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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 872


Chapter 872: Free at last

Since the aura of the two remaining Golden Fruits had completely disappeared, Sheyan, who still had the aura of the Golden Fruit remaining on his body, naturally became Treebeard's target .

The giant Ent looked down at him from a height of several hundred meters . His eyes were as big as train compartments and they were currently squinting in hatred like the eyes of a ferocious shark, ready to tear the enemy into pieces!

Sheyan and his doppelganger ran forward in an '8'shaped path, constantly crossing each other and maintained a perpetually changing distance between themselves . The furious Treebeard did not care about this . For him, it was very easy to get rid of these two little bugs . The only thing he had to think about was whether he could kill both of them with one stomp . . . .

It didn't take long for both Sheyans to enter the attack range of Treebeard at the same time . . . . they just happened to cross each other at this moment . Treebeard, of course, wished to end it fast . He lifted his enormous foot and stomped down .

The Treebeard right now was a giant surpassing a hundred meters in height . One stomp of his foot felt like a plummeting 30-storey tall building that collapsed after a plane crashed into it . The intimidating momentum was completely devastating for ordinary people . Most people would have been scared to death before they were even trampled on .

Treebeard had stomped down right at the instant when the two overlapped . However, when his feet were still hanging in the air, Sheyan kicked his doppelganger hard . Both of them flew out to the left and right!

Sheyan had planned this kick well beforehand, so they managed to barely avoid the enemy's attack . Treebeard's big feet that was woven together from countless roots stepped on an empty ground and made the earth tremble . Tons of soft and fertile soil was squeezed out from the ground, then fell like a muddy rain within a few kilometers!

The sole of Treebeard's feet was planted deep into the ground . He wasn't too bothered that he missed . For him, it was like stepping on ants . Even if the first step missed, he could just step a few more times . The life of the ant was already in the bag in his opinion .

Little did he know that, even if Sheyan was an ant, he's an extremely poisonous iron ant!

Sheyan, who had been flying out towards the side, suddenly reached out and pulled hard on the top branch of a tree that he passed by . He exerted some strength and dug his fingers deep into the wood . The tree was quite flexible . Even with such a strong force acting on it, it did not break . Instead, it was bent into a crescent like a fully drawn bow, then launched Sheyan back .

This time, as Sheyan flew back like a missile, his eyes burned with determination . A ball of black flame appeared in his left hand . The black flame was pulled by the soaring wind into various strange shapes before it bombarded into the bridge of Treebeard's foot!

Treebeard didn't even feel the hit . After struggling for a bit against the mud trapping his foot, he finally managed to pull his foot out . Sheyan left his doppelganger to attack Treebeard's feet while he himself immediately ran away with a pale face after striking with 'Beast of Corrosion'.

Treebeard certainly wouldn't let the chance pass by . He once again stomped down on Sheyan's doppelganger, and even crushed it a few more times just for fun! His booming laugh echoed through the forest .

Sheyan had already fled a considerable distance away . Even if Treebeard was to stomp down again with his foot, Sheyan was already beyond his reach .

Therefore, Treebeard turned to another method . He kicked out at Sheyan like he was kicking a soccer ball . Treebeard could clearly sense the extent of Sheyan's strength . He knew that this kick would kill the little ant for sure .

Little did Treebeard know that his series of actions were all within the scope of Sheyan's predictions . In fact, it could be said that Sheyan baited him into performing them! This sounded very simple, but in reality, Sheyan had totally exhausted his brain power to make sure the plan worked . He was gambling with his life on the line!

Fortunately, he once again won the bet .

Sheyan was, of course, kicked hard . Right after he was kicked, blood spurted out of Reef's eyes, ears, mouth, and nose . This was naturally the effect of 'Life-link'. Reef's HP plummeted by about half even with the blessing of the Twilight Elf!

That was how ferocious Treebeard's giant form was!

Think about it . Treebeard spent the spiritual power accumulated over thousands of years to construct this giant Ent . It had no magic, no long-range attacks, no innate abilities, no divine arts;the only advantages it had were that it's big, it's mean, and it moved fast! So if its attack wasn't strong, why would Treebeard bother using this divine art?

Sheyan was kicked over 400 meters away and entered into a near-death protected state . He crashed into and broke countless trees along his flight . Melody frantically rushed over and threw a 'Rejuvenation'spell at him from far away .

Then Mr . Ferrell, the Battle Ent, hurried over, carried Sheyan up, and fled .

Treebeard couldn't believe that the ant actually survived his hit . He once again strode forward in fury . He did not notice that some very bad signs had shown up on the part of his wooden foot that was hit by Sheyan . Large clusters of dark spots appeared . Dense tree tumors swelled up and then burst, emitting indescribable stench as some red spiders drilled in and out! Big chunks of decaying wood pried away and fell down!

The rotten surface on his foot got bigger with every step he took . The 'Beast of Corrosion'was different from other poisons . It could be considered a living bizarre creature that would keep producing keep producing negative effects until its life was exhausted .

The life of the 'Beast of Corrosion'ran out when the rot reached Treebeard's ankle . If Sheyan had collected a few more diseases, Treebeard's whole foot might have been severed .

Even so, it was enough . The fragile ankle could no longer bear the terrifying weight of the collosal body . It snapped off with a crunch!

Although Treebeard could feel no pain currently, when the huge body lost its support, it would naturally stumble . Treebeard was obviously too confident in his sturdy body . His expression remained full of confidence right up to the moment his face came into contact with the ground . Only then did he find out that his ankle was rotten beyond recognition!

Sheyan and his companions were still very close to Treebeard, but they kept getting further and further away . . . .

Treebeard snarled furiously . With one swipe of his hand, he tore up dozens of trees which he stuffed into the wound . He got back up and continued his pursuit with a limp .

However, he only took a few steps before he fell again . The giant trees that made up Treebeard's body were all spiritual woods from the core region of Fangorn Forest . They only grew that big and that strong after absorbing earth liquid . Using ordinary trees to repair Treebeard's body was as reliable as using a wire to replace a fuse!

As the earth shattering roar behind them gradually grew distant, Sheyan could finally heave a sigh of relief . His voice was hoarse as he said .

"Seems like we've finally lost the damn monster . "

Mr . Ferrell, who was carrying Sheyan, said grimly .

"Treebeard . . . . Lord Treebeard had his Golden Fruits taken from him, then proceeded him, then proceeded to perform 4 super-ranked divine arts under his fury . I'm afraid he will fall into a thousand-year sleep now . "

Franklin asked .

"Didn't he absorb back a Golden Fruit?"

Mr . Ferrell replied .

"The Golden Fruit had not fully matured after all . Without that Golden Fruit, the price he pays will be worse than a thousand-year sleep . He might have turned into a tree . "

Sheyan suddenly had a bit of malicious intent .

"Don't you have a Golden Fruit now, Mr . Ferrell? Why don't you give it to Lord Treebeard? Maybe he won't need to hibernate then . "

The Battle Ent immediately avoided the topic . For him and his Uncle Sindalor, Treebeard being weakened and falling into a thousand-year sleep was definitely great news . He was only pretending to lament Treebeard's fate, but Sheyan instantly blew his cover .

Reef suddenly asked in a serious tone .

"Boss, what about Saruman's mission? You don't have a Golden Fruit anymore . "

Sheyan sneered and said .

"My mission was to plunder the Golden Fruits;I wasn't asked to hand them over to Saruman . I'll deal with it . "

Sheyan then told Melody and Ferrell .

"If you can, you should absorb the Golden Fruit as soon as possible . The stronger you are, the better it is for me . "


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