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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 512


Skrtel’s face instantly revealed a contemptuous grin;"Indeed, this lad is a counterfeit!"

Stillwell similarly broke into laughters, where his laughters contained an intent of ridicule.

"Ye can’t even recognize me, yer dare to feign as a crew mate of the grand Flying Dutchman?"

A snort sounded out from Sheyan’s nose.

"What are you? Based on what should I recognize you?"

Stillwell casted a haughty expression before replying.

"Ye moronic scum, I be the communication link between the Flying Dutchman and dry land! Let me inform ye, ye best strip naked and kneel before Tortuga’s port entrance fer 3 days, and hand over tis’ ship and yer pirate crew to Mister Skrtel. Then, I be sparin’ yer scurvy dog life, otherwise...."

Before Stilwell could finish his statement, Sheyan had already unleashed a slap across. PA! One slap was enough to send several teeth flying out of his mouth. Sheyan then hung down his brows as he unenthusiastically asked.

"Otherwise what?"

After receiving a slap, Stillwell’s cheeks had practically inflated and swelled. He could merely mumble out muffled sounds, as his eyes burned with anger. Stillwell reached his hand downwards for a broadsword as his waist. Instead, like a tiger eyeing its prey, Canbi had instantly smashed his steel mace in.

Without having unsheathed his broadsword fully, Stillwell’s unlucky broadsword was immediately flattened bent, as he coughed blood and was struck to the ground. After panting for a long while, Stillwell scrambled back up from the deck with difficulty;his eyes beaming with venomous resentment.

Sheyan then casted his attention towards Skrtel, maintaining a refined and courteous manner, he chuckled and said.

"Mister Skrtel?"

Posed with such a scenario, Skrtel remained unfazed;or perhaps, he was forcing himself to prevent from having a ‘stage fright’. At this moment, he still retained his amiable demeanor and politely offered a gentle smile.

"Yes, what is your opinion on this?"

Sheyan replied indifferently.

"I recently arrived in Tortuga, and absolutely do not possess any misgivings towards anyone. Except, your men approached, intending to purchase my ship with a dozen gold pounds. Apart from that, I am looking forward to Mister Stillwell calling the crew of the Flying Dutchman to deal with me. Before he calls them, I wouldn’t be going anywhere."

Skrtel was stunned, as he stared deep into Sheyan’s eyes. He was starting to sense a profound mystery in his eyes. Although he could still rally his men to surround and raid Sheyan, a notion had subconsciously flashed through Skrtel’s mind.

"What if he truly belongs to the crew of the Flying Dutchman..."

Hence, his response to Sheyan’s words was only astonishment, before he silently took his leave. Stillwell similarly fled like the wind, distancing himself for 5-6 metres before he spun round.

Then, he casted a venomous glare at Sheyan as though trying to rip apart his soul, before he pointed at Sheyan and gritted his teeth in proclamation.

"Ye’ll die fer sure!! In tis’ world, nobody can rescue ye!"

"I’ll be waiting." Sheyan scoffed indifferently.


Not too long later, a single-masted ship drew into Tortuga’s port. This single-masted ship seemingly appeared as though he had voyaged a century out at sea. Its entire frame was covered in ash grey, and look rather decayed. Its sail was plagued with cobwebs, and appeared as though it could disintegrate into dust at any moment. Dense and dull white mist seeped out from the ship’s periphery. The ship looked like though it drifted on the ocean’s surface, it was completely unaffected by the waves.

Yet more terrifying was a prodigious shadow following behind the ship’s stern, as though a monumental creature was laying in ambush beneath the sea’s surface...…..Such unfathomable horror had grasped the souls of everyone present in a flash!

Stillwell was standing at the tip of the harbour, as he pointed towards Sheyan’s Hill Maiden.

Beside him, were two individuals who were masqueraded completely in black mantles.

Furthermore, that ship begun leaning towards the Hill Maiden. When the broadsides of both ships interlocked, there was strangely not a single collision. Instead, the crew of the Hill Maiden instantly felt an eerie shiver!

Stillwell exerted himself to climb up the ship’s hull. Instead, the two individuals in black mantle didn’t make a single movement, but they had directly scaled onto the deck. For some unknown reason, wherever those two individuals past, they would behind large trails of water spots. Evidently, they were definitely the genuine crew members of the Flying Dutchman, it would be impossible to refute them!

Right now, even Canbi felt a chilling shiver emitting out from his back, when he faced such a situation;his entire body was trembling slightly. Such a sensation was utterly unrelated to one’s prowess, it was a reverence that came from one’s spirit!

Watching this scene, Stillwell covered his swollen face as he cried out.

"It be tis’ ship with an imposter of the Flying Dutchman’s crew, one who dares to ruin the grand name of Davy Jones!"

An individual cloaked in a black mantle strolled forward, his voice seemingly resonating with the air.

"Who is the imposter?"

At this moment, Sheyan trudged out from his captain’s cabin, as he lifted his chin without the slightest bit of fear.

"Nobody is an imposter! Who are you, lift your hood!"

That black mantled individual lifted his head but was immediately stunned.

"It truly is you! Seaman Yan, Oh, no, our Third Mate!"

Sheyan chuckled in surprise.

"So it is actually Crow*!"

(TL:*Crow is one of the crew members of the Flying Dutchman Sheyan had befriended back in the first world)

At present, the crew members of the Hill Maiden that weren’t intoxicated were streaming out in succession. When they noticed the presence of Crow, they immediately heaved a chilling air.

Indeed, the current Crow’s face was plagued with speckles of fish scales, even his features had morphed distinctively with sea fish traits. Apart from that, most of his body retained its human likeness. Yet, this only amplified their peculiarity of him, portraying him with unparalleled and intensified malevolence!

Crow immediately turned and pinched Stillwell’s throat.

"Scallywag, do you know what ye hath done?"

Stillwell’s mouth was widely opened, as his eyes rolled back while he choked. How was he capable of offering a single word? Instead, it was the other black mantled freak beside Crow they commanded with a raspy voice.

"Crow, release him! This person be appearin’ like Seaman Yan but he may not not be our third mate! Why did he suddenly vanish during that year. Mayhaps it be tough to say he wasn’t associated with those mystery men that sparked our curse. Mayhaps, he was a rat that year."

That brat evidently possessed a higher status as compared to Crow. The hierarchy of the pirates were rather strict, and Crow could only obey earnestly. After Sheyan listened to his words, he scoffed in interruption.

"I remember your voice. You are that foolish lil’ dog following Old Bill*, it seems that you’re called Stafford? Ah, Old Bill is truly fearful of me snatching his second mate rank, so he tries to fabricate such lies to slander me?"

(TL:*Old Bill is the Second Mate (vice officer) of the Flying Dutchman. Also, Stafford (斯塔福) is actually a dog breed)

Stafford bellowed furiously. Instead, his voice suddenly like a hooting whale. Then, he pounced towards Sheyan and screamed.

"Don’t dishonor the name of Mister Bill!"

Instead, his pounce seemed to have froze in midair. Because, a dreadful musket had abruptly emerged and pressed tightly against his head. Indeed, it was ‘Ambition’.

Stafford wasn’t afraid of the musket’s damage, he even wanted to seize this near proximity to choke this ‘Seaman Yan from the east’ to death! In spite of that, a strand of aura had been attached onto this musket, one that caused the depth of his soul to shudder.

Sheyan gripped ‘Ambition’ as he sneered.

"It appears that you recognize this musket! I was still thinking you wouldn’t even place the Captain in your eyes. If I’m a traitor, wouldn’t the Captain have retrieved the weapon he bestowed unto me?"

Stafford slanted his head while he clenched his teeth and howled.

"He be deceived by ye!!!"

Sheyan replied insipidly.

"What you’re implying is that foolish Old Bill is mightier than the captain. Even though both of you can decipher that I’m a traitorous rat, the captain still bestowed this to me? You must be cursing in your heart, the old cap’n scum must’ve been blind!"

"Aye!!! Arrrrghhh, no, ye be spewin’ a load of crap!" Stafford’s brain must’ve turned decomposed by the seawater, and carelessly fell for Sheyan’s words. He couldn’t help but howled miserably. "Everytin’ ye said be a crock of shit."

Sheyan laughed in response.

"I’m spewing rubbish, everyone here has heard your words. Is it me speaking nonsense, or you;I’m sure each can discern. Am I right, Crow?"

Crow was already frustrated by Stafford, and immediately issued a coarse laughter before replying.

"Aye, I bear witness."

Stafford roared with frenzied rage.

"Ye bunch of colluders be slanderin’ me, I’ll cut ye down!"

Sheyan burst into laughter and answered.

"I am the Third Mate of the Flying Dutchman. A puny foolish ringleader pirate like you dares to violate the code of our grand Captain Davy Jones? Do you dare to try touching me?"

Stafford fumed with fury.

"Why wouldn’t I dare?"

Sheyan sighed.

"Indeed, a puny rebellious pirate like you dares to violate the code of the captain."

"A load of fart!!" Stafford wasn’t an individual adept with words. In fact, most pirates were accustomed to using their weapons and body language to communicate with others.

Sheyan immediately pointed to him, and exclaimed with an astounded expression.

"You actually dare to say our captain’s code is a load of fart?"

Stafford was seemingly about to turn insane, as he turned dizzy and issued a list of furious bellows.

"A fartin’ load ye fart scum filled wit' fart..."

Actually. Stafford was rebuking Sheyan for spewing rubbish like fart, but with his phrasing, it sounded as though he was cursing Davy Jones.... As the chain of ‘farts’ were uttered from his mouth, by the lateral side of the Hill Maiden, violent boiling suddenly churned within the seawater. Following that, a deathly pale skinned humongous tentacle jabbed out from the water, brandishing in with unbelievable speed!

Stafford didn’t even have time to squeak out a sliver of sound, and was instantly struck within the next second;speeding away like a hole in one golf ball. He carved out graceful arc along the horizon, as he disappeared faraway from the line of sight of everyone. Even the final splashing sound made by Stafford could not be heard...….


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