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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 448


Chapter 448: A slut can naturally pester vilely

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He didn't stop there. After spitting, that old na'vi still glanced at Sheyan with a gratified expression;What can you do to me? Chase me away?! This brother wouldn't wish for anything else.

Facing Old Mourbo's provocation, Sheyan peacefully replied.

’’Since that's the case, I have nothing else left to say.’’

After speaking, he proceeded to toss everything in front of old Mourbo;the pandora 'Soul crystals' he acquired from him, the 'Na'vi secret medicine' and various other goods. It was like throwing away a huge pile of garbage. Old Mourbo was pleased beyond expectations as he witnessed these precious treasures being carelessly dumped before him. Still he ached for these treasures treated like garbage, and until he finally stored everything, he sneered mockingly.

’’It is wonderful that you don't want it.’’

Yet at this moment, Sheyan had already retreated into his legion of zerglings, and ordered the vast mass of zerglings to charge towards the east. Old Mourbo was perplexed by this, but a sudden unfathomable fear had sprung up within him. He was suddenly enlightened about something, and hurriedly shouted over.

’’Oi! The Mosake clan is clearly at the west, why are you heading towards the east?’’

By this time, Brother Black who was standing guard by his side smirked in response.

’’Heading to demand repayment.’’

Old Mourbo replied in astoundment.

’’What repayment?’’

Brother black produced a toothpick as he lazily scraped against the gaps between his tooth.

’’Didn't boss return everything you gave to him?’’

Old Mourbo suddenly felt like those gems in his bosom had become like scorching charcoals;as though his skin had been burnt as he nodded while feeling numb.

Brother Black then unfolded his hands and bluntly declared.

’’Then that is settled. Since we've terminated our agreement, boss obviously needs to reclaim the investment he had made in the Takji clan. Of course, this doesn't only include those Mosake clan captives you know.’’

’’Right!’’ Completely from nowhere, Jinkuang suddenly hopped out from behind Mogensha. Within his hand was a shabby old fashioned calculator, as his fingers rattled nimbly against its buttons.

’’A total of 179 captives, 84 tons of beast meat, 117 leather, 62 tubes of alcohol, 8 plastic bags, 2 toothbrushes. Of course, not forgetting psychological damages, the loss of youth, child support payment, individual tax, interest and so on. Counting with compounded 8-14 returns, this is indeed rather complicated.’’

The facial muscles of Old Mourbo twitched incessantly, as he couldn't resist the impulse to roar furiously.

’’How the hell is it so much?’’

Mogensha batted a look at him, and coldly refuted.

’’Honorable Tsahik, that is truly how much you owe us. Oh right, Mr Jinkuang, you forgot to count in another thing.’’

Jinkuang was startled, and released a piercing squawk.

’’How is that possible? How can it be that I've shortchanged on something!! To me, it is impossible for such a far-fetched and novice mistake to occur!’’

Mogensha glanced towards Old Mourbo with malicious intent.

’’Before this old thing encountered us, his son was a good-for-nothing crippled! Thus, there is still 2 legs!’’

Jinkuang cusped his face as he released an exaggerated yell.

’’My friend, how can we possibly reclaim legs that already grows on the body?’’

Mogensha suggested aloofly.

’’How do we get drumsticks? Obviously, by chopping it off. Boss mentioned before, to idiots that abandon their benefactors after achieving their goals, logic shouldn't be used on them. If they dare to discount even a gram of meat, two grams of flesh will be carved out from Takji clansmen as compensation!’’

Listening to the staged dialogue of the two wretched individuals, Old Mourbo's eyes flashed with a sinister glint. Beneath his waist, his pure black Great Banshee could also sense its master's emotions, as it flapped his wings furiously and roared! Such a sensation was as coercive as a precipitous ridge that was on the verge of collapse. It was obvious, the killing intent of this old man had been triggered.

Instead, Mogensha slanted his lips, and strode forward widely. Clutching onto the barrel of his Golden AK, he easily twisted his rifle and viciously slammed its butt against old Mourbo's face! Mogensha had used such ferocity, that blood trickled out from old Mourbo's nose and stars appeared in his vision!

Old Mourbo had utterly not anticipated such a ridiculous turn of events. In this moment, he could feel blood rushing towards his head, as he howled crazily;intending to act out. Instead, Mogensha spat a consolation phlegm towards him, staring at him with disdain and contempt.

’’Old fart, I can see that greed has blinded you that you can't even see fundamental rationality. Who do you think you are, when compared to Cherokee? Can the Takji clan compare with the Mosake clan? Look at them, they had been beaten up like dogs with tails between their legs, cowering inside the Windstone Highland for fear of leaving! Even your bullshit Mother Nature Eywa couldn't deal with us. You have the nerve to destroy the bridge after crossing the river?’’

When Brother Black spoke till here, he repeatedly slapped his rifle butt against old Mourbo's face.

’’Let me tell you. If you dare to touch a single strand of hair on my head (Mogensha is bald....), then the Takji clan will lose one member! If I lose a single drop of blood, blood will flow from the entire Takji clan!’’

Pressing onto his bone-blade across his chest, old Mourbo's hands turned rigid and his countenance drastically turned distressed. His mind was totally blank, as he shivered violently from head to toe. Even though Mogensha could easily be decimated by himself and his mighty banshee........even though Mogensha continued humiliating him by slapping his face with the rifle butt, he could not make a single retaliation. He dared not make a single retaliation!!!

Mogensha looked as though he was tremendously pleased with the reaction of this wily old fox. After a brief pause, he issued.

’’Before he left temporarily, boss mentioned that he was merely mobilizing a feint, observing if withdrawing the pressure away is able to lure the Mosake clan out. However, if he doesn't gain a single first-hand information about the internal affairs of the Mosake clan within 20 minutes, then his feint would shift towards demanding repayment from the Takji clan.’’

After a while, old Mourbo shut his eyes. His expression blended with anger and anxiety, before gradually becoming stupefied. Following that, he bluntly knelt to the ground, before prostrating himself as he kissed Mogensha's shoe. Then, he proclaimed emotionlessly.

’’You will very swiftly receive what you desire, my master.’’

After finishing, old Mourbo once again handed over everything that he had kept previously, before leaping up his beloved Great Banshee;flapping its wings, it soared away. This time, old Mourbo only returned after spending 10 minutes. However, when he dismounted from his Great Banshee, he directly slumped to the ground and fainted.

One could vividly see an immensely terrifying wound across Mourbo's thigh, as though he had been clawed by a massive beast. A strip of flesh had been forcefully ripped out, as blood spewed forth like a hot spring.

Even his mount screeched mournfully as it fluttered is wings incessantly;3-4 long arrows had pierced deep into its body. If not for the indomitable might of this black Great Banshee, those few arrows could have been sufficient to claim its life!

Though the Mosake clan did not possess high speed mobility and strength of aerial forces, its anti-air capabilities was still exceptionally potent, and wouldn't tolerate aerial forces from scorning them!

Witnessing this scene, Mogensha frowned. By this time, Sheyan had already rushed back, and after realizing that old Mourbo had earnestly toiled with his life at stake, he didn't proceed to urge him. Fortunately, their human treatments had a much more effective standard as compared to the na'vis, and were able to rapidly treat and bandage old Mourbo up. That old man was truly redoubtable, and woke up after a brief while. Then, he struggled to kneel and kiss Sheyan's feet, before he divulged systematically and in full detail.

’’I reckon the Mosake clan can hold on for an extremely long while. They only lack food supplies, but they've begun slaughtering those injured clansmen and their tamed beasts for food.’’

Upon hearing such a news, Reef couldn't help but ask.

’’Is Cherokee not afraid of inciting an internal strife?’’

Old Mourbo replied blankly.

’’Everyone would transfer their animosity towards us instead, becoming more unified over the blood and flesh of their comrades........still, this is something I've heard from the old patriarch. What I saw and heard instead, were some resistance and great weeping.’’

Sheyan nodded, as he pondered briefly before turning around to leave.


Night descended once again.

Sheyan and company were presently residing within a nearby forest of the Windstone Highland. The arachnid overlords shuttled around the skies round the clock. These tireless creatures were indeed the best sentinels and eyes for them, even a bird wouldn't escape their eyes. Thus, Sheyan and the rest boldly encamped inside the forest, and did not arrange for any security.

The Takji clansmen had grown up with the jungle, and casually gathered several unremarkable looking vegetation to cover a bonfire;allowing faint, insipid white fumes to fumigate out, causing the total disappearance of pesky blood sucking insects. With them participating in this skirmish, Sheyan and the rest became more at ease, digging into the sleeping bags within their tent as they quickly fell asleep. They understood, sooner or later, a massive gruelling battle would transpire. Therefore, everyone did their utmost to rest, preserving and nurturing back their spirits;intending to welcome the upcoming bitter battle at their optimal state.

Yet this very night, Sheyan was suffering from insomnia. He had been contemplating over a problem regarding the Mosake clan. Due to them having infiltrated the Mosake clan's metropolis once, Sheyan was exceedingly clear on the 'easily guarded, hard to attack' terrain of the place. Hence, if Cherokee really hardened his heart, and devoured his clansmen for food;this would surely become a thorny problem. To him, he wasn't confident that mobilizing a massive invasion by the zerglings would be successful. Moreover, the time duration they had left in this world was becoming increasingly limited.

The night of Pandora wasn't dark at all. With myriads of bioluminescent vegetation, it imposed a hazy perception of indistinct beauty. Sheyan understood this logic - if he were to encounter a certain difficulty, he wouldn't reveal it to his comrades only until absolutely essential. If not, it would impair his current authority, demoralize them and cause them to panic internally.


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