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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 514


When Skrtel returned unaccompanied, Sheyan quickly made amends by proactively releasing the captives;which counted as offering some face to him. Moreover, the impression that Sheyan had dawned on him was that of ‘Zhao Yun charging seven times through the ranks of Cao Cao’s army*’. In spite of this, Skrtels face retained its incomparably ugly state. To the veterans of Tortuga, they had only witnessed Skrtel's amiable state before, and never such an enraged expression.

(TN:*This is a famous scene in romance of the three kingdoms. Where Zhao Yun is sort of like a fierce unrivalled general that goes unbridled amongst the Cao Cao (the ruler of one of the three kingdoms) army.)

Actually, it was fairly simple why Skrtel even had such an expression. He knew that though Sheyan displayed a subdued modesty, he could no longer regain the face he lost. If he tried compelling Sheyan, the merchant ships of this port may very well be experiencing shipwrecks in the future;perhaps, they wouldn’t even have the chance of reaching this port!

In comparison to the suffering of having one’s livelihood destroyed, a loss of some face wouldn’t actually mean much.

Furthermore, since Sheyan had the privilege of waiting on this colossus, then he would surely possess the capability of inciting it to find trouble for other ships. Speaking in the simple logic of Octopus Paul, sinking several ship would be as easy as smashing shells.

Skrtel understood his own influence. Knowing that he definitely could not deal with Kraken Paul, he naturally could only endure this belly of flame.

Both Redbeard and Hoth similarly understood this point. Though they had been hung, they had witnessed clearly the might of Octopus Paul’s tentacles;realizing that not only fifth rate ships, even the highest tier of seventh rate ships could be easily dragged into the depths of the sea.

Hence, knowing themselves, though the both of them suffered such dishonor, they left without uttering a single vicious word.

Following that, Sheyan conversed briefly with his old mate, Crow. He then discovered, that the ghostly curse of the Fly Dutchman had originally been dispelled, but a more potent curse had replaced it instead.

As it turns out, after being inflicted by the ghostly curse, Davy Jones had voyaged far and wide in search of a method to erase the curse. Yet, he unintentionally encountered the Sea goddess Calypso, and fell in love with her. It was Calypso that had suppressed the ghostly curse flowing within their veins.

Because of love, Davy Jones agree to lead the Flying Dutchman crew in the sacred task of collecting all the poor souls who died at sea, and ferrying them to the worlds beyond. The price for that was only to set foot on land once every ten years. For the sake of love, Davy Jones offered up his own soul.

Yet after a decade, when Davy Jones came ashore after his ten year duty, Calypso was nowhere to be found. Despairing that his beloved had betrayed him and guilt from his actions, Davy Jones carved out his own heart, and locked it away in the Dead Man’s Chest before burying it on Isla Cruces. Henceforth, Davy Jones abandoned his duty of collecting lost souls, where he suffered the terrifying curse of losing his humanly features and freedom. Even the crew of the Flying Dutchman suffered the same plight as him, and became like fishmen.

When Crow inquired of Sheyan, Sheyan replied with a mouthful of smoke;mentioning that after discovering the treacherous plot of that group in that year, he got captured by mistake.

Crow expressed his understanding, as he felt that Sheyan’s prowess then was merely mediocre... Following that, the culprits that plotted against the captain had opened up a witchcraft transportation array on deck, and seized him as they fled.

In the end, he managed to find an opportunity to escape from them, before returning to his mysterious east. After receiving mystical witchcraft treatment there, he managed to suppressed the ghostly curse.....

Sheyan then revealed his objectives cleanly, stating that he, having suppressed this curse for a decade, he could no longer sustain it;requiring to search for a more potent curse to fight poison with poison. Then, he would think of a solution to return to the east to heal himself.

Hence, Sheyan revealed his aim was those Aztec Gold on the Black Pearl....and proceeded to implore if the captain could assist him.

Believing that Sheyan’s words were true, Crow immediately agreed to carry his message.


Eventually after a period of time, Crow sent a fish conveying a letter to Sheyan. Within the letter, were several messages.

Explicit messages that came personally from Davy Jones himself.

The first message – Seaman Yan was the Third Mate in the Flying Dutchman, he still is, and he will forever be.

The second message – The Flying Dutchman crew and Paul are extremely busy, they will not supply direct offensive assistance towards Sheyan

The third message – Whatever news he heard, is confined only to the knowledge of the Flying Dutchman’s crew.

Putting it bluntly, Sheyan would still permitted to act ostentatiously with the name of the Flying Dutchman. However, once he encounters a tough nut that wouldn’t budge, like the Black Pearl, the Flying Dutchman would not step forward to assist him.

This outcome was already calculated by Sheyan. Besides, the realm definitely wouldn’t permit Sheyan from mobilizing such a deadly weapon like the Flying Dutchman crew to engage in a mission. Being able to carry this reputation was already a pleasant surprise.

Furthermore, when Sheyan had started devising his plans, he hadn’t factored in the forces of Davy Jones from the get go.

By now, Sheyan’s other ships had finally arrived at the port. Sheyan then tossed all punitive affairs to Ol’Seadog and Philips to handle, which they followed accordingly to his earlier drafted regulations.

Both Ol’Seadog and Philips possessed amazing talent in the field of commanding and deploying. Meanwhile, after Blacksail’s speed had been supremely enhanced, coupling his agility and queer alchemist methods, he could now mutually contend against the unrivalled monstrous strength of Canbi.

With both of them present on deck, the results of naval boarding battles would definitely be astounding. Hence, they became two leading figures in Sheyan’s considerations for naval boarding battles.

At this instant, Sheyan also noticed something else. Probably due to settling affairs with Skrtel previously, he had totally neglected a notification from the nightmare imprint.

[ Your weapon ‘Ambition’, has received the blessing from Kraken Paul ]

Sheyan immediately pulled ‘Ambition’ out and investigated thoroughly, before realizing an additional property had been integrated into this musket.

[ Ambition +1 ]

(Other attributes can be found in ch 64 of vol 3)

[ Additional enchantment effect: Paul’s Blessing (Passive) – Conferred blessings by the Kraken Paul, whenever ‘Ambition’ successfully deals damage to foes, it will infect foes with ink. Accuracy lowered by 80% for the 10 seconds, and effect cannot be dispelled ]

[ Apart from that, Paul has left a distinct aura onto this weapon. An aura that can intimidate other sea creatures, causing them to flee in panic ]

[ Note: Paul’s intimidating aura works best in this world. As for other worlds, its effect would be greatly limited as other legendary creatures of other worlds do not know what is a ‘Paul’ ]

Since Sheyan had already publicly verified his status, his earlier apprehensions had similarly been swept clean. If anyone wanted to deal with him, they had to take into account Davy Jones, as well as the Kraken Paul. Otherwise, they had to ponder the question of how long their ships could resist the grips of Paul’s tentacles!

Thus, after Sheyan issued the booty to the remaining pirates, he boldly released them ashore to indulge in entertainment.

The pirates had long been bored stiff on board. Besides, why were they even striving for? Wasn’t it to plunder booties to satisfy their enjoyment?

They instantly released crazed laughters, as they flocked in groups of 4-5 and scattered. After arranging several few to stay guard, Sheyan then left with Reef and Brother Black. They also brought along Ol’Seadog, as Ol’Seadog had already travelled extensively and was well experienced. At present, they no longer needed to borrow Canbi’s might. Thus, Ol’Seadog was undoubtedly the best candidate.

Sheyan’s first consideration was to sell his ships. Presently, his three other ships had reached the harbour;three Royal British Navy 3-masted warships. Amongst which, Sheyan intended to reserve one to employ as replenishment for logistical purposes.

During naval boarding raids, there would frequently be casualties. That ship would be renovated to increase its carrying capacity, with its main significance to deliver supplies, and carry corpses or the wounded.

As for the Hill Maiden, it was completely suppressed in terms of boardside long range capabilities, but with speed and carrying capacity as priority. Its goal was to be as fast as possible, and wreck into enemy ships for raiding.

Hence, Sheyan could only sell two ship;nevertheless, there were quite a handful of cannons.

Under Ol’Seadog’s guidance, the trio arrived at one of Tortuga’s merchant dock. Sheyan was about to enter, but instead, Ol’Seadog tugged him back and whispered.

"Don’t patronize tis’ merchant, we be passin’ by. This merchant is an unscrupulous shark, tricked by em’ was I before."

Sheyan immediately chuckled.

"My favourites are exactly unscrupulous sharks!"

As he exclaimed, he strided in with large steps. From within, a boiling cauldron of noises could be heard.

The owner of this dock was an old man who appeared to have been wrinkled and dried by the sea breeze, yet his pair of eyes remained brightly glinting.

It seemed that this old man’s business was pretty outstanding. When the trio entered, the owner was engrossed in conversation with a group of people, and didn’t have time to address them. Instead, a black bandana assistant came strolling towards the trio.

"Hey, mateys. Our boss had just returned after sending off his mates. Thus, he doesn’t have the time to attend to you. We acquire single-masted boats for 20 guineas, if you fancy it being too little, there be no longer a need to talk.

After Sheyan heard his words, he instantly understood who those people surrounding the old man were! They were inevitably contestants like himself!

Counting the time, those individuals riding single-masted boats would’ve reached Tortuga by now. Thus, they should also be able to sell off their single-masted boats, and convert them into their first sum of cash.

After these unscrupulous merchants realized foreigners were approaching and offloading properties in large quantities, they naturally and brazenly deflated the prices.


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