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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 867


Chapter 867: Crazy curse

With the birth of the Ents, Treebeard's overwhelming anger was once again directed towards Sheyan .

Although Sheyan had already experienced its impact before, he still couldn't control his body under the immense willpower behind the anger . He felt like a person who encountered a powerful wave while swimming in the sea . He could only leave it to fate and let his body drift into the depth of the sea .

He immediately lost his balance and was blown away . The Ents next to him swooped in . Their thick arms that were woven from tough branches smashed fiercely towards Sheyan, totally covering up the sun!

Just hearing the bumping sound the branches made when they hit the ground could send fear into one's heart!

These Ents had no wisdom because they were only temporarily given life, but they were not afraid of death . Every attack was launched with full force . It was precisely this that made them terrifying opponents . They simply do not care if they suffer any harm themselves .

In order to hit Sheyan as quickly as possible, an Ent who was far away in the distance actually ripped off his left arm and violently threw it at Sheyan with his right .

Such crazy attacks were testament to the extreme hatred Treebeard bore towards Sheyan .

Sheyan fell to the ground as he received brutal attacks from all sides . In the blink of an eye, he was already bruising and bleeding all over . He grabbed his head with his hand and curled his body . He knew that if things continued this way, he would be beaten to death, so he showed no hesitation in smashing a bottle of curse-mix to the ground . A shockwave rippled outwards and stunned the Ents in place .

Sheyan flipped up . Some blood seeped out from the cracks between his fingers that were covering his mouth . He stumbled forward and subtly adjusted his direction .

The moment the Ents recovered, they immediately continued their assault on Sheyan as they roared out some indistinguishable words . Two of the Ents swung their long arms and struck Sheyan's back . The other three simply tore off their limbs and violently threw them at Sheyan .

Sheyan was once again assaulted by the joint attack from five Ents!

The explosive force of the simultaneous attacks caused Sheyan to spit out a burst of blood from his mouth . Fortunately, Sheyan had taken the 'Honorary Recovery Dosage', otherwise he would have inevitably entered a state of near death .

The moment he was heavily damaged, Sheyan bellowed loudly like an injured beast . This was all in his plan!

Following the momentum from the hits he took, he flew forward for nearly two hundred meters in an instant . Right when he was about to fall, he seized on a vine from a tree next to him and swung for 20 more meters . He rolled to soften his fall, then disappeared into the dense forest .

With such a long distance between them, the five giant summoned Ents were left in their place . Sheyan seemed to have gotten rid of Treebeard's pursuit . He continued to rush along the road, when an indescribable hurricane suddenly blew through the forest of Fangorn . The cries of the branches and leaves transformed into Treebeard's angry roar .

"I, Treebeard, the devout servant of Il├║vatar, the trekker of the land, the Shepherd of the Trees, the guardian of Fangorn Forest, command you;find that damn thief!"

The trees in the entire Fangorn Forest trembled and shook their leaves in anger . Sheyan saw the trees around him shake their branches, and a large amount of fresh fallen leaves blew over . They simultaneously issued a shrill cry .

"He's here! He's here!"

Sheyan knew he definitely couldn't touch the fallen leaves, so he drastically changed his direction . But, well, he was in a forest after all . No matter how hard he dodged, there was no way he wouldn't be touched by a fallen leaf .

He tried his best and escaped for more than ten meters before he was finally touched by a leaf . The giant tree where the leaf fell from immediately snapped in the middle and collapsed . While it was still falling, it was already withering . Then, it wilted, darkened, and turned into dust before it even landed .

At that moment, Treebeard shouted again .

"I see you, despicable thief, shameful sinner! Your soul shall be marked with an eternal imprint of shame, you shall always be the enemy of the forest!"

The trees all around Sheyan suddenly collapsed . At least one hundred of them all crumbled into ashes if they had been incinerated by flames . But from their bodies rose little green lights that congregated together to form a strange symbol . The symbol flew towards Sheyan's face .

Sheyan certainly wouldn't let it do as it liked . He frantically turned his head and rolled away, but the symbol also turned in the air . It ignored the blocks of Sheyan's arms as it imprinted itself on Sheyan's face .

Sheyan did not feel any pain, but half his face went completely numb .

Then something even more bizarre happened . The branches of all the walnut trees in Fangorn Forest twisted and extended simultaneously towards Sheyan's current position! They even changed direction following the movement of Sheyan . It must be noted that Treebeard's true body was also a walnut tree!

"My children, I bestow upon you the strength of life with my name of the Shepherd of the Trees . Wake up, wake up!"


Treebeard was currently still in the valley, but he had visibly turned older . More than half of the huge roots of the giant tree he inhabited had withered, and they could only occupy a quarter of the basin . Treebeard's loud chanting made his aging appearance even more pronounced . Withering leaves fell from his branches .

When Treebeard's chant was completed, 3 trees changed rapidly within 3 kilometers of Sheyan . Their barks began to peel off, their branches drawn, and mottled black spots appeared on their bodies . They had turned into Ents .

Treebeard started his next chant .

"The sweet rain in heaven, the wind in the air, please protect my people, please bestow them with the power and title of the Leaping Ents!"

What Treebeard summoned this time were unexpectedly descendants with the potential to become Leaping Ents! They were particularly capable in pursuit, and there were three of them against one of Sheyan . This time, Sheyan was in a real pinch!

Sheyan immediately knew that he was in trouble . As soon as he heard the words Leaping Ents, he knew that his only chance was to defeat the three of them separately before they could congregate! But unless Party Ace gathered and had the help of Melody, Sheyan had no such burst of power .

When he was still hesitating, a Leaping Ent broke through the dense forest and charged at Sheyan amidst a swift twirling of branches and leaves . The three Leaping Ents that appeared were also slaves forced into maturity by Treebeard, so they were also the kind that attacked without a care for their own wellbeing!

Sheyan felt the numbness on his face slowly spread . If it spread to the brain or the heart, it may just be life-threatening . He couldn't concentrate on his fight, so he was kicked by Leaping Ent and was sent tumbling a few times . Before he could even stand up, he was already grabbed by his neck and was slammed to the ground . Then, the Ent lifted the Ent lifted his giant knee which was wrapped in rugged bark, and rammed it towards Sheyan's chest, hard .

"Sh*t . . . Am I going to die here? One Leaping Ent is already terrifying enough! Will I still have a chance to live when the other two arrive?"

During this critical moment, Sheyan felt the Stairway of the Sun in his body squirm . The Leaping Ent's knee could threaten the true body of the Stairway of the Sun, so it instinctively protected itself!

The Stairway of the Sun extended a major tendril in a flash . The major tendril split itself at an unbelievable speed to cover the veins and nerves in Sheyan's left hand . It instantly took over control of the arm, and then it extended the arm towards the Leaping Ent in front!

An indescribably strange black ball of light shot out from Sheyan's left palm . The colour of the ball of light was exactly the same as the colour of the venom of the Ouroboros . Even more horrifying was the image of the Stairway of the Sun that appeared behind him . A tendril snaked over and entwined itself all around the body of the Leaping Ent!

After his face was hit by the strange black ball of light, the Leaping Ent emitted a shrill scream . He sounded as though his soul was trembling painfully . Sheyan took the opportunity to avoid his knee with a roll . He then took in large gulps of breaths .

When he looked back at the Leaping Ent, he noticed that there were purple-black spots on the surface of his body, and even the verdant foliage on his head had started decaying!

The part of his face that was eroded by the ball of light began to rot quickly, exposing the white core inside . Rotten pieces of bark kept falling as if there were a hundred invisible insects burrowing into him . The damage of this blow was truly terrifying . It was no weaker than an enchanted explosive arrow!


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