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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 511


Upon hearing Hoth’s words, Canbi slowly stood up without displaying any reaction on his face. Redbeard even reckoned he was about to acknowledge his mistake and apologize. Who knew, Canbi abruptly roared out.

"Are ye orderin’ me? Ye dare command me? What audacity!"

While the tall and sturdy Canbi roared fiercely, he pulled out a two metre long and wrist thick, steel spike mace, and swung it smashing against Hoth’s head!

"The only one capable of cammandin’ me in this world, is me cap’n. Yer twin scoundrels makin’ a mockery of yerself, and wishes to feed me to the fishes?"

Canbi had found this mace previously and kept it for use, as he couldn’t possibly be lugging along a great anchor with him all the time. When his mace struck forth, Hoth was caught totally unprepared;he couldn’t even imagine Canbi would dare to strike against him.

In his urgency, he yelled loudly as he hastily raised his unsheathed broadsword from his waist to block. However, Canbi’s current strength had even surpassed Blood-Anchor;even though Hoth possessed a brutish might, he could only resign to being deflated after being caught off guard.

"Kiang!" A sonorous sound emerged.

Canbi’s steel mace crooked backwards, but Hoth’s unsheathed broadsword utterly caved downwards;while an unstoppable force crushed against Hoth’s shoulder, pulverizing his shoulder bones into shattered bone fragments. A depression could be seen at his shoulder, as Hoth instantly released an incomparably shrilling shriek.

Belonging to the lowest tier amongst Chevalle’s pirates, Canbi had suffered untold grievances and resentment. Right now, he no longer bothered to halt for conversation, as he issued a crafty sneer before sweeping his mace once again.

At this moment, Redbeard unsheathed his broadsword and advanced in aid.

The most optimal option to Redbeard now, was to attack the home of the besieger to relieve his ally being besieged. Thus, he should be piercing towards Canbi’s neck, causing the agile deficient Canbi to be inevitably wounded. After all, Canbi couldn’t possible continue with his pulverizing mace if his throat were to be stabbed! By rescuing his ally in this manner, Redbeard would then occupy the advantage.

Yet, Redbeard just had to do what he ought not to do. Brimming with self confidence, he ushered his broadsword to block Canbi’s mace. His strength was already lower than Canbi’s, and though his broadsword didn’t get struck away upon impact, it transmitted a tremendous force up his arm. Grabbing tightly onto his broadsword shaft to prevent it from flying, the webbing between his fingers turned numb and ripped apart a huge wound, with blood slithering down his hand.

Before Redbeard had the time to reorganize himself, the few confidants of Canbi had already pulled out several manual string muskets, and fired off.

Following that, Canbi retracted his mace before twisting himself and releasing a sky uppercut with his mace in a light manner. His mace directly struck Redbeard flying up, as he flipped 270 degrees in the air before smashing heavily down onto the deck.

Then....then, Canbi and his trusted confidants begun swarming over him. The miserable two pirates had been too complacent, and thus, fell into such bitter straits. Following that, was needless to elaborate.

When Sheyan got wind of this matter, he merely offered an insipid phrase.

"Pretty well done."

Still, he added in an additional phrase.

"Since the two fools wishes so badly to save him, their relationship with Alan Dale definitely isn’t shallow. There is a saying in my hometown – comrades should share blessings, and shoulder burdens. Therefore, let’s strip away their clothes, and hang their naked buttocks up our mast!"

Since Sheyan gave the order, his subordinate naturally complied strictly.

Meanwhile, Redbeard and Hoth were both infused with appall and rage. They were appalled by the monstrous strength that Canbi possessed, and were raging at themselves;a business they thought to be in the bag, had abruptly been twisted against them.

When the commencement of clothes stripping happened, they couldn't help but cursed frantically and bitterly;nobody could fathom the sensation of such humiliation. Clearly overflowing with confidence for their rescue attempt, they were in turn reduced to the same consequence;suffering such degrading humiliation. How would they lift their heads before their pirate crew in the future?

While listening to their venomous berating, Canbi became greatly vexed and ordered for cloths to be stuffed into their mouths;in this manner, his world became tranquil once again.

This time, the human crowd magnified. At present, Alan Dale was truly glad that Redbeard had attempted to rescue him. In this manner, the focal point had shifted towards them, allowing him to take a breather even in the heart of his struggle.

Sheyan then recalled something, as he immediately ordered his underling to fetch the clothes and possessions of the two scums for him to inspect. However, it seemed that Unique Storyline Equipments were not simply freebies. After rummaging till his eyeballs turned sour, he didn’t find a single object and could only sigh.

Within the following few hours, the pirates of Tortuga had truly and fully feasted their eyes;besides, it wasn’t everyday that a fifth rate ship captain and first mate would be stripped naked, and paraded for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Moreover, it remains the ‘illustrious’ Alan Dale renowned amongst the Tortuga pirates was still present.

In spite of that, analogous to a marvelous stage theatric;since there was a preface, crescendo, suspense and climax, then next would surely be the epilogue. Without an epilogue, it would simply be a letdown. This marvelous stage theatric directed by Sheyan, had soared to its climax with the assembling crowd;or perhaps, finally beginning its embarkment towards the epilogue.


Six hours elapsed after his competent subordinates had hung the naked buttocks of the ship’s mast.

The wealthiest merchant of Tortuga;descendant of the Pirata Codex’s drafter;a remarkable individual who could stand on equal footing as the seven great pirate lords – Skrtel.Hustav.Bartholomew, had finally emerged. Surfacing on the street before the harbour, he strolled, step by step, towards the Hill Maiden.

Of the seven pirate lords, three of the pirate lords had done an individual assessment of Skrtel:

Astute and circumspect;refraining from rash undertakings, unless he determined his future moves. When he acts, he inevitably retained sufficient confidence!

Preparing wholly for six hours, Skrtel evidently attached an excessively great significance to Sheyan. An affair that dishonored his face, how would he handle it?


Under thousands of staring eyes,

Skrtel only brought along a single assistant.

Just a single assistant, and he intended to directly barge onto Sheyan’s Hill Maiden?

The surrounding pirates seemingly couldn’t believe their eyes. Nevertheless, the facts was as such.

Skrtel appeared obese, resembling one who lived like a prince. Puffing a briar cigar, he smiled whenever he glanced at someone. When he smiled, his eyes were squinted, dawning a style of rich amiability. One could tell he was a merchant, the sort that loved gossiping, rather disadvantaging himself and allow others to exploit him.

The individual beside him wore a rigidly sullen countenance, as though someone had owed him a debt for a good long while. He had a common face, a face of being unemployed for a long while. Both pirates or wanderers who had stayed for a prolonged period within Tortuga wouldn’t recognize him as well.

Despite so, Skrtel was definitely not a fool. Since he dared to bring along only one individual to step on this domineeringly exposed ship, he naturally relied on something.

Canbi was presently seated imposingly on a wooden chest. Having an enhanced strength, he naturally didn’t place the two individuals in his eyes. Right now with merely a command from Sheyan, this flourishing confident pirate would even pounce against Chevalle!

"What be ye here for"

Canbi narrowed his eyes, as he used a random broadsword to scrape his fingernails. Then he absent-mindedly announced.

"If ye wishes to behold the arses of males, don’t dirty me deck and behold them from the pier. If yer wish to save’em, then be prepared to be hung up the mast like those two."

Instead, the rigid looking male beside Skrtel suddenly demanded in a grim tone.

"Who is it, that dares to wear th’ mask of me Flying Dutchman’s crew?"

Though Canbi’s lens had be inflated, when he heard the term ‘Flying Dutchman’s crew’, he immediately felt deep veneration as his imposing demeanor instantly plunged. Still, he managed to forcefully reply after hearing.

"Who be wearin’ a false pretense?"

Skrtel broke into hysterical laughter before replying.

"This is Mister Stillwell. He is normally in charge of interactions between the Flying Dutchman and the dry lands. He frequently has dealings with us, should there be any false pretense, one look and he’ll know."

This Stillwell then sneered.

"The name of me Cap’n Jones is magnanimous, there be idiots everywhere tryin’ to impose as his crew. In the previous month, I captured three imposters in San Domingo and hung’em straight on the gibbet. One look of me eyes is enough to see through all imposters."

As it turns out, after the pirate crew of the Flying Dutchman had been cursed, they could only resurface above sea once every ten years. However, they still had kin above ground, and thus they seeked out a random Stillwell, tasking him with the responsibility of managing the plundered loots of the ship, before delivering them to their kins. Furthermore, replenishment of supplies like artillery cannons and others were all handled by him.

Skrtel was indeed a crafty old fox. To invite such an individual here, it was due to him identifying the biggest doubt of this so called Seaman’s status – the Third Mate of the Flying Dutchman.

Skrtel naturally didn’t believe in coincidences, that a vanished individual for a decade had suddenly reappeared.....hence, he undoubtedly took such drastic measures to deal with the situation!

After Stillwell uncovers the swindling Sheyan, then Skrtel will seize the crumbling morale of his enemy’s pirate underlings, to dispatch his manpower and legitly commandeer this ship.

With Skrtel’s present status, if he desired to commandeer and gloriously plunder this ship, he naturally had to do so in a justifiable fashion. If not, the merchants of Tortuga would be overcome with fear and insecurity;affecting the prosperity of the emporiums. Such an event may be captured by his oppositions and turned against him. First attack the mental before the physical, this was something Skrtel enjoyed doing.

Canbi was about to speak up, but Sheyan’s voice drifted out from the ship’s hold.

"Very well, I would like to see who wishes to slander me."

Closely after, Sheyan marched out from the ship’s hold before scanning his surroundings first.

Then, he questioned Stillwell.

"Who, are, you?"


TL: Extra information to avoid confusion;note that by the third movie there are 9 pirate lords, but this current period is before the first movie where author states there are 7 pirate lords. I am guessing he assumes 7 seas so 7 pirate lords, not sure about extra pirate of the caribbean history myself so I cannot say for sure.


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