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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 513


As Sheyan observed the terrifying gigantuous tentacle, his face revealed a joyous countenance.

"Aha, is that you? Beloved Paul. Frequently, I would reminisce about that brilliant roulette betting of yours."

Yet after Sheyan concluded his greetings, the gigantuous tentacle started constricting around the Hill Maiden without a sense of courtesy. Wooden creaks and screeches began emitting out of this few kilton displacement Hill Maiden, that could ferry over a hundred members. The Hill Maiden clearly could not withstand such pressure, and if this terrifyingly mighty tentacle were to exert a sliver of extra strength, one could foretell the total obliteration of this ship.

Frantic wails simultaneously resounded from the Hill Maiden, while concurrently, the pirates surveying such a scene at the pier were gasping with excitement! Besides, it wasn’t everyday they could witness the Kraken of Davy Jones.

Moreover, it was already described that the scene of this colossus flipping out and sinking ships, was indeed a spectacular sight to behold;one that human strength could never go against. Therefore, the spectating pirates feasted their eyes without turning frightened.

However, they were quickly disappointed by the next sequence of event.

When the Kraken Paul wrapped its tentacles around the Hill Maiden, it no longer exerted more strength. Instead, it effortless hoisted up this third rate ship as it swam towards the shallow area of the bay. Finally, its enormous head popped out onto the bay....

As it turns out, Paul wasn’t trying to sink the ship. Merely, it had lost its ability to alter its size. Furthermore, the water was too deep at the pier’s head, and it wasn’t convenient for it to leave the water. Hence, it dragged the ship over to the shallows, before easily greeting its acquaintance.

Sheyan then produced ‘Ambition’, and placed it onto a suction pad of Paul’s coiling tentacle.

"My beloved comrade, take a look. Not only did I prevent this old mate from being harmed, I even maintained it well."

Paul retracted its tentacle along with the musket. Probably due to its present fixed bulkiness, it hadn’t toyed around with Davy Jone’s treasures for a long while. After a brief while, it started to excitedly knock and rub two of its tentacles repeatedly, causing a chaotic upheaval of the sand and water within the shallows. Moreover, its ruckus created a 10 metre deep gorge that was 4-5 metres wide.

Sheyan became rather confused by Paul’s commotion. Instead, a wretched slutty voice echoed from the side.

"Hehe, this big boy is itching terribly from the excessive parasites adhering onto its tentacles."

Sheyan glanced back;if not Jinkuang, then who?

Recently unbeknownst why, this servant had taken a fancy to sleeping, and would nap for 20 hours daily. Even when awake, he would be yawning. Sheyan attempted to investigate but wasn’t able to find another strange, thus he ignored Jinkuang. Never did he expect Jinkuang to suddenly pop up at this moment.

"You know what it’s frustrated about?"

Sheyan curiously asked.

Jinkuang scratched his head as dandruff scattered down, before he replied.

"Of course. I reckon it’s because of the recent increase in sleep. Not only have I grew more handsome and confident, my abilities seem to have sharpened a little."

Sheyan wasn’t afraid of Paul. No matter how beastly it morphed into, or how monstrous its strength became, it would be fine as long as its soul remained the same. An animal wouldn’t possess the shrewdness of a human;if it was angry, it would rage. If happy, then it would turn bubbly. Hence, Sheyan straightforwardly leapt off his ship as he splashed noisily onto the shallows before calling out to Paul.

"Oi, comrade, could it be your tentacles are irritated?"

Paul answered Sheyan in the most realistic fashion. With ‘tears gleaming’ it very bluntly stretched one of its massive tentacle towards Sheyan’s front.

After a careful examination, Sheyan realized numerous parasitic organisms had taken residence onto its surface;tortoise shells, oysters, barnacles, algaes and so on. Even its sucklers were polluted with marina kelps and festering lacerations, probably due to its half spirit half physical constitution. Comparing its tentacles to the human’s feet;it was practically a gravely mashed athlete's foot, adding 5-6 ulcerating chilblains with pus flowing, and another 7-8 thick corn.....

Without speaking further, Sheyan ordered his pirate subordinate to pass over a broadsword. Still, he remained rather worried and assured.

"Settling these boys of yours isn’t a problem, but it may hurt."

As before, Paul stubbornly exhibited its tentacle in Sheyan’s face, and even coiled it around Sheyan’s periphery;expressing its urgent resolution...

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, and begun to patiently carve out these excrescence like organisms with the broadsword;providing a pedicure to this octopus.

Afterwards, the satisfied Kraken laid down onto the shoals, as it comfortably stretched out its tentacles towards the sea and the shoals. Such a scene relatively resembled one lying down onto a massaging chair, while being serviced by a young female attendant.

While Sheyan was sweating his head out below, he glanced up and realized the mass of his pirate crew were spectating while pretending it was none of their business. Instantly, his anger flared up as he roared.

"All of you better roll down the ship and help out!! Otherwise, your year’s booty will be shaved by half!"

After their captain gave the order, the crew could only glance at each other with palpitation in their hearts. After all, this Kraken was infamous for killing and devouring without blinking.

Nevertheless, they still leapt down into the shallows like splashing dumplings. Someone even timidly inquired of Sheyan.

"Cap’n, this leviathan…...aye, wrong, its Mister Paul. Would he be twirlin’ us up and poppin’ us like dessert?"

The gloomy looking Sheyan immediately kicked his buttocks, and chided.

"Do I look like a dessert? According to your logic, being the first to jump down, I would have the honour of being the first dessert aye?"

That pirate could only knead his buttocks, and began working with a dejected and teary face.

The more manpower, the greater the strength. Paul simply stretched up his eight tentacles, while comfortably humming away. According to their eventual statistics, these excrescence organisms of oysters, shells, algae etc surpassed a grand total of a hundred kilo. It was said that after this, restaurants and taverns released promotions of special seafood buffets. Whereas patrons of those buffets would describe the taste as out of the ordinary. Besides, the raw materials of food were all extracted out from the flesh of the octopus Paul.

With his pirate crew assisting, Sheyan released a long exhalation as he finally regained his freedom from this arduous pedicure activity. Then, he returned to his old ways of directing and instructing, before pulling Jinkuang to the side and asking.

"Do you have a method to inquire about the appetite of Paul? Anyway, this grandpa has already come ashore, we should provide full complementations. Let it have its full, which would also prevent my underlings from feeling worried."

Jinkuang offered a sly smile.

"Would there be anything that I, excellency Jinkuang, be incapable of?"

After speaking, he leapt onto a random sampan, and got a pirate to escort him to Paul’s massive head. Then, he started gesturing frantically like a chinese sorcerer, or perhaps, one could just describe it as hopping around with severely bad cramps. Finally, he returned to Sheyan.

"Rum and a cow will do the trick."

"Oh, that’s simple." Sheyan immediately tasked someone to prepare. Instead, Jinkuang uninterrupted again.

"Wait, add salt into the rum;a catty to each barrel. After butchering the cow, its blood must be drained out before boiling thoroughly."

Sheyan was stunned.

"You sure it’s capable of eating like that?"

Jinkuang ignored him as he rolled his eyes and offered a middle finger, before yawning and going back to resume his nap. In that instant, Sheyan felt like his captain’s dignity had been damaged, but he could only submit to such humiliation. Then, he turned to the group of pirates nearby and fumed.

"Didn’t you hear clearly? Hurry and get it work!"

When the truth was unveiled, Jinkuang indeed possessed an ability to communicate with animals. Paul feasted sumptuously on the meal that Sheyan prepared and delivered to it. Though its tentacles were massive, it was exceptionally nimble. Coiling round half a cow, it skillfully stuffed the cow into its mouth;completely identical to how humans stuff potato chips into their mouths.

Such an event allowed the apprehensive pirates who were engaging in pedicure to heave a sigh of relief. Since Mister Paul had eaten its full, then naturally the attention would be removed from themselves. A wild beast with a full stomach wouldn't be a threat.

However, reality verified one fact – Paul’s appetite was humongous, amplified that of normal octopuses by several folds. Naturally, a single meal would suffice for ordinary octopus for three days. Instead for Paul, the amount it ate would possibly last it an entire week.

One could further infer that Sheyan paid an immense price to allow this beloved Paul to eat and drink its full;possibly purchasing every single cow in the entire Tortuga, and perhaps a third of the total volume of rum. If his money purse wasn’t inflicted with severe damages, his vitality had inevitably declined.

Under the painstaking labouring of the pirates, when Paul had completed his meal, the vexing excrescence organisms adhering to its eight tentacles was finally all been scraped off.

Following that, this intoxicated colossus gently receded back into the sea. Before it left, it toyed around with ‘Ambition’ for a little while, before raising its tentacle to wave its farewell.

Overall, it seemed as though this unsophisticated creature hadn’t helped Sheyan with anything, but merely visited for personal merriment. Still, it had accomplished a feat that most individuals would never be capable of accomplishing after laboring for an entire lifetime.

Noteworthily, Sheyan didn’t bother with Skrtel and the rest during the entire process of serving Paul. Despite receiving the cold-shoulder, Skrtel strangely opted to stay as he taciturnly observed by the side;until the moment Paul left, did he shift his feet.

After Paul departed, Sheyan ordered to release their captives, allowing the brothers of swaying naked buttocks, eggs, and birds, to be freed. He even offered them a polite smile and apologized.

The three enraged captives desired so badly to eradicate the 18 generations of Sheyan’s bloodline, but at this moment, they didn’t dare to speak out;burying their crestfallen faces as they clutch their swaying eggs beneath and left.


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