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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 881


Chapter 881: Fog

The muscular man glared at Sheyan in disdain and told him off in a hoarse voice .

"Hey retard, are you new here? Don't you know the rules? I'm up next . "

Sheyan looked at him and said .

"You were up next, but not anymore now that I'm here . "

"Hahaha!"the man burst into a fit of laughter . "Who do you think you are? You want to take my position? I've never heard of a Lieutenant General being sent down the pecking order here . "

Sheyan was in a bad mood to begin with so he answered with a smirk .

"Today, you won't just hear about it . You'll see it with your own eyes . You think you're so big just because you're a reserve-duty Lieutenant General?"

The expression of the muscular man turned dark instantly . Everyone who could come here was the cream of the crop and they all had their pride . He was about to unleash a string of profanities at Sheyan when the green light of the passage suddenly lit up, indicating that the previous person inside had finished their business and the place was vacant now .

Sheyan walked inside like it was the most natural thing in the world . There was originally a transparent glass door in front of him . If a person tried to enter without getting permission, the person would be electrocuted . The muscular man was ready to laugh at Sheyan but the next moment, his eyes almost popped out . The glass door actually slid open to both sides!!

The face muscle of the muscular man twitched a few times . From the side, a person said sarcastically .

"That was eye-opening . "

"You f*cking idiot!!!"

Sheyan ignored the commotion behind him . He turned a corner and took a seat on a chair .

[No . 1018 . . . . Scanning . . . . ]

[Confirming Identity . . . . ]

[Your current nightmare imprint rank is Major . ]

[You currently have 168 achievement points . ]

[Welcome back, Major . What can we do for you?]

"I wish to apply for an awakening mission for my next world . "

[Information check in progress . . . . . You have received an invitation letter to a Bloody World for your next world, and were appointed as the representative warrior . Are you sure you want to undergo an awakening mission?]

Sheyan thought in his mind that of course he didn't want to, but there was no doubt that he would die if he didn't do the awakening mission . If he did, he would still have a chance of surviving . He could only grit his teeth and said .

"I'm sure . "

[Scanning in progress, collecting information . . . . Respected Major No . 1018, you currently have 2 attributes that can break through the 50-point boundary . Which base attribute would you like to choose to be the first attribute to breakthrough?]

Sheyan's face twitched .

"I choose a dual-attribute breakthrough!"

[Scanning in progress, collecting information . . . . Respected Major No . 1018, due to your rank, you obtain the following information . ]

[The difficulty of a dual-attribute awakening mission is double that of a single-attribute awakening mission . ]

[For the duration of your awakening mission, you cannot consume consume any medicines or food, including, but not limited to, 'Honorary Dosages'. ]

[For the duration of your awakening mission, you cannot receive help from anyone, including, but not limited to, buffs received before the mission starts . ]

[This is the first time you undertake an awakening mission so you can stop the mission anytime . However, every time you fail an awakening mission, the next one will be 10% more difficult . If you choose a dual-attribute breakthrough, the increase in difficulty will become 20% . ]

[You cannot reveal any information regarding your awakening mission to anyone in any way . Every time you do so, all your attributes will decrease by 10 points . ]

[Are you sure you want to choose a dual-attribute breakthrough?]

"I'm sure!"Sheyan's voice sounded like it was forced through clenched teeth .

[Scanning in progress, collecting information . . . . Respected Major No . 1018, your request has been accepted . In your next world, you will undertake a dual-attribute breakthrough awakening mission . Good luck . ]

Sheyan took a deep breath . He missed the hoarse voice terribly, hoping that it would show up and give him a hint . Unfortunately, people didn't always get everything they wanted .

He did not continue his stay because Sheyan suddenly realised that there was one more thing he had to do . The thing seemed simple, but it was quite tedious . And, it would determine whether he could successfully pass the challenge of the awakening mission .

As time went on, more and more people entered the nightmare world . The Ace Party, under the leadership of Zi, had also stepped inside . When Sheyan heard the name of the world they entered, tears instantly streamed down his face . It was the Resident Evil world .

Aaaaaaargh . . . . Sheyan had turned numb . If he were to enter that world, he would be almost completely immune to the disease of the zombies due to carrying the A-virus himself . Without the threat of their toxin and disease, the damage done by the zombies would decrease by at least 30%!

What was strange was that Sheyan still hadn't received any information regarding which world he would enter next . He found out after enquiring that, in order to ensure fairness, warriors entering a Bloody World would not be informed beforehand which world it would be . This would offset the factor of their parties to a large extent .

For example, if Sheyan knew which world he would enter, he could let Reef and the others collect specific information regarding that world, and even use the resources of the whole party to custom-make weapons and equipments that specifically targeted that world . This kind of behavior did not violate the law of the realm, but it would go against the objective of the realm . What if another party had no resources to do so? What if there was a party with great potential but had just undergone a wipeout and couldn't pool the resources?

The realm was also trying to maintain a fair environment . Of course, there was no absolute fairness in this world . . . . but to take this measure was better than not taking it .

Finally, the notification for him to enter arrived . When he reached the realm plaza, he saw that next to the ordinary dark blue portal, there was another portal!

The portal seemed to be formed from boiling blood that was flowing in a silky and orderly manner . From time to time, boiling bubbles would emerge accompanied by the sound of a beast burping!

Sheyan's body turned bright and bloody, looking extremely terrifying . The bloody invitation letter automatically floated to the top of his head, shining with a brilliant radiance!

Step by step, he approached the blood red portal . The crowd respectfully parted to make way for him .

Sheyan took a deep breath and suddenly burst into a crazy roar, then stepped into the bloody portal .

Behind the blood-coloured portal .

Sheyan did not lose consciousness . His vision blurred and he felt like the next few seconds were strangely passing by extremely slowly . It was the same sensation as having a lengthy dream while taking a short afternoon nap . After that, a scene appeared before his eyes .

Dirty grey walls filled with spider webs, the air filled with a suffocating rancid smell . Next to Sheyan's feet was a ditch about two meters wide . The black water flowing inside the ditch felt horrifying . Various things floated inside including rotten rice, fish bones, small food bags, and even used tampons . . . .

Sheyan felt that he would rather take a knife to his body than fall into the damn gutter . He looked up and found that the ceiling above was only a foot away from his head . No wonder he felt an oppressive pressure . The tunnel he was in was arched . Seeing this architectural style, Sheyan immediately realised that he was in the underground sewer of a large city .

Within such a deplorable environment, everyone's first reaction would undoubtedly be to immediately climbed above the ground and leave the damn place . Sheyan felt the same . He pinched his nose took large steps forward, but he couldn't find any stairs . After walking for about forty or fifty meters, Sheyan suddenly heard a rather strange sound .

The faint noise sounded like a group of people whispering, and also like the sound of cockroaches crawling on the ground . In this dim sewer, the visibility was quite low . Sheyan slowly inched forward, ready for any sudden occurrences . He gradually saw several people wearing ragged clothes squatting together in the dark corner ahead . They seemed to be eating something . That was the source of the noise he heard .

Sheyan slowly stepped forward . Those people showed no reaction to his approach . Suddenly, Sheyan's foot stepped on something fragile . He had raised his concentration to its peak so he instantly felt it .

As his foot pushed downwards, the shell of the object beneath his foot deformed rapidly and ruptured . Cracks began to appear on its upper and lower sides . It then emitted a squeaking sound as the yellow-green slurry and internal organs inside burst out in a hot mess to cover Sheyan's sole .

"I seemed to have killed a bug?"as soon as the thought flashed in Sheyan's mind, he saw the homeless people in front turn their heads towards him simultaneously . The muscles on their faces were twisted, and in their eyes were a poisonous hatred . All of them let out a shuddering roar, stretched their hands, and pounced at Sheyan!


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