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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 879


Chapter 879: Driving a duck onto a perch

(T/N note: The title is a Chinese idiom which means to push someone to do something beyond their ability . )

The enemy was weakened while they were strengthened . One the one hand, two core members of the board of directors fell;on the other, Zi received a mysterious injection of fund (Reef's savings) . They struck while the iron was hot and bought the E . S . financial group shares held by two minor shareholders, thus further increasing the amount of shares under Zi's name . Zi's position became unshakeable .

And thus ended Zi's internal crisis .

It was a shame that Franklin wasn't from this world, or the Ace Party could have regrouped in the real world and had a real party .

After Sheyan finished dealing with all these matters, he had a thought of returning to Taiwan . Coincidentally, Sanzi's call came .

Sanzi's side of the phone was very noisy . It was with a considerable amount of effort that Sheyan distinguished the noise to be the banging of drums and the excited shouting voices of young men and women . Sanzi was obviously either in a club or in a bar .

Sheyan answered with a hello . From the other end came the sound of alcohol being gulped down . Sanzi sounded like a thirsty man in the desert that was gulping down alcohol like he was drinking water . Only after a while did he finally spoke . His voice was hoarse .

"Big brother! I . . . . I . . . . "

The rest of his words did not come out . It sounded like something was shoved down his throat .

Sheyan instantly sensed that something was wrong, and immediately asked .

"What? What's happening?"

A feminine voice transmitted over the phone .

"Hey handsome, why are you drinking alone? Come on, let's dance . "

Sanzi, who had become stupid drunk at this time, had almost zero resistance towards women, so all Sheyan got for a reply was noisy background noises . When he called back again, he was instantly cut off .

Sheyan couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive so he quickly called Uncle Dasi . Uncle Dasi assured him that everything was alright . Sanzi had been running his errands well and had not caused any trouble lately . Sheyan knew that Uncle Dasi had always doted on Sanzi . Fearing that he had concealed something, Sheyan gave a call to Aunt Di Gu . But Aunt Di Gu also told him the same thing, which meant that Sanzi really was alright .

Sheyan felt slightly better but he still didn't feel completely at ease . He decided to check Sanzi's Skype . After fiddling for a long time in London he finally pulled Sanzi's Skype profile out . The guy's ID had changed to "Passionate Elbow"and his signature was "you just got me!".

Sheyan determined that Sanzi had fallen into the side effects of a boy's testosterone and androgen . He should not lack young women on his side after all;it shouldn't be big problem . They were nothing compared to the icy mature director he had to deal with .

Sanzi was still someone Sheyan brought up so Sheyan still planned to take the time to go back and talk to him for a bit . However, something that demanded Sheyan's full attention suddenly happened .

The nightmare imprint suddenly sent him a blood-red parcel!

The blood-red parcel contained a roll of ancient looking parchment which was tied with a piece of tattered clothes soaked with dripping blood .

The even blood soaked into the parchment and left large blot marks on it, as well as emitting a foul blood stench .

The thing gave off a primitive, wild, bloody, rough and crazy feeling .

Of course Sheyan didn't dare to open it carelessly . He immediately reached out to Zi and Reef, and called Mogensha . Zi and Reef had no idea what it was, but Mogensha exclaimed in a hoarse voice after thinking for a while .

"Could this be an invitation from the Bloody World?"

Before they could ask, Mogensha already started his explanation .

"I don't know the details either but I encountered a person before when I was browsing the marketplace who was selling the things his boss left behind . His boss had died after receiving an invitation for the Bloody World . . . . "

Zi said with a serious expression .

"I think I have some idea what this is now thanks to AK's explanation . "

Sheyan and Reef instantly looked at her expectantly .

Zi collected her thoughts and said .

"It's not that easy to explain . Let me think . Um, I'll start from the Jurassic Park world . "

The rest of them knew that Zi was about to tell them some deep lying secrets of the realm so they paid full attention to her .

"You guys should have fought with and killed members of the Skull Party before . Did you realise that the reward from killing Skull Party members are different from the reward from killing Zeus'members?"asked Zi while she slowly stirred a cup of coffee .

Sheyan nodded his head .

"Yeah, it was obvious . Killing the Skull Party members awarded additional achievement points, and equipments were directly drawn . The rewards were significantly better than the rewards from killing the Metal Professor and other people . "

"That's because we were on the same side as the Glory Party . Killing amongst ourselves was not encouraged . That's why our rewards shrunk," Zi moved the coffee to her mouth but did not take a sip . She merely let the hot smoke warm her lips, as if doing that made her feel better .

"We were on the same side?"asked Sheyan in surprise .

Zi's eyes turned fuzzy as she said .

"That's right! The Glory Party and us were from the same nightmare realm . If you were to compare us to soldiers, it would mean that we were under the same commanding officer . "

Sheyan could already make some deductions based on what he heard so far .

"I understand now . So the Skull Party was from another nightmare realm . They don't take orders from our realm, so when we killed them, the realm gave us the highest rewards . Seems like the competition between realms is pretty fierce too . "

Zi quietly nodded .

"Fierce is an understatement . The Avatar world should be your first realm war, right? Wait 'til you experience high intensity realm wars . You will know how unbelievably cruel the competition between different realms is! During those times, all the contestants under the same realm must put aside their differences and work together . If they don't achieve the minimum requirement set by the realm, the furious realm may very well kill all the contestants under its jurisdiction!"

Sheyan found it hard to breathe . Zi's words had opened up a whole new window in his perspective .

A window full of blood!

Zi finally took a sip of her coffee but it had already turned cold, so she put it back down in disgust . She got up to take a few mouthfuls of cold water . She had given up on preserving her demeanor by now . She took a deep breath, and said .

"The invitation letter to the Bloody World is usually sent by the realm to the leader of a strong party in the realm . It would ask the leader to send the strongest member in their party . The next world this member goes to will be a world of massacre . The only main mission is to kill the other people to collect their invitation letters!"

"There will usually be at least 20 people invited to a Bloody World . The number of people who can come back alive will usually not exceed 5 . The more invitation letters a person can collect, the more advantageous the position their realm will occupy in the next realm war . This event is usually a precursor to the start of another realm war . "

"Of course, the nightmare realm will not give out impossible missions, so there might be 2-3 Bloody Worlds open at the same time in order to separate contestants of different strength level . The invitation letter you received should only be an invitation to the lowest level Bloody World . "

Sheyan nodded thoughtfully .

"I see . So the reason the invitation letter was given to me was because I'm the leader of this high ranking Silver party . It's unfortunate that I haven't awakened yet or I could go and have some fun . "

The awakened Brother Black laughed and said .

"Leave it to me, boss . Don't worry, this task suits me perfectly . "

Mogensha moved fast and had a wealth of battle experience . He could already suppress a Growth-Hunter when he was still a Reserve-Duty Growth Hunter . Now that he had become a Growth-Hunter, he should be able to take care of himself even if his opponent was an Awakener . His dark gold leather trousers would also add to his survivability . The Viperwolf it summoned was a great PK weapon .

More importantly was the fact that most of the enemies would also act alone . Mogensha was the best choice for 1v1 in their team .

Sheyan contemplated for a bit and nodded his head . He put his hand on the invitation letter and unfurled it . . . .

Cruel reality hit Sheyan right on the face!

[Contestant no . 1018]

[You are the leader of the Silver party, Ace]

[You have been appointed as one of the warrior representatives to enter the coming Bloody World]

[You will enter the next world alone to battle against various mighty opponents . Hopefully, you can return alive . ]

". . . . . What the hell!!!"screamed Sheyan who immediately queried through the nightmare imprint: "I am still a Reserve-Duty Growth-Hunter . I request a Growth-Hunter awakening mission for my next world!"

The cold voice of the realm shattered Sheyan's heart into pieces .

[The Growth-Hunter awakening mission can also be performed in the Bloody World . ]


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