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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 880


Chapter 880: Preparation

Sheyan was speechless . He kept quiet for 2 seconds, then erupted in intense protest!

"Motherf*cker! The Bloody World alone is already insanely dangerous . Awakening missions are life-threatening too (just look at Reef)! Do you want me to die!"

[This is your reward for completing main storyline missions with low evaluations for a few times in a row]

". . . . Hey, hey, why can't I send another party member instead?"

[Good luck]

"I'll get a high evaluation in the next world! I promise!"

[Good luck]

"Can you please say something else . "

[Good luck]

". . . . . "

Faced with this dilemma, Sheyan pressed his hand on his forehead and fell on the middle seat of the sofa . He could only sigh in depression . Sometimes you really don't know what would happen . Sheyan had originally planned everything well, but now, the whole plan was completely overturned!

The others knew that his mood must be terrible and they also had no experience with the Bloody World, so there was nothing they could say to comfort him .

One could already tell how dangerous the Bloody World would be from its name alone . The danger level of awakening missions need no introduction either . If Sheyan were to slip just once, even if he were to live, it would cost him dearly .

He was extremely limited in the ways he could complete his missions . For example, he saw that Brother Black went through his awakening mission without wearing anything . But if Sheyan were to do the same, he would just be courting death . The other killers in the Bloody World would be very willing to see a naked lamb like Sheyan enter their tigers'mouths .

Sheyan grabbed a pen and started to casually draw and write something in a notebook . However, the limited amount of info he had caused him to give up halfway through his deduction . Upset, he logged into his Skype . Miss Su Lingzi, who was sitting beside him, accidentally glanced at his Skype ID, causing her to roll her eyes . His ID was "Extremely Honest".

Sheyan stared absent-mindedly at the screen for a long time before changing his status to : "If life is like being raped, and you can't fight back, then the only thing to do is to enjoy it . "

(T/N note: WOW)

(ED: Mr . Authors amazing analogies appear once again !)

Then, Sheyan laughed heartily . He walked into the bedroom and buried his head in a blanket like an ostrich burying its head in the ground . He wanted to forget everything so that he could calm down . He knew what kind of situation he was in . He couldn't think of anything if he kept feeling so agitated .

Time passed by in a flash . It was time to enter the nightmare realm again . The Ace Party once again congregated .

Sheyan took a deep breath and suddenly hugged Zi . Zi was flabbergasted . Sheyan didn't try to do anything else though . He merely said .

"I'm counting on you for this world . "

Zi whispered .

"Can't you let me go first?"

Sheyan laughed and patted on her back, then hugged with Reef, Mogensha, and Franklin . Franklin had just heard that Sheyan had the "honour"of being selected and most likely had to experience the Bloody World + awakening mission simultaneously . He was silent for a moment, then produced a scroll .

"Boss, you might need this . "

The description of the scroll read: [Rank 6 copying scroll (marked) - tear this scroll and use it on a target to produce an illusion of the target . The illusion will have 100% of the target's HP and 30% of the target's attack power . It is very difficult for this scroll to be effective on legendary creatures . ]

"Isn't this your innate ability?"asked Sheyan .

Franklin nodded .

"It is . But I think you need it more . "

Sheyan muttered .

"There must be a price for this . "

Franklin told it to him straight .

"My ability is unusable until the scroll is torn, and even after you use the scroll, I have to wait for another 24 hours for it to recover . . . . but I think the danger of our next world should be significantly lower than yours . "

Sheyan nodded and solemnly kept the scroll .

"Thank you . "

This is the cleverness of Franklin . He never stood out, but when the team was in danger, he always displayed his worth . He was low-key but reliable and perfectly understood his role . It was no wonder that Sheyan recruited him .

It was the first time Zi interacted with Franklin, but she had been a team leader for a long time and was very experienced . She silently nodded in her mind, and had basically recognized Franklin as a member of the party .

Sheyan took a deep breath and waved .

"Well then, I'll go apply for the awakening mission . "

Suddenly, Mogensha spoke out .

"But boss . . . you don't have to apply for the awakening mission, do you? Without it, you definitely have a chance of coming back alive . "

Sheyan sighed .

"I've awakened too many times in the LOTR world so I don't have many awakening chances left . I know my limit . In the Bloody World, if I don't awaken, my survival rate will be less than 70%! I have no choice . It's ok, you guys get busy, I'll handle it . "

Sheyan entered his personal room and closed the door . He must take the time to properly review his strengths and weaknesses .

As Sun Tzu said, know the enemy and know yourself;in a hundred battles you will never be in peril . Sheyan knew that his next battle would be unbelievably hard . He had to squeeze out every bit of his potential or he would never survive this ordeal .

First, he checked his achievement points: 168 points .

He was only one step away from promoting to Lieutenant Colonel .

Sheyan hesitated . Should he keep hoarding his achievement points for his promotion, or use them to strengthen 'Pestilence Monarch'?

Saving the achievement points would be better for the party and for the future, but strengthening 'Pestilence Monarch'would increase his current strength . It also realised one thing - in the near future, he should forget about obtaining both promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and the ultimate ability of 'Pestilence Monarch', 'Atypical Pneumonia'. Both consumed a lot of achievement points to achieve .

After giving it some serious thought, Sheyan gritted his teeth and decided to brave the huge risk to keep the achievement points . He could treat it as a trump card . If he found himself in danger, he could strengthen 'Pestilence Monarch'on the spot . It was fortunate that he didn't need to return to the real world to strengthen 'Pestilence Monarch', unlike when he had to obtain a new disease . Otherwise, Sheyan won't be able to have his cake and eat it too like this .

Next, Sheyan checked his base attributes .

Fang Sheyan (Contestant No . 1018)

Free attribute points: 3

Strength: 43 (23+1+2+2+6+2+3+4)

Agility: 34 (17+2+5+2+6+2)

★ Physique: 49 (50+1+12+2+4+4=73)

Perceptive Sense: 32 (23+2+6+1)

Charm: 1 (10+1-5-2-3)

Intelligence: 12 (10+2)

Spirit: 6 (10-2-2)

★ Before Awakening: HP = 1000 + 1 . 25[490 + 200(Oceanfreak Moria+Mister + 200(Oceanfreak Moria+Mister healthy) + 50(Monstrous fighting spirit) + 560(lvl8 Asylum)] = 2625

★ After Awakening: HP = 1000 + 1 . 25[880 + 200(Oceanfreak Moria+Mister healthy) + 50(Monstrous fighting spirit) + 560(lvl8 Asylum) + 300] = 3487 . 5

MP = 120 + 100(Oceanfreak Moria) + 40(helmet) + 560(lvl8 Asylum) = 820

Defence = 49/2 + 2 = 26 . 5

Sheyan added all 3 of his free attribute points to his Strength . With the effect of his gene-mix, he could now easily breakthrough dual-50 boundaries . For Sheyan, Physique and Strength were both crucial in his future plan, so he placed a lot of importance in them .

An indescribable sense of pride surfaced in Senyan's heart . It was very rare in the nightmare realm for someone who had not promoted to Growth-Hunter to have such numbers .

Sheyan double-checked everything, then heaved a long breath and stood up . He issued a order through the nightmare imprint to depart for the honour area . It was time to apply for his awakening mission .

The ground under his feet suddenly descended like an elevator . He didn't know what he passed through but when light appeared again, the honour area was in sight .

And it seemed that there were quite a few of contestants who came here today . The queue was pretty long . Sheyan wasn't in the mood to wait patiently in line, nor did he have any thought of concealing himself . He directly displayed his Major rank . He went straight into the passage that only Reserve-duty officers could enter, amidst the shocked gaze of the people around him .

It was a lot more quiet inside as only a few people were waiting . Although their faces couldn't be clearly seen, the imposing manner of their bodies was suffocating, and the atmosphere in the waiting room was as cold as steel, silent and awkward . From time to time there were undercurrents clashing underneath the surface .

Sheyan was the last to enter . He extended his finger and pressed at the door, which was a process similar to punching an ID card to tell the realm that he had some affairs that need handling . He then walked directly to the entrance of the operation office, and spoke to the person blocking the entrance .

"Excuse me . "


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