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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 876


Chapter 876: Zi's help

But to Sheyan's disappointment, after two sneezes, he actually felt livelier! The cold wind blew onto his face but it felt so comfortable . Catching a cold seemed like a luxury at the moment, let alone pneumonia .

"What the hell? Did the steep increase in my HP cause my immunity to increase as well?"

The steep increase in HP here referred to the reward when he broke through the 50-point pure attribute boundary . That reward had been inexplicably retained when normally, all statuses would be reset after undergoing the Babu-Babusar ceremony! Sheyan inferred that due to the soul embryo settling in, the Authoritative precedence of the negative effects of the 'Stairway of the Sun'was lowered, making it unable to suppress the reward for the 50-point pure attribute boundary breakthrough . Thus, this situation occurred .

After spending a whole day in the hospital, Sheyan realised with disappointment that even a cold seemed to be far away from him, let alone pneumonia . Seemed like having a strong immunity was not always good news . . . . Getting a rank 3 ability wasn't so easy after all .

At this time, Sheyan received a call .

An international call .

Zi's slightly deep but sweet voice transmitted over the phone . Her voice was somewhat similar to the voice of the singer, A-Sun . There was a charm to it that's hard to describe with words .

(T/N note: A-Sun - https://www . youtube . com/watch?v=60QFQtRAvWQ)

"If you're Seaman, say something . If you're not, hang up . "

Sheyan smiled and replied .

"I'm alive, rich girl . "

Zi said emotionlessly .

"How was the last world? Did any of your people die?"

Sheyan laughed and answered .

"Nope . Not only that, I've even recruited someone who may very well become your competitor . "

Zi coldly sneered and said .

"What competitor? Can anyone be my competitor? "

"Hmm, he's a mage who mastered the laws of Dungeons and Dragons . His main ability lies in producing illusions . He has a limited offensive repertoire;he can only perform burst damage once or twice every battle . "

Sheyan began explaining to her about Franklin . Zi immediately figured it out .

"I see . His main burst method should be rank 3 'Great Fireball'+ 'Empower Spell'. There are limited spell slots for rank 3 spells, that's why he can't be the main force in battle . But his ability to create illusions is an extremely rare one . You made a good decision . "

Sheyan smiled faintly and said .

"The best decision I ever made was agreeing to Demondream's request . "

Zi snorted .

"I've already returned your favour! I'm doing pretty well in Aldaris'party right now . We even got an S evaluation in the previous world . It shouldn't be a problem for Aldaris to become an Awakener . "

Sheyan knew that Zi was just being stubborn . No matter how strong Aldaris'party was, there was no way they could compare to his own high-ranking Silver party . Moreover, relationships were complex in large parties . In his Ace party, Reef had long realised that he has no leadership potential, so Sheyan could immediately appoint Zi as the vice leader as soon as she joined . Sheyan laughed confidently and said .

"Of course, of course . Then can Lady Zi give me a chance to owe you a favour back? I am desperately in need of your help . "

Upon hearing Sheyan's words, the proud Zi finally revealed a slight smile, while her eyes flashed a that's-more-like-it glitter . She said after a dry cough .

"That would depend on my mood . "

Sheyan smiled .

"I'm in Taiwan now . Let me persuade you face-to-face . "

Zi said without hesitation .

"Go to Taoyuan Airport, the same place as before . I'll let Gulfstream pick you up . "


Senyan was already familiar with all the protocols, so after a few hours, he arrived in Europe . This time, he flew straight to London, to the headquarters of the E . S financial group .

Zi personally picked him up from the airport . She was wearing a Chanel coat tied at the waist with her hair tied up in a bun . It accentuated her slim figure and long legs . She appeared cold, yet alluring .

But when Sheyan walked down the luxurious stairs of the Gulfstream, let alone Zi, even the female assistant next to her was trying hard not to laugh . Sheyan's clothes were simply too casual . . . . loose beach shorts, flowery shirt, and to top it off, a pair of large wooden clog flip-flops on his feet . The clip-clopping sound they made caused the aircrew welcoming him to almost burst into laughter .

Zi was also holding herself back from laughing as she approached Sheyan .

"I see that you're as full of personality as ever, Seaman . Your colour combination is magnificent . "

Sheyan sneezed amidst the cold November wind in London . He quickly hopped onto Zi's Lincoln limousine .

"What the hell . I don't usually take aeroplanes . I can't believe the weather's so terrible . "

The middle section of the limousine was arranged in the form of a meeting room . Zi got in and sat across from him, then said with a smile .

"Do you want to go buy some clothes first?"

Sheyan instantly rejected such a short-sighted suggestion .

"It's good to be cold! This is exactly what I want . Achoo!"

As he said that, he nonchalantly picked up a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet at the back, then bit off the cork and gulped down half a bottle like it was a beer . The bodyguards and assistants next to him were all shocked speechless . This bottle of Bordeaux wine was bought by their financial group from an auction with 640,000 euros . It was intended to serve only heavyweight VVIPs such as ministers of the state . Now, it was defiled in such a way by this Easterner . More crucially, Director Su actually did not show any dissatisfaction .

These assistants had never seen a young man acting so casual in front of Director Su . All the other young men would either be intimidated due to her status, or awe-struck due to her cold demeanor . It was common for them to make mistakes out of nervousness . However, this young man had simply made himself at home . His calmness and demeanor were eye-opening .

Zi stared at the half bottle of wine left and said coldly .

"This bottle of wine cost almost a million euros . I'll send the bill to you later . "

Her stern expression instantly turned into a smile as if she enjoyed her own joke tremendously . Sheyan seriously said .

"No problem . I don't even have a euro on me anyway, so it makes no difference to me whether you charge me a euro or a million euros . I'll just run away later . . . . Uh, I really have something that needs your help . And it's urgent . "

Zi pushed a button and a tea-coloured bulletproof glass rose to segregate their section into a private space .

"Speak . "

Sheyan spread his hands and said .

"I must catch a disease, and it must be pneumococcal pneumonia . Can you find a way?"

Zi stared at Sheyan after hearing his strange request .

"Is it important?"

"Very,"answered Sheyan seriously .

Zi immediately made a call .

"Hello, Mr . Harvin . Didn't your previous proposal involve Vorey Pharmaceutical Company? Yes? That's good . I heard they have their own medical research facility, the 3rd biggest laboratory in Europe? Ok then, I'll sign it . "

Next, she made another call which was very concise .

"Kevin, stop all negotiations with Krupp and pass the proposal for Vorey Pharmaceutical Company . Why? There's no why . My decision is why . Any other question? Good . I'm hanging up . "

After completing this series of matter, she lifted her head and said .

"After signing the contract at 8 tomorrow, I will personally go to Vorey Pharmaceutical Company for an inspection . There will be more than 50 experts there to fulfill your wish . "

Sheyan revealed a smile .

"What an honour . "

Zi grabbed the wine bottle Sheyan drank from, took a from, took a crystal wine glass, and poured half a glass for herself . She slowly sipped at the wine before saying .

"Your second request should be to ask me to lead Ace Party for a while, right?"

Sheyan was dumbstruck for a moment .

"How do you know?"

Zi appeared to be very satisfied with Sheyan's reaction . Her lips curled into a seductive smile .

"I estimate that it should be about time for you to take that step . "

Sheyan smiled bitterly .

"I was forced to take that step . In the world of the Lord of the Rings, with Mogensha away on his awakening mission, I met a really strong team - the Stockholm Party . Unfortunately, their mission contradicted with ours . "

"Stockholm Party?"Zi's expression instantly turned serious . "Where have I heard this name before? That's right, they were top 3 in the last realm war!"

Sheyan smiled and said .

"A core member of theirs, Drubal, hunted me down . I was forced to play all my cards, and became a reserve-duty Growth-Hunter . I let him live in the end because he offered some pretty nice things in exchange for his life . "

Zi rolled her eyes at Sheyan .

"You have no idea how cocky you look right now . "

Sheyan laughed .

"You yourself look much better now compared to the cold attitude before . "

Zi blushed and shifted her gaze away from Sheyan to her wine glass . Sheyan knew that she's a prideful person and would get embarrassed easily, so he changed the topic .

"I've awakened a few times in the last world;I couldn't help using this power after obtaining it . That's why I will definitely be away from the party the next time I enter the realm . I would be really worried if there was no one there to lead them . "

Zi remained silent while her long fingers swirled the wine in her glass . A cunning glint showed in her eyes .


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