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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 456


Chapter 456: The heart of this place

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A stunning altar manufactured in gold! This altar was 10 metres tall, lofty and imposing as it stood. A garish display of multi-coloured natural pandora crystals were embedded in it. It was like an inverted mirroring of the sparkling lake;issuing unspeakable grandiose, and enchanting beauty!

’’My god.’’ Even a Growth-hunter like Mcdh, couldn't help gasping to himself.

Presently to party Ace, they did not have the luxury of time to appreciate the scenery, or search for a remote scenic spot to calm their souls. They directly raced towards that altar. With Reef and Mogensha strictly guarding in formation, Sheyan stood onto the altar;as he hastily retrieved a multitude of hearts that he had long prepared.

In truth, to avoid any accidental mishaps, Sheyan brought along a total of nearly 40 hearts. Who could say that Tsu'tey didn't remember the sacrificial amount correctly. Under old Mourbo's guidance, he finished arranging the hearts, one at a time, over the golden concave pits on the altar! As it turns out, 23 hearts were the right amount. Then, he knelt over a golden engraving on the altar's ground, and kowtowed!

At the instant his head touched the floor, Sheyan could feel the golden brick against his head submerging faintly;its submerging degree was exceptionally minute, if not for Sheyan's high perceptive sense, he wouldn't have felt it at all. Instantly, he knew he had triggered a mechanism. While he was about to leave, a spell of illusion abruptly flashed in his eyes!

It was as though he had returned to the past glory of the Mosake clan;a glory so mysterious, secretive, formidable and drenched with blood. An aged cruel Tsahik wore a golden malevolent mask, brandishing a scepter atop this altar;the zealous cheers of the clan multitudes resounded beneath.

Following that, at the tallest peak of this altar, Cherokee pressed down a completely naked and herculean na'vi onto a stone platform. That na'vi's appearance, was shockingly identical to Tsahik Mo`at of the Omaticaya clan. Though that na'vi was furiously struggling and axe beheaded him, blood flooded out wildly, as fear and blood stench pierced into the atmosphere. Next, other prisoners and children were executed, having their hearts carved out to initiate a blood rite........

Yet swiftly, Sheyan awoke from his vision. While he stood back up, Mogensha and Reef were hastily inquiring of the mission completion progress. Their impatience couldn't be blamed, after all.....this was the Golden Side mission!! Although Sheyan would be the one to accomplish it, honor and disgrace of the trio were tied together by now. Moreover, Sheyan wasn't one would feast alone, and naturally everyone was brimming with anticipating and anxiety.

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders. In his heart, he was also puzzled by the absence of a mission completion notification. This was when he suddenly realized.......inside the golden concave pit of the altar where those blood dripping hearts were placed, a transparent oil like liquid had suddenly diffused in from an unknown area. The dozens of dark-red hearts were thoroughly soaked within the pit, discharging out an unexplainably strange atmosphere.

Yet to Sheyan's deduction, that liquid should've started seeping out from a hidden region after he had triggered that mechanism - when he kowtowed and his forehead pressed down that golden brick. Therefore, how it happened wasn't a mystery.

Instead in the next few seconds, Sheyan's pupils involuntarily shrunk as he couldn't help heaving a breath of chilling air!

Because, those 23 hearts placed over the golden altar, had astoundly started twitching on its own. Then, they started beating unanimously! Even Mcdh,Reef and Mogensha were simultaneously dumbfounded by such an absurd scene! Instead, it was old Mourbo who could maintain a calm expression.

As the heartbeats gradually sped up, a sonorous boom abruptly resounded from beneath the altar;appearing as if a certain incomparably heavy mechanism had been activated. The ground trembled slightly. Following that, within the center of the altar, an obelisk rose unhurriedly. At the tip of this obelisk, an absolutely delicate mirror was erected.

That mirror appeared resembling the texture of pandora crystals, but was as thin as a sheet of paper. Nobody could fathom what it was crafted from, as a gem like radiance reflected out from it. Its surface was carved out with decorative designs, with elegant and refined strokes of calligraphy;which actually looked like a fruit with beards.

Once the mirror appeared, it induced a spotlight effect of a concave lens. In addition to its original composition of high energy materials, it assembled and released a gentle beam that shot into the lake ahead;casting upon the gleaming crystalline water, enhancing its splendid magnificence.

At this moment, Sheyan finally realized the growing presence of numerous reed-like water vegetation, growing by the shore of this lake. The vegetation somewhat interweaving together stubbornly into long heavy fringes. Even in the darkness, the glittering gold lustre of those fringes vaguely swept through the eyes of its onlookers. At the stems of these vegetation, many furtive shadows could be seen crawling and rustling close to the ground;appearing somewhat eerie.

The beam from the mirror had seemingly attracted the congregation of those furtive shadows. By now, standing at a vantage point, Mcdh suddenly issued a low warning.

’’Careful! The lake is undergoing a rippling change, and the temperature nearby the water source has risen by 0.4 degrees. It is as though something is about to swim out of it!’’

At this moment, Sheyan and the rest could also notice those intensive variations. Very quickly, those shadows illuminated by the mirror could be seen vibrating, seemingly breaking out in panic. Suddenly, a regiment of darkness 'boiled' out from that water source with breakneck pace. That darkness was roughly the size of a tyre, curled up and rotating with astonishing velocity. Then, with matchless ferocity, it lunged towards those shadows within the lake and devoured them insatiably.

The originally clear lake, was instantly polluted with scatters of maroon blood;exhibiting a bewitching melancholy. At this moment, one could vividly deduce those shadows that were being massacred, were actually fishes under the blood light. However, though they had gills and scales like fishes, they also had 6 lizard-like legs - probably amphibians. Resembling the mudskipper of earth, the razor-sharp teeth of these fishes clearly portrayed their carnivorous demeanor.

In a twinkling of an eye, that tyre shaped ball had massacred the organisms in this lake entirely. Psshh! It bolted out of the water surface like a missile, with water splashing excessively. 1 metre away from the lake, it abruptly stretched opened its 8 long and slender legs! It actually laid prone on the ground without a sound, as its body started seemingly inflating. Its long legs flourished with thick fur, painted with black above and white below. It was actually, an incredibly savage enormous Dolomedes*!

(TN:*A dolomedes is a large spider also known as a fishing spider)

Six pairs of compounded ruby eyes twinkled with red brilliance, looking dreadfully devilish. A Dolomedes of earth could hunt down fishes 3 times its size by itself. Furthermore with the low gravity of Pandora, this spider appeared with amplified viciousness, its movements relaxed and nimble. As it scurried speedily over the ground, it reached the effective distance of Sheyan's probing helmet in an instant. Quickly, they received a list of incomplete information.

[ Son Blindcost ]

[ Nemesis of the ocean ]

[ Tier-5 legendary creature ]

[ Weight: 211 Kg ]

[ Strength: 41 points ]

[ Agility: 57 points ]

[ Physique: ?? ]

[ Perceptive sense: ?? ]

[ Charm: ?? ]

[ Intelligence: ?? ]

[ Spirit: ?? ]

[ Basic close combat lvl 9. Specific attributes: ??? ]

[ Tier-5 legendary creature ability: Bubble Paint lvl 3 - Grants additional 30,000 HP. ]

[ Spider class special ability: Poison Silk Shot - This strength and agile creature can secrete on poisonous sap from its fat belly. Upon exposure to the air, it will coagulate into a sticky, thick and tenacious spider thread;binding enemies to restrict their movements and inflict poison damages. ]

[ Creature special ability: Swimming - relying on a cushion of air filtered with its fur, this creature can freely move and breathe in water. ]

[ Creature special ability: Hibernating-limb Puncture - effect???? ]

[ Creature special ability: Boiling-flip - effect????? ]

[ Creature special ability: ?????? ]

[ Creature special ability: ??????? ]

Upon viewing the phrase 'tier-5 legendary creature', Sheyan immediately understood he was about to be 'cleaved down his horse with one blade'. Without hesitation, he turned to flee! Only to turn and witness that Son Blindcost wasn't pursuing him, but opted to ascend up the altar as it drooled with desire. Utilizing its 'Hibernating-limb puncture', it thrusted into the beating hearts! Sheyan instantly received the notification.

[ Warning! Warning! Cherokee's sacrifice is being destroyed! ]

[ Warning! Warning! Cherokee's sacrifice is being destroyed! ]

[ Warning! You must ensure the procession of Cherokee's sacrifice continues within 10 seconds, if not this mission will fail. ]

Sheyan turned and shot a cold glare towards old Mourbo, and roared.

’’Go! Bring your men up together!’’

Old Mourbo's face twitched slightly. The terrain here was too narrow for his wyvern buddy to fly in. Yet upon seeing Sheyan's murderous expression, he knew he couldn't shy from this. Roaring loudly, he pulled out his curved blade and charged forward. As for the remaining 10 plus Takji warriors, how would they just sit idly while watching their Tsahik face danger. Even though they knew it was outrageously risky, some followed suit and rushed forward;while the other drew their bows and mounted their arrows.

Furthermore, Mogensha had already pulled out his 'Wasp pistol' at the first notice, and opened fire! Pa! Pa! Pa! 3 bullets consecutively swivelled forward, aiming towards the Dolomedes Son Blindcost's eyes.

3 malicious bullets directly burst one of its compounded eyes, as insipid greyish fluids gushed out. Within a split second, the bullets lodged into its eyes mutually collided and unleashed a mini-explosion! This enormous Dolomedes was sent flipping in mid air;bam! It crashed onto the ground.


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