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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 449


Chapter 449: Wild tail twisting slaughter!

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Because of matters troubling his heart, Shyan purposefully avoided the encampment the rest were residing in. Instead, he headed out for a stroll around the surroundings, bitterly contemplating on gaps that he could exploit. At present, his complete inability to decipher Chieftain Cherokee's flaw was his greatest headache. This was the toughest issue, besides, the ultimate goal of this mission was to slay him. Know thyself and thy enemy, and one will never be defeated;the current lack of knowledge regarding the Mosake clan's internal affairs, was one of the reasons Sheyan couldn't come to a resolution.

Suddenly at this instant, Sheyan felt a burning sensation overwhelm his back, as though a huge blistering hot chunk of molten iron had scraped speedily across his back;before finally extending towards his entire body! Right now, Sheyan could be hailed as a veteran in battle, yet he couldn't stop himself from breaking out in cold sweat. What kind of assault was this, to actually encompass his entire body!!

He spun round fiercely, realizing that this forest was emitting a sensation of sentience in the dark of night! The towering trees were swaying, with binding vines bobbling between the trees. Within a second, Sheyan noticed an abrupt shadow fleeing in disarray. Only now did he discover, the tree vines were mixed with several astonishingly thick and slender shadows;like indescribable spirit snakes. At this instant, the tentacle-like shadow hissed as it tore through the air and jolted towards Sheyan.

Upon seeing that shadow jolting towards him with such pace, Sheyan knew he could not evade it. Anyway, his current HP and defence was impressive, and he clenched his teeth while blocking his front with both hands! If this sneak assault could directly sink him into near-death state, that would be too absurd. Thus, he had no notions of fighting to the death;at most, after being whipped and sent flying, he would borrow the force to escape. As long as he could create a buffer of a dozen plus seconds, he would definitely be able to call for aid.

Instead, when that long shadow lashed against Sheyan's body, it coiled consecutively in midair with unparalleled deftness;momentarily, it tightly constrict Sheyan! After this black shadow had bound him, Sheyan finally realized its skin surface was supremely rough, and discharged a fishy odour that assailed his nose. However, Sheyan could feel wild surges of volcanic like strength hidden beneath the flesh of its epidermis!

[ You received a surprise attack from an unknown creature. ]

[ Unknown creature ability 'Wild Tail Twisting-slaughter' - constricts your mobility and continually drain away your health! ]

[ As quickly as possible, extricate yourself from this state. Once your health plunges beneath a certain degree, negative buffs of bone fractures, suffocation, and blood loss will surface. ]

Following that 'Wild tail' rapidly contracting in, a massive force emanated out from its interior. Sheyan struggled to break free, but discovered he didn't possess the strength to do so! His face rapidly flushed with red, only to feel the bones within his body echoing with creaks.

During the first few seconds of being constricted, Sheyan felt that though he was entrapped, he could still withstand the binding force. Instead, he had no clue about the killing danger it contained, the ruthlessness it concealed!

After the 'Wild tail' had bounded his waist, though its contracting strength wasn't very immense, it persisted without a shred of slack. It wasn't false that Sheyan was a contestant, but he was ultimately still a human;definitely needing to gasp for breath! When a human breathes in, his lungs would expand and his chest pump forward. Yet once he breathed out, his lungs would shrink in and his chest would compress down. Seizing that opportunity, that rightly constricting 'Wild tail' immediately besieged him and tightened!

After 2-3 gasps of breath, the horrifying tail had already contracted 3 times, and Sheyan could instantly feel his breath sealing up as he began choking. Borrowing the breathing mechanism of a human, that tail contracted gradually, one bit at a time. Undoubtedly, if this situation were to persist, the Sheyan's fate could be predicted -

Breathing would obviously become more challenging, and finally his lungs would become totally compressed and cave in;not permitting a single air in nor out his body. At present, the pain was secondary, the terrifying perception of being suffocated to death was now his primary governing thought!

In this instant, Sheyan's mind immediately flashed with only one notion - to endure against this terrifying tail, the deciding factor wouldn't be how much HP he had, but his strength! A strength that could resist this tail!

In a split second, a glaring glimmer sparkled from Sheyan's neck, while he directly employed a 'Strength gene-mix' from his nightmare realm interspatial storage! His peak 49 points of strength resurfaced again, and instantly managed to stabilize the situation. In a blink of an eye, a Takji warrior had discovered an abnormal commotion and had rushed over. Sheyan was about to shout out a warning, but his breath was immediately stifled by the suppression over his chest.

After running a few steps forward, yet another terrifying long tail bolted out and tightly coiled around that Takji warrior. The Takji warrior wrestled as he swung his legs, while kicking haphazardly around. Strength had always been the shortcoming of na'vi warriors. Pop! In a flash, a burst echoed out from his slender long body, like a chestnut being fried! That was the oppressive fracture of his bones succumbing to such otherworldly pressure!

Nevertheless, that na'vi warrior's desire to live propelled himself to gasp for breath. Except, his fractured rib had pierced his lungs, and his nostrils were jammed with gushing blood. Trying his utmost to struggle, his eye sockets suddenly ruptured as all it could see was ripples of blood red!

Crying for help from the bottom of his heart, that na'vi began convulsing before death's door;his face was already bloated with bodily fluids. Still, that 'Wild tail' remained callously tightening, as mangled innards came belching out from his throat;blood and fluids splattering noisily onto the ground.

Meanwhile, Sheyan caught sight of speckles of emerald glows radiating from within the dark forest. Stabilizing his breath, he carefully directed his attention towards those glows;immediately realizing that they were a pair of diabolical eyes, currently eyeing its prey. He knew instantly that it was shockingly, the source of these 'Wild tails' - a group of Wild-tail beasts. A gaze cruised through Sheyan's body, emanating an utterly discomforting sensation;as though a corpse's icy moist fingers were violating his body.

Presently, Sheyan noticed that apart from the Wild-tail beast's exceptional long tail, its back was patterned with two layers of scale ridges;like a hybrid between a lizard an an alligator. Its first impression was that of a herculean tyrant like alligator. However, its nimbleness and stealth could match a lizard when traversing through the forest. In the dark of night, it travelled as though it was a fish in the water;not emitting a single sound.

Sheyan's consolation came in the form of the Wild-tail beast's flat mouth, which was analogous to a lizard. Occasionally, it would puff out divided red fogs of breath from its snout, revealing its scarlet tongue which carried a trace of revolting fishy stench. Thick murky saliva dripped down from the cracks of its tooth, and splashed to the ground. From its exterior, one could infer that its mouth didn't possess powerful tearing strength. If not, it would've mimicked an alligator, and toss Sheyan into its mouth after coiling him;before flattening everything on a whimper.

In actual fact, when a Wild-tail beast employed its tail to make a killing, it was inevitably required to summon forth all its bodily strength;becoming totally incapable of executing other movements. When it manages to kill its prey, it wouldn't directly proceed to feast, but wait for the corpse to decay till a certain rate. When flesh became loosened, then it would commence its meal;a scavenger that resembled a hyena.

After realizing this fact, Sheyan's heart finally calmed down. Even though he couldn't release a single sound, he was still able to transmit a message through the party channel to Mogensha and Reef. Moreover, the nearby zerglings could also rush to his aid. At most, he needed to endure for a few dozens of seconds.

However, he suddenly sensed a weird fluctuation within that Wild-tail beast's gaze. It was a stark contrast from an avaricious hunger that a predator would have when capturing its prey. Instead, its gaze was brimming with spite and hostility! Such a sensation, practically contained a flavour of 'either you die, or I perish'!

’’Those few Wild-tail beast is actually capable of concealing themselves, and specifically ambushing me;this is definitely something extremely peculiar.’’ With that thought in mind, an outrageous notion emerged in Sheyan's heart.

’’Could it be, that thing is Cherokee?’’

Yet at this moment, an incomparably muffled gunshot rumbled abruptly into the air! A ringing sound filtered by a silencer, which caused one to involuntarily think of a thick iron hammer smashing against a human skull. A gust of dense chilliness covered the entire battlefield! In merely this one second, those savage pair of emerald eyes glaring at Sheyan was extinguished.

An insanely lethal bullet had drilled between those eyes instantaneously, before splitting the skull of that Wild-tail beast by half! Blood, bone fragments, and brain sap poured out fanatically!

The deadly might of that bullet was tremendous, completely surmounting all imaginations. That Wild-tail beast was stuck flying 5-6 metres away, crashing as it rolled several rounds and struggled frantically. Before its imminent death, its 'Wild tail' swept around unceasingly, toppling down trees as it exhibited a final display of astounding strength!

Meanwhile, Sheyan had seized that instance where that beast had suffered a severe blow, and escaped the bindings of its 'Wild tail'. He somersaulted to the side, and successfully took cover behind a large tree.

Another 2 Wild-tail beasts frantically crept forward with their wriggly bodies, as they surveyed their surroundings with wrathful eyes. Instead, their vision only met with darkness and vegetation;devoid of a hint of a hidden aggressor. The miserable howls of their comrade continued to reverberate through the atmosphere, alongside the reeking stench of blood and smoke.

The aggressor responsible for such a breathtaking gunshot, was obviously that invincible Growth-hunter, Mcdh! After forbearing patiently thus far, he finally assumed the position of a hero!


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