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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 877


Chapter 877: Custom-tailored

Seeing the beaming Zi, Sheyan sighed and said .

"Looks like I have to use my trump card . "

Zi snorted disdainfully .

"As if you have any trump cards left . "

Before she had even finished speaking, Sheyan had moved over to her side and squeezed next to her with a vulgar expression . Even through the coat, he could feel the sensation of her elastic thigh . Zi's body instantly curled up as she nervously exclaimed .

"What are you trying to do?!"

Sheyan looked at her with a naughty glint in his eyes .

"Take a guess . Maybe I'm just repeating something that I've done before . "

Sheyan then moved close to her ears and said with an extremely vulgar expression .

"In such a narrow space, having high Strength is more advantageous than having high Intelligence and Spirit, don't you think?"

Zi awkwardly pushed Sheyan away and angrily exclaimed .

"How dare you!"

However, Zi's anger right now seemed to have no bite to it, because her usual way of handling such situations was to coldly say "scram". The chill in that word alone could make most men's tools shrink back in . If other people could see her reaction just now, they would be shocked that the icy beauty had such a side to her!

Sheyan laughed out loud and shrugged nonchalantly .

"Fine, since you agreed to my request, I'll forgive your rudeness . But you owe me a meal because I suddenly realised that I'm hungry . Seems like the wine was a good appetizer . "

Zi was dumbfounded . She lashed out .

"When did I agree to your request?! And I'm the one who's rude?!?!"

Sheyan once again moved close and put his hand on the back of her chair . This simple move caused her body to tighten again . Furthermore, her mind went blank and she was in utter confusion . Sheyan smilingly said .

"Should you treat me to Indian food later? I wonder how to Indian food in London tastes like . Hopefully their lamb curry tastes authentic . "

Zi replied in a panic .

"Okay, Indian food . . . "

Sheyan decided not to push his luck further so he returned to his seat . Only then did Zi realise that she had conceded to him! She was so angry that she she couldn't even voice her protest, but she couldn't think of what she should do either . Fortunately, at that moment, the chauffeur pushed a button and said anxiously .

"I'm sorry, Director Su, but the headquarters just ordered me to return immediately . They said they need an explanation . "

Zi instantly turned cold .

"What explanation?"

Sheyan interrupted her .

"He's just a chauffeur . "

This made Zi glare at Sheyan in dissatisfaction .

"Fine, we'll go back . Let me remind you that our dinner has to be postponed until four hours later . You want me to give you some loose change to buy burgers?"

"I'm good, thanks . I'd rather go hungry now so that I can eat more later since I'm not the one who will be paying,"said Sheyan happily .

Fifteen minutes later, Sheyan stood in front of the majestic twin towers of the E . S . financial group . A group of people with solemn expressions were waiting for them . They were all high-ranking members of the E . S . financial group, so when they saw Sheyan, who was wearing flip-flops and a flowery shirt, step out from the car together with the frosty Zi, one could imagine the shock they felt .

They remained stunned for a moment before a grey-haired old man took the lead and coughed drily .

"If I heard correctly, our group just transferred 760 million euros to Vorey Pharmaceutical Company . They They said you authorised it?"

"That's right,"said Zi with indifference .

"Right before we were about to reach an agreement with Krupp?"asked the old man in disbelief . "Can you please give me a reasonable explanation?"

Zi glanced at Sheyan and said emotionlessly .

"There's no explanation . Anything else? If not, I'm going for dinner . "

An uproar rose from the crowd beside them . A guy who looked like David Beckham stepped forward and talked to Zi with a complicated and painful expression .

"You deployed Gulfstream III and left our VIP guests stranded in Tokyo in order to pick up this . . . . this tourist from the beach?"

There was some pain in his voice . Zi looked at him apologetically but still said in that cold voice of hers .

"This is a personal matter, Mr . Oz . "

Oz seemed to have suffered a heavy blow from her reply . He quietly turned around and walked away . 2 other men walked away with him . They all looked like they aged 10 years . These three were admirers of Zi . Even though they were coldly rejected before, but since she rejected everyone anyway, they didn't feel that bad . But now, she had clearly made an exception for Sheyan . Imagine how much they hurt inside .

The old man earlier rejoiced instead . In the E . S . financial group, Zi was the largest shareholder . With those 3 shareholders passionately pursuing her before this, it was hard for the members of the board of directors to go against her decisions . Now, they would obviously not be on her side any longer, and might even sell their shares . The other shareholders were also elated . This would mark a new era for them in the financial group .

"Since tomorrow is the weekend, we will hold a board meeting at 9am on Monday to request an official explanation from you for your actions, Ms . Su Lingzi,"said the old man solemnly . "If you are absent from the meeting, we will take it as you abstaining . Our financial group can no longer continue this way . "

Sheyan folded his arms on his chest as he observed the old man who obviously thought he had things in the bag . Then, he asked Zi .

"Can we go for dinner now?"

Zi nodded and said sarcastically .

"I can't believe their efficiency got so high when it came to these kind of matters . Let's go . "

A bald guy who looked like he had seborrhoea took large steps and entered the Lincoln limousine before they could . He told the chauffeur loudly .

"Drive me to Sirocco Hotel . "

The chauffeur instantly became flustered .

"But . . . "

The bald man said coldly .

"No buts . You're an employee of the E . S . financial group, not a personal chauffeur! Do you want to receive a letter of dismissal on Monday? Don't worry, you'll receive your salary for this month in full . "

The chauffeur didn't dare to speak or look at Zi . He simply started the car and drove away . Zi's bodyguards and assistants were also rooted in place . E . S . financial group's organisational structure was quite complex . There was no chairman;the board of directors made all the decisions . If Zi could not take the initiative on the board of directors, then the only authority she would have left was the right to receive dividends . When that time came, their fate would be decided by the other directors . How could they not be afraid?

Sheyan sighed .

"You sure are patient, Zi . "

Zi snorted .

"Just mind your own business . Didn't you want to have dinner? Let's go then . The Indian restaurant is pretty far from here . "

Sheyan shrugged .

"I don't feel like having Indian food anymore . I now want random food . "

"What do you mean by random food?"Zi's interest was piqued .

Sheyan stared at the man called the man called Oz who was walking away, and said with a smile .

"Since you lost 3 admirers 3 minutes ago, we'll take a taxi and go to the 3rd restaurant we pass 33 minutes from now . What do you think?"

"Interesting proposal,"said Zi with a laugh .

"I have an even more interesting proposal . . . . . "

". . . …"

As they stared at the back of the two people walking away, a chill suddenly rose in the directors'hearts .

The next morning, Zi and Sheyan arrived at Vorey Pharmaceutical Company .

The person in charge received them with trepidation .

Then, within ten minutes, the person in charge summoned five of his experts and asked them to develop a treatment plan that they had never tried before .

A plan to let a person catch pneumococcal pneumonia in the shortest time possible . Although the request was outrageous and inhumane, but for the sake of high salary and a stable working environment, the five experts spent less than three minutes to come up with a plan .

They needed to cultivate a large amount of pneumococcal culture, so Sheyan only enjoyed the custom-tailored treatment eleven hours later . He soon tasted the disease of his desire .

"Sh*t, my chest hurts like hell,"Sheyan laid on the bed with a pale face . He currently looked like a weak old man . "I feel like there are a thousand needles piercing my lungs at the same time! I can't even breath! *cough* *cough*"

Sheyan spat out a large lump of rust-coloured phlegm after his coughing fit, which was a typical symptom of pus and blood mixing together after the tissue in the lungs had ulcerated . At least five of Europe's top nurses and doctors were busily moving around him .

Zi stared expressionlessly at the weakened Sheyan while holding his chilly hand . She wasn't bothered by Sheyan's phlegm at all . She quietly observed Sheyan for a while before walking over to a doctor at the side and asked .

"Why is his condition so severe?"


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