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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 869


Chapter 869: Sheyan's Nemesis

Even though Sheyan escaped the lighting-fast javelin in time, the branches at the end of the wooden javelin still left some deep, bloody scratches on his chest and abdomen . If the scratches had gone any deeper, the front of his body would have been torn open .

Not only that, Sheyan did not feel any pain at all from the wounds, only an itch . He looked down and saw that a layer of green mold and some mycelium had grown over the wounds on his chest and abdomen . The moss was rapidly spreading into his body .

Fortunately, the black tendril of the 'Stairway of the Sun'immediately slithered over to swiftly clean up the serious infection on Sheyan's wounds .

After the javelin shot into the ground, it immediately took root, quickly sprouted, and then turned into a small Ent about a meter high . He instantly chased after Sheyan once he appeared . The Ent had the stature of a midget but had a very fierce appearance . His arms were covered with blue thorns .

Senyan's eyes flashed as he pulled out '+7 West'. He slashed frantically around him as he ran . All along his path, trees crashed down to the ground . The midget Ent did not dodge quick enough and was crushed by a big tree . He screamed and glared at Sheyan but was helpless to do anything .

Because of this, the sight of the Ent hiding in the shadows, waiting to use javelins to ambush Sheyan was also obstructed . He was prepared to throw another wooden javelin at Sheyan, but he could only halt his actions and jumped around to dodge the falling trees .

Leaping Ents were not as sturdy as Battle Ents . To describe it in terms of human army, the Battle Ents would be the steel knights wearing heavy armour, while the Leaping Ents would be the agile assassins . If the Leaping Ent was hit by a falling tree, he would also be hurt .

The sight of the Leaping Ent chasing after Sheyan suddenly cleared because there were no more trees falling in front of him . He only saw the silent forest and the glorious sunset . Not even the slightest hint of his target could be seen .

While he was contemplating his next step, the trunk that had collapsed on the ground exploded and the wooden blocks slammed into his face . A figure popped out from behind him . It was Sheyan!

When one of the huge trees crashed down, Sheyan followed its trajectory and went to the ground with it . Under the cover of the collapsed tree trunk, he lay hidden, waiting in ambush . He had already waited in this spot quietly for 12 . 91 seconds for the Leaping Ent to arrive!

The Leaping Ent was covered in a camouflage pattern similar to the camouflage patterns on military uniforms . His legs were deformed and thick, and the Ent seemed to be formed from well-developed aerial roots and plank buttresses roots twisted together . As a result, it was bound to have more advantages in movement speed . Its bark was not very rugged . It was similar to the skin of mulberry, bamboo and the likes, with a smooth and sturdy texture .

Furthermore, one of its arms was made up entirely of javelin-like twigs, while the other arm looked no different from other Ents . One could imagine how convenient it was for him to shoot a javelin . He only needed to twist his arm . He could completely ignore the process of pulling the javelin back, holding it, and throwing it out .

Sheyan's sudden appearance from behind the cover visibly caught the Leaping Ent off guard . He instinctively tried to distance himself from Sheyan by launching his quantum leap ability . He instantly turned blurry . At the same time, he thrusted his javelin arm towards the enemy . If Sheyan insisted on pouncing forward, he would hit the sharp javelins head first .

Sheyan had painstakingly laid down this ambush, so so how could he simply let the Ent escape? There was a smirk on his face as a black glow lingered on his right hand . On the fingertips of all five fingers grew a flesh tendril while a black ball of light was forming rapidly on his hand .

Sheyan gave a shout of anger and the veins on his forehead bulged . His eyes were bloodshot . Then, he slam-dunked the 'Beast of Corrosion'light ball on the enemy like a basketball player!

As the 'Beast of Corrosion'left his hand, it rapidly changed in the air and turned into a giant black snake with horrifying fangs and scales . The snake bit into the Leaping Ent's chest, then wrapped its body around the Leaping Ent .

The Leaping Ent screamed in pain and and tore the 'Beast of Corrosion'snake into pieces . However, in that short period of time, the 'Beast of Corrosion'had deeply infiltrated into the Ent and, like ink dripping into water, it quickly swept over his body!

The Leaping Ent was obviously in a great deal of pain as his agonizing roar shook the surrounding leaves . Galls appeared on his slick skin, then burst open . Black juices carrying a horrible stench flowed out from the galls . The surrounding skin also turned as rough as the skin of a toad . A swarm of flies appeared out of nowhere to surround him, torturing his nerves .

Sheyan had also sustained a heavy injury . He ran into the javelin thrusted by the Leaping Ent which almost completely penetrated into the wounds on his abdomen . Although the toxins on the wounds were restrained by the 'Stairway of the Sun', the javelin piercing into his abdomen sent him into bouts of dizziness .

Sheyan gritted his teeth and slashed down onto the Ent's face . Pieces of barks flew as the Ent emitted a horrible cry . He held his face and stumbled back .

Sheyan was about to follow up with another attack when he felt a slight turmoil in the ground . He He turned alert as he abruptly changed his course and escaped into the forest . While he ran and staggered forward as fast as he could, he wrapped a high class bandage around his abdomen . His HP gradually recovered .

The full name of the bandage was the 'Spider Protein High-Energy Composite Stitching Bandage'. It was a product of the Starship Troopers world . It could speed up the healing of wounds, break down dead muscles or rotten flesh, and recover 1000 HP in 60 seconds . Of course, the user cannot be interrupted by an attack during this period .

The bandage could be considered fairly valuable . It could sell for at least 10,000 utility points in the nightmare realm . However, compared to Sheyan's HP of more than 3,000, it only helped a little .

To use the 'Beast of Corrosion'ability, he had to be prepared for the worst possible scenario . What if he was deducted with 800 HP? If Sheyan wanted to quickly deal with the Leaping Ents pursuing him, the only way was to use the 'Beast of Corrosion'ability .

After he had recovered approximately 600 points of HP, Sheyan felt a pain in the back of his neck . The bandage's recovery effect was immediately interrupted . He instantly slapped at the spot and felt a pain in his palm . When he retrieved his hand, he saw a mosquito with black legs and white belly lying on his palm . The mosquito was as big as a thumb and leaked out a ferocious intent .

"It was just a mosquito bite but it was judged as an attack,"Sheyan's pupils contracted . "Could it be that the enemy is actually . . . . "

At a place less than two hundred meters from Sheyan, a Leaping Ent who looked incomparably strange stood quietly among the trees . His legs were stout and he had no arms . Above his left and right shoulders were two tree nests shaped like saucepan lids .

Each of the

Each of the saucepan lid nests was about 5, 6 square meters in size and about a meter deep . They contained a thick, gel-like substance that emitted an indescribable smell which had little effect on humans or other living creatures, but attracted all kinds of insects!

Treebeard, in his rage, chose three trees with the "potential"of becoming Leaping Ents from the forest near Sheyan, and granted them souls and abilities . The movement speed of this Leaping Ent was no less inferior than the other two . Then why was he the last to find Sheyan?

That's because this Ent's method of attacking is special . He must first attract enough insects to enslave in order to bring out his maximum power! He was like an aircraft carrier . An aircraft carrier did not possess any attacking strength by itself, but it would shake nations everywhere it went thanks to the lethality of the fighter jets it carried . (This is not an exaggeration . If America's aircraft carrier appeared on the Yellow Sea or Bohai Gulf, China would definitely be on high alert . )

Once Sheyan was bitten by the mosquito, he was already on alert . However, the ferocity of the enemy's attack still caught him by surprise . A black carpet of mosquitoes and flies swarmed over in the blink of an eye, covering up the entire sky!

Such an attack left goosebumps all over him . Sure, he possess the formidable 'Stronghold'innate ability so a mosquito's attack would only forcefully deduct 1 point of HP . But look at the sky . The black cloud of insects must contain over tens of thousands in number . So what if each of them only caused 1 point of compulsory damage? So what if he was immune to diseases and poisons (Poison Monarch's hidden passive ability)? The only thing Sheyan could do was run away!

Of course, one of the best ways to defend against this attack was to start a fire with a pile of grass to smoke the insects while covering his entire body with mud . The most effective way would be to spray them with a flamethrower! Or, he could directly deal with the Leaping Ent .


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