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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 868


Chapter 868: Poison Monarch!

Even though the first hit was effective, Sheyan felt more and more flustered because the 'Enemy of the Forest'imprint on his face had crept deeper into him . The numbness felt more and more intense . If his brain was numbed too, then he would die!

Right at that moment, the 'Stairway of the Sun'once again trembled . It controlled Sheyan's left hand and once again gathered the terrifying black ball of light . The black ball of light twisted into a snake and pressed towards the numb part of Sheyan's face!

A sizzling noise was produced upon contact, almost as if a piece of raw meat was thrown into a frying pan . The horrible black ball of light turned into hundreds of tiny black electric currents and pierced deep into Sheyan's skin like small daggers .

A large amount of pustules abruptly broke out on his numb face . They kept bursting open, turning half of Sheyan's face into a piece of red boiling meat and even exposing the bone inside! The sight was appalling . Yellow pus gushes out with his blood, spreading a revolting stench .

What's even more strange was that, following the invasion of the black electric currents, Sheyan could hear shrill screams filled with grievances emanating from his face . A horrifying illusion appeared in his vision, as if there was a hand tearing his face violently .

As the black electric currents brought the corrosion deeper into Sheyan's skin, bits of green lights were forced out . The green lights were enshrouded by the black currents, and they were then exterminated in the air .

After the last bit of green light in Sheyan's face was forced out, Treebeard, who was standing still in the central basin of the forest of Fangorn, trembled slightly . One of his eyes suddenly burst into little spots of green lights, but the green lights immediately turned black!

Treebeard screamed loudly . Amidst his scream, the towering trees around him pulled up their roots and strode towards him . They stretched out their branches and embraced Treebeard tightly . Slowly, a colossal Ent consisting of at least a hundred giant trees formed . His height was towering at over several hundred meters . His stature gave him a domineering presence, and one could feel a boundless anger in him! !

Sheyan wasn't feeling that good himself . He looked like a devil . Half his face was undamaged, but the other half was a bloody mess of flesh and bone . However, he felt no pain . It seemed that all his nerves were paralyzed .

The continuous changes in the 'Stairway of the Sun'was a cause for concern for Sheyan . He recalled the strange feeling from before, so he immediately inquired about the 'Pestilence Monarch'ability . The result shocked him .

[The Stairway of the Sun in your body has gained enough energy to evolve . The plant form is in a deep sleep . The animal form has been activated . Your Pestilence Monarch ability is sealed . You gained a new ability: 'Poison Monarch'!]

[After obtaining sufficient external energy, the animal form of the Stairway of the Sun has matured . This is a strange ability mutated from the combination of the animal form of the Stairway of the Sun + the poison of Ouroboros . ]

[Ability grade: unknown]

[Because the Stairway of the Sun is still living symbiotically in your body, you still have most of the abilities of the previous Pestilence Monarch, except for the ability to infect the enemy with diseases . Therefore, when the Poison Monarch is in effect, you cannot activate the Pestilence Aura . ]

[You gained a new ability: Beast of Corrosion]

[This is a very terrible ability . It will cultivate the toxins secreted from the Stairway of the Sun in your body with your own flesh and blood . After analyzing the weaknesses of the enemy, it will target those weaknesses in its attack, thus causing devastating damage to the enemy . ]

[Total damage = (50 ~ 300) + (15% of the enemy's maximum HP {this will not exceed 10,000 points}) + (2% of the user's maximum HP)]

[No one is immune to the damage from the Beast of Corrosion . The attack will cause true damage . ]

[Because the Beast of Corrosion ability targets the enemy's weaknesses, the first time it attacks an enemy, explosive hit rate will increase by 50% and its power will invade the enemy's body . But the enemy's gene will adapt to this ability, so the next time the enemy was hit with the Beast of Corrosion, explosive hit rate will decrease by 20% . ]

[Each time the enemy is attacked by the Beast of Corrosion, its power will invade the enemy's body, causing terrifying negative effects . The negative effect inflicted is related to the enemy's race . ]

[There is normally no way to upgrade the Beast of Corrosion ability . ]

[The power of the Beast of Corrosion is related to your Pestilence Monarch ability . The more types of diseases you control, the more powerful the Beast of Corrosion will be, and the more negative effects will be inflicted upon the enemy . It may also disable certain abilities of the enemy . ]

[Every time you activate the Beast of Corrosion, you must first use your own HP to feed it . 80 ~ 800 points will be randomly deducted from your HP (This deduction ignores defense and may cause death . For Sheyan, the deducted HP will range from 40 ~ 760 points) . The Beast of Corrosion needs time to analyze the composition of the enemy, so if the enemy is a storyline creature, there will be a cooldown time of 1 minute . ] (The two Beast of Corrosions before were released by the Stairway of the Sun, not Sheyan . )

[All contestants are strengthened by the nightmare realm, so the process of analyzing the composition of a contestant will be extended to 10 minutes . Therefore, if you attack a contestant with the Beast of Corrosion, the cooldown will be 10 minutes . ]

[All contestants are strengthened by strengthened by the nightmare realm, so the current Beast of Corrosion is unable to analyze their weaknesses . The increase in explosive hit rate will not take effect on contestants . ]

[Hint: The only weakness of the Beast of Corrosion is that it is a venomous creature of a strange lifeform . Its movement is slow, so it depends entirely on the user's arm strength to throw it towards the enemy . Therefore, if the distance between the user and the enemy is too far away, then it would be easy for the enemy to dodge it . ]

[Hint: Both the Beast of Corrosion and the Pestilence Monarch are derived from the Stairway of the Sun, so they have the same precedence . ]

The series of notifications left a sinister smile on Sheyan's face . Coupled with his current rotten face, it was quite a horrifying sight .

"Looks like I didn't risk myself for nothing this time!"

Sheyan guessed that the 'Beast of Corrosion'ability should be refined and develop more skills as his 'Pestilence Monarch'ability obtained more types of diseases, akin to Zi's 'Force Collision - Wall', 'Force Needle Explosion', etc . Although this damn ability was powerful, the cost to use it was also frightening . A deduction of 80 to 800 points of HP . . . . If he was unlucky, it could cost him his life! Most contestants right now probably didn't even have 800 points of HP! Even with Sheyan's insane amount of HP, he couldn't afford to use it carelessly!

Sheyan recalled the ability of 'Pestilence Monarch'. In a large-scale battle, the 'Pestilence Aura'was much more useful than the 'Beast of Corrosion'. He hurriedly inquired, and the response he got was that the plant form of the 'Stairway of the Sun'was asleep and was evolving . After the evolution was completed, it was possible to switch between the plant form and the animal form with his thought . Of course, he would probably have to pay a certain price .

While Sheyan was distracted, the struggling Leaping Ent emitted a muffled scream of pain, then smashed at Sheyan with his hand . Sheyan rolled away in time as the grasses and leaves on the leaves on the ground were sent flying .

The Leaping Ent was in a terrible condition . His body had been fully breached by the terribly invasive ability of the 'Beast of Corrosion'. A putrid gel-like substance dripped from his mouth and a ring of black mold appeared on his branches . When he took a step forward, the branches and leaves that made up his feet crumbled due to decay!

Sheyan fled without hesitation . He had been running away in the forest the whole time, so he didn't know that Treebeard had turned into a wooden Transformer out of anger to chase him down and kill him . However, the pressure emitted by Treebeard was truly oppressive .

The Leaping Ent launched his quantum leap ability to chase after Sheyan, but he only ran for a few steps before he hit his head on a tree . He knocked the unfortunate tree down and also crashed into the ground himself . The Leaping Ent struggled madly with a loud roar . If Sheyan wanted to kill it, it would really take a lot of effort, but it's a lot easier if Sheyan just wanted to run away .

There is another advantageous factor for Sheyan in his attempt to escape . The enemy wouldn't be able to find him so easily because the 'Enemy of the Forest'imprint left by Treebeard on his face had almost been destroyed by the 'Stairway of the Sun'using the 'Beast of Corrosion'. Even if there was some residue of the imprint left, but it should be much more difficult to detect . Besides, Treebeard was also a spent force right now;it was impossible for him to leave another 'Enemy of the Forest'imprint on Sheyan .

After running for about 500 meters, Sheyan glimpsed a silhouette flashed by in the wood on his side . Although he had acquired a powerful new ability, he was still frightened . A single 'Beast of Corrosion'definitely would not make up for the gigantic gap in strength between him and Treebeard! Therefore, although Sheyan was running forward at full speed, he immediately forced himself to the side . It proved an ingenious decision because from the direction of the silhouette flew a thick wooden javelin that scraped past Sheyan's chest and lodged itself two meters deep into the ground!


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