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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 882


Chapter 882: Uninvited Guest

Sheyan's attention was mainly focused on these hobos, so he wasn't flustered when they launched their attack .

Because the terrain was quite narrow, Sheyan did not use his '+7 West', but instead smashed a bottle of curse-mix on the ground . The group of hobos was stunned by the shockwave and fell to the ground after suffering substantial damage .

That wasn't the end of it . Sheyan's eyes widened in shock as everywhere the shockwave passed, the ground would emit cracking noises similar to the sound made by the cockroach-like bug when Sheyan stepped on it earlier .

A large amount of yellowish-green liquid could be vaguely seen splashed on the ground . There were also big spots of yellowish-green stains on the wall . If it wasn't for the shockwave, Sheyan could never have imagined that there were so many bugs around him!

"Damn, is this an insect nest?"Sheyan's heart remained suspicious, but his reaction was fast . He stepped forward to meet the vicious hobo closest to him with a fist to the hobo's face .

Sheyan's current Strength had reached 49 points . His punch sent the guy flying backwards headfirst before slamming into the wall behind him . The impact sounded extremely heavy . If he was a normal person, the damage that this punch caused would at least give him a severe concussion, making him lose consciousness on the spot .

But the guy merely struggled a few times, then stood back up as if nothing happened .

Sheyan frowned . He clearly felt that when his fist landed on the guy's face, it felt like he was punching a sandbag filled with hard, tiny stones . His fist sunk into the hobo's face and he could feel the small bumps inside . It was very weird .

Their companion being knocked down did not cause the rest of the hobos to retreat . Their mouths made a strange distress call of two long sounds followed by a short one . They seemed to be contacting something . Then, they continued to surround Sheyan . Sheyan simply hunched down, flung his fist and threw his knee to send another enemy flying .

The guy that was sent back by Sheyan drew an arc in the air and fell heavily into the dirty water with a loud bang . The huge splash of dirty water sent forth an indescribable suffocating odour that could make one vomit .

The man seemed completely oblivious to his situation . He opened his mouth to reveal his yellowish staggered teeth and screamed out in a hoarse voice . He even swallowed a few mouthfuls of dirty water in the process but showed no reaction to it . He merely tried to rush back towards Sheyan . Sheyan felt a nauseating disgust just from looking at him .

Sheyan was only dazed for a moment but one of the men took the opportunity to rush up behind him and hugged him tightly . After all, Sheyan was not an agility type contestant like Brother Black who could handle any type of situation with ease .

Sheyan reacted fast though . The moment he was caught, he could feel a hot, smelly breath on the back of his neck as well as hear a beast-like gasping noise . He knew this signalled that the enemy was trying to bite into his neck . He immediately slammed his head back while his legs pushed out to heavily throw his back into a wall .

A bang erupted . The sensation, though, left a weird feeling in Sheyan . He felt as if the enemy behind him was made of a lot of broken stones, which scattered from the collision .

The skin on his back felt some prickling pain, and then felt the itchy sensation of crawling things . Notifications from the nightmare imprint followed:

[You are bitten and stung by an unknown creature . You will be infected with various types of unknown diseases . . . . ]

[Due to the effect of the Stairway of the Sun in your body, this negative status was resisted . . . . ]

[You are bitten and stung by an unknown creature . You will be infected with various types of unknown diseases . . . . . ]

[Due to the effect of the Stairway of the Sun in your body, this negative status was resisted . . . . ]

[ . . . . . . . . ]

Sheyan immediately reached back with his hand and slapped his back . When he retracted his palm, there was an indescribably pungent odor . A mixture of viscous yellowish-green liquid and internal organs was left on his palm . He couldn't help but look at the corpses of the bugs on the ground and reluctantly concluded that his back must also be in a terrible mess .

Sheyan took two steps back to place his back against the wall, then avoided close combat with those damnable enemies as best he could . Whenever they approached, he would kick them into the gutter . After doing that to two people in a row, Sheyan saw a gap and unhesitatingly fled .

He was very clear on what stance he should take in this world . He would continue to keep a low profile and try his best to hide his strength, then find the awakening mission as soon as possible . Therefore, although Sheyan was very confident of killing these strange people, he assessed that the intensity of the battle may be beyond the scope of his control, so he would rather avoid the fight than to expose himself by leaving any possible traces that could be detected by his enemies .

Intense footsteps echoed in the sealed, rancid sewer . As Sheyan was stridding forward, he cme to a sudden halt because there was another figure in front of him . This person looked like a tall, obese black man . His face and skin were wrinkled and distorted . Black sarcoma of two to three centimeters in size sagged off his skin, and occasionally, one could see some protruding round things moving under his skin .

Sheyan could sense a dangerous aura from him, which meant that he had the ability to threaten Sheyan's life . Sheyan wished he could run back but the strange hobos had already caught up from behind!

"Ugh, so you're forcing me to fight,"sighed Sheyan .

Right that moment, a manhole cover was pried open above his head . From the manhole extended a nozzle that looked like an elephant's trunk . The nozzle spewed a large amount pungent-smelling white smoke into the sewer . The strange people surrounding Sheyan seemed to be extremely wary of the smoke . They emitted strange sounding screams and limped away quickly with a deformed,twitching gait .

Then, there was an anxious shout from above Sheyan .

"Steven!! If you're still alive, then let me hear a shout, or at least a moan! If you don't even have the strength for that, then at least give me a signal . Don't just keep quiet, alright? Fine, you win, you don't have to pay me back the 30 dollars you owe me!"

After the shout, a snake-like probe was lowered from above . After observing for a while, a slide was extended down . A fat black man wearing a firefighter uniform jumped down and immediately saw the flabbergasted Sheyan . He exclaimed cheerfully .

"You son of a b*tch! F*cking hell! For once, God has answered my prayer!"

Next, a lanky guy slid down . As soon as he saw Sheyan, he said with a professional attitude .

"Call an ambulance . This is the fifth infection from the special drug in the last 48 hours . He should be in an unconscious state right now due to his nerves being particularly susceptible to the insect repellent . Maybe one of his ancestors carried the gene of insects . Hospital No . 8 in the city center should be able to fix him right up - but it's hard to tell if there'll be any side effects . "

After that, a group of people jumped down and lifted Sheyan up from the sewer to the street above . Seeing the sun again almost brought tears to Sheyan's eyes . Sheyan was about to say something when he saw an old style luxury Cadillac that looked new speeding over from the distance . Two men in stiff black suits and black coats exited the car .

They had very neat hair that was combed to the back with hair gel . They had stiff movements, stiff facial expressions, stiff facial expressions, and spoke with stiff tones . They looked like mannequins, or robots . After they approached, they displayed their ID .

"Ladies and gentlemen, please remain quiet . Seems like something happened here . Can you please tell us about it?"

The fat black dude snapped .

"We've submitted five reports of injuries caused by mutated poisonous cockroaches in the sewers to the municipal office, but all we got back in response was "the reports are being processed, please remain patient". Well then, it seems like the two of you are the answers? This poor guy we're carrying, he's the fifth victim . I'm afraid only two out of the four victims before him will survive, and even the two who survive will only be waiting on their beds for death to claim them!"

The guy in black suit ignored his comment and instead asked .

"Where are the mutated poisonous cockroaches you mentioned?"

"We've chased them away . For the sake of our safety, we bought all the pesticides from 3 nearby supermarkets . Are you going to reimburse us for this additional expenditure?"

Asked the fat black man .

One of the guy in black suit nodded and said in a stiff, cold voice .

"Not a problem . Also, we've already discovered the source of the problem . Please look over here . "

As he said that, he took out a pair of sunglasses from his chest and put it on . Then, a stainless steel tube about 10 cm in length appeared in his left hand . The tube extended to show a shining red light on its tip . . . .

Originally, Sheyan still had some doubt, but now he was completely sure which world this is . . . . . !!!


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