed, Wayne and No.13 equipped shotguns, and Deke carried a huge bow with a dagger across his waist. Obviously, although their range were comparatively short, their main attributes were invested in long range combat. This meant that by joining the close combat team, they would similarly face dangers upfront but Gale and Sheyan's chances of survival will vastly outweigh theirs.

After Fanu finished speaking, he turned and heading out. When he reached the door, he turned back once again.

’’Right, Metals professor instructed me to tell you guys. Quickly assist Seaman in assimilating into the party and help him out with the warmhearted man milestone. Of course everything should follow the regulations.’’

Sheyan returned a smile to everyone.

After Fanu left, Gale dragged the three new additions aside and started chatting with them. The golden spectacles male, Felix, walked over to Sheyan with a beaming smile.

’’Hi Seaman, welcome to the Symbiosis sect. The planning for the warmhearted man milestone is undertaken by me, what is your current progress?’’

Sheyan unfolded his hands.

’’I'm afraid I have to disappoint you. Currently, I haven't even taken the first step.’’

Felix nodded.

’’I understand. I need to explain something to you. When you enjoy the benefits of the party, this doesn't mean that you receive aid without any requirements. When you receive a member's help, you will also had to aid them in something. However, if you aren't able to provide any assistance, then you will have to assist them financially, if you get what i mean.’’

Sheyan nodded his head.

’’I understand fully.’’

The golden spectacled Felix flicked his fingers as a mini laptop appeared. A ppt. file was then presented to Sheyan as Felix explained.

’’To complete the milestone 'Warmhearted man', you must complete the final mission of: Eeylops owl emporium/Gringotts manager/Magic sports shop (the shop that sells Nimbus2000)/Borgin &Burkes magic shop. These shops will not instantly offer the final mission upfront, you must progress incrementally and earn the trust of the 4 bosses. According to our statistics, from beginning to the end, the entre milestone requires 23 missions to be fulfilled.’’

After Sheyan head that, he felt a sense of helplessness. Felix was extremely satisfied with his reaction as he smiled slightly.

’’Amongst those 23 missions, 6 of them requires one to personally deliver items. We've already added up the most optimal and efficient route there. Currently, two of our counterparts have accomplished it, you can invite them to escort you with 500 utility points.’’

’’Ok, no problem.’’

’’Amongst the rest, 4 missions are procuring missions and the fastest method to obtain those items have already been determined. Currently there are 4 members handling this mission type, under normal circumstances, 1 member will handle one mission and straight up collect the essential item the rest needs at the same time. (For example, if the boss requires one bottle of beer, Sheyan will instead gather 4 bottles for the other members. Of course, the other members will help him collect their respective mission object). You can join up with them, and use utility points to purchase the mission objects they have. Of course, you can also request the member with the highest charm to help you purchase, but this will also require an amount of utility point fees.’’

’’There are nine killing/gathering missions. Their contents include slaying magic creatures and gathering their fur, harvesting the creature's souls, stealing the creature's excrement etc. The suggested way is to gather a team which will reduce the amount of work needed. If you need any strong party members to assist you, I can recommend them for free but you will still need to pay a certain fee to obtain their aid.’’

’’For the final 4 missions, two missions require mission objects which can be bought for a high price in the black market. The remaining two have to be personally completed, and outsiders are unable to interfere.’’

’’Therefore Seaman, according to our calculations, to completely all the prerequisite missions, you will have to prepare at least 4700 utility points. If everything goes smoothly, you will take at least 5 days before receiving the final mission. One important point to take note is that only by completing all 23 missions, or you will be unable to obtain any benefits on the way. Ok, If you understand everything I still have a last question. Amongst the 4 shops, which is the shop that you feel you will be the best in communicating with?’’

Not sure why, but when Sheyan thought of that strange sensation he had nearby Gringotts, he instantly murmured out.


When Sheyan coughed out that word, the surrounding contestants leaked out a relieved and happy expression on their faces. Sheyan caught onto this point, he instant regretted and wanted to give himself a tight slap! However, it was impossible to swallow back his words after speaking out, thus he maintained his steady expression.

’’Ok.’’ Felix smiled. ’’I admit your reply really solves a huge headache I have.’’

Apart from that...’’ The golden spectacled Felix smiled widely. ’’I have the highest charm within our party, if you need me, please don't stand on ceremony.’’

Sheyan nodded as he extended his hands.

’’Pleasure to work with you.’’

With the aid of the party, Sheyan managed to complete the first few missions swiftly. From 6 in the afternoon till 10 at night, out of the 23 missions only 10 were left. But according to them, this was merely the beginning, the real test had yet to arrive. Very quickly, Sheyan finally realized what this 'real test' was all about. Because formerly, all his interactions involved ordinary folks loitering around Gringotts. Yet now he needed to step into Gringotts.

Gringotts wizarding bank is a goblin start up bank, known to be secured and reliable. They operated 24 hours daily and of course incur additional costs after standard working hours. Sheyan arrived at this Picasso style white construction. Their massive bronze door was glistening under the illumination of the surrounding lights. Two goblin security guards wearing a scarlet gold uniform stood menacingly by the doors.

They had a pair of pointy long ears, large nose and green skin. Tying up their brushy hair and raised their broad thick lips as though giving off a sinister smile. Their height didn't even reach 1 metre, and this height was unable to produce any threat to any matured individuals.

After pondering a moment, Sheyan then started ascending the flight of stairs up to Gringotts wizarding bank. Instead he was obstructed as the goblin on his left flashed a grotesque smile at him. Using a queer unctuous tone.

’’Hey friend, you cannot enter just like that.’’

An ominous premonition started to well up in his heart.

’’Then how should I enter?’’

This security guard remained silent. Sheyan started at its sinister smile, his heart stirred as he drew out a 5 pound note.

’’Now can I enter?’’

The left goblin moved to the side, yet the right one suddenly stood forward and obstructed him. Sheyan now understood why the other members were not willing to take on Gringotts. Jesus! If given a second chance, Sheyan would never have mentioned the word 'Gringotts'.

Sheyan finally passed through the first layer of door, but suddenly a huge silver door appeared in front of him. A warning was carved into the huge door by the goblins of the Gringotts wizarding bank. Profanities or not, those words were carved onto the door with scalding gold, it looked as new as before as though it would never fade with eternity. Sheyan's only solace was that this silver door had no security guards, this meant that he was able to preserve his precious 10 pounds.


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