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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 450


Chapter 450: An interaction

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Yet when those two Wild-tail beasts had lost sight of their target, Sheyan leapt down from the cover of his tree, and pretended to flee frenetically!

The remaining 2 Wild-tail beast immediately abandoned their injured comrade, and pursued manically without hesitation! They scurried forward like a snake roving through water, and wriggled nimbly without a sound of warning. The two massively dreadful beast scuttled through the forest, without causing a hint of commotion.

Yet after chasing for 50 metres, they halted their footsteps.

They could hear rustling sounds transmitting from all four corners of the forest. The sounds were concentrated and subtle;like light drizzles or silkworms crunching on leaves. The boundless sounds gradually fused into one from a distance, and was rushing towards them from all four sides. Very quickly, twinkles of red glows infiltrated the darkness of the forest, neat and tidily juxtaposed beside each other. One quick glimpse would reveal a menacing tranquility, that of a readied army fleet.

Sprinting ahead at this moment, Sheyan paused his footsteps and turned to gaze coldly at the two formidable wild beast. Only now, those 2 Wild-tail beast could no longer pursue him.

Because, they were currently encircled by an appalling legion of zerglings. The encirclement was so concentrated, that not even the bellowing wind could penetrate through.

In the perspective of the two formidable wild beast, a zergling was akin to the lowest tier of existence in their food chain. Yet when such fearless and vicious creatures formed into an undying horde, it was virtually a hellish nightmare to any creature!

Sheyan lifted his chin as the horde of ferocious zerglings swarmed forward unanimously!

5 minutes later. A Wild-tail beast was reduced to a pile of bones, while dozens of zerglings were still scrambling over the other Wild-tail beast;with sorrowful howls squeezing out from beneath. Right now, the injured old Mourbo had also hastily arrived. Upon sighting the last Wild-tail beast struggling at death's door underneath the crazed rummaging of the zerglings, he gazed paused and turned serious. Suddenly, his face exposed a frightful expression, then into amazement, sorrow and finally bewilderment. He then exclaimed in the na'vi tongue.


The severely wounded beast jolted with shock upon hearing old Mourbo's exclamation, allowing the zerglings to unobstructedly tear its body asunder. Sheyan's gaze flickered as he instantly commanded the zerglings to halt their scavenging. Besides, that beast was already a meat on the chopping board, there was absolutely no way it could escape his clutches.

All along, Sheyan felt as though there was something fishy about this sudden ambush by weird beasts. Under normal circumstances, wild creatures would maintain a respectful distance when catching the scent of innumerable arachnids present;the underlying message of ludicrous ruthlessness was not something they wanted to trifle with. Instead, why had those 3 weird beasts dared to launch a sneak attack on himself? That itself indicated a rich conspiracy! If Sheyan could unveil the truth;at least, he wouldn't follow the track of an overturned card in the future.

After identifying what seemed like an acquaintance, old Mourbo became emotionally stirred. Nevertheless, the thick and black heart of that old thing prompted him to proceed cautiously, unwilling to joke around with his life. One Na'vi and one beast interacted ambiguously for a good long while, but the gap between him and that Wild-tail beast grew increasingly wider. With every exchange of words, he inched several centimetres back;appearing as though he was fearing a sudden counterattack by the enemy........fortunately, the life force of that Wild-tail beast was outstandingly obstinate. Though its blood dyed the ground around it, it exhibited no indications of breathing its last.

Finally, after an exorbitantly long interaction, when Sheyan's patience had nearly run out, old Mourbo finally straightened himself as he breathed in deeply. Then, as though he was about to virtuously face death with equanimity, he issued with a solemn tone.

’’You over there, go link up!’’

Concurrently while he uttered 'you over there, go link up', his finger pointed towards a startled clansmen nearby......

Without an exception, everyone nearby remained silent. Unknown when, even Jinkuang had had randomly bounced out as he shook his head and yelled out, ’’shameless!’’

Startled for a second by old Mourbo's sudden command, that na'vi immediately nodded. Truthfully speaking, amongst the na'vi race, there wasn't the usual practice of subordinates imitating their superior's vices. Yet, after being ordered, that Takji clansman very courageously and willingly acknowledged. Firstly, he hugged the companion beside him, as they mutually kissed each other's cheeks. Then, he pulled out his bone-blade from its scabbard across his chest, as he treaded forward with great precaution. As for that Wild-tail beast, it remained totally motionless, and maintained its appearance of dying.

That Takji clansman turned his head back, and casted a doubted gaze at old Mourbo. Mourbo immediately stretched his hand forth, and gestured to the back of his head. Originally, Sheyan had no clue what their gestures meant, but he quickly recalled something he had forgotten - most creatures of Pandora would possess a 'USB slot', also known as their neural link. By mutually connecting each other's 'slot', both parties could directly establish a spiritual connection.......

(Author's note: No choice, I could only think of 'USB slot' as the closest depiction......for those that do not understand, watching the movie would reveal what you need to know, hoho)

Sheyan watched on as the Takji clansman linked his 'braids' with the feelers on the Wild-tail beast's head. Initially, there wasn't any reaction from him, but closely following that, his face gradually revealed an utterly frightened bearing;waving his hands frantically, as though he was trying to chase away a horrifying projection that he couldn't resist. Soon, his complexion turned lifeless and he finally shut his eyes.

When that Takji clansman had reopened his eyes, one could vividly notice his pupils had seemingly vanished. In its place, was a deep, bottomless pit of darkness. Even his voice had metamorphosed into a deep downcasted tone.

’’It has been so many years, yet, you're still the same coward that fears death, Mourbo.’’

Old Mourbo snorted in response.

’’Yimutata, if you're just here to spout nonsense, then you can just leave the body of my clansman.’’

Instead, Yimutata shifted his attention to Sheyan, scanning him briefly before speaking unhurriedly.

’’I really couldn't have expected;such a puny bunch of outsiders like you, can actually force our Mosake clan to such desperate extents!’’

Sheyan replied indifferently.

’’The greatest form of power has its origins in wisdom, not strength, sharp blades nor ivory fangs.’’

Yimutata hung down his gaze, pausing slightly before continuing.

’’What is it you desire, to cease this destruction and massacre?’’

Sheyan composedly answered.

’’Enough blood had been shed. Most of your clansmen that I've captured aren't dead, but have been annexed into the Takji clan. I will only leave once Cherokee dies.’’

Yimutata laughed despondently before replying.

’’That is impossible. Regardless of prestige or might, Cherokee isn't someone we can defy!’’

Sheyan questioned mysteriously.

’’Who needs you to defy him? Cherokee's life is mine! Your legs belong to yourself, don't tell me fleeing also requires you to contend against him?’’

Yimutata muttered.

’’What you're implying wouldn't prevent us from leaving?’’

Sheyan nodded in response.

’’That's correct! My comrade was devoured alive by the Mosake clan, but everything stems from the sins of your Chieftain, Cherokee. Now that enough blood had been shed by the Mosake clan, I do not wish for anymore innocent lives to perish. As long as it isn't Cherokee escaping, then I wouldn't bother. After I execute him, there wouldn't be a problem if you wish to return to the Windstone Highland.’’

Nevertheless, Yimutata still nursed several doubts and questioned.

’’How can I trust your words?’’

Sheyan chuckled, as his following speech contained a current of loftiness.

’’First, I have no need to deceive you. Even with your clan around, I can still finish off Cherokee. Secondly, if you really don't believe me, you can ask old Mourbo here, when have I lied before? The Takji clan attaining the protection of a Toruk Makto totem, and old Mourbo's son restoring both legs;haven't I masterminded both significant events?’’

’’What?!!! You actually managed to accomplish such deeds?’’ Upon hearing Sheyan's lofty statement, even the apathetic looking Yimutata displayed a sudden emotional fluctuation. He couldn't help but glance towards old Mourbo. ’’Are his words true? Do you dare to swear upon the soul of your deceased wife?’’

Old Mourbo peeked at Sheyan, his eyes filled with a certain complication.

’’I swear before our Na'vi goddess Eywa, these matters are indeed true. If not, my wife's soul will find no rest under the abyss of this world.’’

Yimutata nodded and returned his attention to Sheyan.

’’I truly wish you are an outsider who honours his words.’’

Sheyan suddenly inquired.

’’By possessing the body of that wild beast and na'vi, what do you have to pay in return?’’

Yimutata very bluntly replied.

’’Life. Everytime I possess a new body, I sacrifice 5 years of my life!’’

Following that, he sat down and inclined his head against a tree, before humming a soft melody;a melody carrying a trace of grieve and gentleness. As his humming gradually faded, he shut his eyes;retaining a peaceful and auspicious appearance. After a brief while, that na'vi suddenly sprung out and screamed loudly.

’’The Tree of Souls in the water! The Tree of Souls in the water!’’

While that young lad screamed, his entire body trembled acutely, with white foam exuding from the corner of his lips;only recovering his mental state after a long while. Undoubtedly, the soul of that courageous young lad had returned to its shell. Sheyan then examined that Wild-tail beast, which was inevitably and thoroughly dead by now.

Going back to that Wild-tail beast that Mcdh had sniped, it should've merely sustained a heavy injury but not sufficient to die. Instead, it laid rigid where it was, and looked rather bewildered. Nonetheless, the meat of such wild beasts were favoured by the arachnid race. The pack of zerglings couldn't bear to devour it, but searched for an overlord that helped to transport it to their big brother Blackthorn.


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